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Vaccines and Autism

By David Brandt <>
July 29, 2008

Vaccines and Autism (July 29, 2008)

Subject: my son

If you haven't vaccinated your children yet, please don't. It is not mandatory and there are waivers you can use to avoid doing so. I'm aware that there are current attempts to mandate this, and these 'laws' are all financed (if you could backtrack) by those who stand to gain, large pharmaceutical corporations, which have a 'remedy' for everything.

Sadly, they cause much of what they claim to have remedies for. The vaccinations are toxic poison, and the palliative remedies are poison as well. There are many sites where you can obtain the information you need to avoid vaccinations, and many which will offer information about the 'medication' they want to force on your children (and sell to you). We did not have access to this years ago, so please make use of it now. They will use scare tactics to convince you to do so (can't be enrolled in school is the most common). I am old enough to have had many childhood diseases, and recovered from them just fine, including measles.

Here is a potential truth. One day, your child is happy, playing, laughing--and the next they've gone into a world you can't reach, a world in which they will remain for most of their lives, or may come back from--and you will watch for and rejoice in every attempt and glimmer you see.

You have just experienced a unique and devastating pain and you will at first attempt to find the cause, and then do everything in your power to help. You must continue to be functional, however--more than functional because you face enormous challenges. You are forced to bury this pain and keep moving. If this has already occurred, please read on....

The two worst obstacles for young parents is in placing trust in most physicians (they will write prescriptions for spirit-suppressing 'medications', and not only will these poisons not help, they can create diabetes, tardive dyskenesia, etc. (and every one of these are supported by the government--reference Nate Tseglin). The most common ones prescribed are in the new neuroleptic class (Zyprexa, Restoril), SSRIs (no additional commentary necessary, and must be tapered [to get off the medication]), and benzodiazapines (tapering required).

In addition to this, they face the public school system that receives extra funding for each child with a disability. This is a system set up to overwhelm the parents and retain the extra funding (IEP) and use the funding for their own pet projects. This is why anything that shows promise (such as hyperbaric oxygen) is extremely useful if parents have access to this knowledge--and the earlier, the better.

It is also vitally important that anyone taking care of people with autism understand that they must adapt in whatever specific way is required. Change, and all attempts to force change, will often be met with extreme resistance, but there are other ways to accomplish this, though it is individual to the person. If they are non-verbal, then we must adapt to using non-verbal cues. I won't bother delving into some of the situations I've been in by using verbal negative responses such as 'no', but suffice it to say that this requires a measure of creativity. It is always painful and can be a very difficult journey, but in my observation you will experience events (in retrospect, I would not trade any of them) that bring joy to your heart.

Yes, we still carry the pain of loss, and this never goes away. But in observing the accomplishments (some have been completely amazing) I have nothing but admiration.

David Brandt

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