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Episode 26

It's Time to Neutralize Those Pesky Underground Bases-Now

By Don Croft <>
June 29, 2002

(I just got an interesting email from my secret buddy yesterday, but I'll get to that at the end.)

Yesterday, Carol and I  neutralized the base which is under the beautiful Snake River about 30 miles west of where we live.

For the past month, Carol has been feeling like she had PMS. She hadn't really had PMS since she started using a zapper five years ago, but for a few days she felt sure that's what was happening. She noted two days ago, when she finally found the source of her discomfort, that psychics are most often the last ones to protect themselves.    We had thought it was coming from the little psy-ops facility the CIA had set up in a federally-owned building on the university campus at the end of our little street,  but when we went over there again, Carol could see that they had already packed it all up and left, since it wasn't working on us-at all.

She told me that the source of the assault energy was from the area under the perpetually messed up sky west of town.   It was toward that direction that out daughter Jenny, had seen the large reptilian ship sticking out of a too-small lenticular cloud a couple of weeks ago.

I made three HHgs yesterday morning and we headed out to neutralize whatever was being used to beam my wife.  I had dowsed that two were needed, but I like to have extra just in case.

We got a Washington map (the Idaho border is a couple of miles west of Moscow, where we live) and Carol dowsed that the problem was coming from a Washington state park on the Snake River.  Remember that most bases are built under land from which all mineral rights are kept in the hands of the unlawful government, such as state and national parks, military bases, even city and county properties.

We'd never been over there before, and the drive down from the Palouse, which is what they call the north/south band of rolling prairie here (hence the name of the Nez Perce Indians' horse breed, the Appaloosa), to the bottom of the Snake River Canyon was breathtaking.  It's a big river with a system of locks and dams that allow ocean ships to travel to Lewiston, Idaho.

We dowsed each turn in the road rather than just follow the highway signs, and the first bit of guidance took us to the end of a road by a little state park that had swimming and boat launching facilities. I put the HHg in the water, hidden by rocks, and as I started returning to the car, I saw two fellows in an old red pickup truck looking at me as they were leaving the facility.  I noted it, but didn't think much about it, but Carol told me they were waiting there in case we should show up and that they'd waited a LONG time.  She said the driver's thoughts were, 'Finally, we can get out of here!'   It struck her at the time that this is not characteristically how fishermen think, and they drove by her to look at the car, but didn't make eye contact with her.

As we were leaving the house yesterday, we noticed that there were about fifty lenticular clouds  in the direction of the target area (no, there are no mountains in that direction) and that the sky directly over that area was extremely dark and the undersides of the clouds were distorted.   It reminded me of the sky I saw when I sailed my little boat through a hurricane years ago, but in this case the clouds were very still, unlike the hurricane, where they appeared to be boiling.   At one point, I saw distinct lines on the edges of a couple of those clouds, obviously of enormous ships having a hard time covering themselves up.

Elsewhere, the sky was lovely; with the white, puffy clouds we like to see, and there was no wind to speak of, as we'd normally experience close to a thunderhead.  This was not a thunderhead.

Before we got close enough to turn onto the highway leading to the target area, I turned on the Succor Punch to block the transponders in and on our car so that somebody would have to physically see us to know where we were.  Not even satellite transponders work in the vicinity of a Succor Punch, so if you want to get off the NSA's screen, just turn it on and visualize a dome of energy surrounding your vehicle or group and you'll  be invisible, even to the Worst of the Worst, at least electronically, and at times, apparently, even physically invisible (!) to them.

I kept aiming the Succor Punch at the weird clouds and Carol said the ships kept shuffling around to get out of my sights, but they wouldn't leave the area.  Next time I do that, I think I'll play LA CUCARACHA or THE MEXICAN HAT DANCE on the CD player.

The other HHg site was about ten miles downriver, but we had to drive back up out of the canyon  and over to it along about thirty miles of highway.   Due to the inordinate amount of rain here this spring and summer from the cloudbusters, the area has become uncharacteristically green, except for on the steep sides of the canyon.  It's actually on the edge of a desert, and extremely arid in the summer, ordinarily.

