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The Adventures of Don & Carol Croft

Episode 37
Mount Baldy
Part 3

By Don Croft <>
September 27, 2002

Mica Peak & Shasta Butte
A companion HAARP/dead-orgone array near Mica Peak, Spokane’s worst vortex/mountain array to the south, is Shasta Butte. The access road to that ended at a new private estate, so I put one HHg as near as possible and left finishing it untill later on. After I did the water tower farm, it was ‘later on’ and I found yet another mountaintop array, including HAARP, in line with Mica Peak and Shasta Butte at a lower elevation.

Having lost the rest of the NSA/CIA entourage along the mountain road leading up to the locked gate on the road to that ridgetop, I found a good spot to put a second HHg to vector both Shasta Butte and partially take care of the third array.  I had a sense some changes in the sky would soon be observable, so I hurried around the mountain to put the third HHg, the charmer, if you will. It happened to be near another, easier access road that wasn’t marked on the map. I know it led to the array because a sign indicated buried cable and the gravel was new and thick—not even wealthy chumps with mountain estates could pay for that. Knowing wealthy folks as I do,  the come on for them was probably really, really cheap land, sold to them by the alleged federal gov’t, who didn’t own it in the first place—as valid and lawful as a deal made in a Monopoly game. There was no sign denying access, but a couple of railroad ties were placed across the road,  that’s all.

You may have noticed that very thick fiber optic cables are buried along the access roads to arrays and even to remote individual towers. Yet one more extravagance to be paid for by you for only 2/10 of a penny per minute of cellphone use? Who says there’s no free lunch!? Gosh—maybe Big Brother really is our friend, after all.

I wonder what these guys are thinking. They watch me drive by a tower, then the ‘power’ winks out there without me having apparently done anything at all. I always make sure I’m not observed when I toss the Tower Busters out the window, and I guess they don’t read my written reports or take them at face value.  I let one of them have a good look inside the back of the Zapporium yesterday, but I’ll get to that in a bit.

As expected, a distinct change was taking place in the sky, over not just this array and  nearby Shasta Butte, but similarly over Mica Peak and spreading out.

First, all new chemtrails disappeared within three or four seconds, then the existing chemtrails sort of shredded and disappeared.   A lovely, puffy white cloud formed over each array and remained distinct in spite of prevailing winds, though of course they were constantly forming—it wasn’t the same clouds, per se.

This led to a concerted low altitude assault on the three clouds, which continued for hours, but had absolutely no effect on the clouds.

In those minutes, too, a very big, amorphous low altitude cloud began forming over the city itself, exactly the way I saw a thunderstorm develop over each city in SE Idaho after I busted the town towers and surrounding arrays.  I think four jumbo jets at about 12,000 feet were on that one, as you probably guessed would happen.  It didn’t fare as well as the puffy clouds over the arrays did.  Also, I could see it was getting hit very hard from the direction of Mt. Spokane, judging by the alignment of the ripples that started appearing.

I was off to the north, starting to work my way back toward Hayden Lake, ,when I noticed that HAARP action coming from Mt. Spokane, which is the area’s premier vortex and has the biggest array.  We hadn’t given it much thought before because it’s barely visible from the city,  20 miles to the northeast. I only noticed a few weeks ago that there’s an array on top, and that was only when I was looking though powerful binoculars.

Picket Duty
As I was ruminating on the sky phenomena, an Idaho Highway Patrol car driven by a female cop drove slowly past me as I was pumping gas, and the driver gave me a slow, meaningful look, so I knew the feds were having all the cops keep tabs on me,  too. I paid for the gas,  got my coffee, then walked around toward the back of the gas station, and sure enough, she was hiding there and scooted out to the road when she knew I’d made her.  She waited at the intersection as long as she comfortably could, looking at me, but I didn’t move until she was out of sight.  Wow—good thing she didn’t notice that my license plates expired last month. I think my insurance ran out, too. God, do I hate national socialism!

I was going to do Hayden Lake, but the fact that it felt so creepy there that day, my close encounter of the second kind with that cop,  and my curiosity about what would happen if I did Mt. Spokane led me to decide to take the backroads to the latter, which I suspected was being closely monitored, and see if I could make some interesting things happen in the sky from there, too. I’ll let Hayden Lake bask in the glow of that nice new orgone field for a bit,  then I’ll go back and  finish the job there, hopefully with Carol,  since she learned where some of the Nazi ‘settlements’ are when she took the census in the panhandle three years ago (which paid for her nice car). I want to grace each settlement with at least a tower buster. They must have a lot of money. That’s a pretty Ritzy area.   Maybe the media has another picture painted about that. The Nazis hold a full dress parade in Cd’A each year, but otherwise are hermits, in fact. They probably shouldn’t be that shy.  After all, national socialism has been fully embraced by many Americans, so it’s fashionable again.

