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Some Target Suggestions for Etheric Freedom Fighters

By Don Croft <>
Jan. 15, 2004

Namibia Calling
Georg in Namibia is still in dire straits. The situation there continues to deteriorate since the communists took control of the government. My goal is to boost him enough so that he'll have the chutzpah to get out there and GIFT enough to prevent genocide where he lives and to perhaps even turn the Illuminati-sponsored SWAPO murder machine around altogether. Georg I in Johannesburg, who wants me, for you, to correct my faux pas and tell you that he's NOT a Prussian, is giving him support and encouragement, also information, over the phone and in email these days. I admire the old Prussians because they were the last ones in Europe to give the City of London parasites a run for their money before London arranged and financed WWI. I'll try to find out if the Namibian postal system still works in case you want to send Georg some orgonite gifts. It worked well before, but everything took a month to go to and from there by post.

I'm going to ask Carol to 'take me' to Namibia tonight and see if we can soften the battlefield for Georg II with you after we acquire some occult targets there. Those hidden movers and shakers are the linchpins, after all, not the drunken rabble who do their dirty work nor even London's proxy communist gangsters there. The Illuminati psychics sure do try to hide and shield their linchpin jerks from our psychics ;-) and it will be fun to find out where they are right now. Our bosses can kick their bosses' butts any day of the week, of course, but that's our job.

Remember to terrorize all of the predatory psychics who daily and nightly enter your home and workplace these days, okay? This neo-casual retaliation tactic of ours is really taking its toll because those idiots apparently never knew, before they met our fellow networkers, that what they're doing makes them uniquely vulnerable to etheric counterattack. They still laugh derisively at all notions of 'defense' or 'shielding,' short of outright assault against them, by the way. The new age stuff just doesn't work, folks. Get mad and do them, instead!

I forgot to wear my Harmonic Protector to bed last night and so I was treated to a string of manufactured nightmares, being too lazy to just put it on after the first one. These CIA satanists don't pack a lot of punch these days (the CIA and MI6 dream senders are afraid of you and me now) and they're just scary enough to be interesting, but it did cause me to wake up too often.

Our own Doc von Peters is still struggling to stay above water economically after the CIA sent Benjamin Zvenia to get onto his Naturopathic College's administrative staff and rob the school blind and otherwise try, on behalf of his handlers, to make Doc's life a living hell. Let's focus on Benjamin, as he still won't let up even though the college is finished. FYI, Benny's got several convictions for crooked real estate deals, did 5 years in a Nevada prison for practicing medicine without a license (okay, I know 99.99% of MDs in the US never get beyond the 'practice' stage, anyway and many of those medical murderers in Nevada should probably have been prison bitches along with Ben ;-), got caught writing bad checks in Nevada and North Carolina and had been booked on attempted theft charges. Doc just found this out. No doubt Benny was given a clean slate and a fabulous resume by his CIA handlers when he was thrown at that school in this fake gov't's long term War on Healers. They probably recruited him in prison. Send Ben your tough love if you feel inclined. We do. Benny typifies how the CIA runs its sabotage campaigns against high-profile people of character like the Doc. Note the similarity between Benny and the duplicitous skunk who runs Southern Poverty Law Center and also with the entire staff of Anti-Defamation League (Meyer Lansky's Mafia baby, yet another CIA asset).

Give Doc a blast, too, as he can use a little help moving through this difficult time. Watch his smoke after he gets firmly back in the saddle, though! I don't know if you realize that his specialty is curing chronic diseases. That puts a whole lot of chemtrail victims in the way of getting effective healing and restored vitality at last. His email address is

If you're still suffering from any of the plethora of biological-weapon induced, misdiagnosed illness that have been endemic in North America and Europe since early 1999, contact him if you're dead serious about healing now and are willing to pay a reasonable fee. Now that he's not teaching any more (except during periodic trips to Russia, where he's a full university professor) he's got time for some new patients. I bet you know how hard it is to get in to see any of the other dozen or so competent, reputable physicians in the United States.

Kudos to our fellow warrior, Ted Gunderson (yes, THAT Ted Gunderson), for foiling another CIA murder plot against him! He's been using our energy weapons, with some facilitation by a friend whose name I don't have permission to share yet, and I can't tell you much more than that, other than to say he's definitely One Of Us now and appreciates our support. I hope you'll give him a friendly blast, even though he's probably still a little pumped up by his own single-handed victory over these felons. In last May's murder attempt on Ted, Carol and I helped him disable the two CIA hit teams who were stalking him in LA. We always do the bosses, too, all the way to the top end of the plotters. That's important. The street level chumps are expendable to the secret police agencies and many or most of them are taken from prisons, the same way Interpol has always done since long before they changed their name from 'Gestapo' in 1945.

