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The Adventures of Don & Carol Croft

Episode 31

Beating The Felonius Feds' Surveillance Team & Psychics

By Don Croft <>
August 22, 2002

Carol and I went shopping on Monday to Spokane, which is 80 miles north of our little town, Moscow, Idaho.
The NSA, and sometimes also the CIA, watch us constantly due to our past successes in frustrating their wishes, or at least they try to monitor us. We keep a dedicated Succor Punch (SP) going on a 12v battery, 24/7, in the house so they can't listen to our conversations.

On & Off  Fun
Usually, we 'make' a fed agent or two before we leave town, and though we didn't have any Holy Handgrenades or tower busters made up, they had to assume we were out to savage their agenda, as usual, so they sent the requisite number of ubiquitous white vehicles to track us after I turned on the Succor Punch just before reaching the first highway junction. When the SP is off, they simply track us by satellite.

I do that so that they'll have to send somebody up each road, since turning on the 15Hz Succor Punch blocks all the voice and satellite locator transponders in the vehicle, leaving visual surveillance as the only alternative.

Carol says we've gotten quite a reputation and that they all hate being assigned to watch us.

I turn it off when we reach a destination, then turn it on again at intervals designed to maximize their legwork. Try it yourself!

By 4PM they had given up trying to locate us. This was  a first for us, and hopefully we're setting a trend that others can follow now.

The 15Hz Punch
I don't think it's widely known that you can block electronic surveillance. Wilhelm Muller, the actual inventor of the first successful magnet motor/generator, showed me how to block their mastering and transponders by
just punching in 15Hz to a little frequency Box, which he got in Italy.  I later got one that was made in Bosnia before the factory was demolished in that managed conflict, but the effects of the Succor Punch are far more powerful and apparently even satellite visual tracking is messed up by it-who knows how?

Although the Interpol spooks are more aggressive than the ones here (I'm waiting to hear if this is true in Switzerland,  where folks are well armed) their attention spans have great lapses when one is depositing orgonite devices, and these guys are the direct descendents of the Gestapo, so you'd expect more out of them.

Let the Games Begin
The first fed we saw was the boss, the Special Agent in Charge. Carol knew they were waiting for us just south of Spokane on US 95.

He crossed the highway in front of us and I gave him a good look so he knew we'd made him.  He was driving a very expensive 4WD truck with a large cab-shiny white.

Carol said the second guy was following about a quarter mile back, so I pulled over and waved at him as he passed in his shiny white car.

I sped up to tail him-he was driving REALLY fast-but we got off at the next exit to buy some gemstones. When we got to the store, a regular stop for us, a fed was there watching us. Carol sensed him, but we didn't see him
til we came out and he was with a psychic female agent. They were staring at us when we came out of the store from across the boulevard, but when I waved to them they studiously avoided looking at me ;-)

The woman showed up later on.

I turned the Succor Punch on as we drove across town and turned it off when we stopped for lunch.  A couple of feds were watching us from a quarter mile away through binoculars. Carol psychically saw what they were  seeing, so we located them that way, and when we pulled out, SP still off, we doubled back after they'd pulled out to follow us, then easily lost them in heavy traffic, as they dared not get too close.

I turned it on again and we drove toward Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, 20 miles east on the Freeway. After we crossed the state line, I turned it off again, we went to the only store in this part of the world which sells organic snicker-doodle-flavored coffee, light roast, and timed it just right to meet the first fed to arrive from downtown Spokane. We faked them out with the SP virtuosity, so they were waiting for us in the other direction ;-)

Carol sensed the guy coming from about a mile away, so when his shiny white van came toward us on the other side of the freeway, I gave him a hearty wave and a smile.

That's the last we saw of the feds that day, though we were an hour and a half from home. For all they knew, we were out busting transmitters like bats out of hell.

Though I know that doing this without a telepath in attendance is not as productive, Jeff and I gave a good account of ourselves when we closed the two remaining predatory reptilian hive portals, etc., when Carol was in Paris last month, and if we can do it, so can you, most likely. I don't know if 32 Hz works for this, but I can try that in the Zapporium, since it has a multible frequency generator hooked to the built-in mobius coil/crystal arrangement in that vehicle.I'll  let you know. The SPs have our zapper circuit hooked up to them, so the frequency's not changeable.

The Empire Strikes Back
That night, Jenny was being psychically attacked by the female agent, so we hooked into that loop with the SP and got that the agent is one of six assigned to try to harm us and to spy on us astrally.

