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Increased Chemtrail Spraying & the Satanic "X"

By David Brandt <>
March 11, 2009

Increased Chemtrail Spraying & the Satanic "X" from David Brandt (Mar. 11, 2009)


There has been a noticeable increase in the number of sprayers here in Las Cruces, New Mexico. It can be a warm day with a beautiful sky, and after the massive spraying it becomes cold and windy for several days, a process which has been repeated many times during the last two months. Also, the 'psuedo stars' (appear like stars but move rapidly, and drop suddenly in a verticle 'dive' at what appears to be thousands of miles and hour with no atmospheric resistance) may be related to our proximity to White Sands. I am convinced that these are terrestrial craft, built at an enormous cost--which may explain much as per the 'missing' trillions.

The chemtrails have made an obvious 'X' a number of times, for what reason I was unaware of until I read that it has a symbolic meaning. I've attached a pic of this.

David Brandt

Chemtrails satanic "X" over New Mexico


From: Rich M
To: Ken Adachi
Subject: Re: Increased Chemtrail Spraying & the Satanic "X"
Date: Mar 12, 2009

Hi Ken,

I thought I would respond to this article (Increased Chemtrail Spraying & the Satanic "X") because this is exactly what happened here in Arkansas.

Last week, it was in the low 80's/high 70's (and we have had a steady warm up prior to this) I was off of work and I was out enjoying the sun, and then the chemtrails started up for two days worth of spraying. This is the most I have seen at one time, and there hasn't been much of it since the last time I reported it to you (see below).

Now, today, the weather is in the 30's and there it is sleeting and freezing rain; just in time to spoil all the new growth of the fruit trees and such that has been blooming this last week. I wondered to myself what the results of the spraying would be last week when I observed it. The spraying seemed to be at a much higher altitude than before. I asked the Sylphs for their assistance in dispersing these poisons, but there was just so much of it, and as I stated it was very high up in the atmosphere. Lot's of X's were going on, and lots of the milky-wispy cloud cover afterwards. Now we are suffering yet another extreme weather pattern that will have a negative effect on the ecosystem of this area.

Do you think the X's mark the area for some sort of testing of a weather control system?



Hi Rich,

There must be some boundary marking connected with the "X" as it can clearly be seen on satellite photos. Besides the poisoning aspect, chemtrails also work in tandem with HAARP to influence the weather. Since contrived food and water shortages are part of their takeover strategy, it's perhaps possible that the cold weather was introduced in your area to ruin the crop. We can see how the Illuminated swine even are trying to pass HR 875 to effectively ban organic faming for NOT using pesticides and Monsanto's Satan Seeds.

The wording is so broad in this fascist nightmare of a bill that they are trying to ram it through this month in record time with ZERO debate and ZERO coverage by mainstream media. The wording is so outrageous, that even home gardeners could be fined for growing their own food. It's an outrage beyond anything I've seen to date.


Regards, Ken

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