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The Adventures of Don & Carol Croft

Episode 36
Mount Baldy
Part 2

By Don Croft <>
September 27, 2002

The Idaho Panhandle is eighty miles wide and about 150 miles long. It’s mostly wilderness and the population is along the western edge, where the mountains turn into prairie, and in some long valleys. Interstate 90 goes from Spokane, the city in Washington that we freed from the dead orgone transmitters this month, to Western Montana, over the Continental Divide.

The towns along that route are very small, and there were very few dead orgone transmitters to speak of between Lake Coeur d’Alene, in the west, and Montana, and only one HAARP transmitter, which conveniently straddled the highway.   I did that one with two Tower Busters, thrown out the passenger side window going east, then west on the rreturn.

The only stop I made was at Cataldo Mission, ‘The oldest standing building in Idaho.’  In other words, that’s the church complex that the Jesuits erected with forced Indian labor in 1853 in advance of their regime’s pillagers and plunderers. Just as a tapeworm weakens the host in order to more easily steal its sustenance, missionaries sowed seeds of doubt, fear and mistrust among the tribes in order to make them easier to conquer a little bit later on.

There’s a huge ‘crowd stopper’ near the mountain pass that’s at the border of Idaho and Montana which was impossible to reach, so I vectored that one with three Tower Busters, a quarter mile apart.

It got dark after I crossed over the border, which I thought was pretty good timing.

The reason that dead-orgone transmitter was impossible to get to is that my steering coupler broke after I drove into Montana and I only had enough control to drive the truck along the highway far enough to reach an auto parts store in Kellogg, Idaho, forty miles west. That would have been farther in the other direction.

I’m not a mechanic, but I managed to replace the broken coupler. Kellogg is at the bottom of Silver Mountain, which is a major vortex and has a complex array of dead-orgone transmitters, of course, and perhaps even some communication equipment.

You may have found, on your tower busting excursions, that the high places are no longer accessible to the public. We may be led to assume that this is to ensure that our cell phones will keep working, no matter what threat is posed by bad Muslims, but here’s one of the areas where the regime’s illusion breaks down. There are already a lot of people in this country who resent not being allowed access to ‘public lands’ in the vicinity of new transmitter arrays and new underground bases with their expensive offroad vehicles and pretty soon they’re going to simply decide  that this is an untenable situation, I think.

Mt. Baldy is the only mountain top that I’ve been to recently to that isn’t restricted. There’s very little new stuff up there and it’s 60 miles from the nearest city along very twisty roads.

The fact that I got such spectacular effects in the sky last Saturday just by putting a HHg there showed me the importance of reclaiming the major vortices, though. I hope to show you that it’s not necessary to risk confrontation with quasi-military Whackenhut Corporation guys with guns to get that done.

Of course, the easy ways up the mountain were closed off at the bottom, so I had to drive around to the backside, which was a ten mile detour, and drive up the treacherous old logging roads as far as I could go. I was able to get within a couple of miles of the top before the risk of getting stuck was just too strong, so I managed to get the Zapporium turned around (barely) on a narrow switchback and put my biggest holy handgrenade there.     I ‘strung out’ three tower busters along the road at intervals until the road came back to the creek near the bottom, and I put one more in the creek itself.

A fellow had piled dirt on the road in preparation for bulldozing it out, so I was stuck there for a half hour while he spread it out.

The Joe Cell had stopped working because the center pipe had corroded through and the water ran out. You need juvenile water for a Joe Cell,  that is, springwater that’s run downhill for some distance, so I filled an empty jug with that creek water, having noted that there’s less iron at the higher altitudes on that mountain. The water I got for the Joe Cell closer to home is loaded with iron, so conducts electricity a little too well.

At least the motor had retained the 30% power boost the Joe Cell had given it. I think it was about to kick over to running on pure energy rather than fuel shortly before it broke because the motor had been running very rough.   It ran smoother than ever after the mishap. Carol then asked me to take the top off and examine it because she no longer saw any energy coming from the Joe Cell. I’ll have our local machinist make a new center pipe up for us shortly and get the JC back in action.

Of course, when I’ve achieved free energy success, I’ll be completely vocal and strident about it. If the regime is concerned about having its towers and biological chemtrails busted, wait ‘til they have to deal with a grassroots free energy promotion campaign, too, and I’m not ‘selling shares’ for some alleged future development, rather I will be demonstrating it to mechanics and machinists and selling the engineer plans to anyone via mail for $17 a set.

It’s been my life’s dream of kicking the world regime squarely in it’s sanctum sanctorum and I believe that free energy is the most magic of all the magic bullets, or boots, as the case may be.

Silver mountain,  which has a volcanic top just like Mt. Baldy, took half the day to rejuvenate.  I quickly arrived at Lake Coeur d’Alene, where I’d seen one of those big, fake dead-orgone transmitting Sequoias towering over the fir trees and a new HAARP array nearby. The access to those two sites were also restricted. The fake tree was on private property—that’s a huge hilltop estate of some rich chump—and the HAARP array is in a high meadow belonging to another one—there seems to be no shortage of stupid wealthy folks and farmers who are willing to take the bait. I got a Tower Buster within a quarter mile of the fake tree before getting to a ‘private drive, no trespassing’ sign and gate but the HAARP array took some finagling and vectoring with a HHg and a tower buster on either side along the public roads.