I had Carol drop me off at the point she considered most suitable for the HHg and she drove on to the end of the road, where there was a gate and a guard post. She felt her picture being taken and 'heard' lots of talk over the radio between one of the guards and whoever was on the other end of the transmission and by the time she got back to where she'd dropped me off, I was finished putting it in the river and had almost gotten back to the road.   (I bet they were wondering why she showed up in the car without me;-)

Since I'm a little impetuous, it bothered me a bit that the dark clouds and heaviness didn't entirely dissipate by the time we had driven up out of the canyon.  It was a lot lighter, but the clouds still had those sharp edges, so I knew the ships were still there.

Within another fifteen minutes, though, the ships had left and the clouds resumed their natural appearance and started moving downwind again.   When we put the first HHg down, the dark ones moved upwind about five miles and stayed there.

Carol said that they had been there to absorb some of the scalar energy/dead orgone that was being produced partly from the facility under the river, so when we shut off that energy supply to them, the scalar effect also disappeared. These, she said, were huge ships belonging to the B Sirians and were being used to help prepare for the upcoming phony alien invasion, staged by the Illuminati, which brings us to what my secret buddy's email was about.

First, though,  I mention that we HHg'd  a brand new HAARP array that  is being set up in Pullman, Washington, which we passed through to get to Moscow.  Pullman is just over the frontier in Washington, west of Moscow, and the university campus there has some pretty grim genetic labs which need a HHg now, too.

 I think dead/deadly orgone has become the currency base of the world order rather than gold.  Folks, let's bankrupt them!

Only one antenna is up so far, and it doesn't even have the nasty stuff on it yet.  We put a HHg there now just so they'll get a little surprise when they try to turn the finished array on later this summer.  We did all of the ELF and other predatory facilities around here already.  ( I bet you've done the ones where you live, too! ;-)

Here's the gist of what I got from my secret friend:

You need to turn on your discernment function full blast and not just accept or reject any of this. I credit him with being sincere, having a strong desire to serve humanity, and with believing that what he says is true based on his former life of service to the Illuminati.. I'm personally acting on his advice now. You can do as you please with this information.

The Aliens Are Coming, The Aliens Are Coming!
The felonious feds and other world order agencies are staging a phony alien invasion, which should be happening very soon.  There are large ships, constructed elsewhere, that are stationed outside our atmosphere, much as seen in the movie, Independence Day.  Carol says these have been sold to the Illuminati by the B Sirians.  They're about 20 miles long. I remember a satellite photo from about five years ago that showed a rectangular craft, around that size, floating above the Pacific ocean a couple of hundred miles off the coast of Southern California.  The shadow could be seen on the ocean.  It was in the stratosphere, apparently.

Incidentally, that's the area where the chemtrails are made daily now. It's about the only place in this part of the world where chemtrails can still be made to spread out sufficiently and it's apparently designed to create and maintain the drought in the Western US, which the CBs have pretty much busted now, regardless. I passed through a very large thunderstorm centered over Bakersfield, California, which was made independently of any cloudcover coming from the Pacific.   I've seen this happen several times in Nevada, too, in the past month.

When we put the second HHg at the underground facility by US 95 in southern Oregon a week ago Carol 'heard' them talking about something very big that they're about to spring on the population and the activity was rather feverish there. I assumed they meant martial law until Carol said the alien invasion scam was also being prepared underground near here, too. I asked her if she saw a bunch of Russian troops underground and she said they were there but that other nationalities were there, too.  My hunch was that the foreign ground troops used to enforce martial law might come up from these facilities rather than over the highways or dropped from aircraft, since all the underground bases are interconnected--sort of an underground interstate highway network, apparently, here and elsewhere, mostly in Europe.

