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Episode 10
Bohemian Grove

By Don Croft <>
June 2001

It occurred to me as we drove north through the San Fernando Valley, that if there were only one Chembuster in every state, the chemtrail program would have to be scrapped in the US. Considering the amount of dead orgone in California, it felt as though ten would be required there.  Iíd read accounts of a cloudbuster being used during the 1970ís by Trevor Constable in  southern California to remove the omnipresent smog from the desert east of Los Angeles.  The before and after photos were astonishing.  Heíd done the same thing in Israel, at the Sea of Galilee.

If anyone can tell me why the whole San Fernando Valley has always had so much dead orgone, Iíd appreciate it.  It would  be such a nice drive if you could see the mountains.

Linda & Metaphysical Road Service
The reward for suffering through that extensive dead energy field was our arrival in Walnut Creek, east of San Francisco, and being greeted by Linda, Carolís longtime friend and sometime teacher.  We spent three days parked at the lovely apartment complex where she lives and spent many hours comparing notes and giving and receiving inspiration and insights.  Linda is a gifted herbalist that is able to do with her own tinctures what others have done with flower essences and homeopathic remedies.  Like Carol, Linda parleyed her natural psychic gifts and energy sensitivity into a rewarding and useful career.

She had been aware of the Wingmakers website, but hadnít pursued the subject.  When we told her what weíd been up to with it, she decided to contact the Wingmakers during meditation.  She told us that they immediately started constructing a set of wings for her, etherically.  Her description reminded me of butterfly wings.

The next day, as Linda and Carol were returning from the San Francisco airport with Jenny, who had just finished the school year in Idaho, they were parked in rush hour traffic on the freeway, miles from an exit.  The gas gauge on Lindaís new Toyota indicated empty, which was a cause for some alarm.  A moment later, the same gauge indicated that the tank was half full.  Linda and Carol say that they both immediately knew this was done by the Wingmakers and they did it with humor. Linda is another person that takes miracles in stride.

I asked Linda if she knew a way to improve the HHgís and she immediately explained the coils that we have since been putting in ours.

Bohemian Grove & Children
On June 18 we went to Gurneyville, north of San Francisco, to carry out the Wingmakers instructions regarding Bohemian Grove, annual gathering place of the most depraved and powerful men on the planet.  I made a special HHg for that which had one of the coils that Linda described.  The predators were due to arrive for the coming solstice, during which each year they hold a satanic ceremony, dressed in black robes, and do God knows what.  Iíd first heard of it on a short wave radio program on which several young people gave their testimony regarding their experiences there as children, victims of rape.  By this time Iíd done enough reading about these men to understand that this was not unlikely.

 In their testimonies, many famous men were named by these young people and the program was hosted and directed by a state senator from Nebraska, friend and confidant of former CIA director Casey (the director was suicided at his home soon after this)  The senator was using this program to do what Iím doing now:  to call for the investigation, arrest and prosecution of the particiapants of the annual satanic activities at the Grove.

Others have written extensively about this, so I donít need to duplicate their efforts.  The basic facts of the activites at the Grove are not unknown to the townspeople of Gurneyville, we found out.

Elementals & "W"
I had been contacted by a Wiccan who lives in the area and wished to help us heal the wounded vortices there. This person, whom Iíll call W, is a competent and fearless healer who is closely connected to the land, elementals and ethereal beings in the surrounding area. The alarm and disgust expressed to W by the elementals and long-dead native medicine people had reached a sort of brink or limit, beyond which their support and influence would be withdrawn.

There are six vortices, only one of which is in Bohemian Grove, which connect in a small area around Gurneyville. Carol had gotten an image from the Wingmakers of the spot we were to put the HHg.  W led us there from Carolís description and graciously put it in place.  All of us felt an immediate lightening and breathed easier. W announced that the Ďinsect peopleí were the first to notice and appreciate what was done.  I then noticed the presence of thousands of dragonflies, which I knew had not been there moments earlier.  I always notice dragonflies. As we walked back to the car, W greeted all of the elementals along the way and mentioned that the assembled medicine people were very pleased and encouraged by what we did and would now enthusiastically resume their healing work.

The atrocities committed against the whole human race by the men that assemble at Bohemian Grove are done in secret and with more than adequate protection by armies of lawyers, spies and assassins.  We have no doubt that they are directly responsible for all of the genocide, wars, epidemics, despotism, impoverishment and enslavement of billions of people.

Only at Bohemian Grove are they vulnerable.

The County Sherriff
The only law enforcement agency allowed by the Constitution is the county Sherriff,  elected by popular vote.  Based on existing testimony, the Sheriff of Sonoma County, California would be justified in arresting the assembled perpetrators at any time during their days long pedophelic orgy at Bohemian Grove.  Not only would he be within his rights, no force on earth would dare try to stop him.  These predators rely totally on secrecy to carry out their plans. Where secrecy is not possible, they rely on extensive brainwashing and mind control.  Intimidation is the last resort, and public intimidation is unthinkable in the US even now.

