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Episode 24
Fishing for Feds
Part 1
By Don Croft <>
June 20, 2002

(I was going to title this journal entry, 'Hide and Seek with the NSA', but I wanted it to reflect our more aggressive attititude toward unlawful agencies such as the NSA, CIA, FBI, etc.)

Here's a short version for those who are curious about what Carol and I have been up to, but may not resonate with your view of reality: We left Moscow, Idaho on Wednesday, June 19, delivered a Chembuster to Clarkston, Washington, visited our witch friend and CB aficionado, Lori,  in Lewiston, Idaho, the town next door, and headed for Bohemian Grove, at least the outskirts of it, near Guerneville, California.

We arrived in time for our friend, known on the forum as Greggus, to guide us to the relevant vortices and to temporary locations for the two cloudbusters we were carrying and all of that was finished by sunset, which was not bad at all for about five hours of work.

Bohemian Grove and the Malta Hive
We felt it was important to have everything in place before the satanic ceremonies by the big owl statue at Bohemian Grove commenced at sunset.  We were also timing it to coincide with the efforts of Kolina and the European Chembuster crew in Malta, which Carol said were going well in spite of the concerted effort of many agencies, human and otherwise, to subvert it.  Kolina is very sharp about these things and knows what to do.   They went to Malta to close off the west portal of the primary, predatory reptilian hive on the planet, which is intimately connected with the secret group that compels the Illuminati to hold those infantile, degrading ceremonies each year at Bohemian Grove. Remember that none of the Illuminati whose names have ever been mentioned are the ones in charge, including the Rothschilds,  Prince Thurm und Taxis, et al.   If you've ever read their names, they are underlings.

Carol was prevented from going to Malta by the feds, who kept her passport until after her scheduled departure date.  No matter, of course, since she really needed to be with me on this trip in order for it to be successful.   She'll go next month and build on what Kolina and crew have done so well. There are many vortices there that had been associated with pre-Christian spirituality, but are now severely distorted by the many secret societies, especially the British ones, which are fueling their predatory activities with that stolen energy. These organizations are anti-Christian, so I'm not denigrating the healing message of Christ in any way by indicating that many of the older forms of worship are equally valid.  Perhaps their chief endorsement is the fact that the patriarchal secret orders had been so determined to suppress them.

I suspect that the nastiest, most hidden of the Illuminati (at the top of the dungheap) will see their names plastered all over the internet before we're done and very likely after their attempts to institute overt global tyranny and genocide have failed completely this year. Carol tells me that if they can't do it before early November they know it will be impossible to do so at all.

Towers, Towers, Towers
Napoleon said, 'An army can do anything with its bayonets except sit on them,' and now that the Illuminati have 'fixed their bayonets,' which is how I'm characterizing the new ELF transmitters, they have to do something overt pretty soon or else they're going to be exposed, at least the body parts that they sit on.

 Let's all continue neutralizing those primary transmitter arrays on the hilltops and also continue  talking about the situation!  We've already poked some pretty big holes in their network in many cities, and note that it didn't take a lot of effort or money to do that much!  Just don't discuss your plans beforehand and never mention trespassing. Take the battery out of your cellphone, since the transponder in the phone gives your precise location at all times,  and if you think you're being tracked otherwise, turn on your Succor Punch and put it in your pocket.

(Oops-sorry!  I was supposed to save this sort of discussion for the next part of the narrative.)

The usual huge crowd of 'Fortune 500' and world political leader celebrants weren't there this year, probably because the previous year Greggus and ourselves had cut off much of their occult energy source right before last year's ceremonies, leaving them underwhelmed with their own apparent power. I think it's hard for them to have much confidence in their handlers' occult prowess when the magic stops working. Fickle folks, I guess. I rule out the claim that only a few of the wealthy, influential predators (ersatz aristocracy} showed up out of concern for their security, since they are the only real terrorists in the world and they were the ones who had the WTC and Pentagon blown up in the first place.  They all showed up for the Bilderberg meeting in Virginia a few weeks ago, I believe, and they also showed up in Alberta again right after that. Both of those places are far more easily accessible to 'evil Muslims' than Bohemian Grove and much harder to defend for reasons that I'll make clear in a bit.

In the next part of this narrative, I'll offer my observations on the differences between satanic and divine knowledge and I hope it sparks some lively discussions.

