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Episode 34
Another Way to Kick Some HAARP Butt

By Don Croft <>
September 22, 2002

We’re still at home after a week of planning to get out and neutralize the rest of North Idaho’s dead orgone transmitters. Carol had arranged to pick up Melody and attend a full moon ceremony in St. Maries, Idaho, so I tagged along  after seeing this as the opportunity to put a Holy Handgrenade on top of nearby St. Joe Baldy Mountain, an extinct mile-high volcano that’s the major vortex of the area.

I’d seen a couple of new transmitters on the mountain through binoculars, but Carol and Melody looked at the energy and told me it’s a bit clouded, but still pretty strong and clean.

That morning the sky was almost completely whited out by chemtrails, which were being laid by a fleet of Boeing 747’s.  The striations in the phony cloudcover showed intense HAARP influence, and Carol told me that it was HAARP, from the huge new facility in Alaska, that was being used to affect our area of sky, assisted by the moon’s own cycle and the time of year.

We didn’t take it to heart, since we knew that it took an awful lot of energy just to affect a little bit of sky, and the edge of the area of influence was just a few miles north of St. Maries, which is about sixty miles directly north of Moscow, our town.  Since most of the HAARP transmitters that were used to affect our sky locally have been neutralized, the more distant facility, we believe, has to use so much energy that it becomes counterproductive after a few hours.

Melody had brought along some of her Harmonizers and donated one for Mt. Baldy. For the Hootenists out there, I note that she included garnets, hematite, pyrite, magnetite and a pinch of sage with the tree resin and aluminum particles, and the 12 oz., cone shaped Harmonizer was wrapped with a copper coil and coated with beeswax.

It took me an hour and a half to get to the top of the mountain in the Zapporium and I decided to stick around for an hour or so to see if I could discern any effects.

After I got to the top, the whiteout spread several miles farther north, but within 20 minutes or so of burying the Harmonizer, a blue hole appeared in the mess directly overhead in which fresh chemtrails were disappearing within seconds.  The other spew trails, some a couple of hours old, began disappearing around the edge of the hole and new spew trails farther from the hole began disappearing in seconds, too, and the hole expanded in all directions, accelerating until there was nothing but blue sky in all directions.  There were still a lot of spewplanes at work, but the spew disappeared within about 4 seconds from each one in sight.

I had gotten back to the paved road on the way back to St. Maries by the time all of the HAARP effects and chemtrails were gone.   Normally, after we do something special like that, we see at least one of the Lemurian craft not far above the horizon, but every time they’ve been far away and we only recognized them by the sequence of their bright flashes.  Carol had seen an enormous Lemurian ship start to materialize a block from our house a few evenings ago, and the following night we saw a smaller craft streak down toward the near side of Moscow mountain a few miles east of our house, leaving a trail of luminous orgone, which faded out in a couple of seconds.

This time, as I was driving toward St. Maries to pick Carol and Melody up, I saw the sunlight reflect off of an enormous, slightly convex metal surface that was tilted about 10 degrees and was moving very slowly toward the south.

I lost sight of the craft after the road curved around the St. Joe Valley, but expected to see it again as I drove around the trees a little farther ahead.   I did see it, but instead of being over the valley itself, it was still flying along the same course, but disappeared behind a mountain about five miles away.  At first I thought it was about the size of an airliner, but distance is awfully hard to judge if you don’t have something to relate to on the object.  It must have been many times larger than a passenger jet.

Carol told me it’s similar to the ship she saw hovering over our neighborhood silently—maybe the same one.  When she saw the one from our house, she was telepathically told not to worry, that they weren’t going to let it happen, the ‘it’ being taken to mean martial law.

I give these accounts to encourage others whom we know to talk openly about their own similar accounts instead of just telling us about them.   I’d be disappointed if anyone accepts my reports without some corroborating accounts from other people and/or some legwork of their own.

We drove to Crystal Peak, which is another mile-high vortex a few miles south of Melody’s place, and deposited another of her Harmonizers.  This one had quartz from Montana, pyrite, magnetite and hematite.

The road shown on the map to get to the peak is no longer accessible, so we put the Harmoizer in a clearing right across the valley.  Carol and Melody saw, right after it wa sin place, bright currents of energy coming up out of the top of the mountain and from the lesser peaks along the ridge leading up to it.  They met in the sky some ways above the mountain and the lines formed a crystalline shape which stabilized.  This is one of the mountains surrounding what has been called ‘Ascension Valley’ by some.   A lot of sensitives have come to this valley to experience the unique energy.   I don’t understand all of that, but that’s okay.  I’m just glad that grunts like myself can play a hand in this game.   Melody and Carol had made plans to do that on Crystal Peak,  I took the opportunity their  Saturday meeting to go to Mt. Baldy, and when I was on the mountain waiting to see what might happen, I traced the line on the state map between the vortices and got the ‘Aha!’ response.

I discovered, while studying the map,  that these two mountains are in a perfect line with the vortex in Priest Lake, farther north, which I treated with an HHg a year ago and got a subsequent thunderstorm from, and with the concentration camp near Kooskia, Idaho, farther south, where I also left a holy handgrenade.   We’ll do more with this line of vortices,  probably farther south along Ascension Valley in an old Indian sacred area.  Somebody Who Khows Something once told me that if we can take back five vortices along  just one ley line from the dark masters and their world empire,  we can then more easily take back our whole planet from them.

