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Paradigm Observations, Universal Law, & Life as Opportunity

By David Brandt <>
August 12, 2009

Paradigm Observations, Universal Law, & Life as Opportunity by David Brandt (Aug. 12, 2009)


From the moment we're born, we have paradigm filters placed on us, and this continues throughout our life. We can destroy these by dropping our beliefs and ideologies, but this is not a simple process, nor does it guarantee that we will be free from interference. To the contrary, the more we perceive what has happened (or is happening) and attempt to awaken those around us, the more of a target we become.

A friend of mine thought he could change events using magick--and he was awake, someone who absolutely should have known better. He was attacked in a manner so devious that he welcomed the attack and the attacker. Lesson: don't play with what you know can damage you. Anytime we feel immune to a lesson in which we thought we cheated or dared it to come, it will come.

There is a spider web of distractions, and they are designed to keep us distracted. One of my most basic premise is that we do not get caught on any one point of the larger picture because we can become trapped there. Becoming trapped on any one area is the idea, because if we were to awaken en-masse to see and focus on not only the points, but the root of the points, the purpose behind them, it would come crashing down in an instant. This is what they fear most, and why we have been intentionally divided for so long. Awareness of this is increasing at an exponential rate, and they are aware of this, which is why we see the frantic attempts to reign everyone in. I, knowing the truth about this as much as I do, am susceptible to it still, finding myself caught up in this or that and having to pull myself away; sometimes with great effort. I have learned that whenever I fear something, it's better to turn on it and face it directly. There is a difference between caution and fear.

So many of us believe that the battle is won here in this physical realm. Our intents and actions affect this, but we do not 'win' or 'lose' the struggle. There is an enormous battle going on in that realm just beyond our conscious perception. I drop down to theta now, and I am immediately assaulted by sound--diatribes so ominous and threatening that it amazes me. Yet I have been in that place of 'no time', and have actually laughed at how simply this will end--from that perspective. Coming back to this reality where life is becoming bizarre and overly complex was extreme beyond description.

I have pointed out the missing money for years now, and nobody seemed to pay attention. Where did it go? Underground cities? Of course, but they've been doing that for years. I live near White Sands [New Mexico], and there are pseudo 'stars' in the sky at night. They drop down at a blindingly fast speed, and then you hear helicopters. This is what has been funded; there are many of these. They are terrestrial craft, built here and operated by those who have taken the trillions of dollars that nobody was paying attention to. Also, a dead end for those who view it as some kind of 'solution' Old Nazis died off, but their ideology remained. Part of that ideology, in case you were wondering, is that everyone is expendable, and will be 'expended' if and when it becomes necessary. This is dark polarity in action; none of them has any trust of the other (would they trust themselves?). They remain ultimately alone

The message put upon us here has always been 'go back to sleep', 'don't stand up', 'don't look', and 'don't stand out'; 'stay quiet', 'don't awaken others' etc.'. You've observed this as well as anyone. Yet is it precisely the opposite that each one of us must choose. Do you fear losing your life? It would do you well to get over it, you're only here temporarily anyway. What you do while you're here is what's important, not how long you last.

When it's not your time, nothing will take you; when it is, nothing will prevent you from going. I should be the poster child for that last statement, as I have tested it, at first unintentionally and then intentionally. I have walked away from events that defy every law of physics, but then I knew that it wasn't my time.

There is a 'voice' that I've had my entire life, not in the sense of audio, but always there nonetheless. I haven't known who it was, although now I believe it is me, or that part of me that resides outside of here. I am actually terrible at predicting anything based on probabilities or any other method. Whatever is told to me however is always true--I could bet everything I own on it easily. I am never lied to.

However, the caveat is that when I ask, I will only be told certain things, especially if they directly apply to my path. I suspect that many or all of us have this, but have never recognized it. I have attempted to help many people in using this, and when they follow what I've told them they succeed. If they do not, they fail. Here is a paradox--if I follow what I'm told, I never fail. Often I listen, but will not take action on what I know is true, and the results have led me down paths which I would never desire to traverse. However, I realize that it is just experience. My mother did this as well, and I never knew how, but she was never wrong.

For a number of years, I've felt that I'm walking on two paths or in two worlds at once. I believe this is true of all of us, but we only understand to the degree we are able to accept. Focus too much on the other and you will have real problems here. Why? Because, simply, we are here for a reason, not because we can't be in a much better place, but because we both can and are. As miserable as life can be here, it must be looked at for what it is--an opportunity.

Those outside of the Earth have lost valuable members of their civilizations to this path, which is far faster than the one they were on. Robert Monroe describes this experience by comparing it to Parris Island without the 'benefits' (meaning far more difficult when not knowing what the goal is or when it will end, etc.) I humbly agree. He also indicates that graduates of this place [earth] are extremely respected, that this is an 'honors' program to end all, which I also agree with, but it comes with a very steep price.

What you see from the outsiders is a mixture of bewilderment, envy, loss. I heard that when you follow your true path, the universe conspires to help you. This is true, but it comes with a warning. Those who act against universal law will conspire to block, restrict, control, obstruct, etc.; every move you make when you are on that path. Expect it, and don't allow it to stop you.

I've seen the darkness here, far more than I ever wanted to, believe me. My intense curiosity would not allow me to turn away from it. As a result, I've also seen what those who- with intent- follow it, and what they must do to escape. You have heard the term 'give them some rope'. Imagine a lot of rope, every bit of it must be climbed to become free. Envision a place where every minute is like a century, and you would give anything to escape.

There is but one thing that will set you free, and that is realizing the truth of why your spirit has brought you there, and unless/until you are willing to do that.....I spent five minutes there, the description I used was 'the other side of time'. I know it was five because I was only out that long, but this was an involuntary journey, as I would never in my right mind choose to go there. I write this as a warning to those who believe they've found the easy path here by ignoring universal law. Ignore at your own peril; you have not seen what I have, but you will.

Follow your truth path and get by the considerable obstacles, and then doors open that you never even knew existed. Just so you know that I'm speaking from experience, I've felt like everything has been thrown at me but the kitchen sink(s) (meaning the unknown variable). I expect that to be coming any day now, but I'll keep going.

David Brandt

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