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Episode 22
California Scheming
Part 1
By Don Croft <>
May 5, 2002

Dragon Al & Friends Liberate Arizona Skies
Dragon Al Gray and his associates, including 'Flash' Gordon, had done an enviable job clearing away the smog from Southern Arizona in the previous eight months with their perceptive placing of Chembusters in every corner of the southern half of the state and in the metropolitan Phoenix and Tucson areas. There are others in the area who built and erected their own cloudbusters, and they're working well within that network. Al determined some of his locations to maximize the fields of the all of the Chembusters in Arizona. The two in Hopi/Navajo land, in northeastern Arizona,  apparently made it impossible for chemtrails to 'set' anywhere in skies over the enire state and beyond.

After a bit of brainstorming with Carol in November, 2001,  Al and Flash found and closed  the two portals of the local predatory reptilian hive, which stretches from Ft. Huachuca's 'secret' underground facilities, east of Tucson, to Williams, in the high elevations west of Flagstaff. Carol had not given them specific information, though was ready to do so. She had a mental image of the location that Al and Flash found on their own.

A third significant member of their team is Carroll, who had done voluntary psychic work for the government in the past but now concentrated on weekly channeling sessions. She refrained from accepting money from the government so that she wouldn't be obliged to cooperate with their requests in case they turned out to challenge her spiritual integrity.   In her channeling mode, Carroll provides guidance and specific explanations for Al, Flash and others. We've personally found her work very useful.

I feel the need to caution readers that this is just our personal perception, not a mandate by any means, or a defense of channeling in general, much of which is corrupt. We both feel that we would need to be present in a session, as we were with Carroll last February,  to make that sort of assessment.  Everything has its own energy signature, and the energy was very clean and powerful in the channeling session.

Knowing Carroll had given me a chance to ponder my own attitude toward the government, which has led me to hold no personal grudges against anyone working for the government.  What's left for me is antipathy for the corporation which had subverted and gained control of the government in the twentieth century. This is a thoughform, a simple mental construct.   Government, to me, is more than that, as human society needs governing. Humanity absolutely has no need for institutional exploitation in the form of a corporation, in this case, the Federal Reserve Corporation, which is a tentacle of the larger corporation centered in London but not even named as far as I know.

Any form of government can work as long as the representatives are held accountable for their actions by the electorate.  Centralization of power is the real bugaboo, with it's layers of bureaucrats who labor secretly to fortify their own personal power, safe from direct accountability. When the balance of political and economic power shifts toward the local level there is automatically more accountability and less taxation. This isn't complicated. It's probably also not taught in economics and political science courses in colleges.

The Internet
The Internet itself is evidence that I'm on the right track with this. It's also strong evidence that freedom of information leads to more political and economic freedom. In Reich's early days, people thought their only political options were fascism and communism because they simply lacked the information to include other options.  Now we know that fascism and communism are just two arms of the corporation itself and that grassroots determination is the only viable option these days, in its many manifestations.

Tesla lacked the networking capability of the Internet to acquire funding for his projects, so his only options were to ask agents of the Corporation for money, all of which was cut off when he demonstrated the viability of his free energy work.  After that he relied on a pension from the King of Serbia to the end of his days (I agree that he must have gotten money from the U.S. Gov't for his preparatory work in Project Rainbow), but his major humanitarian projects remained unrealized.

Carol and I certainly don't measure up to Tesla or Reich in our efforts, but we are making our livlihood from the Internet and promoting our ideas worldwide successfully. I can tell you for sure that I'd fail if I had to sell zappers door to door in the U.S. or by advertising in the printed media, though that may be changing now. We never spend a nickel on promotion, but we have faithful customers in over fifty countries, most of whom had been referred by other customers.  I hope you can see that I'm not just expostulating about the power available on the Internet.  Now, if only I can keep that hacker from the Corporation from deleting my zapper email orders and correspondence.  He got about twenty of them today, but I think I'm getting ahead of the game. I wish somebody would plant a Holy Handgrenade in Earthlink's bushes! I think they're on the east coast, otherwise I'd do it myself.

Even if I have to go back to painting signs, I'll stay active in the Chembuster forum & will keep traveling. I feel that when one has found happiness in the midst of harsh circumstances, nothing can take it away again, and I did that.

