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Piecing the Puzzles Together

By David Brandt <>
April 2, 2008


Prior to my first visit to the Akashic (during the time I was a close-minded 'debunking' skeptic), I used a technique described in an article from Omni
magazine. I was not familiar with the phrase 'lucid dream' nor 'Akashic' The article taught how to be in control of dreams by using affirmations prior to
sleeping and took me about three weeks--this was in 1986. I may have had a head-start because my mother taught me how to use post sleep affirmations as a child. The dream I had was incredibly enjoyable and I was in full control of events.

At the time I was under incredible emotional stress because of my son's autism, my wife's (at the time) proclivity to party all night while I stayed with the kids and studied (going to university). My anger at God because of my son's autism (shaking my fists at the sky, walking around with knots of anger in my stomach constantly, and the resulting skepticism concerning the existence of a higher being, creator, God at what I perceived to be abandonment to my son was not healthy nor accurate. I considered the concept of a being over me and separate from me who would allow negative events and misery as being proof of non-existance (I can see the irony of shaking my fists at what I believed to not be there).

The events which occurred after this, from what I am reading about kundalini make sense now. One process which brings this on is extreme emotional duress, and the meeting with my son out-of-body in which he told me he loved me, and the other statement which made no sense to me at the time "I have my path and you have yours" was, I believe, intended not only to assist me to cope but to understand. Shortly after that was when I visited the Akashic, and for one so closed-minded it was so intense that I awoke in tears of awe.

You would think that this experience would have opened my eyes to the greater truth, but it did not. It did leave a lasting impression however, and a reminder for me years later when I was able to 'see' better. Being so close minded, I viewed everything as random event and was unable to connect the dots. As for the kundalini part, I am speculating--however reading about the cause of random awakenings it begins to make sense. So, without knowing exactly what it is, it seems like my longing for experience will take me down the path of intentionally 'awakening' this. As a side note, I observe that some of the most intense close-minded skeptics become that simply because events don't occur in the manner that they believe they should, and blaming God becomes disbelief (a brief insight into the rationale of this mindset). God, as presented in the terms of a separate being which allows and perhaps even causes suffering results from a severe absence of perception, as there is no malevolence nor separation.

The process by which we come to see this in my case came from a wild ride, time, and experiences which can cause rapid perceptual shifts. I did/do not believe blindly, but from experience. I would say that this was fortunate and simply blind luck, but since I understand that these events are not remotely random, I know better. Having gained a measure of understanding, discernment and wisdom has resulted in far greater freedom for me, in the true sense of the word.

David Brandt

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