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The Adventures of Don & Carol Croft

Episode 12
What We Did Last Summer

By Don Croft <>
September 1, 2001

 Carol was invited to spend September in an African country to show people how easy and cheap it is to cure AIDS.  I won't name the country, since all of the governments there have made it unlawful to treat AIDS.  She was invited by a foundation which is operated by native Africans [update, it was Kenya].

40 Miles North of Spokane, Washington
We've been sort of care taking a rural tract north of Spokane for the summer.  It's given us a chance to study the effects of the Chembuster over time.  Also, people in 4 other countries are sending data about their own Chembusters' effects.  It's great to see that we're all getting the same results.  The one we left in LA has stopped the chemtrails at least around the Hollywood/Burbank area and greatly reduced the smog [it was removed around the time of this writing]. The only account I have of that is from a customer in North Hollywood.  She  had to drive forty miles before she could  start to see chemtrails

The pipe spacing seems to be the bottleneck for people making their own.  I'll send a pattern for the three plywood pieces which hold the pipes in position during construction to anyone who is seriously intent on making one or having one made. [this was written before the Relfe’s put the info on or Ken at].

I'm not taking money for any of this so that I can continue to promote it in my essentially anarchic style.

Since setting up the Chembuster, we've seen a variety of UFO's.  The CB must be some kind of etheric porch light.. We mostly see reptilian craft (according to Carol) which are small, disc shaped and shiny, but a triangle craft showed up close to the house early on, and occasionally a Lemurian ship.

There are at least four Sasquatch on the property, not far from the house.  They're quite loud and seem to keep coyotes, deer, owls, etc., as pets, because we hear them usually when one or more of those species are near us, and mostly at night.  The most dramatic chorus was at about 5 AM one morning, though, when all four were as loud as an air raid siren.  They seem to live at a vortex that's in a grove of trees in the meadow near the house.  We put a HHg in the vortex to tone it up, and Carol said they love it.  If you listen to the tape recording of a Sasquatch that Art Bell plays now and then, I can tell you that it's accurate.  That recording sounds a little scary, but these sound beautiful and not at all threatening.  They are extremely psychic and able to shift in and out of our time phase.  Carol's seen them four times, and each time they disappear right after making eye contact.  Once she saw a mature male with a youngster.

Our friend, Bob, who is a healer on the Flathead Indian Reservation in Montana, told us that he's had lots of interaction with Sasquatch, and that they once took him to one of their communities in the mountains, where they actually raise crops.  He told us he was taken by them through a dimensional gateway in the face of a cliff  I believe him, as he came from a long line of  shamans and gets good results with his healing work.  I've sent some customers to him for assistance it getting their immune
systems back on line.  If a person's immune system is very weak, he/she won't be able to use a zapper properly.  His email address is  Bob's Chembuster is also working well.

CB Report
Within a week of setting up the CB here, the chemtrails were all gone, and none have been formed here since then, though the jets fly over every morning from their base in Canada, then back again in the evening, spewing as they fly. Another white plane, a smaller turboprop one, sometimes flies along the path of the jets at a lower altitude, presumably to try to figure out why the spew isn't doing it's job.

We put a CB in the yard of our friend who owns this property.  She's in Spokane, forty miles to the south.  It took about a week for that one to disappear the spew, too, but now the UN spew planes are unable to get the stuff to set up between here and there, as our CB fields have linked.  Another CB was put at the other end of Spokane with the same results, and we put one at my brother's place 80 miles southeast of Spokane, in Idaho.  There are no chemtrails now within about forty miles of any of these.

There have been two HAARP attacks this summer, probably designed to disable the Chembusters.  The first attack was stopped in a clean line made by the three Chembusters to our south.  The second attack was directed at us here.  A strong wind came up in front of some strange looking clouds.  I simply pointed the CB into the wind and it stopped within about five minutes.  The big cloud bank dissolved, and we got a nice, gentle rain an hour later.

Corporate Spies
For three days after that, a big Navy spy plane, like the one the Chinese downed, flew back and forth over us, sometimes quite low. One day, at dusk, a very quiet helicopter flew directly over us at a low altitude.  As it passed, I saw another reptilian craft as the two crossed paths.

Spokane was one of the five worst smog cities on the continent.  Now it's pretty much smog-free, and the whole ambience of the city has improved.  I used to dread going there, but now I can spend the whole day there and not feel tired.

