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The Adventures of Don & Carol Croft

Episode 32

Successful Tower Busting 101

By Don Croft <>
September 3, 2001

I get the feeling that many folks have a hard time believing that 3 oz of orgonite in a little paper cup can neutralize the bad effects of a martial law transmitter. I admit that by evening, during the first four days of this expedition, I was feeling sort of like Don Quixote, tilting at windmills, but two things snapped me out of that little funk:  a fed SAIC (Special Agent In Charge) visited me at a transmitter site in Blackfoot, Idaho, and after each day of busting regional networks, I contended with thunderstorms over precisely the area that had been neutralized.  There had been little rain throughout the summer west of the parts of Idaho covered by cloudbusters, but I didn't know that at the time.  A year ago, I had a hunch that something on the ground was being used to fight the effects of the cloudbusters. At first I thought it was just HAARP, but then I suspected that the vast network of new transmitters was producing sufficient dead orgone to keep the sky from assuming its pristine state consistently.

Dixie Hugs
I arrived at the little Dixie Cup solution after feeling some frustration at the thought of producing hundreds of HHgs to do the job that needed to be done on a large scale in my region of the country.  After Carol and I tested the idea on some local transmitters, I remembered that we first got the notion that we could neutralize dead orgone sources this way when we were lying on a beach in South Florida a couple of years ago and she was astonished to see the nice orgone field that my Terminator was reaching out about twenty feet instead of three or four feet.

 We discovered that afternoon that there's a nuke plant on the long, skinny island, about 20 miles south of where we'd been swimming. We first tested our theory that orgonite puts out more energy in the presence of a dead/deadly orgone source rather than getting polluted by it when we drove the Zapporium past the nuke plant north of Portland, Oregon a couple of months before that. This was the ultimate test to me, since orgone accumulators become toxic in the vicinity of any dead orgone source, and deadly within up to forty miles of a nuke reactor.

We made up our first HHg the next day and delivered it to the Florida nuke plant south of the swimming beach.  That was the day after Carol noticed the orgone field of the Terminator enlarging and becoming more vital. This was in November, 2000, four months before we made our first cloudbuster. After we put the four ounces of orgonite & two little quartz cxrystals in a Terminator box (1"x 2"x3") we drove out onto the island and put it in the bushes at the entrance to the nuke facility, about a half mile from the reactor itself. We stayed there while Carol watched what happened to the energy. Immediately, the dead/deadly orgone field shrunk from it's beyond-sight limit to exactly where the  HHg prototype was sitting and remained stable there. Both of us found our breathing easy and the oppressive, vaguely ominous feeling simply vanished outside that spherical field.

I know that a huge percentage of people who work at nuke facilities die of cancer, much too early in life.  I fully agree with Dr. Reich's assessment that the real danger from nuke reactors is the dead/deadly orgone fields they produce, which can't be shielded, rather than from radiation itself, which can be shielded effectively. These transmitters all put out that nasty energy right now, which is a good reason not to wait to neutralize them all in your area, at least for your own sake.

Last night, I got back from my first large scale campaign of neutralizing the new transmitters.  After consulting with Jerry Morton, who lives east of Boise, Idaho, and who had neutralized (by that time) more than a hundred new transmitters and major arrays from thirty miles east of his home, westward to Oregon along the very wide, populous Snake River Valley, I committed to covering the entire valley from Twin Falls over to Wyoming, leaving the corridor from Pocatello to Utah to Jerry and his son, Ben.

Since most of the state is wilderness between that valley and our own home in Moscow, on the Idaho panhandle far to the north, that only leaves the populous region including Coeur d'Alene and Sand Point, north of the wilderness area, which Carol and I will finish off together. She'd worked for the Census Bureau in the north panhandle in 1999 so knows it better than most people. Also, she grew up sort of right next door to that area, on Mt. Spokane, in Washington State.

