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Episode 17

The Canada Excursion

By Don Croft <>
March 7, 2002

    We had closed the west portal of the native reptilian hive in western Canada last August with a holy handgrenade.  That  was near Ft. Steele, BC, on the western edge of the Canadian Rockies, not far north of the US border. We had found the eastern portal, by dowsing the map, in the vicinity of Calgary, Alberta, just across the mountains and farther north.  A month after we closed the first portal we attempted to cross the border but were turned away.

 This time, though, we decided to just keep trying different border crossings until we got into anada, but we got through on the first attempt-barely.

 The guard asked me a series of questions.   The last was 'What's the name of your business?' and I hesitated, since it has no name (nor license, bond, tax number, etc.) before saying 'World Without Parasites!'  A crowd of guards with pepper spray (they aren't allowed to have guns) swarmed out  of the customs house, dragged me out of the car,  threw me on the ground and roughly handcuffed me!

 Just kidding-they just had us go in and get checked out by an immigration officer, who gave us dire warnings about what the US border guards would probably do on our return ;-)  It used to be so easy!   Then we were loose in Canada.  Bwahahahaha!!

 We drove by the former portal at Ft. Steele and Carol said the energy there was good.   They use a combination of natural vortices and  prominent natural features usually, like a steep hillside, big hole in the ground, lake, etc.

 We hadn't made a secret of why we were going to Calgary and I advised the reptilians who were following us to tell their friends to get into the hive before we got to the portal.

 Most people fail to realize that no non-humans can interfere with anyone physically when we're conscious.   They have to wait for an opportunity to mess with us when we're in a semi-conscious or unconscious state. Just having a HHg around will discourage all but the most persistent agents
 (non-humans and gov't operatives alike) from approaching us, and a Succor Punch, used judiciously, will train them to keep their distance forever after.

 Two craft kept flying directly over us, and three times one of them dropped something on our windshield which sounded like pebbles.   We weren't following other vehicles, the road was clear and the sky was cloudless. After three times, Carol used the Succor Punch on them and they dropped far behind us & monitored at a distance.   Carol said they didn't think we'd close their other portal until we got within a hundred miles of so of Calgary. It seems that the  various hive queens communicate with each other on a 'need to know' basis, since several predatory hives have been
 closed down in the past year or so, but the new ones apparently don't believe we can do that.

 The location was northeast of Calgary.   While driving through the city I got lost and went several miles in the wrong direction. At that point, though, Carol could see the vortex in which the portal was located, so we just drove toward that and eventually found the right highway. A little while later, we could see the location from the highway-it appeared to be in or near the city's electrical power plant, which was lit up like Disneyland.  That made sense to me, since we'd seen, in daylight, a couple
 of reptilian discs flying along the high tension lines that go to Los Angeles, apparently drawing power to enable them to cloak themselves. Parasites are as parasites do, after all.

 We were near the entrance to the power plant when Carol saw the two craft bolt into an opening in the ground in a small grove of trees just across the highway from the guarded entrance.   I turned around, parked the car and walked to the grove, where I put a HHg in a good spot.   I felt people
 watching me as I got back into the car and Carol said that the guards were instructed to monitor activity across the highway, though they weren't told why.  Carol said that about eight craft got into the hole before we got there.   I saw two of them as we were approaching the city. At night,
 they flash intermittently but not rhythmically like the lights on aircraft do.

 I wanted them all to get into the hive before we closed their remaining portal because it apparently takes a long time to make another one and because they're kind of like old Samurai, who are unemployable once their master has died.  The nicer reptilians will absorb newcomers into their hive, but the predatory ones won't, except as lunch, perhaps.

 Since we'd been on the road for twelve hours, we got a motel near the Olympics complex on the west edge of town.   It was pretty cold, and we noticed with a little trepidation that all of the cars there had oilpan heaters which were plugged into the wall.

 Carol barely got the car started next morning due to the cold.  By the way, a Canadian who is married to a Spanish woman told me that the name 'Canada' actually is from the Early Spanish mapmakers who, when asked what was in that region, replied, 'Aca, nada!'  That means, 'Up there, nothing!'   I don't know if that's  true, but it's a terrific antidote ;-)

 Actually, any American who travels in Canada has to admit that it's a lot prettier than here. It did occur to me that perhaps the reason there were so many natives there when the white man arrived is that they could be assured of not being attacked for about nine months out of every year due to the numbing cold.

 The next twelve hour drive through the Rockies and Glacier National Park was along one of the most scenic highways on the continent.   A fellow who was directing traffic for a road repair crew visited with us for a few minutes while we waited to pass. He told us that forty below zero in both  Celsius and Fahrenheit are the same actual temperature, and that's what Canadians consider cold.   We Americans who listen to Prairie Home Compainion and shiver at the thought of living in Minnesota during the winter really don't have a clue about how cold a place can be and still be
 considered home.