If you know people who are committed fighters, but don't know about our nifty energy weapons and techniques, try sharing the info. If you want printable instructions, email me at Of course, if you aren't familiar with the experience yet you need to initiate yourself first by doing the work.

If this is all still just an intellectual exercise for you, please start out by disabling all of the new Entropy and HAARP transmitters where you live. That will boost your town's awareness and put you in line to know what the rest of us know from experience and confirmation. YOU can do this, too. Children do it (I'm not talking about 'indigo children.' Sheesh!). If your heart goes out to these people who are experiencing trouble, even that helps this effort more than you might know. Talking about it helps even more. Simple talking can be a creative, powerful act of magic and it helps us integrate our mind and heart every time. We westerners are programmed from birth to be prisoners in our own heads, after all. Why not just break out of there now?

April Howell is a lone Vaccination Liberation warrior in Mississippi who is struggling to get her friends and neighbors to refuse to let their kids be shot (vaccinated) by the felonious feds with biological weapons. The Homeland Security Abominations use this national program as another opportunity to inject microchip implants into children, by the way. In that state a kid needs a MD's referral in order not to get a shot. That eliminates 99.99% of the people in that state, since MDs who have a social conscience, anywhere in the US, are as rare as hen's teeth. If you want, you can send your blast to April through Messiahmews (Donna Carrillo). April asked Donna for our help. We never refuse blast requests and I hope you, too, will experience the invigorating effects of daily blasting as we have. You can sure practice on the CIA and MI6 hacker rats who incessantly try to mess up your computer as a routine reprisal for seeking truth. In that case you'll get some confirmations each time your computer suddenly runs smoother online and confirmations are what we grow our personal faith with, after all. Get mad. That newage sewage doesn't work and silly, tired flowerchild programming was designed to make you help your attackers and also to stand by with a vacuous smile while they trash everyone else.

I'm boosting her now and I'll ask Carol if anyone's trying to harm her or block her path of service. Then I'll offer that target info to you for your expeditious attention. Remember that you need very little info on the target. You and we are already connected and you'll resonate directly and etherically with us on this. Just send the energy thru me to each target if you're more comfortable with that.

Patrick Swinney is doing well in spite of yet another murder attempt by Warden Bullard in prison but there's a nexus coming up in his 'proof of innocence' hearing that should be happening soon. When I get that date from his wife, Sherry, I'll pass along some juicy, felonious judge, district attorney and CIA/DEA targets to you. All of the predators/parasites know that victory for Patrick will strike a severe blow to the American Gulag and its owner, the Federal Reserve Corporation. Bringing the latter down to ruin will automatically return political and economic power to the American states and localities, where it was completely stolen in the first place by 1935, and the rest of the world will follow suit. After that, we'll all be able to know what true prosperity is, no doubt.

If any of you are getting physically marked as I was the other night, let me know. I want to be an expedient clearing house for that info. I got sprayed with orange paint behind my ankle (under my sock) in the middle of the night earlier this week but I woke up and caught the jerk and he's very sorry he tried to harm me. If you'll tell me your stuff we'll develop some really good target profiles from it, as we did when six of us across the country got gassed, then marked with poison needles on our torsos on December 18, 2002. That crime was the impetus for developing the Powerwand, going after the Great White Brotherhood personally, and disabling the implants that you and I were subjected to. I guess paint is less innocuous than poisoned needles, at any rate, so we're probably making very good progress and our attackers are losing more and more of their power to harm us.

If you haven't disabled your injected and surgical implants (if you're reading this, your likely to have several), read the instructions on They're pretty simple and very effective.

Here's are two victory announcements: Proboards, which hosts EFF, is a CIA asset, run by AT&T, another CIA company. The AT&T headquarters building in Manhattan has a HUGE delta transmitter on the roof. It's probably a hundred times bigger than the delta antenna that was used to create and direct the murderous thoughtform at Montauk in the middle 80s. Our fellow proven warrior, Kam Wong, disabled that transmitter early last year. The second announcement isn't as significant, but it's fun: the CIA stopped putting pop up ads for one of their newage-sewage satanic cults on EFF right after I threatened to put a permanent caption under the pop up section announcing that the CIA was putting their own satanic pop up ads on our board against our wishes ;-) The ads were for the EC Prophet's gang and the 'I AM' (my a$$ ! ;-) bunch in Montana and at Mt. Shasta.

We chopped those organizations' etheric feet and hands off last May and June with extensive gifting to the Shasta region and Yellowstone, including St. Germain's own ritual killing site in Pluto's Cave. St Germain, a gruesome, very old predatory ET who used to pose as a handsome young Aryan, hasn't been heard from by anyone since May 5, my birthday ;-) Since he's normally, also, expected to show up at all of the Scottish Rite 33d degree initiations and other Great White Brotherhood high rituals this has no doubt caused more than a few of these murderous, secret-handshake scheissvoegel to lose heart. A crisis in faith, if you will.

~Don Croft

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