Dr. Stephen Greer has been warning about this  alien invasion scam lately, as have others, including my friend, James Hughes.  The Illuminati agents, such as H.G. Wells, the participants of the Iron Mountain think tank in the early sixties, and many others, have been discussing the advantages of staging one of these events, as it would be their favorite way to get people to welcome their overt tyranny.  Last year's ploy involving imaginary evil muslims didn't pan out, as we're seeing now. The' Reichstag Fire' sort of ploy worked for Hitler, but we are just too cosmopolitan and aware these days to froth at the mouth at foreigners any more, but creepy, overwhelming, and terrible non-human aliens might work. However, if we can pull the curtain aside in time and show everyone the wizard's backside, who knows? Maybe, just maybe, we can bust their bubble..

As we've learned from the Nazi takeover of Germany, from the Bolsheviks, and from Mao's political machine and many others: once the tyrant is welcomed as a savior, there's very little left that one can do to oppose him, so we are at a critical juncture right now, this summer.

I think this may be the ultimate test of the liberating potential of the Internet, as we all know that the other media are almost completely subverted now, so they will not be a viable information source in the coming days.  In my opinion, they never were a viable information source, but it's getting much worse now.

The Bad Guys use technology and magic together and so must we.  Our orgone-generating devices are more magical than their technology, especially since orgone (ether) is the medium of magic and we can produce an AWFUL lot of that, as we all know.  Also, our magic eats their magic for breakfast and always wants 'seconds'.

Speaking of eating, you might want to get a vomit bag before reading the next part.

I used to think that if we put the Federal Reserve Corporation out of business, the world order will implode.    That may still be true, but I rather think now that we need to go after the core group of instigators and that the Corporation, of which the Fed is only one tentacle, are all middle management drones.  These are the degenerates that have always shown up en masse at Bohemian Grove and Bilderberger conclaves.

My friend was taken to meet a man called Sing in Hong Kong once.   Some of the men at the top of the above mentioned Corporation were there at the time and they were visibly terrified of Sing, who is a small man, about 4 and a half feet tall, with oriental features (Carol gets that Singapore is named after him or his family, but not clear about that one).

This fellow is the Guiding Light of the world's drug market, which is one of the main supporting pillars of the Illuminati.   I won't dwell on his involvement with the White Brotherhood, since many of my readers believe the White Brotherhood are a benevolent organization, but suffice it to say that he's at the top of the Illuminati food chain, along with two others that my friend had not met face to face. Everybody agrees that the Illuminati are Bad Guys, even the Illuminati, so I'm not stepping on any toes here.

At the time, Sing was lying face down on a couch.  He looked to be in his thirties, but my friend has the impression that he's ancient.  He was told that Sing eats the brains of the children sacrificed at Bohemian Grove and other Corporate gatherings. He had so little energy that he had to be helped into a sitting position by his omnipresent bodyguards.  Maybe he's got  his own Beverly Hills plastic surgeon.

He was in a penthouse on one of the skyscrapers in Hong Kong (sort of reminds me of Howard Hughes).

My friend said that when he was allowed to leave the meeting, he just  felt grateful that he wasn't Ted Turner.   After all, somebody had to kill those babies and children in order for Sing and the other Illuminated masters to get their dinner   I suppose this keeps middle management in line ( I guess the Bad Guys in real life don't have the spunk and panache of the ones in the movies, like Jack Nicolson ).

So, there it is, folks.   I'll be sending Sing healing energy from time to time.  Spiritual healing, that is-I have the impression that if he was feeling physically strong he could do a lot more damage than if he's disabled.   I hope everyone with a Succor Punch will get in on the act.   Every living, breathing sentient being has the potential of getting onto an upward-pointing spiritual path characterized by selfless service, even Sing.   It's happened before, so we can't say that it's completely unlikely or impossible.

This is a good way to help derail the ensuing genocide and global devastation at the hands of Sing's subordinates and I truly believe that we're up to the task

For those readers who believe I'm delusional, at worst, and misguided, at best, realize that I'm not advocating harm to anyone and I bet this is entertaining you, at least.  I'm confident that even if only a half dozen folks follow my recommendations it will have a powerful and compelling effect on Sing and the Illuminati's predatory agenda, especially since my friend has the impression that he's not entirely human. The non-human offworlders and native reptilians are even more susceptible to the Succor Punch than we are, in our experience.  Have fun!