The reason I believe these are UN planes, is that it's common knowledge that all UN vehicles are unmarked and painted white.  I got some powerful binoculars and was able to see that the spew planes are stark white with no markings under the wings.  Commercial jets have prominent numbers under the wings.  Spew planes are also much quieter than commercial or military jets, though they only fly at around 20,000 feet or less, while commercial flights are twice that high.  The spew is most often irregular in the way it exits the craft, sometimes shooting far out to one side.  Most often, Boeing 707's are used.  I doubt there are any
commercial airlines or militaries that use these dinosaurs. They’re very quiet , though, in spite of their low altitude. I can’t even hear them when I’m in the city.

We discovered that Slim Spurling's Environmental Harmonizers work synergistically with the Chembuser, and when a friend of ours was showing Slim what the CB did to the chemtrails, Slim bought it.  In that instance, the Chembuser was set up just minutes before Slim’s presentation during a visit to a Canadian city.  I attribute this faster action to Slim's and Fred’s apparent orgone capacitance’ from working with their energy devices over the years.

The base of the Chembuster is an orgone generator, as is the HHg.  When intention is applied to any orgone generator by these walking energy capacitors, the effect is powerfully amplified.

The Namibian Chembuster [there are six of them as of January, 2002] is being used to prevent sandstorms from reaching the locale.  This has resulted in more moisture being brought from the opposite direction in the form of dense fog.  It can be many years between rainstorms in Namibia.  I'll include more data from that site in the future.

We live in a semi arid part of the country, and rainfall is almost unheard of during the summer.  It's rained every week to ten days since we set up our Chembuster, and on the drive to Seattle, we noticed that there was a lot of greenery among the sage brush, and even new sage plants, which were in bloom during what is normally the hottest, driest part of the summer.  This rain has been coming from the south, instead of from the ocean, 400 miles to the west. There are no sources of moisture to the south.

 Dr. Reich experienced this effect near Tucson serendipitously. He had  taken his cloudbusters there in the early fifties to make war on the offworlders who were polluting the planet with dead orgone, as the current human regime has since learned to do, and he soon discovered that the cloudbusters were refreshing the atmosphere and causing the desert to bloom.   The rain came
later when he removed the energy pollution from the Sierras.

I can't really talk about what's on our agenda for the autumn, but we'd sure like to get onto a motor yacht and do some networking in Central America and the Caribbean. I'll probably visit a different African country after Carol gets back  It would be terrific  to find some investors who would buy a few million components for cheap zappers to be assembled and distributed throughout Africa.  It will probably happen, since the old order is now receding faster every day and the new one is taking its place.  Our take is that if the established order in so intent on killing off our African family members, they must be pretty important to the planet's future.

For many years, I've believed that when the alleged rulers of the planet are finally convicted for their crimes, a fitting punishment would be to put them to work as janitors and orderlies in a charity maternity hospital in the Central African Republic.  This would be an act of mercy, since it would allow them to experience service work before they kick the bucket..

On that note, I've decided to use Canadian pennies on the Terminators.  The Queen's face will be the medium through which healing energy will be brought to a large number of people who have been made ill by the agencies that she's sponsoring -- namely the various sub-groups of the international money cartel which finances all biological warfare, genocide and general mayhem on the planet. I'm doing her a small favor.  I believe she's not actually a reptilian, as many have imputed, and that any human, no matter how culpable, has a chance to get integrity and a conscience as long as he/she draws breath.

Danion Brinkley
We attended Dannion Brinkley's workshop yesterday. I was happy to learn that, through his study of quantum physics, he's come to know that chaos is not something to be avoided, but is, if used with intent, an unfailing source of spiritual growth, so we should welcome it.  The Terminator produces pure chaos with the Mobius coil, and the body takes this raw energy and uses it for balanced kundalini activation, which in turn promotes healing and detoxification from the sub-cellular level on out.

Another point he made is that all of the technology that brings us together is a means of achieving unity and higher universal awareness.  This is a distinct departure from the Atlantean paradigm, in which technology had the opposite affect.  He predicts that soon we'll simply move from external technology to using DNA to accomplish these tasks, so all of these useful, but sometimes frustrating tools are simply a temporary bridge between our materialistic traditions and the emerging spiritual ones.

I got to hug Danion twice.  He asked me if I prefer to be around him when he's calm and composed, and I told him I like him better when he's yelling and screaming.

Don Croft

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