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Chemtrails Over New Hampshire

{Editor's Note: It is no longer necessary to tolerate chemtrail whiteouts over your 'Homeland'. You can obliterate chemtrails by deploying a sufficient number of orgone generators into the local environment (ideally in water) and install a few chembusters in your neighborhood. When you do that, Sylphs will come in and munch up those chemtrails like a bag of Dorito Corn Chips. See my Sylph & Cehmtrails page for evidence of this this amazing phenomena. .

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August 25, 2004

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I report from approximately the center of New Englend. Twice a day we see the chemtrails of the incoming transAtlantic air traffic, incoming to Bradley Field (Hartford, Connecticut). Their lines of spew are from E NE to W SW, around noon and supper-time (5 PM).

For the last 5 months I have been observing "cloud stitching" by the military (or whomever it is that is not commercials heading to Bradley. I make the educated guess that the cloud formations are of the "pinwheel type", but seen from an earthbound perspective, the clouds are to the horizon (west) and overhead; and the chemtrails are connecting these cloud areas. Sometimes the clouds are about 20 deg. east overhead and 20 deg. west overhead, and the "stitching" is very obvious; the chemtrail starts and stops at the cloud banks, not going into them, several of "the standard" spacings. Chemtrail directions vary depending on the "lay" of the clouds.

On the 4th of July we had heavy coverage, meaning close spaced hatching. At first I thought it was the commercials, but it was too late in the day -- almost sunset and the plane showed very white (with two big jets on wings). The original spacing was about what we see for incoming to Bradley, but then there were fill-ins at the mid points, and then again the newly formed nid-points. The last spew was unusual, within 5 to 10 seconds after forming the initial trail, the trail dissappeared and vertical feathers could be seen forming and "rolling down". (Normally they are horizontal feathers.) I made the educated guess that the mix had run out and only one pure "element" was being sprayed.


Philip N. Ledoux
P. O. Box 765
Claremont, New Hampshire


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