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'Black Beam' & Chemtrails in So. California, Oct. 28, 2006

{Editor's Note: I had first read of the mysterious 'black beam' seemingly projected from chemtrail spew planes on the original cloudbuster forum a few years ago, but I didn't see a photo of one until Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone posted his April 26 story on the black beam. His first black beam article was titled Disrupter Beam Over Mount Ida British Columbia (April 22, 2006). He followed that with another article four days later called More Evidence of Ionization Beam Activity in British Columbia (April 26, 2006) in which he presented new and fascinating information about the nature and purpose of these "disruptive' laser beams.

In the photos seen below from David, we see three photos showing the 'black beam' which is seen occasionally with heavy chemtrail spraying.

I don't see Sylphs in these photos, although David is wondering aloud whether he's seeing one. These photos are, in fact, a good example of what a chemtrail bombardment looks like without the intervention of Sylphs. ( Update Dec. 4: ZS Livingstone sent me an e-mail {below} in which he says there is a solitary, oval shape Sylph on the right side above the mountains in the last three photos shown)

We notice that Sylphs will come into an area that has been 'gifted' with orgone generators and chembusters. Placing Tower Busters within 1300 feet of every cell phone tower in your immediate environment (a two mile radius for example) and setting up a chembuster seems to do the trick for most people. It's not a guarantee, I suppose, but that's what I've observed. Sylphs, it appears, can't enter an atmosphere that's too heavy with negative DOR energy. The cell phone towers tend to intensify the DOR overlay, but will act as an amplifier of positive orgone if the tower is 'gifted'. The orgone generators transmute the atmospheric DOR into the positive polarity of orgone called OR. Desert-like areas are high in atmospheric DOR, as are nuclear plants, underground bases, and even military installations.

If you have heavy chemtrail spraying in your area, but don't see Sylphs, then you need to get busy gifting your area with orgone generators. First, study the photos that I've posted on the Sylphs & Chemtrials page so you can tell the difference between chemtrails, ordinary clouds, and a Sylph. Then either make your own or obtain ready made tower busters and a chembuster and 'gift' your neighborhood.  It's always a thrill to hear back from someone who finally gets around to gifting his area and sees for himself, just how impressive those Sylphs can be. ...Ken]
November 29, 2006

Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2006
From: David <>
To:   Editor

Hello Ken,

I tried sending you this email a few times, but for some reason it keeps dissappearing out of my "sent" box with no explanation. Figures. So here I am again, trying you on this email address. I wanted to write you regarding some strange things I saw on the weekend of Oct 28th, 2006 here in Southern California.

I was driving from San Diego out to Palm Desert to visit my mother for her birthday. I had been a bit concerned because the Esparenza fires had been burning badly the past few days in the area right around Beaumont, where I planned to travel through. Well my girlfriend and I set out on Sat morning and headed up the 15 [highway] to the 215, making our way towards the 60. I had made sure to bring my camera because I thought for sure we'd be able to capture some interesting photos of the fire. Well, I was half right.

Once we got to the transition from the 215N to the 60E, we could see some of the smoke from the fire, which now burned well south of our path. However, what immediately caught our eyes, were all the chemtrails in the area. As we got closer and closer, we noticed more detail and what seemed to possibly be a Sylph in the center of the chemtrail madness. I can't be sure, for I am no authority on such things, nor do I claim to be. However, I could make out what appeared to be a swan like shape in the sky, right where all the trails met. Whether or not I was just seeing things at this point becomes irrelevant (or possibly not?) after what I saw next.

Heading east on the 10, I saw something I had never in my life seen before. It was what looked to be a black diagonal "beam of light" traveling from what I thought to be the sylph, towards the ground. I thought I was seeing things at first, so I asked my girlfriend if she sould see it too. She assured me she could. For a good 10 mins we traveled east and this "beam" never once left our vision. I took as many pics as I could, but didn't think anything would show up at all. Surprisingly it did! I have no idea what this is or may be, but I'm hoping that you or another reader maybe has some insight into this "beam". Here are the pics I took:

1. Heading east, just past Beaumont. Smoke from the fires (black) and chemtrails in the background.


2. Smoke more visable now, as well as chemtrails. Just above the tree on the right you can see what seems to be a forming swan or hummingbird like sylph.

Oct 28 2006 chemtrails

3. Better shot of the possible sylph. We saw firetrucks from Sacramento, UC Davis and many other northern California areas on their way to help with the effort.


4. This is the first shot that captured that black "beam". If you look to the bottom left of the swan like shape, you can see it descending at about a 45 degree angle towards the ground.


5. Here it is at another angle. I can assure you that this was no "trick of light", smoke, or anything of the sort. We saw it consistantly from many angles.


6. Finally, the clearest shot of it I was able to get.

Hopefully someone has some insight on this, because I certainly don't.

Keep doing what you're doing, there are those that listen.

Love and light,

David in San Diego


Date: Sun, 03 Dec 2006
To: Editor

Hi Ken, thought you might like to see this chemtrail footage we got of a black beam...

At 1:50 (one minute 50 seconds) into the video you can clearly see the black line... and the chemtrail thats in direct line with it... this helps gives us a clue about whats happening... possibly its a marker, or possibly its a beam to 'condition' the atmosphere where the chemtrail is been laid?




Date: Sun, 03 Dec 2006
To: Editor

Hello Ken,

I know you receive tons of email and probably would not remember receiving the last one I sent to you about the dark line or 'black beam' but to recap, I said that I believe the dark line is caused by the shadow of the chemtrail falling on atmospheric dust/haze causing a difference in illumination being seen as a dark line in the sky. This can only happen when the chemtrail is DIRECTLY BETWEEN THE SUN AND THE OBSERVER, as appears to be the case in the photographs submitted in the recent article with 'black beam' in the title.

This is NOT to say that the black beam does not exist. The black beam phenomenon is something different, and consists of, as I have been told, a thin, sharp, totally black, straight line WITHOUT ANY CHEMTRAILS PRESENT, and usually extends from horizon to horizon. These are unlike the dark lines seen on numerous photographs that have diffuse edges and always indicate that the chemtrail would intersect the suns position, if the sun were to be included in the frame of the picture.

I have never seen the real black line personally, but know someone whom I trust, who has. On one occasion, when seeing a black line with his girlfriend one clear morning he told me that a spray plane came racing in as if from nowhere, and proceeded to align itself with the line and commence spraying directly underneath, thus obscuring it from view. Highly strange if you ask me.



Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2006
From: Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
To: Editor
Subject: Black Beam


There is a sylph cloud at the four o'clock position over the valley. There was giant "angelic" sylph activity gathering up and transmuting the older chemtrails. The point of convergence of the old and new chemtrails and the originating point of the black beam is probably a sylph or UFO, something the spewplanes repeatedly vectored in on. the new chemtrail at the two o'clock position is in line with the black beam and was probably the pass upon which the beam was discharged. It appears the black beam hit the ground in the distance. It would be interesting to see the scorching done. The land have been burnt previously by the fire. The purpose of the chemtrails is to repel rain and dry the land. The underground bases in the area want the land dry and deforested. The black beam chased away the rainmaker, briefly.



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