We used the transmitters for fifty miles around our own home to test the parameters of the Tower Busters. We used Holy Handgrenades on all of the arrays in this area (there are nine of those). We're seeing, by the way, that there's an average of one array per six or seven single and double towers, though of course cities larger than a hundred thousand people have more single transmitters per array.  For double towers, we put down two Tower Busters, for single ones, one is sufficient, no matter how much crap they've piled onto the tower.

I'll spare you the geographical details so you'll get a feel for the spirit of this exercise, which I dearly hope you'll replicate at least in your own immediate area, for your own sake if not for humanity's, since these damn things are minimizing the effects of your cloudbuster right now and stopping a lot of rain, in conjunction with the chemtrail program.  We've all essentially castrated the latter program's biological weapons aspect, but they still have the capability of stopping most of the rain in cooperation with the dead orgone producing transmitters.

It's up to you to find out if you can repeat what I accomplished. I expect that your results will be even more dramatic, since none of the areas where I produced afternoon thunderstorms have cloudbusters.

If you're discouraged about being able to find vortices, don't be! The regime has mapped them all out for you by placing transmitter arrays in and around them. Any time you see more than two new transmitters within a quarter to a half mile of each other, you will be in a major vortex if you stand in the middle of that. At this point, Carol and I are pretty sure that all of the other transmitters are located at least on ley lines. The regime does this to maximize the effects of their predatory apparati. This isn't a new practice-it's been part of their occult modus operendi for millennia, which is why there are cathedrals built on the old pagan holy sites in Europe and large corporate headquarters and/or facilities in North America are built on ancient native holy places whenever possible.

The neatest part, to me, is that when one places an orgonite device anywhere near a transmitter, it not only transmutes the deadening energy of the transmitter (all of which are operating at low power right now) into life force and heals the lesion in the earth's energy field that the transmitter has produced.

An ancient principle in warfare is to use the enemy's own energy and information against him. Though the mention of war is repugnant to many of you who have cloudbusters and have also contributed magnificently to the effort of healing these transmitter lesions, the fact remains that the regime is making war on us and on the planet itself, so I'm not out of bounds in discussing our mutual work in this context.

The regime gives us information about the locations of vortices and ley lines simply by erecting their horrific transmitters and arrays. By putting orgonite devices in the vicinity of these sites, we create a condition in which there is more life force in those locations than would have been there if they hadn't put those towers there in the first place.

Los Angeles and New York City are the most challenging areas, since each place has thousands of individual transmitters and perhaps a hundred arrays. I recommend hitting the routes leading out of the city first, since these are apparently designed to prevent masses of well-armed people leaving the metropolitan areas, which would be untenable for even a vast, blue helmeted invading army. I guarantee that you can bust those towers a lot faster than they can put up new ones.  I've seen the transmitters in the passes leading out of LA and a photo of these would be sufficient proof to anyone that this has nothing to do with cell phones. They put them on telephone poles about a quarter mile apart along the canyons, most of which are unpopulated. The San Francisco Bay area has the same phenomenon.

I noticed that all the major arrays had the little transmitters like this on phone poles among the much larger, more complex towers.  I believe these are designed to stop people from sabotaging the array, nothing else-they're probably to  be left on full blast for the duration of martial law so that the array need not have an occupying force.  I guess they weren't counting on us, eh?

The first day in the trenches was problematic for me because it was the first time I'd ever covered a large area by myself. That involved a lot of driving along gravel and dirt roads, many of which aren't on the maps, in order to find my way to the major arrays, especially.  By late afternoon the wind and rain were so intense that it was hard to keep the last major array in sight through the heavy downpour and dust clouds.

The reason I knew that this thunderstorm was produced by my own efforts is that I watched it form in a blue sky directly over Twin Falls, a city of 50,000, shortly after I'd neutralized the major arrays north and south of the city and all of the transmitters within the urban area between those two buttes. Blue sky and scattered, puffy white clouds surrounded the storm, so it was obviously not part of a frontal system.