This one created a connection to Jenny's solar plexus through the ground, which Carol said is clever, and the intention was to sicken the teenager so that we'd have to stick around. Of course, the Terminator cures any real sickness aside from acute poisoning, so all that was left was the emotional component.

Carol was loathe to do what needed doing because she's so keenly aware of the importance of doing no harm in her work.  However, the agent was in the process of harming Carol's daughter, so it was okay to do enough to break the connection.

Federally-trained psychics don't know how to defend themselves, as I mentioned. It may not be important why this is so, but it's good to know that it is.  Predatory people like that are not vulnerable in the areas that they choose to attack others, that is, the head charkas, but they are easily manipulated though their lower charkas, which is where Carol directed me to focus the SP's energy with her.

All we had to do was to juice up her kundalini in the second and third charkas and she was on the floor in a fetal position, overcome with fear because she had no subsequent control over her mind. The body is always the boss, folks, no matter what anyone told you ;-).  The feds show their spiritual stupidity for ignoring this simple truth, but of course to study the energies of the lower charkas in a balanced way requires integrity.  Need I say more?   People centered in their bodies aren't manipulable by head games, which may be why Africans are  immune to mind control, for instance.

I got a flood of threatening mental images from the female agent. This is what I got from the Draconian that was the first target of my first Succor Punch. As with the mentally-oriented Draconian, this person's efforts were pretty pitiful.  I'm an in-the-body sort of fellow.

Wanted: Psychic Warriors
Almost a year ago, every psychic we knew or knew about was severely attacked by the fed psychics in an effort to warn them away from opposing the regime. This didn't seem to have much to do with the Cloudbuster effort, since it was just barely getting started. All of them we knew about got physically ill for a couple of weeks, except for the ones who had zappers, of course.

Some of them spun all sorts of fancy explanations for their failure to protect themselves, but most of them seem to know, at least, that they were targeted.

I hope more of them will come forward and use their talents, as Carol is, to oppose the predatory regime. I think it's going to happen pretty soon. Nobody likes the notion that they're going to get attacked arbitrarily by strangers, so my hope is that some of them will avail themselves of our protection/aggression devices and put these spooks in their places.

I've said this before, but Ed Dames presents his version of remote viewing as the ultimate spyware.  In fact, it's the Model T of psychic spying tech. If you believe him, you'd believe that the battleship, Arizona, is state of the art naval power.  The federal government's unlawful spy agencies, mainly NSA and CIA, are turning out psychics faster than we can estimate and they're all eager to prove themselves. They don't teach them much about universal law, apparently. Sort of like the police academies no longer mention the Constitution, but we know for sure that they can be held to account more or less instantly when they break those laws and try to harm us.

I guess the average Joe, since he's unaware of the existence of the larger aspects of his own existence, is completely defenseless against these predators, so they are always surprised and rather shocked when we identify them and put them on the SP 'spit' for a few turns. The woman agent was the first human to stay the course after that, but in her case we simply went after her boss, to whom she and the other five were assigned to block access by  us. It was mighty easy to get to him and we were both surprised to see that it was the same fellow we'd made earlier in the day. He's an accomplished mason, so this stuff is not new to him.

I energized his chakras with kundalini, starting from the base, and he was in pretty good shape, so when I got to his heart I wasn't surprised to find that he's essentially a loving person. Carol said at that point that all he wanted to do was quit, but he felt locked in because it was his livlihood. He appeared to be close to retirement age.

Since Jenny was free of the attachment at this point, we simply left them alone. I'd be very surprised if they try something like that again. Carol said the boss agent was made aware of the attempt to kill us last week, but wasn't connected with it. I've seen him at least once around here-the day that Jeff and I went to the Cascade Mountains, he was hanging out beside one of the transmitters we hadn't neutralized yet.

You can bet they're all reading this post.  I'm told that about fifty feds read everything I write.

It's funny, but if anyone were to ask me to do anything requiring psychic perception, I'd have little or no confidence in my own advice, but when I'm doing this stuff it feels like I can't fail. Carol told me that until I
was fifteen, I was being trained in the MK Ultra Program to be a spook.  They canned me then because of integrity issues-I had it and they didn't.  That might explain why I absolutely love tweaking them. I admit that I
love it more than life itself.  I suppose that as long as I enjoy playing for high stakes, it's better to do it this way than to turn into one of the zombies that one sees in Vegas.

Underlying everything, of course, is my faith that we're going to win this game, once and for all.  This is absolutely the best time to be alive!

Don't try this at home unless you're willing to ride the tiger, okay?  Otherwise, let your instincts guide you and don't  hesitate to follow your hunches.

Don Croft

© Copyright 2002  All Rights Reserved.

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