Anyone who's at least been an army grunt with a little field training with explosives knows that the buildings in Oklahoma City and New York and the part of the Pentagon that was being 'remodeled' during 9/11 were blown up from the inside. C-4 is kind of fun, but now they're using fulminate of mercury, which is a lot more spectacular.  I bet they didn't trust that 9/11 job to the goofy BATF jerks who failed to bring down the entire Murrah Federal Building because some of the fulminate of mercury canisters the firemen found in the standing structure were unexploded.  Live and learn.  All the truck bomb did, aside from making an impressive crater in the street,  was to break windows and a little bit of building fascia.

Why didn't more people question the purpose of destroying the Murrah building before any investigations could be done on it? That was right before the Internet got going, though, so small wonder.

Spooking the Spooks
I got a chance to teach Carol and Greggus what I had learned about fed active surveillance a few weeks earlier in Los Angeles under the able tutelage of my secret insider buddy.  The two of them are extremely fast learners and we got photos of several field agents of the CIA and NSA, which caused them to back off enough to let us put the six HHgs and two temporarily-positioned Chembusters in place without being observed or perhaps arrested.

We drove about the area in the Zapporium, which is arguably one of the most conspicuous vehicle on the planet, second, perhaps to the Oscar Meyer Weiner Wagon, so I'm sure the Special Agents in Charge (SAIC) had some explaining to do about why they didn't see us place any of the devices. Usually there's only one SAIC in an operation, but there were at least two federal agencies trying to follow us.

Since the Zapporium has a rather extensive energy grid made up of crystals, copper wire, orgone generators, mobius coils and a frequency generator, to which the rest is attached, none of the voice and telemetry transponders the various fed agencies put in the  vehicle were working while the frequency generator is turned on at 15Hz, so we were untraceable-even by satellite. Carol repelled the various psychics with a Succor Punch as they showed up.

We turned off the screening device when we left in order to get the feds to follow us again and headed toward home (in the next part, I'll tell about the most fun Fed photo-op of the whole trip). After Sacramento, we turned it on again and went to Death Valley to put a Chembuster there.

Carol said the NSA spooks in Tahoe City were waiting for us, but they still apparently thought we were going home at that point and were just playing with their heads, so they covered the only other logical route. An NSA vehicle passed us on U.S. Route 30 heading toward Tahoe City before we got to Placerville, but Carol said they hadn't been told to watch for us yet. We turned south a few miles before any of them would have spotted us.   There was a fake forest fire (saucer crash) on US 395, so we had to make a detour through part of Nevada to Bridgeport.  More on that later, too.

"Don't Worry boss, we'll get him this time!"
Awhile after we drove south through Bridgeport, I  clumsily allowed an NSA psychic to read some of my thoughts while Carol was sleeping on the bunk  behind the driver seat for a couple of hours before we got to Death Valley, so they were waiting for us there.

By then, Carol was awake and alert again, and it was quite dark, so we easily eluded their obvious ground surveillance, planted the CB in an area of high brush (for good cover) during a long drive without headlights, and turned off the frequency generator and turned on the headlights, both in the moment we passed the NSA fellow in a white van who was to report our presence. Carol waved to him.  I was driving pretty fast and had asked Carol to cue into his thoughts and location before we reached Stovepipe Wells, where she said he was watching the highway.  BOY, was that fun!

She also keyed into the intention of the NSA SAIC to send some ninja types in a couple of vans, just like they did on our first trip there last November, to run us off the road ASAP so we didn't linger for any photo opportunities.  They didn't find us again, of course,  and stopped looking after awhile, according to my telepathic wife, who just got a promotion, apparently.  I'm going to start saluting her.

Illuminati Deep Throat
Here are more of the details for our fellows on the cutting fringe of metaphysical research and development. The rest are free to keep their PJ's on and hit the 'snooze' button on their alarm clock.  Life can go on as usual:  work--booze/pot-work-booze/pot

I'm writing (and you're reading) under a handicap, since I promised to sparingly discuss my former-insider friend out of consideration for his safety.  My visit with him warranted a journal entry rather larger than this one, but it also involved too much activity that would land him in a dungeon, the bottom of a lake or a fed psycho ward to tell you about right now. I'm confident that he'll feel comfortable about me talking about it before the end of the year, when we have had our collective victory over the efforts of this unlawful government to create an overtly murderous police state.  Of course, we've  been living in a police state for generations, and they've invested countless billions of dollars in keeping the Pajama People from being aware of it, since the PJ folks would instantly put an end to it if they woke up to the knowledge their own power, as you and I are doing right now.

