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Episode 28
Mount Rainer & Mount St. Helens
Part 2
Part 1
By Don Croft <>
July 18, 2002

In early September, when we took Seattle its first cloudbuster on the way to getting Carol onto the plane to Kenya, we encountered a huge reptilian ship which was being used to oversee a massive chemtrail spraying project aimed at the world's first cloudbuster array 300 miles east (downwind) of Seattle. The kerosene was raining out of the sky that day.

That ship was over the Columbia Gorge, halfway between the two cities. Carol saw an equally big reptilian ship over Mt. Rainier as we were driving into the Cascades a little later and that's when we learned that Rainier and St. Helens are reptilian portals. Carol said the reptilians were in the process of abandoning the Rainier portal, perhaps because an eruption was imminent.

That was the time we decided that it was important to get those portals closed ASAP but we wouldn't be able to get to it until the snow had melted sufficiently the following summer to drive up to suitable spots on both mountains to plant the HHgs.

Mountain Men
This brings me around to telling you what Jeff and I did that day in the mountains.  He's the fellow in Nova Scotia who got tossed in the asylum after a Canadian government official conspired with the national police and his wife to butcher (edit is too kind a term for what they did) the text of some of his cloudbuster forum posts to provide 'evidence' that he was crazy a few months ago. The Wingmakers sprung him twelve hours later, of course, but the plan was apparently to disappear him into a drug-induced semi-comatose state for the duration.

That was right after he neutralized one of those DOR beam facilities (with an HHG) not far from his home, having already begun to disable the chemtrail agenda in western Nova Scotia with his cloudbuster. He's going to share some gems of information about that when the time is right, but suffice to say there's more to this fellow than meets the eye.  You probably know how hard it is to keep my mouth shut when I've got some substantial information in my head, but Jeff knows when to talk about that better than I do.

Jeff showed up in his hundred-dollar car and a month's worth of lucre on Monday.  He was on his way to Sundance, near Pine Ridge, South Dakota. The first thing he said, after introducing himself, was, "I've got a month
after Sundance to go anywhere you suggest and neutralize a network of ELF transmitters-where do you want me to go?"

I don't think he realized at that point that I'm not the leader of this organization. I wouldn't wish that title on anyone, but most of us assume that every group has a leader, so I didn't take offense at his assessment.  Ken in Santa Rosa suggested that we might call ourselves Knights Exemplar, which is a clever idea, but that implies a hierarchy, I think, which may be faux pas pretty soon.  I'm fond of believing that any title bestowed after 2012 would be about as valued as being voted President of North American Man Boy Love Association.  I must admit, though , that I'll give up my Bolivian Admiral uniform only when it's pried from my cold, dead fingers.

We spent the next few days collaborating and conspiring and on Wednesday afernoon we drove the Zapporium over to White Pass in the Cascade Mountains so we could get an early start on the two volcanoes.

Drugtore Set Up
Along with Jeff came a new wave of attention by the feds, sensed rather than seen at first, though our Secret Buddy emailed me that they were planning to plant some dope in the house as an excuse to disappear us.  He
had narrowly escaped a similar fate the week before in Ojai, California. He ran into the SWAT team that was in the staging area, gearing up,  right after deciding not to enter the house where he was being set up by an

Since I pay attention to things like that, I noticed that the inmates of the crack house next door to us were paying an awful lot of attention to me for a change and parking their cars in front of our house.  Also, local cops were slowly  cruising by, looking in my windows. This was a new development, too. The only time I ever saw cops on our street Before that was when they were visiting our neighbors. Maybe they get a special deal on the methamphetamine they make next door. Somebody ought to open a donut shop in town to get these guys back onto the straight and narrow.

I went next door and talked to the 'godfather' about the situation and that seemed to defuse whatever may have been cooking, though after Carol got back it started up again. The local cops had dressed up like ninjas and raided his house the night before Carol and Jenny left for Europe but none of them were arrested. We believe that's when the cops invited the kingpin there to plant the dope in our house in exchange for no further harassment. They'd really been leaning on him lately, according to what he told me. That was a couple of days before Secret Buddy's warning..

When I visited with the kingpin he offered to sell me some dope, of course, but I think that was just the entrepreneur in him manifesting rather than a setup.

On a given day and night,  there are around thirty different people coming and going from that house, which looks like it belongs on Tobacco Road (am I dating myself?) and most of them are characatures right out of a  Dick Tracy rogue gallery.

If that fellow or any of his cohorts show up in our new, upscale neighborhood across town, at least three people will call the cops before he reaches our door, so I think we're off the hook with these little fed-sycophant ninja local cops for now.