This happened on the following two days over Pocatello and Idaho Falls, two cities of comparable size, in exactly the same way as I worked my way west and north.

My goal was to do this in a way that you can easily replicate, so I didn't focus on any of the more abstruse techniques that Carol and I are fond of but might be hard for you to relate to.

If you live in a city, just drive back and forth on parallel major streets, about a mile or so apart, and keep watching for the transmitters.  Drop a Tower Buster in a river,  into somebody's shrubbery, or other concealed spot not closer than a block from the transmitter, and move on to the next one you see. Remember that if you put it too close  it may be discovered in a search.   We don't bury these unless there's no other option.  The Drive-By technique is fun and kind of romantic to us, pointing up how little effort is required to neutralize these costly apparati. In that spirit, we put pennies on our zappers as electrodes, a comment on how quickly and cheaply one can cure 'incurable,' otherwise costly illnesses, such as cancer and AIDS.

Put a Holy Handgrenade (more than a pint is not necessary if you can get close) in the vicinity of all the arrays in the city or within sight of it in the outlying area. It's probably  best to shallowly bury these as close as possible. If the arrays are in a restricted area and you don't feel confident in 'trespassing,' simply line two or three HHgs up, a
quarter mile or so apart, aiming generally at the array.  It might be a good idea to get an HHg on either side of that array, as close as you can safely get. The range of these devices can be quite significant if you vector them this way.   If you're not confident in your dowsing ability for finding optimum HHg locations in this case, buy one of Ben's pendulums and get up to speed that way.

Here's how I found the first of the two underground bases:

The afternoon before taking on Pocatello, I took care of all the transmitters and arrays in the farming region north and west of the city, which is in a sort of 'pocket valley' leading off toward Utah from the much larger Snake River Valley.

By the time I reached the city of Blackfoot, 25 miles north of Pocatello, the feds had been tracking my progress by noting the sequence of neutralized transmitters. There were two towers just inside the city limits and within five minutes of busting the first one, a shiny, light brown pickup truck with tinted windows showed up and parked beside that tower, which was close to the road.

Making sure the person in the truck didn't see what I did for the other tower, I drove over and parked beside him and rolled my window down. I had to get close to notice the four very thin, oddly shaped antennae on the roof of the cab.

The driver, a middle aged man with very short hair, rolled his window down and I said, 'Do you want to talk to me?'  He said, 'No, sir,' but didn't look at me. He looked bemusedly at the lovely graphics that I'd painted on the side of the Zapporium while I scrutinized all the fancy radio equipment sticking out from his dashboard. That only lasted about five seconds before I drove away. I had the impression that he didn't want to talk much.

The following morning I was ready to take on Pocatello's challenges, and the huge, new conning tower at the small airport and the HAARP & transformer array, along with the town-sized pile of dirt beside it, both of which were across the interstate highway from the airport  indicated the presence of a moderate-sized underground base.    Zoe in Salt Lake City was the first to note the presence of HAARP transmitters in a major transformer complex, so I was watching for that. All transformer arrays have lightning rods that stick up twenty or thirty feet above the structure, but the transmitters are at least a hundred feet tall, usually much taller, and there are at least four of them. When you see one, bury a HHg nearby.

When you see a transmitter that looks like the top half of a bowling pin, put a HHg as close as you can to that one, too. We don't know what they're for, but sometimes they're at airports, sometimes out in the middle of nowhwere. Carol says the energy coming off of them is extremely bad, though we haven't a clue what theyr'e for. Pocatello Airport has one.

After I took care of the single martial law transmitter at the airport, near the terminal, early that morning, I noticed that an airport security vehicle was discretely parked and the driver was watching me meander the grounds looking for other targets.  I didn't find any more, so I drove back over the interstate and parked by the overpass, facing the big dirt pile and transformer/HAARP array on the hillside at the edge of the valley. Before any major assaults, I like to park at a vantage point and scrutinize the enemy territory through my binoculars.