We both got a lot of new information from our interaction. He developed a first-hand appreciation of the easy ability of the Wingmakers to protect and guide the process of political and spiritual liberation now in progress and I got a very good, first-hand look at how the felonious feds are able to get information from us and how to stop them from getting it with a little savvy and some simple devices. We didn't have time to get into all the stuff he had taken blood oaths not to reveal, but we can do that later, perhaps. He knows that I'll tell you about it.

We had told lots of folks over the Internet that we were leaving on Tuesday. Our unspoken intention was to sneak down to LA for a brief visit with my friend, but an electrical problem in the Zapporium made that impossible this time.

Langley Maintenance Man
About an hour after our announced departure time a fellow knocked on the door and said he was the new maintenance man and wished to fix an electrical problem we'd reported  a few days earlier.  It was around seven o'clock in the evening. He was a CIA operative sent to case the house for evidence of whatever we were doing to scramble the psy-ops equipment they'd set up a block away in an effort to make us psychotic or something.  Of  course that all stopped working when we put the HHg in the bushes under their window.  That's the pyramid-shaped one that Jeff Contreras sent us, so here's a good endorsement for you, Jeff!.

After they beefed it up some more, we put a HHg at each corner of our house outdoors. They've beefed it all up several times since then and two transformers leading to that building, which mainly houses the offices of the University of Idaho's Forestry Department, have exploded from overloads ;-) --the later one exploded the day before we left this week.

When I laid Jumbo Funky, our outsize Chembuster, into the wind a couple of months ago, to stop a HAARP assault (rare these days), a black helicopter showed up over our back yard.  I hadn't seen one of those in Northern Idaho before, so I'm sure Jumbo really did a number on the CIA's formidable psyops equipment that day.  I didn't realize it was pointing at their little setup until that chopper showed up.  I was just feeling a little peeved at the sudden wind when I set it to point into the face of it.  Good thing for the crew of that chopper, too, that I had no intention to use a bow and arrow and roll of surveyor tape and make it land real soon;-).  I think they don't like to fly at all in N. Idaho.

Somebody once told me that when the pilot of a chopper is flying low over your neighborhood on a moonless night, you can also force him to land just by shining a strong spotlight at the chopper. They allegedly have to land to recalibrate their night vision and infrared equipment when you do that. I'll try it the next time I get a chance.  I bought a really strong 12v spotlight. I wonder if they're having as much fun as we are?

Jenny, who is also telepathic, but not nearly as talented, yet, as her mom, said the 'maintenance' fellow was exploring the whole house, though the problem was in the bathroom.  He looked like an engineer, sort of over-qualified, and drove a very nice, new truck with lots of equipment in the back. I love my landlord, but I know for sure that he doesn't pay top dollar for anything, including wages for a maintenance man. We all knew he was a spook before he left the house, but next time, I'll have the forethought to tweak him a little.

Taking their picture is the ultimate coup, probably more humiliating to them than shooting them, which I won't do unless/until the felonioius Feds get their wish and put their tentatively-scheduled dissident-roundups and 'detention' camp exterminations into operation a little later this year.  All bets are off in that case, of course. I really believe we'll all stop them before they get to that point, though.  Americans have developed a curious duality in the last couple of generations. For some reason they think it's bad when a robber busts your door open and violates your home, but it's okay if the Feds do it without due process, as they do often these days, especially to people of color.

I'd be willing to be martyred for my religion, as many thousands have been recently, but there's no way in hell I'd sacrifice myself for the sake of their infantile predatory schemes, which should be painfully obvious to any rational, balanced person by now.  My parents' generation were arguably much more stupid than mine is, but not even they would have been comfortable with a 'Homeland Security Force.'   Yikes!

Bay Watch
Like most of our drives, the one to the Bay Area was pretty eventful. After noting all the new martial law ELF transmitters that we will need to disable along U.S. Route 95 in western Idaho, we were keen to check out what we'd done to the underground facility in neighboring Oregon a few months previously.  There were no chemtrails, though there were several of their planes, including a Boeing 747, trying to lay down the spew downwind of that facility, all the way to Boise.  Jerry's CBs were making that impossible, of course, but an ELF frequency was obviously being used on the odd-looking clouds that were sort of pointing toward the facility, which is about 170 miles from Jerry's westernmost CB and apparently well within its range.