I hadn't met anyone like Kingpin since I was in the pokey and he looks like he's between sentences now.  Most local police may as well wear swastikas and break windows, since they'd be hard to distinguish from their forebears in 1930's Germany. Those ninja outfits really give me the creeps.

Law & Order
Let's get back on track and have our elected Sherriffs resume their Constitutional duties rather than foist them off on these jerks, okay? Why not right now?  I hope to God you don't have to learn about this vital subject the hard way, as I have.

Of course, the local cops will fade into obscurity if the UN (mainly Russian and Chinese) Peacekeepers are allowed to show up in their armada of white vehicles and drop from planes and helicopters around us.

Time to blow away that new-age-patsy fog,  folks, and stay focused on disabling what they've got lined up for us. You don't need to shoot anyone or even break anything in the process, which I find ironic, but gratifying. I certainly hope I'll never have to shoot anyone, but I will to protect my family and Carol and I usually hit what we aim at.

Secret Buddy noted in his unpublished expose about the concentration camps et al that Switzerland and America are the only nations whose populace is armed. In both countries an armed populace is mandated as a protection from tyranny. In the case of Switzerland, they are mainly concerned with foreign invaders now,  but our American Constituional mandate to keep and bear arms has more to do with the threat posed by the government itself. You can read the Second Amendment yourself.  It's not lawyer-speak; any schoolchild can clearly understand it.

Many people in America have been mentally conditioned to believe that guns are bad. Kolina sent me a cute essay that compared the relative threats of owning a gun and visiting a medical doctor and it shows that it's far, far more risky for your health to visit a doc than it is to own a gun. This brainwashing took generations to accomplish, having begun shortly after the new, unlawful government reached critical morass in 1935.

In Switzerland there is no stigma to gun ownership and just about every household is well armed. They have shooting matches much like we have carnivals and fairs. Everyone shows up to compete for awards and prizes. The people there have been well-armed since the 1300's, when William Tell put a crossbow bolt through he heart of the last Swiss tyrant. Funny-I never hear the Swiss being criticized for their guns the way the Americans routinely are. Food for thought?

Our brainwashing can be such a bitch to undo!

Poor Jeff had been on the educational fast track for several months before he showed up here. He had to stop my monologues several times so that he could assimilate some of the new stuff that kept coming up, not only about
our joint project but about aspects of his past and family connections that were beginning to make sense to him for the first time.  It went both ways, of course, and he gave me a lot of information I need to have, too.

I'm so glad he connected with the Indians!  The Sundance rituals are a viable force these days. One of the proofs, I think, is an account Jeff related about a couple of folks he knows who infiltrated the festival on behalf of the White Brotherhood, who apparently hate not knowing about everything that happens in the world. One was a judge in Canada and the other is her boyfriend. Part of the ritual involves some pretty intense fasting, during which there's a kundalini awakening.  For an upright person, this is confirming and empowering, but for a person without integrity, it can be fairly monstrous. Those two agents are now in prison after attempting to burn a woman to death with gasoline.  Jeff's experience propelled him along his upward spiraling spiritual path, for which I feel honored to have assisted him in my little way.

As I'm writing this, he's in the most intense part of the Sundance ritual. We made a cloudbuster on his last day here, which he intended to leave in Pine Ridge. As a fellow white guy, I sympathize with his unspoken desire to mollify the atmosphere there so it won't be 110 degrees in the shade again.  They dance outside in the sun for several days, fasting, not even drinking water, in preparation for the final ritual, which involves some interesting physical endurance activity.

I think the timing of that phony drug bust setup was for Jeff's benefit, since he's apparently supposed to take his cues so that the next time the creepy gov't in Canada tries to set him up he'll be able to avoid trouble. He's an awfully keen observer.

HAARP Storms
It's awfully nice here in northern Idaho now. There was a phony thunderstorm two nights ago, HAARP and chemtrail induced, that skirted around the cloudbusters but he following night we got one of those gentle cloudbuster thunderstorms and it's still raining intermittently. I saw one of the Lemurian lenticular clouds under the phony T-storm near sunset. It had the characteristic neon pink and green edges and none of the orange color that was in the surrounding clouds. Keep watching the skies for those! Carol and I watched another Lemurian cloud like that in Oregon recently that was under attack by  a HAARP facility that we were enroute to neutralize.  The ship was drawing fire to show us what to do, apparently. When the energy was directed at it to cause it to break up, the cloud began to show a pink edge all around it.  AS the attack intensified, a green edge showed up inside the pink one. After we put the HHg on the facility all of the HAARP characteristics disappeared within minutes from the surrounding clouds.