As I was doing that, a fed in a white car drove slowly past me, turned right and drove into a gas station nearby.   She made the mistake of stopping in the middle of the lot for a few seconds before parking by the convenience store, where she was for several minutes, too long to get a snack and/or use the bathroom, so I drove down there myself, arrived and parked out of sight of whoever was in the store, and entered through the front door.

Surprise! ;-)

The woman quickly bypassed the counter and left, carrying two coffee cups to her car.  There was nobody else in the car, but a young man in neat, nondescript civilian clothes and with a military haircut was still at the counter, while the clerk was trying to process his card,  which I assumed he was trying to use to pay for the coffee.   He apologized to me for taking so long, and I told him it was okay, I had all day.  He wasn't in the car when she drove by me on the overpass.

When I looked at the card on the counter, he covered it with his hand, faced me and made some odd comment about county cards, passports, and '9/11 wouldn't have happened if blah, blah, blah.'

I said, 'Oh, come on-anyone who's been in the military knows that the feds blew up those building.'   He gave me a very odd look and simply left.  I followed him out after paying for my coffee. He had gotten in the driver seat of a cop car that was parked by the gas pumps. The real cop (I assumed) was sitting in the passenger seat with a bemused look on his face. Needless to say, I didn't see those folks again. I sincerely hope that I'm not getting them into too much trouble by writing this, but I thought you would want to know about it.

In case I've given the impression that I'm against police in general, I want to correct that now. I've found that most of the police I've met are just as self-sacrificing and service-oriented as you and I are, and just as much in love with the idea of personal freedom and responsibility.  This may not be true in some of the major cities, of course, or out in Goiterville someplace, but I hope that none of us have taken the attitude that policemen are the enemy, per se, and the same is true for the military people I've known, here and abroad.

The NSA and CIA are not legitimate police agencies, nor are they serving any useful purpose as far as I can tell.   Theyr'e awfully interested in these towers and underground bases,  which represent a secret as well-kept and potentially deadly as the Manhattan Project. We've never heard or seen evidence that the FBI are interested in what we're doing.

Felonious Feds

By the way, I'm not pleased with the fact that some feds have kept all of the wholesale zapper payments from being delivered to us in the past two weeks, but we'll find a way to stop that, too, I'm sure, just as I found a way to get my business email again after they tried to stop that in April. When I get more info about the latest transgression by the unlawful feds, I'll share that with you, too. The first assault on our livlihood by them came right after I shared instructions for neutralizing these very towers.

I think the regime sent that MK Ultra sap to kill us just on principle and the folks who arranged that are probably not connected with the ones doing this petty harassment. The killers' handlers really need to have some time-out or get their own heads removed, but I'd like to have a heart to heart talk with the folks who are just interfering with our livlihood. They need to at least realize that their interference has become an endorsement. I could still do this work even if I had to go back to living in my car and snapping sign jobs.  I'm sure that Ivo-fellow sign-painter and Tower Buster extraordinaire in Connecticut-can relate.

Of course, anyone with a Succor Punch in the car will remain electronically invisible to the spies during the tower busting episodes, and having one turned on inside the house will ensure that their conversations at home won't be electronically monitored, unless they're online or on the phone. Otherwise, it's pretty easy to get the job done without been seen by the street level federal watchers.

I did trespass that day in order to get an HHg properly placed to vector that HAARP array, which was impossible to get close to. It was connected, energetically, to an extensive mountaintop array overlooking Pocatello. That road was hard to find!

If you decide to trespass on the regime's sanctum sanctorum this way, try to get a feel for how long it will take the guys with handcuffs to get to you. Do the deed and get out of there in that case. Honestly, I find this sort of gambling a lot more fun and rewarding than slot machines or blackjack (or bacarat with Blofel?) but don't try this unless you are willing to take the consequences for failure. I've got my pitbull teeth in their pants right now, and I'm not letting go, no matter what.  Some more pitbulls out there besides the dozen or so who are doing what we're doing wouldn't be a bad idea in these days leading up to their wished-for martial law D-Day. Of course, just because an unlawful government puts 'no trespassing' signs up arbitrarily doesn't mean they own that land, and some county Sherriffs (the only law enforcers sanctioned by the US Constitution) in Arizona and Nevada proved that point by arresting armed 'federal' officers for attempting to stop them from traveling on 'their' land. That's our land, folks, not theirs.