The ley line which has gotten the most attention from Cbers, so far,  includes the Oregon Vortex, Mt. Ashland, Mt. Shasta, Mt. Lassen and Mt. Palomar (it goes through the middle of San Bernardino, too, where there’s a CB), so that one may be the first to be ‘inherited by the meek.’  Circumstances have led us to believe that this line of Idaho vortices are important, too.

I’m meek.  Aren’t you?  Meek means ‘humble,’ not ‘chump.’  If you want to get a clue about the power of humility, read TAO TE CHING by Lao Tse.   The book, without commentary, fills about the same size pamphlet as the U.S. CONSTITUTION and is every bit as easy to understand unless you’ve been institutionalized by too much formal education and are convinced that you can’t really know anything for sure.

There are no transmitters on Crystal Peak.  In fact the nearest transmitter of any kind to Melody’s was in St. Maries, twenty five miles northwest.  Carol and I neutralized that one last month.  The next nearest one is another twenty miles farther west.

This is probably why Melody has experienced none of the psyops aggression that most of us have had to contend with who live in the vicinity of the ‘cell phone’ transmitters.  The range of these ELF weapons seems to be pretty short.  I’ve been encouraging the more active of the Cloudbuster aficionados to neutralize all the towers within ten miles or so of their homes so that this personal nuisance can be eliminated.  The NSA/CIA psyops agents won’t likely bother folks who just have cloudbusters these days—the numbers make that unfeasible for the little psych espionage spy army to contend with.  The Europeans Cbers are contending with Interpol or whatever unlawful agencies are is in the business of hurting innocents there in the name of national security.   It’s all the same organization, as far as we’re concerned.

These unlawful spook agencies apparently are mandated, world wide, to stop our grassroots effort in a manner that won’t draw attention to their involvement.  That’s why you can expect to be targeted if you go out and bust the damned dead-orgone transmitters  and HAARP arrays on a regular basis, or even just if you’ve told anyone you plan to do so.

You’ve read on the forum of people getting sick unaccountably, getting strong feelings of failure and foreboding just before going out to bust towers, being buzzed by low flying aircraft of every description, including the ubiquitous black helicopters and anti-gravity triangular craft.  Consider these endorsements rather than intimidation, okay?

It would be nice to think that creating a tower-free zone around us would stop the low-grade interference and all-around pain in the neck of active surveillance every time we go out to buy bread and milk, but when one takes the initiative, it’s just like riding a tiger:  it’s not a good idea to jump off just because you don’t want to play that game any more.  There’s some incentive right there to expand our field of influence until every trace of these transmitters are gone, and you can bet there are millions of dollars being spent just to try to stop You, alone.

You may have noticed that our ranks are swelling week by week, so you can imagine how many will be doing this in a year.  Many of the people doing this in metro areas, where the number of transmitters is far too great for one person to do alone,  are coordinating their efforts now, for instance: LAARP, New York City,  and the Toronto Tornadoes.  Carol and I are the Moscow Grenadiers ;-)

The day when we can turn these monstrosities into birdhouses and amusement rides (or scrap) gets closer with each tower buster we toss out the car window but you can be sure they won’t be leaving us alone, so we mustn’t let them get us into a defensive position.  When we’re active and vocal about our victories, they’re on the defensive, not us.

You’ve also read from the same committed people how this has caused them to be more determined than ever to win this spiritual war, no matter what. I credit the emerging paradigm and our temporal position in a vast solar cycle for the fact that so many folks, in so many countries, are independently deciding to do this good work. It could be the hundredth monkey principle at work, too, because I rarely meet a person who simply won’t hear about these things. The press, other prostituted media, and our self-policing, pajama people family, friends and neighbors may try to convince themselves and each other that these new towers are for cell phones, but on some level everybody knows and  physically feels what their true purpose is, so nobody’s likely to laugh at us when we tell them about it in simple language.

I suppose it’s worth mentioning that the only severe criticism I’m getting these days is from people who aren’t actively engaged in this work for one reason or another.  The rest of us who have CBs are more concerned with stopping and even healing real enemies than sniping at me or each other, and we’re having a hell of a good time in the process and feeling a rather strong sense of purpose and self-worth.  These are the good old days, as far as we’re concerned!

The receding paradigm no longer has the power to hold up pajama people’s belief structure, which took so long to create—some believe that this delusion/illusion’s construction was begun many thousands of years ago by the very same families who own and operate the world regime right now.  I lean toward that belief, but I don’t have enough information to have an informed opinion about it.  I do know that one secret regime runs the planet, that it’s parasitic and essentially exploitive, and that it has to be stopped before it destroys  most of humanity.  Parasites give no thought to the implications of destroying their host.   It’s simply not part of their nature to think that way.  That goes for the bankers in the City of London and the dark masters of the regime who own and operate them,  just as well as for a tapeworm, a pathological liar or a cancer tumor.

On a more cheerful note, we don’t know what the full implications are for our easy victory over HAARP yesterday, but we are confidant that these will become clearer as others repeat this experiment or a similar one and share their own observations with us all.   That was, by far, the most dramatic effects I’d seen for so little effort.

Don Croft

© Copyright 2002  All Rights Reserved.

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