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Assisting Others to Awaken

By David Brandt <>
March 30, 2009

Assisting Others to Awakenv by David Brandt (Mar. 31, 2009)


I wrote this in response to input on having a peaceful revolution. I firmly believe 'they' are attempting to create a condition of violent resistance so that their Problem/Reaction/Solution formula can be initiated more quickly (i.e 'we had no choice'). I have intentionally left out the alien faction for the simple reason that most people need to break paradigms by steps, and sadly for many, it is impossible to demonstrate the external factions at work (similarly, explaining that there are Earth Planetary Spirit incarnations of incredible intelligence and beauty such as Sylphs would be denied by the average person). We know these exist because of our experience and observation, but again, one paradigm at a time.

1. Many people are dependent on the federal government for financial support (this should be self-evident) and will not risk having to live outside of this security net.

2. The people in the United States are divided (intentionally) by partisan politics, belief system/philosophy, ideals. There is still a significant number who do not understand what 'false flag' events are, how long they've been used ( and why), and cannot transcend semantics such as 'freedom', 'change' by asking "from what?" and digging far deeper into actions and alliances moving in the background.

3. There are a number of organizations set up in the 'alternative' media to draw attention away from the real cause of issues by focusing on symptoms. These are funded by money from such sources as the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations. Real policy-making occurs secretly in groups such as the Trilateral Commission, Bilderburger, etc. Despite its 'appearance' as a 'peacekeeping' organization, the UN is anything but.

As I taught my daughter, it is vitally important not to focus on ANY one group, as these are all distractions (symptoms) of the disease--always step back to see the larger picture. Many people are not aware that Nazi war criminals were brought over here after World War II to take over huge projects in this country (how this was accomplished by the OSS {predecessor to the CIA} is easily found on the internet, so anyone can do their own research and come to their own conclusions).

I will not get drawn into the conspiracy disinfo campaign currently in progress because it is counter-productive and detracts from the bigger picture. Just connect the dots with the 'medical/pharmaceutical/'defense'/media etc. and you will have at least a glimpse of a far larger agenda. In my opinion, action should be targeted on those who wish to control food (as in opposing bills like HR 875 sponsored by Monsanto/Dow) and creating sustainable community-based economies before the doo-doo hits the fan.

There are currently 'seed vaults' being installed, including the one in Norway. Please ask yourself: why this has been so high on the agenda? We did not have "conditions" and "syndromes" treatable by extremely powerful psychoactive drugs when I was younger. I have a son with autism, and have researched this topic quite extensively. If you believe it's OK to drug our children with these, then you have a paradigm wake-up call.

What is in the vaccines being promoted for 'disease' prevention for our children? If you don't know, please research, as this is another arm of the crippling octopus we face. I've already gone far off-topic, but suffice it to say that I firmly believe the only way we can effect real change is for a critical mass of the population to say 'enough' and not participate by withholding taxes, etc. Of course then you have the illegal IRS mafia making examples of people (did you know that there is no law (even evidenced by Supreme Court decisions) that forces you to pay a tax on your income?). Making a stand on this for any individual is difficult however, since nobody wants to have their property confiscated and go to prison. Every penny of income tax goes toward 'interest' to a private corporation called The Federal Reserve Bank. It is there that the control exerts itself.

There is a multifaceted attack on our physical/mental/spiritual being waged from places that seem to have their own 'laws', such as Washington, D.C., London Banking District, Vatican. Why is it necessary for a government to borrow money from a bank when it is authorized to do so by itself under the Constitution? Good question, and all it takes is some determined research to find the answers.

I would never present problems if I had no ideas for solutions--and I do. We must cross boundaries which separate us by sociopolitical/religious belief system/ego-vanity, etc. The last is a tool which has been driven into us by the constant reinforcement of how others think about us, what we look like and what we have. What we have is meaningless, as we don't even own our bodies--who we are is what is important. The constant bombardment of celebrity, vanity, etc. is extremely damaging. Now to the point:

1. Seeds need to be planted, both literally and in the minds. Our food is now under attack by a concerted effort sponsored by Monsanto and large pharmaceutical interests which control government. Start collecting and planting seeds for food.

2. To breach the cultural/sociopolitical/belief system divisions (the barrier which prevents us from acting on a global/universal level), the most efficient method is to present issues in the form of questions, and to make good use of analogy. Attempting to force others to accept your point of view simply doesn't work, causes more division and anger/negative emotion (which is the last thing we need here). Planting seeds in the form of seemingly benign yet potent questions and the use of analogy causes others to ask these questions of themselves, an introspective process. Please keep a positive emotional mindset, and don't look down on others simply because they don't understand or appear evil (those who have played their negative hands have 'assisted' in a way by alerting us of the overall agenda). They may simply not understand the larger picture, or that we do create our reality by thought and action.

When you have the urge to criticize others because they have not broken out of the paradigm you have--turn the finger that you are pointing at them around and look at yourself. I promise you that with introspection you will often see a similar process in yourself, and none of us wants to admit that we may be 'flawed'. It is NOT being 'flawed'--we learn from the greatest teacher--experience. Do you believe that change occurs by becoming that change we wish to see? Do not be persuaded by semantics and euphemisms. Non-verbal communication is the most powerful, and words whisper/actions scream. Since much communication is done on a verbal level, plant seeds in the form of questions always--the best method to cause others to understand is to encourage them to ask the question of themselves, thereby teaching themselves.

I must add that I am not so naive to assume that a violent action (or series of actions, i.e. hauling people away for not participating in 'mandatory vaccinations) will not precipitate a violent conflict, though I truly would hate to see it come to that. For all I know, they will retreat underground and cause so much degradation here that people will be fighting amongst themselves, though I sincerely hope cooperation overtakes competition. In all good conscience I could not stand idly by and watch my friends and neighbors being dragged off--and in such case I will fight as I consider that self-defense against tyranny and the last strike against freedom. I prefer however to look toward positive outcomes--and although I realize that even thoughts of negative outcomes can draw them to fruition, I realize that scenarios such as this are on many people's minds.

Knowing that within contemporary history, empires have come and gone, we have not had this level of technology, and tyranny has risen again and again. However, I am reminded that Einstein stated that "Problems cannot be solved with the same level of consciousness that created them".

I will not accept the negative 'it's too late' mindset, as I firmly believe we can all contribute to find solutions. If we do indeed create reality (as the Law of Attraction states), then perhaps this is ultimately the answer. It seems as though the negative factions cannot create their nightmare goals without the consent (however derived, they DO announce it as a form of 'permission') of the many.

Every distraction through symbols and archetypes, silent weapons technology which includes television--seems focused on using our power against us. Since it is apparent that this is being done, the answer to the problem may be the solution. The attempt to divide also lends credence to this, as we are divided into so many factions including extreme dogmatic belief systems such as scientism, etc. I have observed that learning from the experience of these is required for spiritual growth, however it is also quite obvious that this is being exploited for the purpose of creating 'their' dream 'nightmare'.

Just some thoughts....I want people to awaken, and place my focus there.

David Brandt

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