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The Adventures of Don & Carol Croft

Episode 29

Carol, Melody, and Linda's Excellent Adventure

By Don Croft <>
August 8th, 2002

[The following comments are from Linda's and Carol's notes, compiled and edited by Don Croft. For those who don't know, Melody is Don's sister-in-law. She introduced Carol to Don five years ago. Linda is Melody's and Carol's close friend and sometime-mentor in the psychic and healing arts. Linda also has worked with Carol and Don in developing some of their devices]

Maryhill Stonehenge, Columbia River Gorge, Washington State

Carol and Melody had been here a few years ago and did a clearing. The energy here had been messed up for a long time. Carol thought it would be the perfect place to try out the new devices for which she had received directions from the Andromedan dwarves in a series of visions recently.

When they arrived, the energy of the area felt very heavy and agitated, as usual. Carol placed the 12 sided crystal device on the stone altar and she and Melody sent it a little energy to get it started. The energy field from the device increased steadily and forced Carol and Melody to keep backing up until the center area was full of a 'Genesis' type of energy. While this was happening, Linda helped it expand upward.

Linda and Carol saw a trapped Lemurian there. He was accustomed to using organized sacred spaces such as the real Stonehenge as a playground, a place to become energized, but due to a misaligment of the stones in Maryhill he couldn't get back out again.

After they were finished with the first device, Carol put the Vogel crystal device (also made in a copper dodecahedron) on the altar and the energy shot up like a vortex, and completely cleared the energy there. The Lemurian was then freed, and very grateful.

After they were done and looking out at Mount Hood, they realized that the energy coming up through Mount Shasta on a major earth meridian seemed to be purposefully avoiding Mount Hood. That was when they knew that they needed to include this area in some healing work that they'd planned to do along the Oregon coast on another meridian that passed through Mt. Shasta and Mt. Palomar.

They had no doubt that they could correct the artificial energy imbalance they were witnessing.

To stablize what had been done at the Stonehenge, Melody put one of her tree resin Holy Handgrenades, which she calls Harmonizers, among the roots of a nearby tree. Then she did an attunement and prayer. Carol and Linda were on the east side of the site, observing this process. Carol saw the earth ripple and heave like a frequency wave and then it slowed and came to a stop. Linda felt and saw this, too. The Harmonizer corrected the imbalance of the Maryhill vortex, stabilized the Maryhill Stonehenge structure and connected it with the Earth.

After they were done with the day's exercise, the whole Columbia Gorge looked and felt smoother and more relaxed. Before, it felt agitated and the water was choppy.

August 9th

After they arrived at their friends' house at Cannon Beach, they all dowsed the Oregon map to get the approximate locations for the remaining Holy Handgrenades. They focused on the coastal areas and the areas around Mt. Hood.

As they were dowsing the map, Carol noticed a slight echo in the room. She sensed that someone was listening through a microphone either directed at or attached to the window. They had forgotten to bring the Succor Punch in from the car. The Succor Punch is a combined electronic and crystal device designed by Don and Carol to pursue and educate interfering entities when they attach etheric "cords" through which they could draw out our vital energy. We later discovered that the Succor Punch also blocks transponders and other surveillance device signals. We became the objects of active surveillance by the NSA and CIA after telling the world how to neutralize the new martial law ELF transmitters that have sprung up like a forest all over the planet in the past year or so.

At this point, she brought in the Succor Punch and turned it on. They had been careful before that not to discuss specific locations on the map. As confirmation that more ephemeral agencies are watching over us and guiding our work with the HHgs, Carol has noticed that when she's placing the devices, the agents who watch her undergo a sort of Brain freeze during the process. That was most apparent in Paris, where the agents are far more aggressive than in the U.S. and less likely to let their attention falter.  After all., the Gestapo became Interpol after World War II.

The three women took it easy on the beach for the next couple of days.

August 11th

Number 1
Lincoln City was the nearest dowsed location and Carol felt that this this vortex had something to do with whales. They all had the impression that the specific location was closer to Depoe Bay, though. They stopped at a restaurant in Siletz Bay to get some lunch. As they were sitting at the table, Carol felt a lot of pressure at her back. She asked Linda: "Do you feel that?" Linda felt it at her back and shoulder. The distored vortex was right outside the restaurant in the bay and they knew that it needed to be taken care of before lunch.

