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The Adventures of Don & Carol Croft

Episode 35
Mount Baldy
Part 1

By Don Croft <>
September 27, 2002

After trying for a week to find an opportunity for Carol and I to go on the road together for a couple of days, but failing due to some conflicts with schools schedules, etc., we decided that it was prudent for me to get up north and try to finish off the towers in Idaho. We’ll still try to get over to Central Washington together to neutralize the dead orgone network upwind of where we live.

After our Mt. Baldy victory, the Spew Administration has called out the Big Planes to dose us every day.   Nothing’s sticking over us, of course,  but north of us the trails were lingering longer than I liked, so right before I left on the latest tower busting excursion, three days ago, Carol helped me turn Jumbo Funky, our outsized cloudbuster, so it pointed up into the northern sky.  We generally keep it pointing west to prevent HAARP winds from blowing, which it does very well.

I drove north for eighty miles, so I had a good view of the subsequent process.  First, all the new spew began disappearing within seconds.  This was within a half hour. Then the existing spew remnants sort of shredded away to the north, though the prevailing wind at that altitude is from the west.  All of it was gone within two hours.  I later found that the field of influence spreads out in a cone.  I don’t know what the northern limit is, but a hundred miles to the north the width of that cone is about 140 miles.

For the politically squeamish,  please jump to the report itself [Part 2]. What follows is some thoughts that I consider relevant, but you may not, and I don’t want to exclude you from this beautiful process just because I have strong opinions.

As it turned out,  a needful detour into Washington State made it impossible for me to get up to the remaining two small towns near the Canadian border in Idaho, but I’m confident that the Cbers in one of those towns can handle that. We would like to get to the next  border crossing farther west and take care of the enormous new underground base we discovered last year there.  I imagine it’s part of the regime’s invasion scenario, sort of like the way the N. Koreans tunnel under the demilitarized zone to get their agents into S. Korea.  I’m now confident that the vast majority of folks who work for the US and Canadian alleged governments, including the ones who are following you and I around on our tower busting crusade,  would resist right now if they knew just what their employer was really up to.

I don’t mean to give the impression that Canadians are tunneling into the U.S., of course. There’s an Indian Reservation that borders Canada in W. Montana that has a lot of dirt roads. You Canadians can come across there if you don’t like to deal with bureaucracy. I know some other spots, too.

It’s funny how this has made me less suspicious of official-type folks rather than more so. The real culprits are at the top of the dungheap, after all.  They don’t know, as we do,  that centralization is not a good idea, so they keep the lower echelons in the ‘mushroom’ mode.  That’s about to backfire on the ancient jerks, I think. A ‘mushroom’ is one who is kept in the dark and fed bull manure. Accepting that treatment is contrary to human nature and to universal law. I feel it’s dead wrong to accept disrespect in any manner.

A business acquaintance of mine in Anacortes, Washington has a son who was one of the militia men who stopped the ‘defunct’ Russian Army from crossing into the U.S. from Canada north of Oroville, Washington (on the eastern side of the Cascade Mountains), to occupy the North Cascades International 'Peace Park’ in 1995.   I was living on the western side of that area then and I remember when the only  highway through the North Cascades National Park was closed to traffic by uniformed soldiers of indeterminate origin.

You may remember (although you may be programmed not to consider it significant) that the Russians who were in the Iron Curtain countries were not allowed to return home after the end of the Cold War. Where else would they go but here?  ‘Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled underground masses, yearning for some fresh air.’  Yikes.  At least the countless thousands of Russian troops in the Eastern U.S. are out walking around on the military bases and in the closed-down national parks.

Just before that,  an acquaintance of mine who was a longshoreman in Bellingham, Washington, the closest port to the national park, personally loaded  manacles from a ship into a big, un-marked, white truck.  It was so odd that he left work and followed the truck onto the dead end road leading into the heart of the North Cascades National Park, somewhere near Mt. Baker. I heard rumors at the time that a concentration camp was built there.

Do you remember the media telling about that ‘peace park’?  Did you ever wonder why no mention was made in the prostituted media any more of that ‘International Peace Park?’  Their plan, apparently, was to close it to all visitors and fill it with Russian combat troops, trained for urban warfare.  The same thing was carried to completion in the Smokey Mountains National Park at the same time. I think they’re way behind schedule for getting martial law, and that this is the reason they stuck their necks out ever further by erecting all those ugly towers.  When you get to my account of what happened in Spokane yesterday,  you might see another use for the dead orgone network they’ve created. The regime certainly gets points for their ‘multi-use’ modus operendi,  at least.

When the word, ‘God’ is mentioned in Morals And Dogma, the Masonic bible, ‘Lucifer,’ their own mental construct of a devil, is inferred for the few who ‘get it,’  and the vast majority of Masons who warm pews on Sunday mornings are thereby mollified.  When the regime’s media whores speak about ‘peace’ it’s not the same thing that you and I envision at all, but the Pajama People go contentedly back to sleep when that reassuring word is mentioned.

That reminds me of Lincoln’s simile.   He asked, ‘If you call a donkey’s tail a leg, how many legs does a donkey have?’    Of course we immediately say,  ‘Five!’, but he said, ‘No, he still has four legs.  Calling a tail a leg doesn’t make it one.’ Having studied the life of that dead President a bit, I personally think he used something besides a tail for that example, but this is a family forum.

Here may lie the crux of why we can all go out and commit mayhem on the cherished agenda of, arguably, the most powerful regime in recorded history, yet the worst that’s happened to us, so far, is some petty larceny by the Men in Black and getting a couple of lawn ornaments pushed over.

Due to the requirements of the emerging paradigm, the reality that we can only be governed if we give our consent has been strengthened, so the world regime has had to bend over backward in recent times to maintain the illusion that they have power over us all.  They actually don’t, otherwise somebody would have suicided several of us long before now.

We are exercizing real power; they’re not, and they’re definitely not going to draw any attention to what we’re doing by harming or even threatening us in this crucial (for them) period, even though we’re steadily taking away their territory.

Everything’s based on energy.  They know that better than most of us do. Any parasite has to first prepare the body before it can successfully invade. This is done by debilitating the body slowly, by degrees so the cause won’t be discovered. This process has been accelerating in recent generations and it’s reached a feverish pitch now because they’re obviously behind schedule and  are under time constraints, set by a universal cycle.

We’re simply reversing that debilitating process, and pretty quickly, apparently. We do it where we live and move out from there and network with others in a grassroots manner.

Our success is guaranteed if we stay in motion and follow our instincts. As I see it, even if all freedom on the planet is ended on November 3, for instance, I’ll at least die content in the knowledge that I gave it my best shot and dying is better than living as someone’s chattel.  What’s wrong with dying, anyway? The regime’s days will be done shortly no matter what any of us do, simply because the old farts at the top are now being called to account for their deeds. This house of cards, though they call it a fortress, is collapsing right now. The trick, in the end, may be to avoid standing under the falling debris.

In the receding paradigm, effort was only made in hope of reward or fear of punishment.  In the new one,  the effort is the reward and the punishment, as the case may be. The only thing of real value we can take with us from this life is our characters, and virtue is the only thing that really develops character, not kneeling down or bending over for some chump clergyman.

The regime rely on the contagious nature of fear, suspicion, personal doubt to maintain their fragile hegemony.  We are experiencing the contagious nature of courage, love and certainty, and that process means a lot more than any political or economic considerations.  In fact,  any advance in the latter two is meaningless if the people haven’t first  gotten some courage and a sense of  personal responsibility. If you’re reading this, I don’t think you fancy yourself well off if you’re well-fed, well-appointed cattle.

Don Croft

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