The confirmation for neutralizing an underground base is in seeing the persistent smog above ground dissipate within hours.That's what happened there and over the much larger base in the desert west of Idaho Falls two days later. Of course, there isn't enough industry or population density to create such a smog field in those areas.

The underground base west of our home, under the Snake River Gorge in the unpopulated area downstream from Lewiston, had a persistant smog field, extending from the ground up into the higher clouds, that disappeared right
after we put two HHgs on top of the base, close to the very big airstrip there.

The huge pulp mill a few miles upstream in Lewiston had maintained a dense, stinky  field of smog up to the gorge's rim until we put a cloudbuster there in February. I dropped a HHg in the huge settling pond connected with that mill when I took a fortuitous  wrong turn and ended up there on the first leg of my journey last week.  I couldn't smell that settling pond at all yesterday when I drove past there on my way home. It had been the only part of that operation that had still stunk after the CB went up in Lewiston.

Always expect confirmation when you do this work. Otherwise, how could you expect your interest and enthusiam to be maintained? Without the confirmations, I'd feel pretty foolish doing this. I hope you'll start small and see the immediate affects on the sky where you live, then decide if you want to extend the benefits to a wider area, which many of you will no doubt want to do after that.

I truly believe that we can get this into popular culture enough to completely dismantle the regime's worldwide genocide/tyranny apparati, as we've done with their chemtrail plans already with our cloudbusters in less than a year.

We have faith that the Wingmakers are guiding this effort and protecting the participants.Actually, I believe that God's doing it, and that the Wingmakers are simply His/Her appointed agents.

Having said that, I know for a fact that it doesn't matter if you  believe as I do and that you'll get the same results that I got no matter what you do or don't believe in. Faith has little to do with belief structures, after all. You'd need to have some faith in order to take anything I'm saying seriously enough to experiment with this stuff on your own, I think. Our faith is what unites us, not our beliefs.

Of course, there are major vortices that aren't adorned with transmitter arrays. We're noticing that there are many people showing up now with the ability to find these places and heal them with HHgs. Most of the earth's major vortices had been corrupted by the regime, which is essentially parasitic as well as predatory, so taking these back for humanity and our lovely planet deprives the regime of their dark ch'i, without which they can't operate effectively.

Here's what I saw after putting a single HHg in a single transmitter array that was located on flat ground on the edge of a small town:

There was an amorphous white mass of cloud that began spreading from the sky directly above that array, which was made up of four tall towers that bristled with every sort of panel, rod, dish and drum transmitter apparatus There were no other transmitters within five miles of this array. The cloud formation assumed a sort of funnel shape in the center, which pointed down to the transmitters.

There was no wind associated with it and it remained very white throughout, unlike when a tornado is forming along a frontal system (I spent most of my early years in Arkansas' tornado zone, so I know what tornado weather looks like).  It was surrounded by lovely blue sky and puffy clouds. Of course our friends, the Lemurians, were observing from their craft inside the little lenticular clouds under the other clouds.

I was watching this from about 15 miles away, where I had just neutralized another array on top of a butte. I remembered that the three previous days' thunderstorms over the cities I'd visited started out the same way,
though on a much larger scale, of course.

Just as the rain-bearing cumulus cloud started forming over that amorphous mass, promising another rainstorm, a large, white, unmarked Boeing 747 flew across an edge of the amorphous part and laid a trail before turning south
and flying away. Within minutes, the cululus cloud shrunk and disappeared and the amorphous mass and white funnel shrank but didn't completely disappear or move downwind. That plane was flying at about ten thousand feet, much lower than I'd seen one fly for the past year or so.