Arizona DOR, Going, Going, Gone
Carol and I were astonished to see how clear the atmosphere was as we drove down into that big valley where Phoenix, Arizona, sits.  In all my years of  passing through there going east and west on Interstate 10 I had never been able to see all the way across the valley because of the dense smog, no matter what season it was. Now you can see across it from east to west, and from north to south and the skies are the deep blue one normally associates with much higher altitudes.  Good work, Arizona Cbers!

We also noticed that none of the dead orgone transmitting towers south of Phoenix and all the way to the California border on Interstate 8 were putting out more than a fizzle of deadening energy, thanks to Dragon Al's persistent efforts with his HHgs over the winter and spring.  Thank Grid he's got a traveling job!  He has good working relationships with so many people that he's found it very easy to place his many cloudbusters across the state and one of his donated cloudbusters is in Las Vegas, one in Page, Arizona, which is on the north centeral border with Utah, and now on the southern tip of the California Sierras not far north of the Mexican border.

Las Vegas 
Texan Jeff had spent a week in Las Vegas a few months ago and said that the spewplanes had converged there and made him sick. The CB we left there (thanks, Al) before that with friends spends most of its time indoors, but when we drove through there last week on our way home the air was fresh and clean, there were scattered rainshowers and the ambience was very good, all of which is evidence, especially these days, that a Chembuster is on the job, though Slim's Agricultural Harmonizer can do that on its own. Consistently destroying chemtrails still seems to be the exclusive purview of the Chembuster, but there were no spewplanes in the sky when we drove through this time.

Irrigation Water
One can assume that Jeff's luck in the casino was better than for his arrival time, as he apparently went there in time for a massive specialized attack, similar to what Robert Reynolds is experiencing on a continuous basis at Lake Berryessa, in northern California, which is a supplier of irrigation water for the Sacramento Valley (If anyone has information on why the spewplanes are poisoning the irrigation water (apparently) I hope you'll share it with the rest of us. Vancouver, BC, has been attacked that way until recently, as was Springfield, Missouri once last winter).

Fewer Spew Planes
Many of us are seeing the spewplanes only rarely now, and two factors seem to be operating:
1) They're focusing on fewer areas,
2) we're defeating them ;-)

My guess is that the spewboys can't maintain that on a large scale anywhere, perhaps because it would draw too much attention to them from an otherwise unaware pajama-clad public. After the local TV news in Miami had a discussion of chemtrails in early April, the skies there remained free of spew for a whole month. They're back in the sky there, now, but I bet there are a lot of angry folks who otherwise would not have noticed if it weren't mentioned on the news. There's a fellow in the Miami metro area making a CB. Maybe this lit a fire under his nether end.

Hopefully, Jeff can remember more chemtrail specifics from his visit to Vegas. I have the impression he didn't spend a lot of time outdoors ;-) ( I've got a juicy observation about Vegas that I'll share later in this article, so hopefully you'll keep reading this to get to it).

Sierras Bottleneck
We got a fresh Chembuster and seven Holy Handgrenades from Dragon Al's arsenal in Casa Grande the day after we planted the second CB next to Hopi land. Due to the circumstances of this trip it was a hit-and-run visit with Al, sad to say, but he was a good sport about staying up late talking to us in spite of his early start the next day.

We drove the Zapporium out to the highway, but the shifter broke when I was pulling out of the gas station. Forunately, Al drove by on his lunch break and connected us with an honest mechanic. We had to leave the Zapporium overnight in Casa Grande for repairs, delaying our trip by a day, so we used the time to go over to California in the car and place the two Chembusters and seven HHgs that Carol dowsed were needed for the project. Before we arrived, she'd found the primary location for a Chembuster in the Sierras which was to open up the energy bottleneck that was keeping regular rainfall from Southern Arizona. The night before we let, she was told by the Wingmakes to take another Chembuster to an area north of there. She dowsed a location in the Joshua Tree National Forest, which is northeast of Palm Springs, just north of the limit of Imperial Valley.

The first location was between the Algodones Dunes and the Chocolate Mountains, which are the southernmost chain of the California Sierras.