 We went directly west but the next day we were in a rain forest in Vancouver, BC, putting a HHg in a lake surrounded by vibrant green vegetation. We spent that night in Chilliwack, though, which is at the eastern end of the Fraser River Valley, 60 miles from Vancouver, where glacial peaks can be seen on three sides.   We wanted to meet Dennis, who has a clooudbuster there, and tell him the good news that his cloudbuster was destroying the chemtrails in Kamloops, BC, 150 miles away to the northeast.    I didn't have his last name or phone number, unfortunately.

 By the way, those chemtrails in Kamloops were the first we saw along the way from our home in northern Idaho.

 On day three we drove down the valley to Vancouver, stopping to call Dale in Alergrove, who was not able to spend the day with us, but who is in the process of putting together a plan to heal the wounded earth in his neighborhood with HHgs to supplement his cloudbuster's efforts.

 Carol had dowsed fifteen locations in the metropolitan area. As it turned out, most of these locations are in parks, which supports Preston Nichol's claim that predatory activity is protected in perpetuity (they wish!) by placing it on city, county, state or national parks.

 We put down eight HHgs on the way to Steven's to save time.  Most of them  had obvious characteristics, and most of them were fairly remote from people's homes and businesses. After I put one in Deer Lake in Burnaby I saw somebody peeking at me from behind a tree.Carol told me it was a tree spirit and that she saw her, too. The elemental was very pleased with what I'd done and wanted me to know it.  These are usually as tall as people. I saw one in a photo of a tree once.

 We met Steve at his apartment in the early afternoon, and took a second map so he could dowse the locations in the West End, which is the downtown area of the city.   We did this in wakopmund, Namibia, with our friend Karsten, who dowsed the same locations that Carol did on a separate map.   Steve has a natural talent for this, which didn't surprise me.   I could have spent a couple of days just looking at his interesting books and artifacts, but we needed to do the city, so went off to work after having coffee and some map dowsing..

 Thank Grid Steve had the presence of mind to keep us on track going to the nine locations they dowsed.   I really appreciate people like Steve who can stay that focused.   I'd gotten lost several times before I reached his address and Vancouver is one of those cities that aren't laid out strictly on a grid.    It is the most beautiful city in North America, though, and filled with a variety of ethnic populations, which adds to its charm.

 Steve's cloudbuster was in great shape and needed no improvement. We really like what he did with the magnets and coils around the pipes & I'll try that on one of ours.   It's sixty feet off the round but Carol said the energy is clear and large, just like ours.  His barrel of aluminum made me a little green with envy, but I got over it. His first attempt at making an HHg didn't turn out as he wished, but Carol said it would be appropriate for the Masonic Temple.   We had been taking turns depositing the HHgs, and when we got to the temple it was Steve's turn.   As we were parking, a mason was approaching, looking rather intently into the car.   Carol told us he was telepathic and knew we were up to something, but Stever managed to get his HHg in place in the few seconds we were out of the fellow's view as he turned a corner.   He saw us again as he entered the temple, but Steve was getting back into the car.

 That was the only close call that day, though the same cop showed up each time we stopped to put a HHg in the first four locations earlier in the day.   Carol said he was giving a visual confirmation and that a transponder, connected to satellites,  has been in our car since we were in Death Valley in January.   Now I understood why they broke into our car there (I had put clear tape across all the door, hood and trunk edges before we went to bed that night, and the front passenger door 'seal' had been compromised).  We decided to just leave it there because we get points for not being intimidated by the predatory world regime.   I like getting points, though it feels like we've already won the game.   It's kind of  like counting coup ;-)   I'm sure it drives them to distraction.   I'd put  Carol up against their best psychics any day.   I think we've already done that a few times, actually.

 We noticed that the edge of the HAARP overcast moved closer in toward the city during the day, but the sky changed when we were done and it rained steadily after that, which indicated a change for the better in the city's orgone field.   Carol had noted that the excellent orgone blanket had been
 suppressed to the ground as though by quilt stitches, which we all undid with the HHgs.  We feel sure that this has put Steve's CB in touch with that field, so the earth will now be able to use it better to communicate with the sky and re-establish the right weather patterns.

 I got to put the HHg in Queen Elizabeth Park ;-) and I put it between the roots of a very tall tree.    On Friday, the previous day, we got thirty rolls of Canadian pennies at a bank in Revelstoke, BC, because I like to put the Queens' face on each of our Terminators, as a kindness to her. This is one small way that she can vicariously work off (through the zapper's healing energy) some of the personal debt to humanity and the earth that is accruing from her enthusiastic sponsorship of this predatory, genocidal, poisonous world regime's banking houses in London and New York.

 As we drove the thirty or so miles to the US border, the rain continued, then stopped right before the crossing.   On the other side, the wind was blowing the opposite way (from the east) and there was no rain.

 The only problem getting back into the US was when the border guard saw the remaining HHgs and asked me what they were.   I had him hold one and put his nose over the point and told him they were gifts, which is certainly true. Carol was pretty impressed that I got him to do that. In case you
 don't know, when you put your nose over the point of an HHg and breathe, the effect is exactly like when you breathe pure oxygen-your rib cage expands like an accordion and you feel rejuvenated.   That's an orgone effect.

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