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Update on Holy Handgrenades and Tower Busters

By Don Croft <>
May 26, 2003

Updated Sep 11, 2003

‘Cbswork’ in LA invited me to write a white paper with him about gifting with orgonite, so I thought this would be a wonderful opportunity to combine our two perspectives for your convenience. I constantly strive to reduce this process to the most easily replicated methods and he tends more toward the high technical end, so between us we can paint a pretty accurate and panoramic picture of gifting with orgonite, I think. A lot of what I’m about to describe came from what I’ve picked up from our interaction with him over the past year. Of course, what Carol and I started a couple of years ago is what gave him the impetus to contribute to this global effort and to help us all expand its parameters.

To start, here’s how I make nearly all of my Holy Handgrenade (HHgs) and Towerbusters (TBs) now:

Tower Buster
I started out making these in little 3oz paper cups, but after a couple of thousand of those, I tried muffin pans and now I make most of my TBs this way. The only reason I still make a few in paper cups is so that I can shoot them out of the Spudgun, which I bought from

In a way, this non-lethal artillery piece is sort of like a back scratcher: sometimes you just can’t get quite close enough to the target to take it out with a single TB and this does the trick. Be careful not to do what one of our fellow spiritual road warriors did, though. He mistakenly (?) shot one into one of those big drum transmitters, right through the drumskin .

I used the Spudgun exclusively in Chaco Canyon, on the Navajo Reservation, because I didn’t want the secret police to find them within throwing distance of the road. Cbswork will expand on the practice of overgifting, which is often required in areas like Southern California, where the satanic world order puts an awful lot of stock in their DOR infrastructure.

I’ll now go over the muffin tray method, which can be applied to the paper cup method, of course:

1. I use non-stick muffin pans, but of course the resin contracts as it cools, so even the cheaper ones work fine.

2. While you’re in Wicked WalMart getting those pans, go to the craft section and get the mesh bags of tumbled rocks (the smaller rocks). Pick     out the quartz and other crystals. Those are the ones that are semi-transparent and most of them are kind of dirty-looking inside. The white     ones are probably marble, so don’t be fooled by them. You can get suitable quartz crystals by the pound from Gladys Bridges at  <>   or from other vendors but I mention WalMart to show you that it’s not hard to find ingredients. I generally use small     quartz pieces, often broken ones, that are between a quarter and a half inch long

3. Drop a small crystal in each muffin mold

4. Fill the molds almost to the top with loose metal.

5. Pour the resin in until it comes almost up to the top. The mold holds 4oz of material by volume, but 3oz is sufficient for busting most of the single transmitters you’ll encounter or for turning the judgemental frowns of a chapel-full of vindictive churchgoers upside down.

6. You can Hootenize the TBs if you wish and Cbswork likes to use larger crystals around which can be wound 26.5” of wire when he's taking  out HAARP transmitters. If you, too, are in a major metro area you might benefit from spending that time and effort for at least some of your  TBs, but we 'did' Atlanta successfully with ordinary TBs made as I’ve just described and the good effects are holding, several months after  the job was completed. The bad boys have been throwing every thing in their poisonous arsenal except nuke bombs and Zyklon B at Atlanta  from the time we were there in March but the vibrant atmosphere still shrugs it all off and the violent storms that were aimed at it earlier this  month stalled out when they reached the city.

7. When I’m going to toss out a bunch in town, I paint them green and brown, just like the HHgs. You’d be surprised how difficult these are to find once they’ve been tossed.

Holy Handgrenade:

1. Fold a piece of typing paper twice [fold it from lower corner to opposite corner to make a triangle shape, not a rectangle shape. Fold it a second time to make another triangle shape..Ken] and then open it into a cone shape. Tape the overlap and ‘underlap with masking tape to help it hold its shape.

2. After you’ve shaped it into a cone, put the opened cone upside down in a paper cup.

3. Cut a 26” length of 18 gauge copper wire and form it into a cone spiral so that it fits loosely inside the paper cone(Cbs says that 26.5" is better, as it grounds out HAARP carrier freq’s [ I checked with Mr. E in Canada and he suggested that 27" might produce even better results, but all three numbers will work ..Ken] ).

4. Put a big pinch of metal particles into the pointy end of the cone, right on top of the little end of the copper spiral. I like to use BBs (small, copper or zinc-coated ball bearings that American kids shoot from air rifles) for these, but they’re very heavy and expensive if you’re making a lot of HHgs and TBs.

5. Shove a fat crystal, point down, into the metal so that it’s standing up, then put a little more metal around it to hold it in place. I use very cheap, funky-looking crystals for this which have one distinct end.. Save the nice ones for personal devices.

6. Now pour enough catalyzed resin [fiberglass resin to which the liquid catalyst has already been added] in to cover the metal.

7. I ‘Hootenize’ the ‘orgonite’ at this point (orgonite is the combination of roughly equal volumes of catalyzed resin and metal particles—Mark Hooten was the first to introduce other mineral and crystal species to orgonite to enhance its performance; it’s an optional process for this device) with bits of hematite, pyrite and garnets. A spoonful of activated charcoal is a good idea, too, but also optional. Gale Stark was the first to add activated carbon to the mix.

8. I hope you were careful to get metal through which resin thoroughly soaks before it hardens; if not, you’ll need to mix the metal and resin together and spoon that messy mix into the mold [I solved the problem of the resin hardening too fast before it had thoroughly soaked into the metal shavings by cutting the amount of catalyst recommended by one half. This only works if your local temperature is above 70 degrees..Ken]. The sweepings from a machines shop are usually ideal. [I prefer using cleaner shavings from a scrap metal dealer ..Ken]

9. Fill to the brim with orgonite and when it’s hard, it’s done. I paint them green and brown with spraypaint if I won’t be burying them.

10. Notice that I’m not putting any additional crystals in the mix. I simply found that using one bulky crystal in the point makes the other ones extraneous [the original HHg design used 5 crystals]. I think the coil is important in this case because it causes the orgone field to spin.

~Don Croft


Gifting with Orgone By Cbswork (Feb. 11, 2003)

Gifting Basics By Don Croft (May 26, 2003)

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