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Episode 13
A Case of Hives

By Don Croft <>
October 15, 2001

 We felt it was unsafe to send this account to many people until we had neighbors again.  We were living in rural Washington State last summer, where our closest neighbor was a quarter mile away through the forest, and aerial surveillance and remote (and not-so-remote) viewing of our activities were going on almost constantly, so it just felt too risky to talk about this then in a public forum.  If anyone thinks Major Ed Dames is not promoting the Model T of government psychic spying, please think again.

My wife, Carol, spent the month of September in Kenya, working in a village clinic.  She took a small ‘crowd zapper’ that I’d made shortly before she left.  It zapped three at a time, powered by a small 12v battery that was charged daily with a flexible solar panel.  Briefly, as this is to be told in more detail later, Carol was invited to go there because of the AIDS epidemic and the reputed ability of zappers to cure AIDS.  While there were no testing facilities there, everyone who had AIDS in that area who availed themselves of the clinic’s crowd zapper apparently recovered very rapidly, even the people who were close to death. Carol took a picture of the outdoor ‘waiting room’ which was full of AIDS sufferers waiting for their daily ½ hour on the zapper.  I’ll get her report and pictures onto ASAP.

We had rented a small house in Moscow, Idaho, shortly before Carol left, but couldn’t move in until mid-September.

In the last week of August, we went to Nelson, BC, for a dental appointment, taking Jenny, Carol’s fifteen year old daughter, with us.  That’s about 100 miles directly north of where we were living.

We had been looking forward to that trip in order to find the connection, perhaps, between the UN Spewplanes that flew from that direction every morning on their way to American targets and flew back every evening after their day’s work (I don’t ‘blame Canada,’ as in the South Park movie ;-) and the reptilian hive from which the multitude of craft that we saw around us came from.  The connection was obvious. probably because our cloudbuster was drawing in all the dead/deadly orgone, reptilian craft would criss-cross the skies where the chemtrails  were being spewed, apparently in an attempt to make them last long enough to spread out in the customary way.  They were unsuccessful, of course, since a cloudbuster, like Prometheus, just gets stronger when this kind of energy  is present.

I’d thought that there was a secret base north of Nelson in the big valley that showed no highways or railroads on the map.  As at Ft. Huachaca in Arizona and Otay Reservoir in San Diego, secret bases are often built around the openings of reptilian hives.

I may have been correct about the location of the airbase, but Carol dowsed the map and told us that the hive opening from which the craft came to work in our vicinity was near Cranbrook, BC, on the edge of the Rocky Mountains, about 120 miles to the east, so after the dental work was done, we piled into the car and drove there, taking our holy handgrenade with us.

About 15 miles before we got to Cranbrook, Carol said she got a mental image of where to place the HHg to close the portal (opening).  The image was of a small lake on the north side of the highway and we were to throw it anywhere in that lake.  About five minutes later, we saw the lake, but before I slowed down, Carol said ‘The Wingmakers told me that the reptilians put that image in my mind—the real portal is east of Cranbrook.  It’s a steep bank, like a cliff, beside a river bend.’

So, we drove through town, toward a mountain that Carol said was close to the portal.  When we reached a junction, Jenny said to turn right, then directed us to make a left turn and we arrived at the place described by Carol.  It was a short walk to the tall bank, and I put the HHg where Carol directed me.  Portals are hyperdimentional.  Theyr’e specific locations, usually in natural vortices,  through which the reptilians can pass from their deep, underground hives to the surface.   There is a force that prohibits them from interacting with us in 3D when we’re in a fully awake state, but apparently this force is
gradually becoming inactive, since we’re able to see their craft more and more and many people are seeing them peripherally.  Energy-sensitive people
like Carol see them more clearly, but still as not-quite-physical entities.

Al Bielek, Preston Nichols and others who worked with the reptilians in the underground facilities saw them in 3D but these people were in an altered psychological state
 when they worked underground.

Carol showed me on the map that this hive’s southwest portal was this one, and that their only other portal was across the Rocky Mountains, near Edmonton, AL.[we just did that one, too, finally, on March 10, 2002]

They apparently knew we were coming, as Carol said there were a large number of craft present.   We got back in the car and drove away.  About two minutes later, Carol and Jenny both said simultaneously, ‘There’s a big, blue ship right behind us!’  I knew before anyone said so that this was a Lemurian craft guarding us from the reptilians, who were apparently mad enough to do something extrovert to us.