Do you realize that I may be the first person in history to publicly name a top Illuminati?  Do I get a prize for that?   Can I get a prize for being on the highest number of sh-- lists?  Who could be on the panel of  judges for that one?

Some people recommended the movie, A BEAUTIFUL MIND, to Carol. It's an account of the adult life of John Nash, who went insane after briefly getting involved with black ops for the government, then recovered his sanity and went on to get a Nobel Prize.   We enjoyed it very much, but there seemed to be a compelling underlying message that everyone who believes in conspiracies is insane.

 I suppose that message has more impact on folks who don't have direct experience with the seamier side of governement operations and mind control, but Carol and I both noticed that John Nash's weak point early on was his massive ego, which he eventually was able to reign in, and that men of science, generally, have difficulty with metaphysics because their training requires them to blindly accept principles of institutional science, which is built on the denial of non-material principles. This usually leads them to blindly adopt institutional metaphysical dogmas when they do push on to investigate the non-physical realm, such as those promoted on behalf of the White Brotherhood,  which in itself can lead to insanity in my opinion.   It takes one's full attention and discernment, not to mention, having  real faith,  to navigate these sometimes-dark waters and dogma won't save one, but strong intuitive guidance and a little faith will-every time.

Even if one begs the question of whether a Nobel prize is something to cherish, considering that Henry Kissinger, Robert Gallo, Averill Harriman and other arch traitors and international criminals have been awarded them, Dr. Nash's achievement is certainly praiseworthy.  Maybe someday, a prize will be conceived that is not connected with someone like Nobel, who became wealthy from the international ammunition trade during a devastating international managed conflict..After all, if Hitler or Pol Pot were giving out prizes, who would want to put that on a resume?

To me, saying you've got a Nobel Prize is sort of like saying you are an Illuminati or President of the North American Man/Boy Love Association. It has some value in certain circles, of course, but not in polite company.

That bit about Sing was hard for me to contemplate, and I have a cast iron stomach when it comes to digesting information like that, generally, so I sympathize with you if you're a little squeamish.   The reason the White Brotherhood and their Illuminati subordinates use young folks like my secret buddy is so that they can benefit from the spiritual vision of those who are innocent and not mired down by satanic practices.   When these well-meaning young rising stars wake up to what's happening, they often kill themselves out of remorse.  What's impelling my friend to work with us in disabling the predatory agenda of the likes of Sing, is a desire to atone for the years during which he brought other  new-age innocents into the fold and turned them over to his former masters, though he acknowledges that he stopped doing that as soon as he got a clear picture of how he was being used.   That's when the murder attempts started happening to him and to his wife.

I guess I could be written off as a lunatic or mind control stooge if it weren't for the fact that the results of our work are  so visible and widespread and that so many others resonate closely with our experiences.   We who are disabling the regime's agenda represent many backgrounds and belief structures, so it would be hard to make the case that our perceptions are a result of mind control.   Generally, mind control is only effective on folks who are not iconoclasts and who strongly desire acceptance.

There are agents of the Illuminati who offer useful information about metaphysics and other subjects, but they're the exception and are brought on stage to provide credibility for their masters.   I use some of their works as reference material and I'm grateful for it all, but that doesn't hide the fact that they're working for the Bad Guys, ultimately.  Of course I'd never join their organizations, which is the way unaware folks are channeled into the direct influence of the masters.

This actually does relate to cloudbusting, ultimately, since it's my effort to unravel what's behind the mechanism that was so severely poisoning the atmosphere until we all came along.    Technically, whoever is responsile for that is an enemy, since it was done to us consciously, in a coordinated and pernicious way, worldwide. Who could argue that it's not important to know one's enemy?   I love Sing the same way I love any other sentient being, and I wish the best for him and the other top Illuminati.

Don Croft

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