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Three Great Teachers

By David Brandt <>
March 17, 2008

Three Great Teachers by David Brandt (March 17, 2008)


We are not of the same mind set that we were ten, five…even one year ago. We learn at different rates and according to paths and choices. There are many smooth paths, seemingly ‘easy’ ways that do not have heart nor spirit (the simplest of tests to know which one we are on). The one that has heart and spirit is laden with obstacles, rocks and mountains to climb over.

We circumvent these by different methods, some far more difficult than others. There are three enormous mountains on this path always looming behind us, and they are great teachers. Their names are should’ve, could’ve and would’ve. The very worst mistake we can make (and often do) is turning back to focus our attention on them, since they are so compelling in their call for us to return and climb them again that we can become mired for a long time–BUT, we will see them again while moving forward, only they will have different names.

They are called can, will and should, and the name of this mountain range is called choice. This is, of course, a simple analogy. Analogies can be useful in learning life’s lessons if we allow them to be. I use them all the time. Our lives here are spiritual tests and the lessons learned often come with a steep price tag. They may involve great physical, emotional and/or spiritual suffering. If they are accepted with this understanding (and keeping a sense of humor of the greater picture involved–quite difficult at times, I know), the path will be traversed in a far shorter time.

We are often pulled toward choices that lead nowhere, or worse–to adding more darkness to a realm that has far too much already. I always ask myself if my choice has purpose, where will it lead and what will it do? It is better to light one candle…

David Brandt

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