Protected Turtles, Razor Wire, & 'Secret' Underground Base
Carol saw the energy block while we were still in Arizona, about 100 miles to the southeast.  She saw it as a natural energy block related to a faultline. We drove along a state highway from near Yuma, Arizona, then onto a gravel road. When we got close to the target location, we saw a new, high chainlink fence with razor tape along the top, running for miles around an area were artificial hills from extensive excavation or mining.  There were many signs on the fence indicating, apparently, that the fence was erected to protect an endangered species of turtles. They think we're pretty stupid, I guess. The environmental movement's tacit support of the Corporation certainly reaped some results here.

Some railroad tracks ran north along the limits of that fenced area, which protects a massive underground base in addition to the turtles. There's gravel road along the opposite side of the tracks and there were plenty of warning signs indicating dire consequences if travelers left the road to explore the surrounding area. We put a HHg at a primary dead orgone & communication transmitter about 3 miles up the road from the paved highway. There were no people (except for a few desert rats) living within fifty miles of that tower, so it was obviously connected to the underground base.  A few miles further was the spot indicated by the Wingmakers for the Chembuster. We noticed that this marked the limit of the dead orgone field hanging over the subterranean base-as I said, it's a big base.

Remember that this is a good way to spot the underground facilities-dead orgone (smog) in areas where there shouldn't be any. The Subterrenes (thanks, Louis!) are commonplace under us, but ordinary excavation is still used to dig out the bases, and they need to put it someplace. Years ago, they just did it like gophers, leaving the diggings close by, but now they're apparently using the tunnels to take it far away and dump it. That one we visited is apparently an older one, so they just put a long fence around the excavated material. Homestead Air Force Base has one of the best examples of the Corporation's lack of good judgement, I think, since there are millions of tons of excavated material in a big manmade hill there, surrounded by the Everglades. They even built things on top of it, perhaps in an effort to make it look unobtrusive.  That's kind of like putting a big fig leaf on the genitals of a nude statue.

A year ago, we busted their permanent thunderhead from our campsite in the Florida Keys, using our Chembuster with four foot extensions, aimed horizontally at the thunderhead fifty miles to the northeast. That cloud formation was a by-product of their dead orgone generating apparati, which we also apparently neutralized. Next time we'll just leave a HHg there instead.   It's less dramatic, but more effective. They sent a saucer to buzz us on the highway as we were leaving Grassy Key right after we did that. Carol said they just wanted to assure themselves that we were, indeed, leaving.

California Blue Skins
We didn't linger near the underground base on the eastern edge of Imperial Valley. By the way, Carol saw some blue skinned humanoids working underground with the earth humans and a few reptilians. She had seen the long armed alien humanoids that are using Venus as a home base, working underground at Homestead and told me that these were renegades, and I'm assuming the blue skinned ones were also renegades. I'll ask Carol when she gets home tomorrow.

The long armed fellows are of the group that helped Tesla, Carol tells me, and they are keenly interested in the Chembuster  work. They hide their cigar-shaped craft in small puffy clouds, often uncharacteristic of the other clouds in the area. Their craft are powered by the same sort of technology the reptilians and corporate humans are using, so they're susceptible to the CB, so you might want to dowse before aiming your CB at them. I did that in a moment of poor judgement and they put dead orgone in my carburetor right after that. I had to lay the CB down, pointed at the carburetor, before I could start the motor again. I've seen their actual craft several times & we consider them our friends and helpers, as we do some of the reptilians. Keep looking up, folks.

I didn't mention that the Phoenix area was very comfortable.  Al's telling me that it's been cooler there this spring. I suggested that his summer will be much milder, too. We lived in a place last summer that's normally hellish hot all summer long. We set up our CB when we arrived at the end of June and by the time we'd left in mid September there had not been a single uncomfortably hot day.  Nor was there any strong wind other than the few minutes before I aimed the CB into them when they started up, two or three times.

We drove west over the dunes, not long before sunset. It was quite beautiful, even the sand blowing across the road that was catching the low angle sunlight like blowing snow. Looking  back toward the Chocolate Mountains, we could clearly see the limits of the dead orgone field over the underground  base, about twenty miles distant.

Don Croft

Episode 23, California Scheming part 2

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