Linda stayed in the restaurant and observed the effects as Melody and Carol walked with the HHg to the end of the nearby dock. Carol saw that the vortex was spinning the wrong way and that there was a distinct indent in the water where it was touching down. Melody and Carol said a prayer that the HHg would land in the right spot and at the right angle to do the most good. Then Melody heaved it out into the bay, as close as we could get it to the big dimple.

As soon as it went in, Linda felt the energy relax and start to spin in the other direction, as did Carol. Carol told me that it was just like what she saw outside Guerneville, California, near Bohemian Grove, where we put a HHg into an especially vile vortex a year before with our friend, Gregg, and Carol's daughter, Jenny.

When Melody and Carol got back to the table, they all noticed a distinct improvement in the demeanor of the people in the restaurant. Before, it was so loud in there that the women practically had to yell to hear each other. Now it was a lot calmer and the noise level was reduced to about half of what it was before.

Linda told some stories about how dangerous this spot in the bay was. There were quite a few people who had drowned there. The bodies were never found, even the trained rescuer who went in to help a drowning person. His body was never found either.

Linda telepathically heard a cry for help and saw an arm reaching out of the water toward her just before the HHg was flung into the bay, but in the moments it was sinking to the bottom, she sensed that this bound spirit was set free.

The seals on the nearby beach apparently felt it right away, too. They were more relaxed and surrendered to the sand. Before we placed it, they seemed very confused as to whether or not they really wanted to be on the beach. They kept coming in to shore and then going right back out. In case you don't know, the water along the Oregon coast is not far above freezing, even in the summer, so swimming is not much of a pastime there, except for

Number 2
They dowsed the Sea Lion Caves as the next HHg location. On the way, they felt that they were under attack by Feds using electronic weaponry. Though the Succor Punch and HHgs normally handle these attacks well enough, the higher powered assaults, perhaps with scalar technology, sometimes bleed through the protective field a bit, though not in a form that causes real damage.

Since Linda doesn't live within the capacitating influence of a Chembuster, as Carol and Melody do, her energy level was so low by the time they reached the caves, that she opted to stay in the car.

Melody and Carol stopped at the observation deck to take a look at the sea lions. The wind was so strong, it was shaking the telescope, so she couldn't get a clear look at them. The sea was extremely turbulent, crashing into the cliffs below. The two women had decided that one of Melody's tree-resin Harmonizers with garnets was appropriate for this vortex.

Inside the cave they were alone, but Melody sensed a third presence and asked Carol to look at the entity. Carol saw a composite man/sea lion entity standing to the left of Melody. In the moment that Melody placed the HHg in the appropriate spot, six or seven of the sea lions in the cave stood up on their hindquarters, faced the women and started chanting in a steady tone. This kept up for about five minutes, during which Carol and Melody felt that they were each being enfolded in the arms of the entity, a 9' tall elemental, whom Carol understood to be the guardian of that vortex (Go on a vortex-healing expedition and meet interesting people ;-).

When they went back outside, the seas had smoothed and were not as high and the wind was no longer blowing.

Number 3
It was about 7:30 PM by the time they got to the vortex in the Oregon Dunes (which is a coastal recreation area south of Florence and north of Coos Bay, Oregon). This is the coastal vortex of the major grid line that runs through Mts. Palomar, Lassen and Shasta in California, and Mt Ashland and the (Atlantean-built) Oregon Vortex, near Cave Junction, Oregon. We've all been engaged in a project with several other people to get enough HHgs and cloudbusters along this meridian to deprive the dark masters, who run the world regime, of their stolen energy.

They dowsed that an ordinary HHg was needed for this one. They placed it among some tree roots and watched the energy go down deep and spread out from there. There is something underground there, perhaps a huge subterranean river or underground base. There is a small Coast Guard base nearby with an oversized landing strip, which usually indicates a pretty large underground facility. They all got the impression that a lot of vile stuff was happening down there.