I think that if there had been a cloudbuster in the region, the chemtrail wouldn't have been effective.

After I'd neutralized another principle butte-top array the next morning, clouds started forming from the northeast, which was downwind from the area from which rain normally arrives. I had to climb to the top of that butte, as my truck wouldn't have been able to negotiate the steep road, even if I wanted to gamble being arrested for trespassing there. I think it's safe to assume that any array that requires trespassing on alleged government land is an important one to the predatory agenda.

I didn't drive to the butte because feds were passing me on the road every five minutes or so and the dust cloud along the only dirt road leading to the butte would have given me away instantly.

For several hours, at least six chemtrail jets tried unsuccessfully to stop the windward advance of these high altitude moisture bearing clouds but they gave up around 2PM and the clouds kept advancing over the areas of the huge underground base in the desert that I was able to 'hug'. There were at least four nuke plants above ground around the perimeter of that base, though the densest part of the smog field was in the middle, which looked completely empty. There were two arrays on buttes near the north and south edges, within the restricted zone, the much larger south one having nineteen separate towers on a very high, steep volcanic cone.

Lines of dumped rock and soil can be seen along the road every quarter mile or so, and a huge pile of excavated dirt and rocks is near one of the nuke plants, giving away the presence of  the underground base even more graphically than the smog field in the desert. These piles are often seen near the transmitter. They learned not to pile it too high, so you might have to look closely for inexplicable piles of rock and soil in the vicinity of the new towers. Carol 'saw' many of them connected to underground networks and now she's telling me that most transmitters can be manually controlled from directly below ground.

This area is called Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Labs, so I assumed this is one of the places the regime uses to experiment with ways to engineer the destruction of our environment.  The confirmation that this hunch was correct came within an hour or so of putting the last HHg in place around the restricted area, which is phenomenally large. I literally watched the darkening clouds extend over the area as the smog fields shrank into two lingering fields,  then disappeared. The very strong wind that had persisted all day diminished at the same time, another confirmation.

New Psi Games

On the drive home yesterday, I was subjected to a brand new (to me) sort of psychic assault which was apparently designed to get me to visualize the locations of the HHgs that I'd placed to neutralize that large array on the southern butte on INEEL.

I had to get home and work with Carol to neutralize that effort. She and Linda had been subjected to it since their visit to the underground base at Umatilla, Oregon, a couple of weeks before that, but had just discovered the source of it, since it's a lot more subtle than anything we'd encountered before, including the ET stuff, early on.   This is strictly a human effort involving NSA/CIA psychics and some newer, high tech apparati.

More on that later, after we get better data, but we're handling it fine, with Wingmaker assistance, and getting more info from the enemy in the meantime, of course.

I hope that the ground level NSA/CIA spooks and psychics won't be punished after we've all established real governments in North America, unless they've been involved in killing people, of course. I don't think the murderous agents have any illusions about working under lawful mandates, but the others probably do.  I look forward to meeting some of the folks who have been assigned to spy on us and harass us and swap stories with them. Carol and I have gotten friendly waves from some of them after we recognized them, even before we noticed them a couple of times.  Those are usually young people and/or people of color.

Talk to the Animals

The following is worth mentioning, but shouldn't be considered essential to this work. Whenever I needed to find the right farm road to get to a tower or array, I found that the behavior of hawks and doves was helpful, which is ironic considering my ongoing dialogue with cloudbuster aficionados who hate my warfare analogies. This might be a good time to refer to David Icke's assertion that the dove is a symbol of predatory aspects of the ancient world regime rather than to any association with peace, but I don't support or deny his claims about that.

Carol was the first one to point out and demonstrate to me that the behavior of birds and animals in general can be used to show us what to do. Lots of cloudbuster folks have noted anomalous behavior of birds around them, especially hawks and eagles.

