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Episode 18

We Slowed Time Down on Saturday, March 23, 2002

By Don Croft <>
March 26, 2002

Dr. Linda Kingsbury is an old friend and associate of my wife's.  She has a healing center here in Moscow, Idaho and is particularly gifted at working with herbs through the elementals that are the herbs' custodians.

 A couple of years ago, while recuperating from a bone fracture (it forced her to slow down ;-) she had a vision of a 'launch pad' made primarily from a copper grid configuration. A month or so ago, she felt a strong need to have a large pyramid in her studio, so I made one out of copper pipes
and fittings-ten feet square, each side an equilateral triangle, so it's around seven feet tall.  Her intention was to have her healing circle gatherings within the pyramid. Usually, five, or so, local women, including Carol, show up for these at the new moon to work on healing themselves, the city, the region and the planet.  (A side-note: a few weeks ago somebody on the CB forum posted that breathing over the point of a holy handgrenade was like breathing pure oxygen, and sure enough, we found it to be true.) There's a St. Buster's Button in one corner of the ten foot pyramid which keeps the pyramid highly charged with pure orgone and free of the unbalanced orgone altogether. The ladies took turns standing on a ladder and sniffing over the apex of the ten footer.One of them became quite dizzy, like when you hyperventilate, and Carol said that if you touch the person who is breathing over the apex you get the same breathing effect yourself.  Taking the little St. Buster's Button away from the larger pyramid dieminishes that effect quite dramatically.

Linda had asked me for a smaller pyramid, two feet square, to be put inside the larger one, but didn't yet know why she needed it.

Within a few days of Linda's initial 'pyramid request,' a fellow E mailed me with an odd story (I like anything odd, of course).  His partner had just disappeared and their equipment was confiscated shortly after they announced that they'd slowed down time in the field under a rotating pyramid which had crystals in the corners. I Knew right away that his story and Linda's obsessions were connected, so I told Linda about it and she agreed to experiment with us in that vein and promised to see about
recalling the exact pattern of the 'launch pad' grid she'd seen in her vision.

Linda and Carol are both adept at spontaneous astral travel, by the way, so it's a real party whenever they get together. L's vision of the launch pad gave her the impression it was for the purpose of astral travel.

I was getting a kick out of knowing that my ideas would cause things to happen lower down than the psychic centers ;-)  In fact, it turned out that the focal point of the energy of this experiment was between the heart and solar plexus of the person sitting under the rotating pyramid.  If any travel was to take place, it was guaranteed to happen in a more integrated way than via the astral.

I quickly made two pyramids, two feet square, out of ½" copper pipes, last Friday, being careful to screw all of the joints together so that it wouldn't come apart and drop on somebody' head while rotating.   I dowsed the crystals to use and put a small D/T in each corner of the bottom, axes
diagonal and horizontal, and a 4" long, single terminated one,  that I got from a roadside vendor in the Namib Desert in January, hanging from the apex straight down.   Linda wrapped that one in copper wire so it would hang better.

She had drawn a rough diagram of the launch pad on paper for us, having gotten the inspiration again shortly before that.  It includes the spiral that she designed for the St. Buster's Button (therapeutic holy Handgrenade) last June.

So we showed up at Linda's office Saturday afternoon ready to go to work (play).  We dowsed the correct height of the small pyramid and hung it by a looped string so it would keep spinning when we wound it up.  Carol took her watch off and laid it beside Linda, who was the first subject, after we
both synchronized our watches.

I don't need to go into all the details at this point, but clearly we needed the launch pad diagram to complete our experiment, so we each took a turn for about twenty minutes under it while the other two watched.  Carol and Linda were watching the aura and pyramids' energy & I was just watching
the countenance, which my work with zappers over the years has given me some awareness of (when a person's brain parasites are killed, for instance, there's a marked improvement of one's countenance-sometimes the person looks like somebody else within about twenty minutes).  Carol and Linda both considerably lightened when they were sitting under the pyramid, more so when they put the launch pad under them.

The launch pad has an axis.  When it's turned sideways, the energy is drawn downward.  When it's turned front to back, the energy moves upward and there's apparently a change of mass when this is done as the pyramid overhead turns in a clockwise direction.

Without the launch pad some interesting things happen, but they're not particularly noteworthy.  All of us could feel the whirling energy created by the rotating pyramids, and it only felt really nice when it was going clockwise.   Our take is that this is when we lost one minute on the watch within the field in about one hour rather than when the pyramid was rotating counter clockwise.  That will be easy to
check, of course.

We'll get around to experimenting some more sometime, but I think it's more important to get this little report out successfully than to get bigger results, and it's going to take me a few days to make the launch pads (I'm making two, of course ;-) out of soldered wire, sandwiched in two pieces of
12" diameter plywood.  Linda envisioned another pyramid (the second one I made ;-) inverted in the first one, sort of like the Merkaba, so that will come shortly & I'll send you a report on that, too.   We'll be getting  a five legged Star Gate from George Hughes when he returns to England next
month (thanks, Ronen in Israel, for telling us about George and your own Star Gate!)!   I'm sure this is connected to what we're doing.

The fellow who contacted me with the time manipulation account wanted to get a cloudbuster so that he could have enough protection to get back to work without getting molested again.   I haven't heard from him since, but I suspect I will someday.

