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Heavy Chemtrail Bombardment in Costa Mesa/Irvine Area of California
Jan. 29, 2007

From Ken Adachi <Editor>
January 29, 2007

After a week of solid blue skies, we got hit with a very heavy spraying of chemtrails today. It's been a long time since I've seen such a heavy chemtrail bombardment in this area. There was a noticeable blue opening overhead in this chemtrail soup roughly centered above our 5 gallon chembuster and other orgone toys scattered about, but in every other direction, it was thick and dark (DOR clouds), and mostly obscured the sun.

Irvine, California 4:09 PM bluer sky above chembuster, Sylph at work    Chemtrails thickening  4:10 PM

Jan. 29 2007 Irvine overhead hole   Jan 29 2007 Irvine 2

Irvine Jan. 29, 2007    4:14 PM                                                               5:17PM

Jan 29 2007 Irvine 1   Jan 29 2007 Irvine area 2

Costa Mesa 5:47PM

Jan 29 2007 Irvine 3   Jan 29 2007 Caosta Mesa 4

Costa Mesa 5:48 PM

Jan, 29 2007 Costa Mesa 5   Jan, 29 2007 Costa Mesa 6

Costa Mesa 5:49 PM

Jan. 29 2007 Costa Mesa 7   Jan. 29 2007 Coasta Mesa 7

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