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The Adventures of Don & Carol Croft

Episode 27
Mount Rainer & Mount St. Helens
Part 1
By Don Croft <>
July 18, 2002

Jeff Baggaley and I closed the remaining predatory hive portals in North America on July 18th.  Cameron and Nora, my younger children, went along good-naturedly for the ride. To save you from plowing through the preceding narrative, I'm going to write a synopsis of what lead up to putting the caps on that hive. A second portal is being constructed off the coast of Oregon, but Carol said it won't be finished until the submarine volcano there reaches the surface, so we only need to close the two above-mentioned volcanic portals to put the hive out of action.

Very large ships are associated with this hive for some reason.  Jenny saw one in our area recently when they failed to generate enough cloudcover and one end was sticking out of the characteristic dark lenticular cloud.  She said, 'Mom, is that what I think it is?'   Carol said that even I could have seen it. That was shortly before we neutralized the underground base near here, part of whose job was apparently to 'refuel' the large craft of the predatory non-human races associated with the world regime-the fuel being dead orgone, of course.

The Lemurians and nice offworlders generate very light lenticular clouds to hide their craft. They use healthy orgone as fuel, of which the supply is unlimited and free.  See how simple it is?

Closing Hives
According to what Carol and I were able to learn between June and October, 2001, there had been four devoutly predatory native reptilian hives in North America, along with an equal number of neutral and uncommitted ones.   As Phil Schneidler had described before he was murdered, there are a number of predatory 'colonies' of offworld reptilians, but these are another subject and are less threatening, since they're not invited participants in the present day order's agenda.   These are the guys that the Star Wars weaponry was partly designed to deal with. The 'meteors' which blaze slowly across our skies occasionally and crash in places like Greenland are the downed interlopers. This happens a lot more often than is reported even on the Art Bell show.

 The native ones are invited participants, though some may argue that the agenda originated with them in the first place.Maybe a cutting fringe historian or archaeologist can settle that sometime.

We stumbled onto one predatory hive portal at Otay Reservoir east of San Diego, California, a year ago, while neutralizing a particularly nasty underground facility there. Right after that, we got our first object lesson in active (alleged) government surveillance from both air and ground. We also encountered a different Draconian race there than the one we'd been dealing with.They had created and were trying to keep open a sort of 'black hole' portal under our big HHg, apparently for moving numbers of their brethren here without having to use spacecraft. The other end of that hive had an opening near Acapulco, but Carol saw that the native shamans there had made it unusable long ago.

The next hive we were aware of was uncommitted to a predatory agenda.  That one ran under a stretch of Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma. One of our customers, who is a chiropractor in Missouri, who lives close to the northeast opening of the hive, tipped us off about that when it became clear that the queen of that hive had a connection with her. The Doctor found it expedient to close the hive portal on a conditional basis so that the queen would develop respect for her personally and would decide that an agenda based on mutual respect with humans in general would be a better option. That holy handgrenade can be removed any time by the Doc at her discretion.

After Carol's return from Kenya, we used the opportunity of an ongoing astral assault by the nine voodoo men who 'followed' her home to trace the source of their power. Just as you can 'follow the money' to know who is pulling the strings in politics, science, medicine, education, the environmental movement, religions, etc.,  to reach the source of their influence, you can follow the nasty DOR (critical morass) of any organization involved with the worldwide predatory agenda with a little diligence and telepathy.   I guess I weigh in with more diligence and Carol with more telepathy, though we've each found that we're capable of operating alone effectively in a pinch.

The ultimate source of the African voodoo energy is the reptilian queen of a single African hive running from Congo to Namibia.   Using the Succor Punch to put her under some duress, we were able to map out the major predatory hives on the planet.  That was in early October. The number of predatory hives she gave us was twenty.  There are an equal number of hives which are neutral or even friendly toward humans. We encountered friendly ones several times around the time that we started working with out first cloudbuster in Florida.  Their hive is under South Florida, the Western Bahamas, Cuba and Yucatan. We were creeped out by them at first, but gradually got comfortable with them when we realized their intentions.