Notice that this is extremely  low tech.  The predators at Montauk and other secret government facilities, who mistake feral cunning for intelligence, are getting results with time manipulation using gigawatts of electricity and lots and lots of alien technology, but I believe we're onto something here that is in line with the technology of the Lemurians and other higher races who are not stuck in a predatory loop like the races who are involved with our alleged world order.  Dr. Grebbenikov, Viktor Schauberger and a few others have also discovered principles of gravity manipulation that are  relatively low tech but profoundly effective.  In most cases, these pioneers learned what they knew by observing nature, not by delving into clumsy materialistic science as the Montauk  researchers and their alien handlers have done and for which they're apparently already paying their spiritual dues ;-)

However, I'm in total agreement with Danion Brinkley's assertion that all of the high tech communication and transportation devices we're all using now are important intermediate steps up toward the level of no tech reliance on our own psyho-spiritual natures to manifest our needs in
harmony with universal law.    We would do well to honor where we are now, since that's the only way we'll be getting the information we need to move beyond it.

This report  is an act of aggression on my part, pure and simple.   I 'm sending this out to you before posting it on the cloudbuster forum so that the fed agents who have been interfering with the posts of some of the members there will know that there are other ways to get this information out to a lot of people, and, believe me, They Will Know ;-) that they screwed up when they delayed my Sunday morning posting for a day and a half.

Most of the real news never gets the attention of most people.   It's not necessarily because they're brainwashed, per se, but rather because most people are accustomed to and expect sensationalism.   It's another reason most people don't see the abundant ufos in our atmosphere these days. Without a Hollywood soundtrack, this stuff just doesn't have a lot of impact, let's face it.

To me, the most important historical incident recently was not the feds' blowing up the WTC and Pentagon from the inside, with high explosives.   It was the fact that thousands and thousands of people crammed into the places where Michael Moore gave his talks and signed his book, STUPID WHITE MEN.

As a conspiracy book , this is not particularly profound, though he did a good job peeling back the most superficial of the many layers of the Bush  family's centuries-long tradition of criminal activity and genocide.  The real significance is that masses of people are expressing their distrust and non-support of this government, an unprecedented show of non-support, in fact.

This means that the alleged government no longer governs at all.   We Americans have such a strong mandate of personal freedom that even the most thoroughly brainwashed are now waking up to the fact that this regime rules rather than governs, and we all find rulership by the alleged elite simply unacceptable.  What I'm saying is not sedition, but rather good medicine. I don't even own a gun, nor do I believe that violent opposition or even work stoppages and strikes are appropriate.   We have reached a stage of maturity that allows us to simply create a better alternative than tyranny,
and we can do it without anyone missing a meal or losing a job.

David Icke gave a lecture in 1998, shortly before Hale-Bopp was to hit our lovely planet (diverted, according to Al Bielek, by our planetary defense system, Star Wars) and told this joke:     If Hale-Bopp hits land, it will cause the dust to obscure the sky, destroying life on earth;   if it hits
the ocean it will cause tidal waves that will wipe out all coastal cities; if it hits the Federal Reserve Bank, it will cause the whole world to prosper.

That's the alleged government I'm referring to, not their puppet- politicians in Washington, DC, who will do our bidding as soon as their banker overlords have been forced (at our insistence-We're the true government) out of their penthouses and into the jail house.  Nobody needs to be shot, though the guilty do need to be held accountable.

The Santa Rosa County Sheriff (the only Constitutionally allowed law enforcer in the county) can do that on June 21 this year if he feels like it.   The perpetrators will all, literally, have their pants down at Bohemian Grove as usual on that date, without any of their body guards or Secret Service agents to fight for them.   Carol and I plan to be there, along with Gregg Wion and other cloudbuster aficionados, and we'll be happy to lend our assistance ;-)

I do believe (speaking of cloudbuster aficionados) that the drought in North America is now ended, thanks to around  150 cloudbusters located in key positions around the continent.  This has all been documented by members of the forum over the last six months in the form of weather reports and observations centered on their cloudbusters.

There's more snow in the Rockies east of us than anyone's ever seen, and the salmon run is also unprecedented.  Lake Champlain, which was nine feet below normal levels, is now apparently up to where it should be, only two months later.   The bees, including honey bees, are flying in the southern  states already, reversing the trend of recent years of arriving later and later, even into the summer, and the birds are singing again where there are cloudbusters-remember the last time you heard birds singing?   When we see blue sky and white, puffy clouds, our hearts ache with the realization that years of chemtrails had made that sight extremely rare, and people in the cities where there are CBs are learning what life can be like without smog.

Now that the chemtrail and HAARP weather control apparati are nearly disabled, we need to disable the mind control towers that are springing up in every neighborhood throughout the world.   These have the flat, vertical plates arranged all around the mast and each plate has a 3" thick cable
going to it from underground.   As far as we can tell, these are not even usually on the power grid, so it's coming from underground-the implications are mind boggling, aren't they! These may have been set up to trigger illnesses in certain areas, even in certain racial groups, and even genocide, but without the chemtrails, we believe this will no longer be possible.

We've found that disabling the primary towers, which are usually over a hundred feet tall and located on high ground will automatically disable the neighborhood towers.  Im sure most of us have noticed how close these are together, which makes it obvious that they're not cell phone towers. We've disabled them in Africa, Canada and the US in our travels.  Just put a holy Handgrenade as close as you can comfortably get to the tower and it's out of service forever because you've removed the essential deadly orgone field.  NO predatory technology can operate without plenty of deadly
orgone (seen as smog, usually, but not always) which is why it's so easy to protect ourselves with orgone generating devices which reach out, grab the deadly/dead orgone and transmute it into healthy orgone.

Happy Hunting! 'chembuster' section has instructions for the holy handgrenades. If you send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to me, I'll mail out plans for the pyramids and the launch pad.  Don Croft, 212 Henley St., Moscow, Idaho 83843

Let's all do the time manipulation experiments and pool our information, okay?  Don't worry, the jack-booted thugs won't come out from under their rocks to draw attention to what you're doing ;-)   Besides, they're too busy monitoring our email to be out murdering innocents any more.   Remember that you need to have a cloudbuster to join the forum.  This has kept the obfuscators and agent provocateurs away.

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