August 12

The Rest Area
This was an unplanned stop. They had planned to cross the coastal mountains to Eugene and drive back to Mt. Hood, but they saw an enormous field of dead orgone over the city and to the north along the Wilamette Valley. Carol and Linda sensed that they were all under visual surveillance. Linda felt the need to put a HHg nearby and Carol telepathically heard voices saying "here, here, here!". They immediately came to a highway rest area, across the highway from a huge dead orgone transmitter, so they stopped, got a tree resin HHg out of the trunk and scouted for a place to put it (When you travel, notice how many of the primary martial law ELF transmitters are located close to the interstate rest areas). Since they felt that people on the ground were closely watching them, they lingered at a few spots and looked around at the watchers until they came to the right spot.

A man was blowing invisible leaves aimlessly in the middle of the parking lot and a woman on a cell phone was was reporting the women's movements. The third watcher in a white van later followed them onto the freeway. Melody took his picture. He was rather surprised and perplexed, since "getting made" for a spook is as bad as getting coup counted was to an Indian warrior, and Melody felt like she'd somehow made the grade.

They found a tree with a deep crevice into which the HHg fit perfectly. Carol felt that she needed to ask permission of the tree's elemental, but none was given until she put a hand on the tree. At that point, the elemental gave permission, but she felt it creeping up her arm and drawing on her own vital energy, which caused her whole arm to ache.

She had to hold her arm under running water at a nearby faucet to restore the energy and noticed that the orgone above the tree was pooling, gathering strength, and then drawn into the surrounding trees, all of which were dying from the effects of the dead orgone being transmitted by the ELF tower across the highway.

Before this as they were looking for the spot to put the tree-resin with-lapis HHg, they could all feel the dead orgone coming into the tip of the HHg, being drawn into it, as though it were a twister being hooked at the small end. Melody called that HHg, "Pecos Bill". There was a strong waffling effect of the energy, back and forth between the nearby tower and the HHg, until the dead orgone field was absorbed at last by the HHg and
transmuted into healthy orgone.

It looked to Carol like the same Medusa-effect that she'd seen at a particularly vile nuclear power plant in a major vortex near Orlando,Florida. Carol and I (Don) had neutralized that one in December, 2000, with one of our first HHgs. The Medusa-effect made Carol wonder if there was a nuke reactor under the rest area.

Mt. Hood's Triangle
They had dowsed that there needed to be 3 HHgs placed in a triangle with one point at the southeast side of Mt. Hood. They put the first one where Highway 211 crosses the Clackamas River southeast of Portland, near Estacada. There was heavy traffic on the narrow bridge, and as Carol and Linda walked onto the bridge to drop the HHg into the water, a man walked onto the bridge from the other end and stopped on the opposite side and stared at them. Immediately, a car stopped next to the man right on the narrow bridge and the two talked while they both stared at Carol and Linda. These fellows were obviously Fed agents who were busy with more than just surveillance. Melody got out of the car, walked to where Carol and Linda were standing, and stared at the male pedestrian in a way that only someone who knows Melody can appreciate. This all happened in a short time, of course, but time seems to stretch out when we're in peril.

Linda felt some urgency at that point, getting the impression that the fellow was a psyops agent intent on somehow using the other agent's parked car beside him to cause the driver of a passing car to lose control and slam into the women on the bridge. So they dropped the HHg into the water unobtrusively and got off the bridge.

Looking back on the incident, they knew that they were being protected then because no cars passed during the time they were on the bridge, even though traffic was very heavy and fast before and after that. The second agent's parked car left very little room for other vehicles to pass and visibility was poor approaching the bridge from both directions on that rural stretch of highway.

After they placed the HHg they felt a tremendous rush of healthy energy coming up from the river.

The second point of the Mt. Hood triangle, near Gresham, Oregon, received a tree resin HHg that included rose quartz, turquoise, and garnet crystals, along with Alaskan magnetite sand (A line drawn through this point and the Maryhill Stonehenge, which goes up the Columbia Gorge through Umatilla, Oregon, figures into a later stage of their expedition).

Their impression was that the three HHgs in the Mt. Hood placement was welcoming Light Beings home to the mountain by opening up the ley lines and chambers under and around the mountain, creating a buffer between the mountain,  Portland, and the Wilamette Valley's forest of dead orgone transmitters and other dense, artificial distortions of the earth's energy grid in that region. The energy around the mountain is now returning to its pristine state which makes it suitable once again for the presence of the more ephemeral off worlders, much as that found on Mt. Shasta.