I earn a lot of points for evading the multi-jurisdictional (of course the only ones with any real jurisdiction are the Sherriff departments) dragnet in my gaudy truck so often. I hope to win a prize someday, but that’s not why I do this, of course.

Carol used to live on Mt. Spokane and spent a lot of time wandering all over the mountain in a jeep when she was in high school.  There were no restricted areas then. There’s a ski lodge with a huge paved parking lot near the top of the mountain, at the end of a well-maintained, paved two lane highway.

When I saw a sign, fifteen miles from the ski lodge, saying that access to the remaining two miles was now cut off,  I knew some extra measures were needed.  I was going to simply put a HHg near the lodge, like Nova Scotia Jeff and I did on Mt. Rainier, but not getting within two miles was a problem.

On the road up the mountain,  I tossed a Tower Buster out, one per mile.   At the gate, which is at a former lodge, there were several vehicles parked, but I didn’t see anyone, so I quickly turned around, drove downhill a way, and planted a holy handgrenade.  I sensed that nobody saw me arrive.

Because of the tall trees and the narrow canyons on the drive down,  I couldn’t see much of the sky for about a half hour.  I did see the new spew disappearing within seconds (of course they sensed a shift, so sent several jumbo jets over to the skies over Mt. Spokane) and the new spew shredding as before.

By the time I got back to US Rte 2, north of Spokane, the entire sky was azure blue, though there were at least ten jumbo jets spewing like mad at low altitude over the entire area in a crisscross pattern.   I could still see the clouds over each major array farther south, but the jets had decimated the amorphous potential raincloud over the city by now and it wasn’t reforming.

The McDonald Summit
I went into a McDonalds to use the facilities (that’s mostly what I use McDonalds for) and when I came back out, a Fed in a white van was parked directly in front of the Zapporium, avoiding eye contact, and another Fed,  probably the one in charge, drove by me slowly and gave me the ‘I found you’ look that only the bosses are allowed to do. I waved to him, he waved back and parked out of sight while a third Fed, in an unmarked white flatbed truck, parked beside me and wanted to know all about how I made the camper shell on the Zapporium.

I told him a bit about that and let him take a look in the back. After that, I pointed at a jumbo jet flying silently right over us at a low altitude and told him about the chemtrails. He didn’t want to hear that, but he didn’t leave, either.  I said, ‘Not only did I make those chemtrails disappear, the NSA is really mad about that and  is following me around—there’s one (pointing to the back of the hiding SAIC, who was still sitting in the car), and there’s another one (pointing at the guy practically blocking my exit). The third one didn’t want to hear about that, either.  He didn’t react at all to those statements, but changed the subject and started asking me about the zappers. I told him a bit and probably could have stayed there talking all day, but I told him it was time for me to go.

I wanted him to see that there was nothing in the back of the Zapporium—more points for me, I guess.

I only had a dozen tower busters left and four HHgs, so I decided to mop up the remainder of towers leading from Spokane to Idaho along US Rte. 2. Brian, Carols’ brother, and his family live next to that road and we’ve been wanting to neutralize the transmitters they live within range of.

Once in Idaho again, I took the state highway south along the border. I had seen an array on Hoodoo Mountain, another major vortex with a bald volcanic top, like Mt. Spokane has, about fifteen miles to the southeast of Hwy 2, which goes east to Sand Point from where it enters Idaho. With a name like that, it’s GOT to be a vortex, right?

Assuming that the road shown on the map no longer reached the top of the mountain as indicated, I put one HHg as close as I could get directly west of the summit and drove to the end of the public access road on the southern slope and put one there, too.  I had used a very small HHg to neutralize a HAARP array along the highway several miles northwest of the mountain.

That left two Tower Busters and one HHg,  so I drove east from Rathdrum to the spot on the north/south federal highway, US 95, where the ley line from Mt. Baldy and Crystal Peak crossed it and buried it there.   By the way, along that five miles of rural highway east from Rathdrum are six enormous dead orgone transmitters, though the area is sparsely populated and the road is not heavily traveled. I suspect this makes up the northern array for the entire valley and of course we’ll get those shortly.

We’ll do some mapwork and put some more healing devices along that vortex farther south of  Melody’s place, which is also on that ley line.  I wish I’d had one of her Harmonizers for the latest location.

I forgot to mention the other apparent reason for keeping the cities under a blanket of dead orgone.  I believe it’s simply the regime’s way of making certain that the hundredth monkey effect of what we’re engaged in, which is a ‘little person’s’ way of taking power back from the parasitic/predatory regime, won’t catch hold in the general population, though they might have already failed to stop it.

If this were mainly about rain suppression they wouldn’t focus so heavily on the skies over the cities.  The old jerks still won’t give up that focus on the urban population, years after the Internet has conclusively demonstrated that decenrtralization is the wave of the present.

At least we few have eliminated the threat of biological assault from the jets. That stuff has the shortest life-span  in the presence of a cloudbuster, all of whose ranges are sufficient to encompass most of the population of North America now.

Don Croft

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