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Ted Gunderson and 'Fu Manchu'

By Don Croft <>
Feb 3, 2004

Ted gave us blanket permission last year, after Carol and I and a few others stopped those two teams of CIA murderers from erasing him, to help him out whenever he gets in a bind. He's in a bind now because he apparently stumbled into the actual, 'Man behind the curtain,' according to what Carol saw last night.

By the way, the CIA owns and ultimately controls Proboards, which hosts Etheric Freedom Fighters. When I sent out the last EFF round letter, which was about 'That Vril Buffoon' in Namibia, the CIA 'kept it' for about twelve hours after I sent it out. The reason why I tried six time was that I never got a 'message sent' response.

Here's a little notice that I'm onto those criminals at Langley. If this round letter doesn't show up in my mailbox within fifteen minutes, I'll resend it via the membership list that Mark graciously emailed me. We'll update that every week so we won't miss a beat in case those scheitvogels try the trick they regularly pull on Ken Adachi: shutting EFF down for a couple of days. Meanwhile, Mark and I are casually looking for a more permanent home on a safer server.

By the way, the fake round letter I mentioned (in German, which I don't know) was apparently sent to people in Germany who use as a server. I got four letters last week from Germans, in German, with friendly notes that included their addresses and phone numbers. Not realizing yet that these were probably responses to that fake round letter, I forwarded all of these to Markus in Switzerland, as I do every time I get an email in German. Since I'm kind of slow on the uptake sometimes, I've forgotten to remind Markus that these folks may be the unwitting victims of an MI6 intimidation ploy and to please let them know that I didn't send them that letter. If you're reading this, Markus, and still have those addresses, please let them know, okay? I CCd them each time I forwarded their messages to you, but my CC'd messages bounced each time. MI6 has successfully blocked most of my correspondence to Germany since this network got started. That's about to bite MI6 in the butt because Germans are more amenable to conspiracy information than North Americans and Brits are ;-)

(Thanks, Georg, for letting me know that this problem occurred in Germany. I send German enquiries from Germany to Markus because he's closer than you are.)

Before I get into Ted's situation, please keep boosting Mark Davey and also Steeve of as they're still getting savaged regularly in order to distract them enough for some paid sociopaths to get into their personal lives and also onto these two healthy boards.

Speaking of savaging, another of our brave cohorts in England was treated to a telephone threat from the chief MI6 agent in charge of destroying this network. The agent was never given that number by our friend. Steve and I had just sort of chopped the virtual feet off of his lieutenant, who sells orgonite and offers fake mobius coil instructions, a harmful electronic device and a plethora of debilitating mind control protocols on a very slick website. I figure that this is what made that masochistic faker, his boss, cross the line in a rage and finally show his true colors to one of the network. The brave person in question had abruptly ended his casual contact with that head British agent provocateur (after realizing who and what he is) and was immediately overwhelmed with overt pavement artists, incessant helicopter passes over his roof, and other nuisances as reprisals for not tap dancing any more with this sociopath.

Note that I'm not mentioning this MI6 parasite's name. I may never do so, but you probably know whom I'm referring to and have probably gotten a ream of uninvited personal email from him if you're active in this network. If he threatens anyone again, I'm going to publish his alleged name, but right now he's at least culpable, so please join us in sending him all the tough love you can muster in order to make him leave our brave, accomplished friend alone. I'll ask our friend to monitor the changes in overt harassment after this and maybe you can see if those two parasites (the sociopath boss and his lieutenant) send more or less uninvited email to you after today.

By the way, email from friends almost always has that new 'spam' notation but email from the dirty ones never does. Have you noticed that?

The boss faker sent me a bunch of mail right after Steve and I did the deed on his lieutenant. I never read mail from dedicated agents, of course. Parasites are as parasites do, after all, and life is sweeter when you don't allow poison like that to drag your energy level down. Cbswork feels sure that this faker in London is actually a committee, not one person at all. I haven't asked Carol to look at 'him' closely yet. Just send the energy and it will go where it needs to go, though.

Ted Gunderson
Ted spent his whole career in the FBI, even getting a law degree and license in the meantime in order to be able to do his job better. At the end of his career, in 1979, he was the chief of the Los Angeles bureau, a prestigious and responsible position. He told me that until a couple of years after his retirement, he'd been unaware of the depth and breadth of the infiltration of the U.S. Government by satanists. It was only after he uncovered a child kidnapping ring involving many Day Care Centers and the US Government in 1981, that he began to unravel the hidden political agenda of the satanic world order. He was working on a kidnapping case as a private investigator at the time.

Ken let us know that some satanists had threatened to kill Ted's daughter recently and Ted had discovered then that they're planning to erase him, too. One of them shot a hole in his living room window around that time to punctuate the threat and Carol says that he's also been hexed, though he's apparently using his Succor Punch to block the worst effects of that. This is what the CIA does to people when they don't want to be seen as culpable for their hits: they use satanists and the Mafia, both of which networks are directly owned and operated, at least in the U.S., by the CIA. I guess we embarrassed the CIA by publishing their more overt plot to kill Ted last year, so they have opted for the second, messier M.O.

I want to save his tormentors for you to hit. Carol and I could have done that last night, but we don't want to hog the glory and deprive you of the experience. She says we've got enough time right now. If the CIA stops or even delays this from going out as an EFF round letter, I'll send it to you the other way this morning.

When she looked closely at Ted's situation, the word 'India' popped into her awareness and that seemed kind of confusing, so she looked harder and discovered one of the dark masters, himself, overseeing this hit personally. The fellow's ancient, like all dark masters are, and only part human (oriental). He's got a long Fu Manchu-style mustache. The other part of the dark masters is an ET race that's not reptilian. This may severely challenge folks who want to believe that reptiles run the world ;-) Wishing that reptiles own and control humanity doesn't make it so, folks. Humans do the worst of the dirty deeds-always have and always will. Other species simply know better than to savage innocents on a massive scale and humanity is about to achieve that realization, which is why we're doing this work in the first place.

Carol and other psychics keep seeing these dark masters, though, behind the worst of the world order's genocide agendae. Kam Wong gifted the Hong Kong HQ of one of them last year, as I mentioned, and that led to a lot of harassment, which we all finally helped him get under control recently. There are only five of these masters at a given time. When one dies, he's replaced. They apparently occupy a sort of polluted, hyperdimensional vortex in the middle of the Gobi Desert, which had once been fertile, by the way. Their addiction to deadly orgone radiation shows their true orientation. Otherwise they have been referred to in Theosophical and other occult literature as the Great White Brotherhood, which is just another, tired Big Lie. See why I deplore NewAge sewage? These guys want you to surround yourself with 'white light,' but their version is best represented by the blinding flash that happens when a nuclear device is detonated.

A year ago, they, like the Vril and other openly satanic, infantile, high level jerks who serve them, lost their ability to conceal themselves from aggressive psychics. All parasites rely completely on concealment, of course. These masters are all quite vulnerable, so go get this scheitvogel now if you have a mind to and would like to prevent Ted's demise and perhaps millions of other murders! Carol and I will get to it tonight in case there's anything left of this disgusting baby eater.

I use the term 'satanic,' but, really, I see Satan as a sort of evil onion, made up of layers and layers of murderous, mostly-human societies, but having nothing at all in the center. I've noticed that people can be more attached to believing in a devil, or 'ultimate evil' than to believing in a Creator, personal or otherwise ;-). We humans are fundamentally stranger than fiction, after all.


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