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The Sylph Letter
August 5, 2004

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From: Lydia Mancini
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Sent: Thursday, August 05, 2004 8:57 AM
Subject: The Making of a Monster

Hello All ~~

This photo essay from David, a Bariumblues correspondent in Sweden, shows a MONSTER TRAIL. He has requested that it be shared and posted as widely as possible.

(Perhaps it could take moment to load over a modem connection, but it is worth it!) Your comments and assistance are appreciated.

Thanks, Lydia Mancini

Subject: Re: The Making of a Monster
From: "Jan Walker" <>
Date: Thu, August 5, 2004 11:28 am
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Hi Everyone.

I decided to reply to all on the list here.

What I see in the pics are chem trails and sylphs. I see the sylphic clouds moving in on the chem trails, literally taking them over. And the huge cloud which is the last pic is sylphic. When the chem trails are left to do their damage, along with chem spray and after spray, there tends to be a whiteout that occurs. High winds or not., the skies fill with the small bubble looking thick clouds that I call the riff raff. They are full of chem spray.

I have not been observing the skies intently for a long period of time. I have documented thousands of pictures, watching what I call the sky phenom.

Lydia, I know from a previous communication with you that you told me you were withholding your opinion on what is happening in the skies, especially in regard to the sylphic presence. I'm not going to try and convince anyone about anything here. What happened with me upon recognition of the sylphic presence was a very personal event which filled my heart with joy. My heart continues to be my guide with what I observe [etc] in the skies and otherwise.

I am saddened that such a beautiful picture, like the last one in this group, is called a monster. meaning that it is bad.

But hey....I hope everyone here keeps an open mind and heart and continues to watch the skies and pay attention. because there are things going on up there that are without integrity. which intend harm for us and all life.

And there are angelic presences up there, too. the good ones. The ones that fill your heart and soul with hope and joy.


Subject: the sylph letter
From: "Lydia Mancini" <>
Date: Thu, August 5, 2004 4:29 pm
To: "'Jan Walker'" <>
Cc: "Adam Taylor" <> (more)

Hello Jan--

You really have no business co-opting these addresses and sending your opinions to people you don't know.

That's bad etiquette.

It means I don't dare send any more group mailings to people unless I can hide their addresses. (That's something I should probably learn to do anyway.) I am embarrassed because people resent receiving unwanted emails (i.e. SPAM).

I think you are being misled by fancies and imaginings.

According to some people these sylphs are nature-spirit-type-alien entities who are supposedly gobbling up chemtrails. This would be lovely, but is highly unlikely, if not totally impossible, and even if it were the case, it is ludicrous to imagine that you one could see it happening by looking at a photograph.

This really has the effect of damaging chemtrails awareness and activism. It makes anyone associated with chemtrails seem like a nutcase. I don't know whether you are just another counter-intelligence agent, or are just imaginative and naïve.

Don't you realize how unhelpful this is?

Please don't be offended. We need to think about what is helpful to the cause, not about what our personal spiritual experiences have been.


PS Christ said not to "throw your pearls before swine". Other people aren't likely to understand or appreciate your pearls.

Subject: Re: the sylph letter
Date: Thu, August 5, 2004 6:17 pm
To: "'Jan Walker'" <>

Dear Jan,

Shame on you for expressing your opinions and views. How dare you step outside of the box and recognize that something extraordinary is taking place in the sky with chemtrails and sylphs.

Next time, check with Lydia first to find out if what you are plainly seeing with your own eyes is acceptable and permissible within Lydia's view of reality and above all, be sure it fits with Lydia's Christian fundamentalist views before opening your yap again, OK?

Otherwise, I'm afraid you'll continue to be plagued by a compulsion to engage in bad etiquette and you'll never come to realize just how 'unhelpful' your imaginative fancies really are.

After all, it's clear that such foolish views are certainly damaging the cause of chemtrail awareness and activism-just like Lydia said.

And then there's the problem of allaying people's suspicions that perhaps you ARE a covert government agent or possibly even a 'nutcase'. Now, you don't want people thinking of you as a 'nutcase', do you? No, I didn't think so.

So shape up or ship out. There are no such things as sylphs! Got it? And even if they do exist, YOU are not qualified (nor do you have the authority, I might add) to state that they are consuming or transmuting chemtrails-and from a photograph of all things!!

There. I certainly hope we won't be hearing more of such nonsense from you.

Sincerely, Ken Adachi

PS. Of course, don't take offence to anything said here. This tongue lashing was dished out strictly for your own good. In time , you'll come to realize just what sort of ideas are 'helpful' and which ones are not. I have every faith in your complete recovery. God Bless and in the future, keep your pearls securely stored within a bank vault or something

Follow up:

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From: "Lydia Mancini" <>
To: "'Jan Walker'" <>
Cc: "Editor" <>
Sent: Wednesday, August 11, 2004 12:57 PM
Subject: RE:

Yes -- please tell him or do you want me to? Come to think of it, I'll send him a "cc" of this.

Thanks for your kindness, Jan. I would have answered you sooner but both my computer and myself were down for a couple days.

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From: Jan Walker []
Sent: Wednesday, August 11, 2004 1:54 PM
To: Lydia Mancini


Another unexpected event, this apology from you.

A good heart you are. I had not any doubt of that.

Thank you for being so big. If you wouldn't mind, I would like Ken Adachi to know this.

I did not think he would put the exchange up on his site.

With love to you too, Jan

The Sylph Letter, Part 2

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