The city of Coeur d’Alene, which has about 30,000 people and about fifteen transmitters, is in one corner of an alluvial plain that’s triangular with Post Falls on the left corner, fifteen miles west and Rathdrum and Athol in the top rounded corner, about 30 miles north. The center part is mostly farms.

I-90 goes along the south edge of the valley,  which is the north shore of the lake, which is pretty big and very beautiful.  The transmitters along the highway have a lot more panels and rods than if they were just for the town—again, it’s the multi-use factor:  stop travelers and disable the townfolk at the same time.

Have you given any thought to what’s being said in the British media in apology for these transmitters? The Brits notice them more than the Americans because Europeans, generally, care more about aesthetics and let’s face it: these things are UGLY. They’re being told that there are many towers because there are many cell phone companies, and each has its own network. They’re told, furthermore, to expect even more transmitters closer to the users as the numbers of cellphone users increases in times to come.

What’s wrong with this picture? By following that line of reasoning, we should be progressing from cars to horses; from planes back to trains in transportation technology.

I don’t know if the Brits are swallowing that tower proliferation scenario. Maybe somebody will tell them, at least, that in areas where only one cell phone company operates, the ratio of the number of people ‘served’ per tower is exactly the same as in the areas where there are a dozen cell phone companies.

I  know that the same media held a brief campaign a couple of years ago to discredit Dr. Hulda Clark and zappers in general, but our sales of zappers to Brits went up after that, so maybe there’s hope for them in this case,  too. If this were 1954 America, Dr. Clark’s books would have been publicly burned and she would have been murdered in prison by now.  Dr. Clark has been exonerated,  hands down, even in our unlawful courts after repeated attempts by them to railroad her into prison on false charges. I’ve even found her books in public libraries, even though the AMA has made its intentions to destroy her quite clear.

They did that to Dr. Reich and many, many other reputable pioneers without even breaking a sweat in earlier times. This is one more evidence of the subtle shift in power back to an informed public, no matter how few we are.  The political base of support for arbitrary quasi-governmental agencies are dropping like flies now,  thanks to Medicare, predatory Health Insurance (my current favorite oxymoron) scams and other backfires of  national socialism, which is so lovingly cherished by the Depression Babies on whose backs it was set up in the first place.

Oops—I guess I slipped into a rant there.  Sorry about that.

Hayden Lake is north of Coeur d’Alene. I was going to do that after doing Cd’A and Post Falls but it just felt too creepy there that day and it’s going to have to wait because I ran out of Tower Busters. The water towers there are the weapon of choice apparently of the regime, though the biggest, meanest tower we ever saw is next to the area where the Nazis live, speaking of national socialism. Carol and I did that one months ago when we were on some other business, but happened to have a HHg in the car.

Before I took on the valley, I decided to neutralize the butte-top/vortex array overlooking the valley from the east. I saw on the map that a forest service road went from the backside over the top to the town, so I went over to check that out.  On the way to that road, I passed through some shimmering energy for about fifty feet. Carol said it’s some sort of portal that was opening at the moment.  I didn’t experience that on the way back a half hour later.

I came back that way because, of course, the road was closed off to motorized vehicles.

The road on the other side was also closed off, ending effectively on private property, but I vectored an HHg and a couple of tower busters along the road on the way back down to the valley.

The west end of that valley meets the east end of Spokane Valley.  The Spokane River goes from Lake Cd’A toward the Columbia River about forty miles to the northwest of the city.

When I was on a rise, I saw a vast field of water towers reaching from Post Falls to Spokane.  There are about thirty of them, mostly in areas where there are very few people living, so of course I assumed there’s some dirty business involved with that.

I still don’t know what that’s about, though there’s apparently some underground base construction going on along the southern edge. This ‘water tower farm’ is the area where I encountered the most ground surveillance.   Of course I keep a Succor Punch going all the time when I’m out and about so I can be sure that I won’t be watched from space and it’s much easier to deal with eyeballs on the ground,  so to speak.

If I weren’t more aware, I’d have to wonder why there was so much traffic on those lonely roads between nowhere and nowhwere. You’re probably like me at this point if you’re an habitual tower buster;  it’s kind of fun to wave at them and try to engage them in conversation.  I don’t know about where you are, but here the locals almost all wave back and are usually happy to talk to you. The NSA/CIA agents so studiously avoid eye contact that you’d think this was Manhattan or Paris. You can be sure they’re ‘peripheral visionaries,’ though, so when you look at them for more than two seconds, they know they’ve been ‘made,’ and are out of the game.

Wait til I tell you about yesteday’s ‘three way’ encounter with the Feds [Part 3[!  That was fun; at least for me it was.

I started seeing a pattern to these towers.  Some of them lined up perfectly, though I suspect they’re all on the ley system, so putting Tower Busters by each one is probably getting some long-term benefits.

The spewplanes were hitting Spokane/Cd’A extra hard yesterday, and they were flying low. Boeing 747’s, which have the most spewpower, were mostly being used, and I assume the least toxic stuff, perhaps barium salts, were being spewed.

Since we’d neutralized all of the HAARP facilities, the primary vortex arrays nearby, and all of the dead-orgone transmitters,  they  were only getting about 10% of the desired effect and the spew disappeared before spreading out,  though they were able to achieve some fairly long trails.

I forgot to mention that on the way to I-90 from Moscow, my home, which is 80 miles south of Cd’A,  I’d done some ‘mopping up’ of one remote transmitter that Carol and I had been unable to find the access road for and a butte-top, small array over the line in Washington which was also hard to reach.

Don Croft

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