We went to Namibia mainly to make sure the south portal of that hive was shut, though our African friends located it and closed it themselves without our help after I arrived.  I guess I have more diligence than I personally need ;-)  Time will tell whether our subsequent cloudbuster experiment in the Namib Desert was successful.

We closed the only predatory hive in Canada last fall and winter.  That one ran under the Rockies, from Cranbrook, BC, to Calgary, Alberta. There is a hive under Ontario and Quebec, but it has come over to our side recently. Some Cbers in Northern Ontario were ready, willing and able to close the west portal, which was  near them, just in case. We credit the Wingmakers with inspiring people near reptilian portals to rise to the challenge.  This has happened many times after we discovered the locations of hive portals that we were not able to reach.

Richard Smith lives very near the small predatory hive that lies under the Chicago metropolitan area.  He found and closed that portal, then found and closed the southern portal not long after that. This may partially account for the terrific skies and weather that Chicago has been experiencing, though the cloudbusters that Richard, Steven, and Tara have made and distributed to others in the city are, of course,  responsible for much if not most of that happy condition.

The hive connected with the most exploitive aspects of the planetary agenda runs from Malta to Bosnia. Kolina, the Wheelchair General from Bosnia, along with Lisa, Eric, Ann, and Markus, all of them European cloudbuster aficionados, resolutely and efficiently closed the Malta portal in June and further healed the wounded ancient, adjacent Goddess vortices there. We got the distinct impression that this ancient connection between the reptilians and the world order infrastructure was the 'guiding light' of the world banking system, all European secret orders, the destructive aspects of Islamic fundamentalism and Zionism.

There remains two hives that need attention ASAP: the one which runs from Finland to the Urals is connected with the millennium-long Russian predatory agenda and secret order and the one that runs from Mongolia to northern China operates the age-old  hierarchy of China.  Note that every bad thing that happens politically these days originates from one or a combination of these three hierarchies, all of which would likely obliterate the others if the opportunity presented itself, which is a good reason to pinch off all their non-human heads sooner than later.  Are there any volunteers our there?

Secret Buddy
Our Secret Buddy laments that no rich people have come forward to play a role yet.  He wishes he'd known about all of this when he was rich. That wealth and property more or less evaporated when he used his connections to arrange to publish a book that was to expose the predatory agenda.  He and his lovely wife survived several murder attempts shortly after that. I guess the White Brotherhood doesn't realize that you don't need to be rich to be effective, though. All of us  bear witness to that simple truth. Tyranny is essentially unable to understand, much less effectively oppose, any grassroots movement and tyrants, such as those dried up old farts, will never fathom the lessons they should have learned from a cursory study of history. Maybe after 2012 we won't need to deal with folks like them any more. Satanism should be considered infantilism for this and many other reasons, no matter how rich, powerful, old, and adept its proponents are.

Of the three surface-world predatory human hierarchies, the Chinese one is the most pragmatic and seems to realize that mayhem for its own sake can be counterproductive. I wish the Brit and Russian aristocracies would take a hint from that and overcome their traditional bloodlust. It could be that China will turn out to be the Joker of the deck, the unpredictable wild card.  I'm eager to see what our friend, Kam Wong, will be able to accomplish in the short and long term. He seems to embody the prolific creativity  and insights attributed to that nation and race and is now applying his skills and unbounded energy to our planet-wide project.

The three above-mentioned hives fuel and more or less direct all major world conflicts and tyrannies and Carol and I firmly believe that closing at least one portal of each can cause the reptilians to temporarily abandon
their human liaisons, essentially depriving each beastly organization of its head, as was done in Malta. We noticed that when a portal is closed, they abandon their surface-world agenda to focus on creating another portal, which takes years of work. It's sort of like what happens when you step on an anthill.

Carol's Malta Trip
The easiest portal to reach is on the coast of Finland. If anyone wants to go there, let me know and I'll tell you the location we dowsed. Carol tried to get to Malta this month, but was prevented rather overtly. She was harassed and followed constantly every time she left her hotel in Paris except for during the brief moments during which she placed a holy handgrenade on the grounds of Versailles.

