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Episode 33

American Towers Corp's New Role in Spokane, Washington

By Don Croft <>
September 14, 2002

American Towers Corporation, who own about a hundred and fifty or so entropy transmitters in Spokane are now responible for creating and maintaining the healthiest city-wide orgone field I've ever encountered, however involuntarily they fell into this job.

In an effort to bolster the Cloudbuster Forum's temporarily lagging image regarding this project's viability for Everyman, I was going to make tower busters with only orgonite and conquer the stalwart legion of entropy transmitters in the City of Spokane with them, alone.

I asked Carol for her opinion, and she said the Wingmakers told her that orgonite, alone, can bust a transmitter, but that I would have to use five ounces instead of three with a crystal.  She passed the buck, in other words, so I still don't know what her opinion is ;-)

Laziness overcame my desire to prove this to you. Hopefully, you can find at least a bag of broken quartz crystals if our vendors are out of them or you're living in a country where getting packages from the US or Holland is like getting a root canal. I think we'll all sort that out soon, at any rate.

After about 150 drive-bys and plantings over the course of several visits by Carol and I (we did the arrays much earlier), the City of Spokane is now entropy-free.  Here's what happened in the sky:

Blue Skies, Nothing But Blue Skies
As I reported on Monday, a huge blue hole opened up in the HAARP and spew remnant soup over the city after Carol and I did the downtown area. The spew had been disabled for over a year, thanks to Spokane's two cloudbusters,  but there remained shreds and spots here and there in the HAARP-generated androgynous and spotty cloudcover over the city.  We will soon fix those HAARP generators and that enormous underground base a hundred miles west (upwind) of the city, but the contrast between their current boundary and the vibrant orgone field over the city is very instructive right now.

After about thirty Tower Busters were laid down in grid fashion, concealed in shrubberies and other spots, as available, every three blocks over the entire section of the city where there are tall buildings (every single building has some form of entropy-producing apparatus on top) all of that indeterminate cloudcover simply vanished in a few minutes, showing a rim. The hole was about ten miles in diameter.

Of course, we put a HHg by the huge Masonic Temple, which Carol says is used as an entrance to new underground facilities.

Driving over the low mountain pass, the whole city was visible to me in the early morning Tuesday when I arrived to finish the task. The blue hole was still there and the chemtrails were disappearing so fast there that I almost thought they were actual contrails (remember them?) but as soon as the jets flew into the sourrounding HAARP-generated and entropy-transmitter sustained soup, the chemtrails lingered for up to half an hour.

One of the spewplane pilots even made a little half-loop in the soup for effect.   I think that's taboo for them over populated areas because of the risk of waking up pajama people down below.

I did some of the suburbs first, then the upscale residential areas of the city, which have fewer towers than the places where folks are closer to having nothing to lose, so it wasn't until late afternoon that I got the nitty gritty entropy zone covered.

A curious thing happened in the sky after our Sunday visit. Instead of appearing amorphous, the HAARP soup to the west, beyond the boundary of downtown Spokane's vibrant orgone field,  took on an almost lovely aspect, hard to describe. I never saw that before.  It was arranged in sine-wave rows, not unlike ocean waves, but the waves were side to side and sort of ephemeral, with a distinct edge to the upper surface, fading out underneath.

The edge of their pattern ended about twenty miles from the city in the morning, but after about eight hours of flying in and out of the edge by three spewplanes, the edge gradually extended to within about five miles of downtown.  There are no HHgs or tower busters west of Spokane yet, but I counted four major new HAARP arrays out there recently, and I know there's an enormous base under Moses Lake, Washington, which is allegedly the cargo terminal for the Seattle airport, two hundred miles further west.I was working  east of downtown, so I got a good view of the process.

After the last tower was busted in the city, the day was nearly over. Before sunset, I was treated to an awesome display of what the right-spinning orgone field was doing, because just then a spot of durable spew drifted over the city. As I watched, it started to spin around its center like water going down a drain.  The nebula-shaped spinning spewcloud got more distinct, then simply vanished in about five minutes.

At that point, some overfed and redundant bureaucrat in the Department of HAARP probably told one of his sycophants, "Turn the damn thing off right now!  We don't want any of those Pajama People to see what's
happening to those phony clouds overhead!!!"

And sure enough, all of those lovely sine waves simply  vanished within seconds then. Isn't there some Bible prophecy about sines in the heavens?

As I said, you can expect confirmation after you've busted enough transmitters in an area to get an effect in the sky.   I saw that the first time when I busted all the transmitters in Twin Falls, Idaho, which is a hundred miles from the nearest cloudbuster.

Of course, I had to visit two arrays, one to the north and one to the south, both on buttes, therefore vortices, to get the full effect.  One HHg at each array, about 12oz of orgonite each, took care of them.  Not a bad investment in time and orgonite, eh?
I got a town-sized thunderstorm out of that day's work.  Small, white fluffy clouds in a clear blue sky could be seen all around that little storm, though it was piled as high as any Kansas thunderbumper. The presence of a cloudbuster would have ensured that very little lightning would have struck the ground, by the way, and there wouldn't have been that strong wind.

The results are not always the same, but they seem to be dramatic each time, regardless.

There are about 30,000 people living there, and, sure enough, about twenty 'converted' entropy transmitters standing amonst them, all generating the purest, strongest healthy orgone imaginable. Thanks, American Tower Corporation!!!   I think the ratio of entropy towers to people favors the towers more in Idaho, because more are needed in places where folks have demonstrated their will to defend their freedom. I mean that.

I like the fact that the NSA/CIA agents are not comfortable here in Idaho. They probably shouldn't get comfortable here, because those agencies are completely unlawful and not even remotely sanctioned by the US Constitution.  The FBI have left us alone, pretty much, though they no doubt keep tabs on everyone who has the word 'cloudbuster' or 'holy-handgrenade' or even 'hug,' at this point, in their email or phone conversations. They probably know we're not going to harm anyone, and maybe after doing what they did to Randy Weaver's wife, they're a bit sensitive about their image regarding freedom-loving people in Idaho

Don Croft

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