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Ethnically Targeted Chemtrail Diseases

From Rayelan of Rumor Mill News
July 27, 2003


Posted By: Rayelan <Send E-Mail>
Date: Sunday, 27 July 2003, 4:21 p.m.


: A story at just about knocked my socks off. In it : Clifford Carnicom, perhaps the foremost chemtrail
: researcher claims an impeccable military source told : another researcher that the chemtrail conspiracy is being
: carried out by a combination of the the secret military and : the pharmaceutical industry, both for biological warfare
: purposes and to make more billions for the drug companies.


Rumor Mill News first published an article on ethnically created biologicals in 1996. Since then we have published many different articles that backup what Clifford Carnicom is stating.

Here are the articles I have linked to from the front page. We have suspected that the aerosol spray that was invented to deliver vaccines (to cows), was being used to spray disease laden chemtrails.

The following is a patent that was sent to me by an anonymous source. It is the patent for aerosolyzing vaccines so they can be sprayed from an airplane.

Is this the patent for whatever is being sprayed on us by CHEMTRAILS?

The following articles show that Israel has been working to create an "ethnic bomb" that would kill Arabs but not Jews. Some researchers have reported that they stopped this research because Arabs and Jews are almost identical genetically. But are Jews and Iraqis identical, or are Jews and Iranians identical?

The London Times may have done us a favor when they reported this story, but no one has followed up on it since that time... at least NO ONE in the controlled media.

Repost -"Israel planning 'ethnic' bomb as Saddam caves in - ISRAEL is working on a biological weapon that would harm Arabs but not Jews - The weapon, targeting victims by ethnic origin, is seen as Israel's response to Iraq's threat of chemical and biological attacks" - From the London Times, 1998

The following article reposts OPERATION RAINDANCE... Ethnically Targeted Viruses. The thread this repost is located in is about a Los Angeles doctor who killed himself... i.e. "suicided", and the biological work he had been doing here and in South Africa. He was just about to market a birth control foam for South Africa. many RMNews Agents speculated that it was meant to increase the spread of AIDS, NOT stop AIDS.

In light of the AIDS committment President Bush just made to Africa, I think the work of this Los Angeles Doctor should be explored. It is my opinion that he discovered something that appeared to STOP AIDS, when in fact it promoted it!

In the following article you will also find a description of a "Disney-type" film called, "The Great Dying". This was a film, (that had already been made) which explains in cartoons how the population of earth was wiped out by disease during THE GREAT DYING. This information was given to me in 1993-94 by one of Gunther's bosses, a 4 star admiral in the United States Navy.

Repost from thread about "suicided" LA doctor - March 2000

The following article was sent to the publisher of Surfing the Apocalypse. The information presented in it appeared to corroborate a lot of what Gunther had told me over the years, so I posted it on Rumor Mill News.

One of the reasons that I believed the author was telling us the truth was this sentence:

"The overall scope and agenda behind Chemtrails (Operation Clover Leaf, Operation Red Sky, Operation Rain Dance, the code names for these ops, BTW) intertwines several overall objectives deemed imperative by the real power in DC, which is the NSA."

If you notice the way he spelled "Operation Rain Dance" you will see that he used THREE words. I usually spell it using TWO words: OPERATION RAINDANCE! Why would this jump out at me?? Well, up until the time that this article had been sent I had not told people that covert operations have THREE NAMES, exactly as the writer of the article states above. Projects have only one name, such as Project Monarch which falls under Operation MK Ultra. When I saw this, I believed that the writer was an insider. Subsequent emails from this source caused the publisher of Surfing the Apocalypse to pull the articles from her webpage. The one that was posted on RMN is the only remaining article from this Source.

At the time this was posted, in September of 2000, his information seemed to unbelievable. However, in the three years that have passed since it was posted, I am beginning to wish that we still had the rest of those articles.

One other term he used that up until this time I had only heard used by covert operatives familiar with the various Projects designed to reduce the population by 4/5s is the word "cull". Whoever wrote the following was either an intelligence operative who was releasing information to us, or a Disinformation Agent working for the government. From the information I have read from other sources or been told by operatives, I am leaning toward believing this writer. But it is up to you to use your own background to discern if this is true or disinformation... please remember that most disinformation is at least 95% true!!

Here is one of the sentences from the article that critics of RMN used to try to discredit us:

This last statement is by far the MOST CRUCIAL STAGE of all. It isn't enough to make us slaves, we MUST WANT TO BECOME SLAVES.

Food scarcity, low wages, false idealism as propagated via network commercials, all create a state of low-level dependency to a state system, but it is not enough.

To win (want to know what winning is to the CIA?) these ruling covert agencies need our permission to do what they will to us (Universal Law, no getting around that one and they've known this since 1847.)

The system of this biosphere has one final gate that only each of us can open or close and it is, in fact, free will.

Free will. such a concept. That alone would take another ten pages, but there's no time."

It's one of the sentences that leads me to believe it even MORE!! THIS ARTICLE IS REALLY "MUST READING"!!

THE GREAT DYING The Real Reason Behind Chemtrails


The information in the LAST CIRCLE, by Cherie Seymour aka Carol Marshal is helpful to everyone who is trying to get an understanding of where this came from and how the New World Order is planning on using discoveries from the concentration camps in Germany, the human genetic guinea pigs in Japan, and the Gulags of the USSR to eliminate 4/5s of the world's population... and in doing so, set themselves up as the only rulers of Planet Earth.

This chapter focuses on the Japanese experimentation on humans and the subsequent use of that information by the United States.

I think there are even more articles that have been published by RMN Agents that will support the current chemtrail theory. Check the threads of the above posted links carefully. I may have overlooked some articles!



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