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The Sylph Letter, Part 2

Part 1
August 12, 2004

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Hi Ken,

I received an apology from Lydia yesterday. It was an unexpected surprise. I told her that I would like you to know about it. she said she would cc you a copy. I believe that Lydia has a good heart. We are in disagreement about the sylphs. I have my documentation. She has hers. etc. We both have our "jobs" to do here at this time and I am delighted that we have established that there is nothing personal here.

I will continue to call her and anyone else on what I feel is a mis-representation of the sylphs and what I call the sylphic groups, to the best of my knowledge. I am immersed in on-going studying of this phenomena at this time, also.

Would you consider taking the sylph letter off educate-yourself? If this is not your choice, then would you add Lydia's apology on to it?

Warm regards to you,


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Sent: Friday, August 13, 2004 1:48 PM
Subject: Re: the sylph letter

Hi Jan,

Yes, of course, I'll add the apology and this note and Lydia's cc note as well. I will leave the Sylph Letter up for the time being because it serves an illustrative and educational purpose. I realize you wish to maintain cordial feelings with Lydia and I don't wish to generate hard feelings either, but there are issues here that can't be ignored. Debunking sylphs is one of them.

Like you, I see Lydia as having a good heart and I like her web site as well, so that's not the problem. The problem is a lack of understanding and prejudice.

I sent some links to Lydia on Sylphs I had photographed a while ago because I thought she would be both interested and impressed. I especially thought the Flying Crane Sylph of June 12 was a remarkable photo. She was less than impressed and seemed to view sylphs in a negative and suspicious light, which surprised me. I forwarded her response note to ZS Livingstone and his response to her views was both polite and non confrontational; even condescending. His goal was to be diplomatic, but I think Lydia may have interpreted his politeness as agreement with her negative characterization of sylphs.

It's OK for Lydia to have her own opinions about sylphs. C'est la vie. However, telling you that you couldn't express your positive impression of sylph activity did not go down well with me. Furthermore, if Lydia is going to go a step further and publicly debunk sylphs, then that's something I'm going to address publicly as well.

I'm trying to get the word out that deploying orgone generators in your local neighborhood will change the DOR component in the local atmosphere to one of OR orgone and that change has allowed sylphs to come into the area and take out chemtrails. The fact that sylphs ARE transmuting chemtrails into harmless elements (as described in the essays by ZS Livingstone) and PREVENTING the spreading out and overcast of chemtrails that we've been witnessing, almost daily, for the past 6 years is BIG NEWS and a very big VICTORY over the NWO. The facts are plainly evident in the photographs, including the pictures from Sweden posted at Lydia's site that you had originally commented upon and was chastised for. The text that accompanied those photos had also inadvertently CONFIRMED one of the common atmospheric attributes seen with sylph/chemtrail activity-breeziness. The author said that he didn't see the EXPECTED overcast of chemtrails on that day because it was too WINDY.

If you look at the sylph/chemtrail articles that I posted in May, June and July of this year, you will see that I often mention the UNCOMMON breeziness that accompanies sylph/chemtrail activities overhead. It's one of the characteristics of an OR atmospheric environment. A DOR dominated atmosphere is characterized by stagnancy: no breeze, no wind.

A couple of years ago, when Don Croft was first trying to get out the word that deploying a big orgone generator, a Chembuster, would break up and disperse chemtrails, his most vocal critic over the internet was Dr. James DeMeo, a pedagogue and advocate of Wilhelm Reich's research, who wrote volumes of articles about how "dangerous" and foolish it was to set up a Chembuster, because DeMeo confused its action with that of a Reich Cloudbuster, a different instrument altogether. Demeo's debunking required a rebuttal of his erroneous views and assertions because he was worrying unknowledgeable people that setting up a Chembuster would be harmful, when the truth was just the opposite. Even my good friend Trevor Constable held a similar view, so I finally felt compelled to write a long article and explained the differences between a Chembuster and the Reich Cloudbuster to address those criticisms. I regretted that I had waited so long before writing that piece because we might have been able to witness the happy meal-in-the-skies with sylphs back in 2003 or even 2002 had more people deployed chembusters, instead of being swayed by fear mongering.

If you don't address, rebut, and refute the statements made by critics and debunkers of the ideas you are attempting to promote, then the debunkers will hold sway over the very audience you are trying to reach and I'm not going to stand by and allow that to happen. This issue to TOO IMPORTANT to the welfare of humanity. We are BEATING the NWO on chemtrails and on the electronic mind control "cell phone" tower projects due to the deployment of orgone generators. I can't overemphasis the importance of convincing the public just how important orgone generators are and the beneficial effects that follow in their wake-such as sylphs. .

What can orgone generators do that's so important? Here's a partial list:

Orgone generators will change polluted water into clean water.
Orgone generators will reduce the diameter of the radiation field surrounding a nuclear reactor.
An orgone generator will STOP a nuclear reactor from functioning if you toss the generator into the cooling pond of that reactor.
Orgone generators will cause plants to grow with greater vigor and vitality.
Orgone generators will cause secret underground bases to experience problems and not function so well.
Orgone generators will shut down negative alien vortex, portal locations, and reptilian hives.
Orgone generators will adversely affect locations where satanic rituals are performed.
Orgone generators might even cause your mother-in-law to treat you with more respect.

We are dealing with phenomena here that is associated with ETHER PHYSICS and those who are glued down tight to conventional, mechanistic physics (or religious dogma) will just have to learn to open up their minds or get out of the way because we're coming through and busting down the walls of this prison planet with or without the help of reactionaries. Sylphs, thankfully, are part of the arsenal that is accomplishing that goal.

When you see the stunning sylph/chemtrail photos and enthusiastics e-mails that I'm receiving from orgone gifters in different parts of the country, you will understand why it's necessary to PROMOTE this incredibly important information about sylphs and to defend them against debunkers. The world NEEDS TO KNOW this story because it demonstrates-in the clearest possible terms- that the NWO is DEFEATABLE!

Sincerely, Ken Adachi

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