Back to the Mountains
We parked by the roadside in a little graveled clearing beside a big tracked vehicle. We were fairly undisturbed the rest of the night except for one unmarked white fed spook vehicle that parked and shone its headlights into the back of the Zapporium, checking us out for a few moments before it drove away.  I'll get back to that.

When we got back on the road, toward Mt. Rainier on US Hway 12,  we saw that a whole fleet of white vehicles, some marked as belonging to Argus Underground Specialties, others unmarked, were involved in laying four very thick fiber optic cables along the highway.  Something didn't seem right about that, of course, since the only big engineering projects happening these days seem to be centered on the creation of martial law.

At one spot the cables branched off in the direction of an unpaved road going up a mountainside.  A couple of miles beyond where the cables branched off there were two white vehicles parked as though the crew were waiting for something.  I was using the pendulum a lot since Carol wasn't around, and I got that there was a new HAARP facility being built on the mountain above where those two white trucks were & that the cables that branched off were going to that hidden facility. On the way back,  I put a HHg in that spot. The two vehicles were still there then, though right after I talked to one of the drivers they both left.  He said the cables were connecting Yakima and Gig Harbor, which is on Puget Sound, near Tacoma, but Jeff got an intuitive hit that this was being set up to facilitate the planned phony alien invasion. My psychic secretary concurs and so does Carol. The east terminal of those cables is the big HAARP array on the mountaintop on the south edge of Yakima, which we neutralized on our way back. Somebody ought to neutralize the Gig Harbor end, which is also probably a HAARP array and underground control center.

The night before, we had parked beside one of their monstrous ditch digging machines.   I realized that the feds thought I knew something about the fiber optics cables and were trying to figure out how and why that could be.  I think the Wingmakers directed us to that spot just to tweak the feds into crediting us with more intelligence than we actually have.  I think one of the principles of successful warfare is to confuse your enemy this way, and they've declared war on us, which makes them our enemy, folks, whether you're comfortable with that thought or not.

Mount Rainier
It was a short drive to Rainier.  We paid the $10 fee and drove up to the 6,000' level,  where the snowline was, and planted our HHg. It felt pretty good there, I must admit, but after the HHg was in the ground it felt much better. The reptilians had apparently already moved their portal over to Mt. St. Helens at this point. Rainier is nice, but no place that I've visited in this world comes close to matching the profound and exhilarating energy of Mt. Shasta.

We only encountered two spook vehicles on the way down the mountain. We took the drivers' pictures when we pulled over to let them pass. Jeff really enjoyed that part. We had the mobius/crysta/15Hz device in the truck going all the time just so they'd have to send vehicles to keep tabs on us.  You should try it!  As long as they're going to be bothering you, why not have a little fun with them?  Since we aren't telepathic, we dowsed all the vehicles that were near us. I admit that it's more fun with a telepath.

Mount St. Helens
Getting to Mt. St. Helens is a bit more time-consuming and stomach-challenging-miles and miles of twisting, paved logging roads that had to be re-engineered after the 1980 eruption. Melody and Jim live 300 miles downwind of the eruption and their property was covered with several inches of volcanic ash.  Jim told me that their garden the following year was very healthy from all that fertilizer, though it wasn't fun cleaning up right after the event.

Close to the mountain,you can see the dead trees that were blown down. They all point in the same direction and you can see how the currents of the blast swirled around the peaks and valleys by the way the trees are lying.   As you get closer to the vortex, which is the crater, there are fewer and fewer living things. There were more and more feds in vehicles, though, which is apropos.  Volcanic ash is extremely fertile and is balanced food for plants, so the only reason that place is not  a jungle by now is the deadening effects of the DOR field that we found there, I believe. At the same elevation, Rainier is extremely verdant and 'orgonized' and the two volcanoes are only about sixty miles from each other.

Jeff felt a heavy pressure that he attributed to radiation as we got closer and I had a hard time drawing breath, though the altitude was not high. We parked at the lot near the peak, which is as far as you can drive without exciting the forestry cops, and walked up a trail to put the HHg down. We made a couple of feds just by scrutinizing them through our binoculars as they were scrutinizing us through theirs and when we got to a point where we were sure nobody was watching., we buried the HHg. In an instant our lungs filled with sweet air and all heaviness vanished. I made one fed who was ogling me from beside a red car at a distance of about a mile and a half.  This may be a distance record. He took off right after that and didn't look back.