Cloud Cover
We saw four lenticular clouds form right in the middle of that cloud formation. The apparatus was apparently directed at these clouds almost immediately, as they developed a sort of washboard texture on some of the outer edges.  At the same time a chemtrail jet flew right over all of them. We saw the shadow of the disappearing spew on each lenticular cloud  Soon after that, a green edge formed around them all and the washboard texture quickily  disappeared. Then a magenta edge surrounded the green color and the size and density of the clouds increased a bit.  About twenty minutes later we passed through what should have been the shadow of these clouds, but there was no shadow at all on the ground, though the clouds had obviously been more dense than the surrounding clouds, which did cast shadows. There were Lemurian ships inside, as you've probably deduced by now. 

The lenticular clouds which hide the craft of predatory groups are dark and rather ugly. I  had seen the flash of a Lemurian craft near the horizon shortly before the clouds formed that day. That's their way of announcing their presence to psychically-challenged folks like me. Carol already knew they were there, of course.  She said they showed up to distract the folks in that underground facility, which had created the effects in the sky earlier,  so we could put a second HHg there and end their predatory activities there.

A young fellow in Holland recently told me about seeing what Carol and I knew were Lemurian and reptilian craft there as he and his brother one day were busting clouds with the 'visual ray,' which many have mentioned doing in the forum.  The Lemurian craft was flashing near the horizon, then when he and his brother were watching, it quickly made a huge 'W' flight pattern while putting out a steady light.  This was very close to two dark lenticular clouds, which then moved toward each other at high speed and contrary to the direction that the other clouds in the sky were moving.  There's an awful lot of information in a demonstration like that.

I congratulated them, both for trying to bust chemtrails with such panache and for putting the observations in writing and I suggested that when they no longer feel they have time and energy to destroy chemtrails this way, why not just put a Chembuster out in the yard and get it done effortlessly, 24/7?  Apparently the chemtrail campaign has not been defeated yet in Europe as it has been in North America.

Pipe Calls
We dutifully arrived at the underground facility, which is marked by a windowless building on a hilltop next to several towers with those vertical, 12' tall mast antennae arrayed around the tops of each one and put the HHg on the side of the facility from which Carol saw the energy emerging (opposite of where we'd put the first HHg).    I saw a drainage pipe coming out farther down the hill and assumed it was coming from inside the hill, so I bent down and shouted a 'Hello!' into the pipe. At that point I noticed, with a little chagrin, that it only reached the other side of the road and was for draining rainwater. When I got back in the truck, Carol was giggling and said that what I did was felt rather strongly  by troglodytes in charge there and it pretty well freaked them out. When we arrived, she had picked up on their plans to do something pretty awful to the population of the area soon, but the date wasn't clear.

She got a similar impression from the underground folks that she gets when moving through a crowd of people, though of course, most of the people in that facility are MK Ultra drones. The MK Ultra program was set up to provide the work force for the World Order and everyone in the secret facilities, from the janitors to the scientists, were processed through Montauk-type facilities as young boys.  I apparently was, as were many people on the cloudbuster forum.  It used to be considered an honor to be a white man, but now we know that whites are the most easily programmed, which doesn't speak well for our innate spiritual strength.  However, that gives us a pretty strong vested interest in bringing the predators down when we do wake up to what was done to us without our consent.

My clandestine insider buddy says they're aiming for October, 2002, to fully activate the crowd control ELF towers and take the dissidents away, as well as all the guns they can round up from among the violently sick, physically disabled citizenry.

Oh, Cell Phones, of course!
I'm patiently waiting for Carl to furnish some evidence that these new transmitters are for cell phones. After he does that, I'll ask him why the transmitters are as close as a mile apart in some cities, such as Sacramento and Spokane, and almost entirely absent in cities such as Santa Rosa and Las Vegas. There are obviously no fewer cellphones per capita in the latter than in the former. I'm sure the other electronics engineers on the cloudbuster forum, who have been a little shy about publicly discussing this up to the present, would  be keen to read Carl's comments. I sense some hesitation on their part, but hopefully, after reading about our own experiences with the Object of their possible trepidation, the dirty CIA, they'll get bolder and give us their learned opinions.  If the wetwork specialists aren't suiciding me for blatantly stopping their fun, I'm sure they won't punish these engineers for exercizing their free-speech birthright.

Every predatory agency in human history has relied almost totally on fear and intimidation to maintain their control over others. Greggus witnessed the way we all forced the surveillors to leave us alone and we used nothing but a camera and a little telepathy. They are much more terrified of cameras than of psychic acrobatics. I'm sure they don't have a clue that the only reason we could pick them out of the crowd was that Carol and Greggus keyed into their thoughts.

Don Croft
© 2002 Don Croft & All Rights Reserved

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