The third point of the triangle is on Mt. Hood itself.

As they were driving to the final location, Linda felt the dead orgone in her fifth and seventh charkas that was being transmitted by the towers along the way . Carol felt it in her head and sensed the presence of a barrier created by the first two HHgs that was blocking the energy from moving toward the mountain itself.

The resin HHg was placed near the junction of US Hwy 28 and Revenue Road, high up on the southwest side of the mountain. Linda got the idea that this placement stabilized the mountain's energy and is healing it so that it can develop into a place in the Cascades Range that will rival Mt. Shasta as a home for light beings.

Even after the first two HHgs were placed (both in view of Mt. Hood), there was a strong sensation of love, freedom, and unity present in the region that wasn't felt earlier in the day.

August 13th

On Tuesday morning, they started driving east from Portland along the gorge. They stopped at the Stonehenge to check on the energy there and were gratified to find a light, airy ambience; very fine energy moving in waves up to the rim of the gorge and down again. When they had first arrived to place the HHg and use the vortex-healing devices, the air was smoggy, but now it was clear and pleasant, and the mountains were clearly visible. Before, Mt. Hood could barely be seen at all through the dead orgone. They could also now see the natural energy flow around the mountain that they had helped establish the day before. This is the energy that had been channeled around Mt. Hood before the three HHGs were put in place.

The water on the Columbia River was unusually calm- glassy in fact. This is a place that's famous for its reliable, strong winds. There are a lot of businesses which rely on the multitude of windsurfers that go there every summer.

They had dowsed Umatilla as an important area to place an HHg, but they didn't know what to look for there. Eight or nine miles before they reached the city, they were prompted to exit the freeway and start looking for the right location. They all started to get a metallic taste in their mouths, which indicated the presence of strong radiation. Their dowsing directed them to a road which ended at the gated entrance of the Umatilla Army Depot, which is allegedly an ammunition storage facility.

They were being watched through a camera mounted on a pole by the gate. As they turned around to leave, a medical supply truck went through the gate onto the base, which gave them a creepy feeling. They wondered how many people living near this facility were dead and/or dying of cancer and other diseases. They were all experiencing burning eyes and throats by then, in addition to the metallic taste, and felt pain around their livers.

They drove back along the freeway about five miles and exited where they were prompted. Carol received a mental image of a fellow in uniform getting a photo of the women in the car handed to him and being told, "Oh, sh**--they'e here!".  As she was seeing that, Linda said, "They know we're here?"

Psychically viewing the photo, Carol 'saw' the Succor Punch on the dashboard of her car.

They figured that they were heading for the backside of the base and followed a dirt road along an irrigation ditch.
Along that road, there were many cameras on posts disguised as a watering system, although there were no crops or orchards along the way, and everything was dry or dead. They found the spot to put the second HHg, which Melody put on the ground along with a specially chosen stone, and they watched as the energy of it went deep
underground, shaped like a worm, split into three segments and shot toward the heart of the underground facility at the depot.

They drove back to the freeway and on through Umatilla, stopping at some fruit stands. They saw that all of the fruit was extremely toxic, except for what was shipped in from other regions.

They drove up toward Walla Walla, Washington, looking for the right location for the second HHg. This one needed to be put in water and when it was in position, Linda saw an arch being created between this one and the one near Umatilla, which formed into a coil shape, resembling the one that goes into the bottom of the St. Buster's Button, which is a therapeutic Holy Handgrenade designed for body work. They could see the dead orgone dissolving in that field and being drawn into the vortices.

These HHgs have a life of their own. It's like each one knows exactly how to handle their own situation once they're put in place. It's a lot like the way we operate when we follow our instincts. Some feel that the Sun devas (elementals) are the guiding force of all of the orgonite-based devices, which makes sense to me, though one might logically ask who is using the elementals for this work, since elementals have no will, per se. That may be a moot point in practical terms.

Orgonite, by the way,  is nothing more than a mixture of equal volumes of resin and metal particles and/or metal spirals. Any type of resin and any metal is appropriate, as this whole process is quite pastoral, as you may have noticed.
Don Croft

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