She was planning to use some devices that the Andromedan dwarves gave her instructions for (I made them) to strengthen and extend the old Goddess vortices in Malta to infuse the world with more female energy, of which
we're in dire need these days after many millennia of patriarchy.

The suitcase that contained the devices was kept in Paris for several days & when we got it back yesterday, one of the devices had been tampered with. We get the impression that the Gestapo goons who were examining them were unable to stand the nice energy that one of them was putting out, so one of them cut  all of the 12 wires holding the dodecahedron quartz crystal in the center of the apparatus, which turned it off.

Al Gray & Flash Gordon
Shortly after we had our first duress session with the African Queen in October, Al Gray sent us a note of introduction and offered his help.   We had the impression that he was a witch like Carol, but was surprised to learn that he's a cagey, resourceful, and tough Texan.  In my opinion, our email impressions of each other were correct, though often it was difficult to reconcile that with what we found in a physical meeting later on. Soon after Internet introductions were made all around, he and his psychic co-worker, 'Flash' Gordon, set off to find and close both portals of the reptilian hive running from  Ft. Huachuca, southeast of Tucson, Arizona, to north central Arizona near a ski slope.   Al has gone on to neutralize most of the ELF transmitters in the southern part of the state, put cloudbusters in numerous places, including two Indian Reservations, and to donate cloudbusters for key spots in California, including Bohemian Grove's adjacent town and the ancient artificial moisture barrier in the
southern Sierra Mountains.

 Not to be too severely outdone, though, Carol and I put two CBs on the Hopi Reservation last spring and neutralized a lot of the transmitters on the Interstate near the Arizona frontier between Los Angeles and Phoenix, as well as putting Al's donated CB and one of ours in the California Sierras.

After the martial law threat has been diverted later this year, Al will be getting the biggest trophy if he keeps going as he has been, since I think it would take an army of intrepid Cbers to overtake his record at this point.

Gestapo Spooks
It's probably not a good idea to have any conferences before we've all earned our prizes by making martial law inadvisable, for lack of enough ELF transmitters, since we'd just be playing musical chairs with the Gestapo-wannabees who would no doubt show up in droves to hang on our every word in hopes of liquidating us later on.  We have an entourage of these creeps everytime we drive to the store these days, and I don't want others to have to put up with that if they don't have to.Getting together in a large group would no doubt make that happen for everyone who attended who's not on the International Monetary Fund's generous payroll.  Did you know that the men who 'guard' the President are paid out of London?

A Plan
Our Secret Buddy has conceived a plan to deprive the White Brotherhood of their dark ch'i. It involves lining up about 20 CBs with solar powered (this part's my contribution), jumped up CBs- a la Hooten- with mobius/crystal-ball frequency arrangements in the orgonite, all of which would be placed along an earth meridian, or ley line, perhaps beginning and ending at vortices.  This would no doubt charge the earth so strongly with healthy orgone (ch'i) that the dark masters would not be able to make enough DOR to extinguish a match, let alone prop up this mass delusion they've created over the millennia.

Since his generations-long family background was centered in servitude to the White Brotherhood, it's been hard for him to break out of that awareness and see the other forces at work besides his own and a few others' heroic,
self-sacrificing efforts to awaken humanity to the masters' predatory/parasitic activities and agenda. He's been inside Mt. Shasta, seen the ruins of the ancient Lemurian city accessible by the caves, was warned by one of the dark masters never to return to Shasta (I hope to go there with him), but was unaware of the hyperdimensional presence of the Lemurians themselves, who have graciously appearred to many people, including Carol, our friend Dorothy the Druid, and I now and then on the mountain, which is apparently one of their surface havens. The masters may be in control of some of the groups who call Shasta home, but they definitely don't own that territory, nor will they.