Please note that Iím not being seditious and Iím not advocating that anyone break any Constitutional laws.  Seditious acts are those which undermine the Constitution.  All of these men are manifestly guilty of that; Iím not.

A few years ago, the Sherriff of Nye County, Nevada, arrested US Forest Service agents when they attempted, with drawn weapons, to stop him from entering land allegedly belonging to the federal government.  Nothing bad happened to the Sherriff.  On the contrary, I understand he was re-elected.  Although Dan Rather never mentioned this historic event, itís well known.

Parasites & Fear
Typical of the criminal mind, which is essentially arrogant and stupid, there are  times when his guard is down and these are the times to act against him.  A person with integrity doesnít need to watch his back constantly and doesnít need an army of thugs and spies in order to be safe.  I wouldnít be writing this if I were afraid of being tortured or killed by these predators, but I have faith that the publication of these writings will demonstrate that itís now safe to discuss these things because under the emerging paradigm, parasites will no longer be able to rule us. I wonít be waiting for our space brothers to rescue us from these people, thanks.

Iím currently living miles from the nearest town, and Iím a half mile from the nearest neighbor.  Aside from a BB gun, which I play with a bit, I have no protection and am not hiding.  In fact weíve been surveilled here several times since our arrival, even by the triangular craft that Art Bell reported seeing.óthe same type we saw in Florida, up close, in December.  I hadnít noticed before, but the house shook last time they showed up.   Outside, as it was hovering behind the trees on the edge of the yard, all I heard was the characteristic, low Ďsuckingí sound.  So I guess thereís a subsonic quality to the antigravity device theyíre apparently using.

I donít even shut or lock the gate.  I love living and am having more fun than ever, but I will oppose and expose them to my last breath, no matter what they do.  The schoolyard bully picks on anyone on the playground except the kid who isnít afraid of him. That kid has to let the bully know that heís not afraid to die. Men who had been in prison tell me itís the same way there.

Iím telling whoever among the predators and sycophants that attend Bohemian Groveís satanic activities who care to read this that I am not afraid of torture, poisoning, mind manipulation, attacks on my loved ones, or any atrocity their fertile if infantile minds can contrive to stop me.  Having said that, Iím also not a bit worried that they will try.  The fact that youíre even reading this demonstrates that they are powerless to influence what is done on the Internet or even in privately owned publications.

If youíre afraid of them youíre just encouraging their predatory behavior, so stop being afraid of these parasites!  The other thing a bully fears is being confronted by even a small group.

When a pedophile is released from jail, people plaster his picture and stats on all the telephone poles in the neighborhood as a warning.  How is this any different?  Arenít we pretty much obligated to draw attention to these pedophiles, at least during the summer solstice period?

Many people in my age group who were teens in the hippy era have been thoroughly brainwashed and conditioned not to confront evil or even discuss it.  Well done, Drs. Leary, Alper, and Watts, MK Ultra operatives extraordinaire!  Also, congratulations to British Secret Serviceís Tavistock Institute, initiated under the direction of Sigmund Freud. Thanks to Sigmund for persecuting his one time protégé, Dr. Wilhelm Reich, since this led to Reichís orgone research and his American residency.

Unguarded Predators and Restored Vortices
Our childrenís generation, however, have demonstrated their spiritual acumen and commitment to the emerging paradigm by peacefully demonstrating in order to draw attention to the criminal activities of  the World Bank, which is more or less the epitomy of the parasitic alleged order.  I hope this writing will inspire some of them to direct their attention to the annual activities outside Gurneyville, California, as this will strike at the only unguarded criminal acts of the men who own the World Bank.  I would be pleased and honored to join them there next year.  If four of us show up it will be as though a thousand are there.  As an experienced sign artist, I can make some impressive placards.  W told me that all of the gangstersí bodyguards, family members, and secret service people hang around Gurneyville during the Ďfestivities.í

Speaking of festivities, a day after weíd been there, Carol told me that another HHg was needed to finish the job, as an enormous amount of energy was being expended to contain and limit the effect of the first one until the criminal activity at the Grove was finished.  I quickly made another one and FedExed it to W, who put it in one of the other vortices just before the arrival of the felons.  Carol was told by the Wingmakers that not only did their cherished ceremony not produce the customary results, they actually didnít have any fun this time preying on the little children that had been bussed in for the festivities.  She was told that this severely shook their confidence and that they didnít have a clue how that could happen.  Finally, Carol told me that the six vortices have combined into one very, very powerful one, the energy of which will not be available to the parasites any more.

So, now you know, fellas!  Better luck next year, and maybe weíll see you there!  You should know, too, that I might point my cloudbuster at the next antigravity craft that shows up here.  I know it wonít hurt anyone, but the guys inside will get a distinct surprise.  The good guys like it when I point the CB at their craft, which are way better than yours.  Get a clue.

Don Croft

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