Jenny had seen this one or one just like it (Carol said it was one of their mid-sized ships and had a crew of about twenty) a week before.  She was returning to St. Maries, Idaho, with her older brother and a friend and they’d left the highway during a rain, flipped over and landed upside down in a lake, about fifty feet below a steep bank.   Fortunately, all three were able to get out safely and get to shore.

Jenny’s telepathic gift sort of blared out the next morning and the following evening, as she was standing on the deck of her brother’s apartment, a large, glowing blue sphere appeared right in front of her,.then slowly receded into the sky and out of sight.

After we closed the portal, we were only surveilled by one craft at a time in the following weeks.  Carol said that they were just too busy trying to arrange another opening to bother with the spewplane program any more.

The night after we got back home, though, a craft from the hive showed up near us and I felt the fellows inside trying to manipulate my mind.   I get a characteristic tone in my left ear anytime reptilians are trying to influence me, so that’s how I knew they were there.  Carol confirmed it, so I put the sound crystal that I bought from James Hughes on my chest, between my solar plexus and heart and applied the 15Hz of the zapper circuit to it.

 The energy generated by the mobius coil in the zapper is greatly magnified and focuses by the crystal and can be sent wherever I direct it, so I sent it back along the energy attachment that the reptilians were trying to place on me, as I had with the Draconian earlier this year.

Carol said they saw it coming and deflected it to the hive’s queen, hereafter referred to as the Raging Queen, who was directing them.  Carol said RQ started squirming and got very angry and threatening, but the attachment was withdrawn from me immediately.  I programmed the crystal to keep sending her the beam of bright blue orgone at that frequency. Since then we haven’t had any interference from that hive.  It had been getting pretty overt right before we made that trip.

In the next segment, I’ll go into how this directly related to Carol’s experience with voodoo in Africa ;-)  The best first step with any predatory entity, human or otherwise, is to make them respect us.  That opens the door to harmonious co-existence if not unity later on.  Our experience with the friendly hive under Florida/Bahamas/Yucatan showed us that this is not unthinkable & Carol noted that they all honor the same Creator that we

Another thing happened in early September, a few days after Carol left.   We had been invited to give a talk at a monthly meeting of the Metaphysical Research Society in Spokane then.  They meet in a Masonic Lodge, right in the room with all the satanic symbols, thrones, etc.  We’d been to one of the meetings that summer and the people are pretty impressive, though the meeting place is a real bummer to be in.

Before I started talking, I put the pyramid-shaped orgone generator that Carol keeps in the back window of the car into the center of the large inverted pentagram in the middle of the floor and I put the clodbuster, which is a half-scale cloudbuster designed for therapeutic work, on a podium, pointed at another satanic symbol above one of the thrones.  I told the audience to just take note of any changes in the energy of the room and started talking about our Terminators and answering questions.  I passed out about thiry  T’s to people who were sick.  About half the audience were noticeably ill and there were about a hundred people there.

 This is typical of any American gathering—50% seriously ill.  I’ve never seen this anywhere but in the US and I doubt that this could have been possible before the
Chemtrails and the widespread use of health insurance (an oxymoron, of course).  Another feature of US healthcare is that one is challenged to cure the illnesses caused by the treatment as well as the one for which one is treated.  In many, if not most, cases of cancer the treatment kills before the cancer has a chance to, and the antibiotics (ALL of these are strong fungal toxins) used to ‘treat’ infections create conditions that lead to far worse infections a little later.  The chemtrails have overridden all other causes of illness, though, in the past year or so, and their diseases mimic the former but are more pernicious.

About two thirds of the zappers were sold that night.   In a less aware group I would have sold about half than many [five were stolen—Carol later told me that  a felonious federal agent attending the meeting did that out of spite.   I had asked all feds in the audience to stand up and introduce themselves at the beginning of my talk, but nobody did that]

About halfway through the hour-long talk, several people noted that the ambience had transformed into a very pleasant, energizing state.  Many of the audience who are professional clairvoyants and psychics, could see the customary blue dome of orgone centered on the pyramid, and a child said she could feel the swirling currents as a breeze.  Everyone was feeling pretty good,  an effect which was more significant because many hated being in the room in which satanic activity had been carried out and in which there were debilitating geometric shapes, such as the inverted pentagram.