The peak next to the crater, which had no clouds around it, was immediately obscured by dark clouds as soon as the HHg was in the ground. These began extending out from it in all directions. I guess the reptilians were foolish enough to leave one or two of their big ships out, even though they knew we were on our way and would probably succeed, as usual.  Jeff and I watched as other clouds sort of bumped up against that formation and scooted around it.

We made several more feds on the way out,  including, apparently, the Special Agent In Charge, who had brought his wife and kids along as cover-or at least somebody's wife and somebody's kids. Boy, was he mad when I took his picture!  I sometimes wish there really were people like Arnold Schwartzenneger and Michael Caine doing this work, but it's unlikely that any spiritually healthy person is collecting those paychecks these days.

We topped at a viewing area a couple of miles down the road to see if any of them would be going to look for our HHg. We got distracted by a middle aged couple, one of whom was getting a panoramic shot with a video camera a few paces away from where we were standing. The camera lingered a bit when it came around to point at Jeff and I.  Jeff quickly took their picture and the woman got a mortified look on her face that gave me the impression that she's psychic. My pendulum agreed with that.

I haven't mentioned my kids much. They weren't enthusiastic about going, so I bribed them with some video games and they brought some movies to watch. Nora had been my energy-sensitive assistant when she was younger, before Carol and I got together, but she had lost or suppressed her abilities soon after she moved back in with her mom. On the way home from the mountains, she was visited by the Wingmakers, who appeared as a bright, rapidly moving light inside the back of  the Zapporium. I had told Jeff that I felt sure he was going to see at least one Lemurian craft, since they usually show up when we're on our expeditions. He did see one not long before Nora had her visit.

Carol often sees Lemurians among the Wingmakers. She's seen elementals among them, souls of departed people, Atlantean elders, prophets, and some offworlders.I think it would be hard to conceive of a more homogenous group, though the energy signature of all of them is humor, compassion, patience, profound love, humility and servitude. Only a real bonehead could believe that they're not what they appear to be.

When the feds follow you it's hard for them not to be obvious. They match your speed, but stay well back.  If you slow down to force them to pass you, they'll move ahead a certain distance if they feel you haven't made them and maintain a steady speed again.  If they're made, they'll simply take the first turnoff and you won't see them again.  I don't think the European Interpol Gestapo jerks care if you make them or not.  I bet the ones in Switzerland care.

That happened once on the way home. This time, when he had passed me and was maintaining a steady speed a quarter mile in front ot me I pulled over fast and turned off my headlights. Just then a large truck passed, too, and I got behind him and watched for the other vehicle. There was a fork in the road just ahead and he took the wrong turn, probably thinking that I knew about that fork and was planning to take the non-customary route. I didn't have a clue that the turn was there, just followed my instincts. This is fun and games now, but if it comes to pass, (God forbid!) that these Gestapo jerks get permission to shoot us on sight, these little tricks will come in handy, I think.

My psychic secretary tells me it's okay to tell you that Jeff picked Denver as his August target, since we both got that the 8 billion dollar 'airport' there houses the multilevel underground control facility for the entire North American network of ELF and HAARP Transmitters, and it probably figures heavily in the imminent phony alien invasion scenario, too.

Carol and I put a HHg at that facility last year,  but it's going to take a lot more than that to neutralize it. The surrounding area is apparently important to the hoped-for martial law effort, so his target is well chosen, I think.   His good friend in Nova Scotia has taken on the task of neutralizing the extensive network there and is making and distributing several cloudbusters until Jeff returns and gets back into the act there.

Staging Areas in Need of Assistance
Secret Buddy tells me there are twelve staging areas in America for the second phase of the planned 'UN Peacekeeper' invasion.  Kam, Carlo and others are handling the one in New York City, Jesse has been single-handedly neutralizing the one in the San Francisco Bay area-come on folks, help him!-LAARP and Secret Buddy are doing LA, and no doubt others are doing it in secret, but this is no time to sit on our hands!  Here are some more, including Canada:   Vancouver, SeattlePortland, Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Boston, Baltimore, Savannah, Miami, New Orleans, Houston. The Chinese government has been operating the Panama Canal since Clinton gave it to them early in his regime.  Remember Monica Lerwinsky? That was a publicity ploy to distract us from what the jerk was doing to further sell us out to China.  No wonder he idolized FDR, who sold us out to London in the thirties. Did that hillbilly get paid with gratuitous sex for all of that?  I can say that because I grew up in Arkansas.

 The soft underbelly of the world regime is its penchant for centralization and dead orgone generation, which is tailor-made for our unique ministrations, since our devices are a good antidote for their cancerous manifestations.

Don Croft
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