Since the hive portal closures, the Lemurians are assuming territorial skies that had been held by the reptilians, so it's obvious to us that we aren't the only earthly ones fighting evil these days. The Lemurians have run interference for us many times and I'm sure they're working in ways that we aren't aware of to help ensure humanity's victory over its ancient oppressors. We think they have just been waiting for some folks to step forward and show some commitment and use the tools we've all been inspired to make. I suspect they have no vested interest in our victory but are offering their services out of compassion and love for us.  Note that I'm not calling the tools weapons.

Carol and I havent' seen evidence that offworlders interfere in worldly affairs except perhaps in extreme circumstances for specific purposes-for instance, they may defuse a nuclear bomb if a missile is inadvertently launched against a city in another country. Our encounters with them have been in the form of individual healing and inspiration regarding inventions. Carol and I have noticed that the color orange is often associated with their ships and portals, so if you see orange things in the skies you may be witnessing an intervention or other visit.

The Lemurian ships flash and streak as bright, white, lights intermittently and some see a blue, spherical orgone field around them sometimes. Bright flashes in the daytime skies are also signs of their craft. It could be that Dr. Grebbenikov's explanations of his own antigravity craft may be describing the characteristics of the Lemurian craft, which are likely more highly developed than Dr. G's flying Siberian paintbox. I don't know why, but I usually see them close to the horizon, though I've seen them overhead a few times, especially when we were on Mt. Shasta. You'll no doubt see them and other unusual craft if you pay attention. Remember that miraculous things don't seem very astonishing without a Hollywood soundtrack.

A lot of us have been seeing the Lemurian craft in the skies in the past few months.  Just as Brittania ruled the waves at one point, the reptilians have ruled our skies for a long, long time. I believe the Lemurians, who are also a native human race, were content to live in an adjacent time line or dimensional construct before we all closed those reptilian hives down. Now we have been seeing mostly Lemurian craft in our travels rather than the reptilian ones.  On the day I arrived in Namibia there was a long display in the skies over the capital, Windhoek,  put on by five  Lemurian craft, sort of like a Blue Angels demonsration, but without the noise. A respected observer was interviewed in the main newspaper about what he saw in the African sky that day and Gert Botha, my host, translated it for me from Afrikaans a few days later. In this case, they showed up a week before the reptilian portal was closed, so they aren't chicken hearted.

As the astronomer on public TV says, 'Keep looking up.'

African Women
Another wild card in the unfolding planetary growth process are the women of Africa.  Africa maintained a dynamic tradition of sexual equality in spite of the aggressive patriarchal trends of the past millennia.  It took violent suppression by Europeans, followed by their equally vicious current flunkies, to force women out of politics and cut off their access to the economy, but our meetings with some female traditional healers in Kenya and Namibia showed us that this is just a temporary inconvenience. Although I've had a pretty good idea of what it's like to be around very charismatic women, I was unprepared for my psychic encounters with Ouma Lahia in advance of our physical meeting. WOW!  No wonder the voodoo guys won't try to harm those African witches. I'm glad she likes me, that's all I'll say about that. When you visit Africa, take some moxie with you.

Carol has told me that the White Brotherhood, along with their native reptilian cohorts, are essentially defeated already by what we Cbers and others around the world have done under the guidance of the Wingmakers, who
deserve the 'White Brotherhood'  title more than those very old, hyper-exploitive, utterly degraded,  semi-human masters.  Of course, the Wingmakers don't seem to care about titles and status, as many humans do. It's hard for me to picture any of them in my Bolivian Admiral regalia. The name is a convenient handle for something vast and incomprehensible to me and the membership seems rather fluid in any case.

The Russians Are Coming
My impression is that we need to step up the pace now,  as it would be unreasonable to expect that these jerks will go down without trying to take all of humanity with them into the abyss, so we all need to at least neutralize the ELF transmitters in our vicinity for our own family's safety's sake. Our family will get a few arms and some food and make a single camping trip into the adjacent Idaho/Montana wilderness in August to stash the stuff just in case the headless beast thrashes a bit in its death  throes. Carol did see a lot of Russian and other foreign troops in the underground base just west of here and it would be silly to suppose they're just going to walk home now

Don Croft
© 2002 Don Croft & All Rights Reserved

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