If anyone looks through MORALS AND DOGMA, the Masonic ‘bible’ written by Confederate General Albert Pike in the mid nineteenth century, one will find a diagram of  ‘Baphomet, the Hermaphroditic Goat’ drawn in an inverted pentagram.  Notice that the face looks reptilian, perhaps even Draconian.  Carol and I believe that this is the image that the 32nd degree and above Masons regard as Satan, their sponsor.  We believe that a Draconian or off-planet reptilian show up in their secret upper level meetings and that the humans are just stupid enough to think he/she’s a devil ;-)   It’s no small wonder that LaRouche refers to Satanism as ‘infantilism.’   We feel it’s time to educate these benighted souls and tardiness and hooky should not be allowed.

One other event occurred while Carol was gone that’s worth mentioning here.  In July, when I asked her if there were any sick vortices around which needed a HHg, she pointed at Priest Lake on the map as the only big one around.  At the MRS meeting a couple of people mentioned that there was some nefarious activity going on there but that they were at a loss to know how to reverse it.  I got a better map and asked Jenny to point out the vortex for me, and she showed me the smaller island in the south part of the lake.

I was ready to go on September 15, with a holy handgrenade and our little dinghy on top of the car.  I had just made a double size cloudbuster, which I named Jumbo Funky.  Carol had helped me determine the dimensions before she left.  I had a feeling that this was connected to the exercize I was about to engage in.

I got to the lake around noon.  There were a few rainclouds over the north part of the lake.  It took me an hour to get to the little island from the marina on the shore.  I used a trolling motor since there was no wind for sailing.  It felt pretty crummy there and I was a little nauseous from the time I got there until I left a couple hours later.

When I got to the island, I put the HHg under some brush on the island’s hillside, then returned to shore.  By the time I’d gotten the boat back on the car and was leaving, dark clouds were forming over the small island.  That night a thunderstorm arrived where we were living, about sixty miles southwest of Priest Lake.  The storm came from that direction, which is the first time since we got there in June that any weather came from any diretion but south.  I later learned that the storm never reached Spokane, 35 miles south of us.

At sunset after I returned from the lake,  I had placed my large smoky quartz generator crystal in the center of the pipes on Jumbo Funky and applied 15Hz to the mobius coil that I’d wrapped around the crystal.

A few days before all of this, I’d gotten a very long email from Dr. James DeMeo, who is reputed to be an expert on all subjects related to orgone and Dr. Wilhelm Reich.  I won’t go into details, but he expressed a lot of anger at what I’d been doing and saying about our cloudbusters, especially the one in Namibia.  The letter didn’t seem very rational or objective to me, so I asked him for more clarification.  For instance, he told me that what we were doing was ineffective and that I was apparently delusional.  He also said that we were causing drought, not alleviating it, and that only highly qualified people should attempt cloudbusting.  He didn’t address my observation that if it were ineffective, at least it wouldn’t be doing any harm ;-)

That’s what  sparked me to make the bigger cloudbuster.  It had rained regularly enough all summer to cause the desert for 150 miles west to remain green, long after it should have turned brown as it typically does right after the spring rains.  It hadn’t rained for three weeks before I got that letter from Dr. DeMeo, so I was concerned that there may have been some truth to his warning.  I had a hunch, though, that droughts may be largely the result of  parasitic entities siphoning energy from vortices like the one in Priest Lake.  I later learned that the older cloudbusters made in the style Dr. Reich designed (DeMeo used that kind) were no longer effective at stopping droughts for some reason.

Carol and I are in the process now of finding others through the internet who are willing and able to find these vortices with us and correct the imbalances.  There are goups of people who regularly heal certain vortices, but that requires attention and effort.  There are talented people, like Fred Fischl, who do clearing work in cooperation with earth elementals, but that needs regular renewal.   Maybe elementals, like humans, don’t have long attention spans.   The elementals absolutely love having orgone generators like the holy handgrenades around, though, which may partially explain why our method requires no maintenance.

The beauty of our method is that after the HHg is in place, no attention or follow-up is required.  I learned the importance of that principle by making zappers that can simply be worn instead of taking daily time and attention to hold some copper pipes or paste electrodes onto the body.

We believe, too, that the massive volume of electromagnetic energy in developed countries is exacerbating the weather imbalances.  She took two HHg’s to Kenya with her.  While she was in the village, there was a thunderstorm every single night, beginning with her arrival.  Before that there had been a severe drought.  In the absence of electromagnetic activity, the atmosphere there was very responsive to even a little orgone generation.  The village had no electricity, not even a small generator, which made us glad we thought to include a solar panel with the crowd zapper.

Cloudbuster and holy handgrenade instructions and pictrures are now on

Don Croft

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