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Episode 11
You Must Be Eighteen

By Don Croft <>
June 2001

We had successfully finished our HHg placements prescribed by the Wingmakers for our coast to coast trip at one of the vortices near Bohemian Grove with the able assistance of our Wiccan friend there, and arrived at Mt. Shasta on June 20th, 2001, after visiting the Hughes in Ashland, Oregon, just up the road.

My belated birthday present to Carol was her choice of Vogel power crystals that James Hughes had designed.  At his suggestion, she took two to Shasta to keep overnight.  One was 12-sided, the other 16-sided, and both double terminated at specific angles.  I brought a crystal along with a mobius coil and a frequency device attached [ Succor Punch ], in order to activate it on the mountain and tune it to the owner to help her through a trauma she was experiencing.

Telepathy Newbies
Carol’s 15 year old daughter, Jenny, had joined us in San Francisco right after she finished school in Idaho. Carol and I opted to sleep in the grove we had found in September, which is near Panther Meadow, but Jenny preferred the comfort and VCR of the Zapporium.  As Carol and I retired to the grove shortly before sunset, Jenny asked her mom to keep track of her telepathic messages and report back in the morning with them. The daughter has started to develop gifts inherited from her mother.

On the short hike from the parking lot to the grove, I distinctly heard Carol say “What time is it?  Oh, wait, I forgot—I have a watch on.”

I told her the time and she said “Why did you tell me that?”  When I told her she had just asked me, she said, “No, I was just thinking it.”  Though it didn’t feel weird, I knew I’d just entered the Twilight Zone. While we were eating our supper before bed, I ‘heard’ her silently reading the ingredients on the food package.

We bedded down just as the sun was setting.  There were big black ants all over the bedding, so we put food a short distance away to draw them off.  Naturally, they simply carried the food onto the bedding.  The bugs kept us awake pretty much all night but it’s just as well—it would have been a loss to have slept through what transpired.

As soon as the sun had set, we both heard rather strident singing/chanting start up.  It sounded like it was coming from Gray Butte, about a half mile away.  Carol figured they were just Wiccans perfoming a solstice ceremony at first, but then the sound seemed to be coming from every direction.  There were male and female voices, about a dozen or so, it seemed to me.  It was a pretty melody that they repeated continuously until 6:40AM, the moment of the solstice, at which time it simply stopped.

Pull Down the Shades & Tell the Kids to Leave
So, here’s what happened between sunset and the solstice:

I rarely see entities that are not fully in our dimension. Carol sees them  plainly, just as she hears thoughts of others.  In September, at that grove, I’d seen several as shimmering distortions of the background, including Kashi, our Atlantean helper, and Lucille, the fairy that dwells on my sound crystal (I named her after B.B. King’s guitar, with her permission) The entities that Carol saw around us were completely invisible to me.  These are the ones that were making the music and interacted with us that night.  This time, Carol saw through their blue energy fields and saw regular humans with blond hair, fair skin and blue eyes, all youthful adults, Lemurians (who the hell knows how old they are?) though there were others there, too.

A good friend, after I’d known her a few years, once shared a story with me:  She was visiting Shasta for the first time in the early seventies, at Panther Meadow, when she noticed some beautiful young people having a picnic.  They called her over and shared food with her.  Afterward, they all put out mats, in order not to crush any plants, and took a short nap.  When they woke  they invited her to accompany them through a very large tunnel, on the other side of which was an identical meadow.  I forgot what happened then, but my friend said she got in her car a little later and drove back to the interstate to continue her journey north.  For years after that she thought she’d just spent the afternoon with some nice hippies in odd clothing. I guess that most people reading this already know that there are no tunnels like that on the mountain.  This friend is from a family that has been involved in a metaphysical organization for 3,000 years.  I’m assuming she doesn’t want her name mentioned.

One reason I love Shasta so much and consider it home is that the energy there is so pure and powerful that both the parasitic ET’s and earthly non-humans simply can’t stand to be there.  Jerky humans even have a hard time staying long there on the mountain.  A visit there is like an etheric colonic to me—also, like a terrific breath of clean air and a long drink of cool water after being in the desert.

Around 10PM, I got an impression that there were a lot of people standing around us.  I was trying to sleep, having grown tired of watching the aerial display by the various Lemurian craft.  Carol confirmed my impression. She usually just keeps these things to herself—probably the result of conditioning, as children and  others soon learn not to step on the paradigm toes of others less aware of their surroundings by pointing out anomalies.

I think I knew right away that they were just waiting for us to have sex but they wanted me to think it was my idea.  I was onto them, of course, as soon as the thought occurred to me.  I was born at night, but it wasn’t last night.

Here’s the part that is truly difficult for me to write, so please bear with me.

A lot of people understand that there is tremendous energy released in an orgasm.  These watchers stayed around until they had gotten enough energy from our orgasms.  Some stayed til the end but most left in small groups before that.  Boy, was that weird for me!

I’m sure I couldn’t have done it if I’d been able to see them, though I could definitely sense them.  I knew before we started that an exchange was about to take place, so that extra incentive was nice.

In Carol’s defense, I feel sure that she wouldn’t have done that in front of regular humans of our dimension ;-)

They’ve been with us off and on ever since.  Carol says they’re helping to protect us now from the alleged government while we disseminate the information about how to easily destroy the chemtrails.  This is the third group that we know of who are running interference for us.  The main ones are the Wingmakers, of course, but the Reptilians that we met in Georgia and Florida also help from time to time.

The small group that remained after the party interacted with Carol.  One of them, she told me, stood over me and aimed a crystal device at my heart chakra, in which there has been lingering pain since my children were taken from me by the alleged government in 1995.  I’ve come a long way, of course, having been very close to suicide, early in 1996, immediately before finding the zapper and killing the parasites that were causing my depression.  The flower essences of my second wife were a tremendous boost right after that, but it’s been a grueling climb until very recently.  The only thing that kept me from killing myself at the low point was the realization that it is extremely hurtful to one’s children.  Divorce is hard enough on them, God knows.

The Lemurians that stuck around after the show were quite intrigued with the Vogel crystals, even the contrivance that I’d made up.  One of them enjoyed the experience I gave him by pointing the device at him and spinning it, Carol told me.  I had told her to show me where he was standing.

I’ll be SO grateful when we’ve all decided to return to the rule of universal law, under which governments are forbidden to intrude on family matters unless an actual crime is committed.  Under the law of rules that exists now the felonious court system considers us chattel of the Federal Reserve Corporation, the judges’ and lawyers’ own liege lord and master.

When we got back to the Zapporium after our excursion, Carol told Jenny what she’d been projecting, including “I can’t believe they’re actually going to sleep on the ground.”

Don Croft

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