Have you noticed that vultures are rarely seen in areas where there is a cloudbuster?  We saw them a lot around here before putting a CB up and I only saw a half dozen or so in the area I visited in the last week, though it was hundreds of miles from the nearest known cloudbuster. I'm sure there are no cloudbusters west of Jerry's in Idaho because the local thunderstorms had a lot of lightning and wind, characteristics that are almost entirely absent in T-storms when a CB is present. This is another proof that the concerns that we are doing harm with our version of the CB are unfounded.

At any rate, vultures love dead orgone fields and are apparently not comfortable in areas of strong, healthy orgone.

Chemtrails & Spook Busting

The chemtrails throughout Idaho are disappearing just about as fast as they can be squirted out, so the range of cloudbusters for this, at least, is vast in every case. I  proved, at least to myself, that the chemtrails were heavily dependent on the dead orgone created by the worldwide nework of martial law transmitters. A fast drive through the Los Angeles Basin would demonstrate this to anyone these days.You'd drive from blue, healthy sky, and as soon as you arrive in the Basin the sky is whited out at about 20,000 feet and it's blue again as you pass out of the metropolitan area in any direction. The density of transmitters there is many time greater than any place else I'm aware of.  This whiteout is maintained by the transmitters, not by chemtrails. This contrast is most obvious when it's seen from a plane.

A fed, posing as a cellular phone tech, was waiting at one of the transmitters along my route, so after discretely depositing a Tower Buster under his unheeding nose, I stopped to chat with him. I was amused to hear him explain that this transmitter, which only had an array of vertical flat panels and was far from any town or highway, was for cell phones.

I noted that these costly erections, replete with buried fiber optic cable, independent power supplies, concrete prefab buildings, underground chambers, etc., are distributed in a ratio of one tower per one to three thousand people, and that it would probably take a hundred years for the tiny fraction of a penny per minute of cell phone use that he said was allotted for all of this to pay for them.  No doubt all of this would be obsolete in a couple of years at current trends, anyway (I'm told that most actual cellphone traffic is handled by satellite right now, not ground transmitters),  and although I consider that most folks who are corporate slaves are tacit, unquestioning supporters of top-heavy, predatory/parasitic agendae, the top fellows on the corporate dungheap are not stupid and they wouldn't waste billions of dollars on something that wasn't likely to phenomenally line their pockets and increase their own personal power. There is only one corporation on the planet in real terms, after all. Check out David Icke's assessment of the satanic symbols found in all the major corporate logos.

Sacramento has these about a half mile apart throughout the city and in the entire city of Santa Rosa, not far away, there are only two of them, I mentioned to him.

At the end of our conversation, that fellow had the same expression on his face as did the fellow who was driving the cop car earlier that day.

In our travels, we've only seen one of these transmitters under construction, and in that case it was on a restricted road along the interstate in Nevada. Unmarked white vehicles were there.  From now on, when I see anyone at these sites I'll make a point of speaking with them if possible. I hope you'll do the same and share your information with the rest of us.

I'm like anyone else in that investigating this aspect of reality feels like taking the bandage off a festering, maggot infested lesion, but that analogy holds up pretty well when you consider that not removing the bandage has even more unpleasant consequences. We're in a situation similar to the one the German citizens found themselves in during the middle 1930's-something horrendous is being prepared for us all by the corporate elite, the very same families who created Hitler and put him into position (including the Bush family), but the implications are not fully overt yet. The difference, at least in the U.S., Switzerland and South Africa, is that these families have utterly failed to disarm the populace and the worldwide web is being used by folks like you and me to spread information quickly throughout the globe. Knowledge has always been more powerful than bullets, at any rate, but those civilian bullets are pretty daunting to the regime and America is their hoped-for prize, apparently.

Clinton, the former alleged leader of the American people, loathes the military (no small wonder), but I loathe violence in general, though I support the rank and file majority of well-intentioned men and women in our vastly diminished military, which represent a potent, immediate threat to the world regime once they've awakened to their true responsibility.

As Jerry says, we're pouring resin right now so that we won't have to pour lead later on.

Don Croft

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