1¼ inch copper pipes imbedded in the base unit of the 5 gallon Chembuster

The bare bones 5 gallon Chembuster includes a 2X Lost Cubit coil wrapped Lemurian Seed Crystal with rubber jackets inserted into the end of each embedded pipe and cemented in place with Goop. After the the copper end cap is in place, the joint is taped with blue masking tape to prevent the plastic resin from seeping into the pipe while the resin is curing. The six pipes are inserted into the lower bucket template from below and then placed into the 5 gallon bucket for the first resin pour. The resin layers are built up gradually in five separate pours, allowing a day of cure between each pour. The pipe assembly shown in the photo below includes an optional seventh pipe in the center and the optional 2X Lost Cubit ¼ inch tubing coil which spirals around the seventh center pipe.


Blue masking tape seals end cap to 1¼" pipe                 Seven pipe assembly shown here       Seven pipe assembly shown after first resin pour