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The Adventures of Don & Carol Croft

Episode 40
Weather Domes & 'LORAN' Stations
Need Urgent Attention

By Don Croft <>
October 10, 2002

 There were four noteworthy events in our last tower busting patrol:
1. the weird atmospheric feature surrounding the US Weather Service (serving whom?) radar dome after we     busted it,
2. finding and busting the regional US Coast Guard LORAN station,
3. the impromptu note we left at the locked gate across the access road to the remote butte-top array, and 4. confronting the boss of a small NSA/CIA surveillance unit in Wilbur, Washington.
Underground Bases, HAARP Arrays, & Radar Domes
We started out with a hundred tower busters and ten holy handgrenades, which normally keeps us busy for two days in rural areas.  The route we took (we didn't decide that until we left the house) was the 300 mile loop from Spokane, along US Rte 2 to Coulee City, down through Ephrata to George, Washington (no kidding), over to Moses Lake, home of a key underground base, then up Interstate 90 to Ritzville, where we ran out of ammo.  That was a good stopping place, since it's where the road from the Tri-Cities to Spokane ends. The Tri-Cities of Central Washington are filthy right now with underground facilities, unbusted towers and several nukes on the surface and, we suspect, more than an average number of HAARP arrays. Sherry Elizabeth and we busted some major stuff there last winter before we realized that each tower needs to be busted individually.
We need to go back to Fairchild Air Force Base, which is 20 miles or so along Rte 2, northwest of Spokane because we felt it would eat into our ammo supply too much, and it can be easily done in a day trip from our home,  combined with some Big City shopping. We did bust some of the peripheral towers, arrays and HAARP facilities in the vicinity, though, and while driving toward a distant HAARP array, we spotted the big radar dome on a secondary highway.
To get to it, we had to drive five miles along a gravel road, and along another gravel road on the way back to Rte 2.   Though these roads were recently graded, the rhythmic 'bars' went uniformly across the road and it extended for miles from the radar dome. We've driven on a lot of gravel roads and one can always drive along the edge of the road or in the other lane to get away from those irritating washboard bumps, but not on these roads.
 Carol said whatever is being transmitted from that dome is so strong that it created that effect on the gravel roads.
The energy was particularly bad around that big white dome and there was a smaller, older dome nearby that was also pumping out a huge volume of dead orgone. One tower buster each was all that was needed, though, according to my wife, who sees energy, like I see this computer screen.
We did some of the stuff around the airbase after that and weren't watching the sky much until the heavy overcast and rain cleared in a big hole overhead. We saw that the hole was centered over the distant radar dome, which was shrouded in a very dark mass of fog in the shape of a mushroom cloud, reaching a couple of thousand feet altitude.  It wasn't moving much. To date, that's the freakiest atmospheric anomaly I've witnessed. It rates higher than any of the UFOs we've seen.  Do, do , do, bust those radar domes!
USAF Intelligence
By then, we were on our way to Coulee City.  We stopped to do a roadside tower and saw a young fellow with a crewcut in a jeep wagoneer behind us as we turned off the highway. We drove down the road a hundred yards or so to turn around and look for a good spot to toss the tower buster but that fellow drove onto the grounds of the tower itself and watched us. I sort of assumed he was an Air Force intelligence fellow, since he obviously knew something about us and went straight to the tower. Of course, he didn't see where Carol tossed the TB.
When we turned around, he drove out in front of us. I quickly got behind him as he was waiting to get on the highway, and when he was looking, I pointed my finger at him, smiled and did the thing with my thumb that  mimics a pistol hammer.  He didn't seem to think it was funny. Carol said he was an officer. I felt honored that they didn't send some grunt out to spy on us. Shame on you, Air Force guy, for unwittingly supporting this horrid world regime!
Counting coup on these spooks is just as much fun as busting their bosses' tower network. You really should try it! One of their two engine turboprop spy planes took off right after that and followed us around into the night. Another honor. Of course, the only thing they ever saw was me, waving at them.
Keystone Spooks
It was sixty miles away, in Wilbur, where we spotted the three little fed cars-two white ones and a red one-parked in a little cluster on a side street. Two had 'City Parcel' in  nondescript,  red vinyl (removable) letters on the doors-no phone number or other ID.  The red one was the same sort of car, perhaps a Geo, and was red. The drivers of the white cars  were standing, talking, and when I glanced at them (they had a good view of cars coming and going on the main road) the older of the two got that 'Oh, S--t!' look on his face that I've come to enjoy seeing so much.
Something sort of snapped in me and I decided to confront them this time. By the time I could turn around, though, only the older guy was there and he was sitting in his car, looking straight ahead by the time I got there. I shouted a greeting at him when I drove alongside, as his windows were closed. He didn't move his head, so I turned around up the street and drove alongside again, shouted and whistled until he looked at me. He looked pretty mad, but I felt awfully damn good.
Covert Psychics?
Carol said the red car belonged to the psychic of the group. I don't know how it is with you on your patrols, but every box (they wish) surveillance team that gets assigned to us has a psychic. They often pick red cars. Carol says it's an ego thing with them. I don't think their egos have much fun when they get assigned to us.
We're buying some handcuffs and we'll dangle them in view of all the spooks that are stupid enough to follow us from now on. They're making themselves pretty scarce these days around here as it is. I wonder how many big holes a box can have and still be called a box.
 I think they put the newcomers on us without telling them about the hazards, just for fun. We like that game, too.
 A coulee is a canyon in Washington. I don't know why they call them coulees-probably from the French.  Without a topographical atlas, whoever busts towers in the Eastern half of Washington and the southern half of  Idaho will find these coulees problematic (assuming there will be any towers left to bust there after November).  You can be driving along in a gently rolling prairie and come to a thousand foot drop where a distant ice age lake emptied and carved a coulee on its rush toward the sea. The Columbia Gorge is where the coulees in Eastern Wasington all lead.
We turned onto a gravel road that led toward an array that day and we could see the same apparent road going all the way to the towers,  about five miles away, but in fact, we had to drive 15 miles to get there because a  small coulee interrupted the road to there. Good thing we had that atlas!  Your own state (assuming you're in the US) likely has its own version of De Lorme's ATLAS AND GAZETEER. We have them for Idaho, Washington and Northern California right now and will get Montana and Oregon as our tower busting hobby progresses.
Noted Gates
It's a good thing we discovered that arrays can be busted from remote locations by intelligently applying an HHg or two along with some tower busters, strung out from the HHg location.  All of the access roads are being gated and locked now. I consider their new strategy of locking the gates leading to arrays their Maginot Line-too little,  too late. We're like a little holy panzer division, doing an end run ;-)
Since I've come to assume that every crisis is an opportunity, as I was contemplating those redundant locks on the chain holding the gate to a butte-top array closed, it seemed like a fun idea to leave a note for the NSA/CIA tucked in the chain, so I wrote one up on the back of an express mail receipt that had my name and address on it, signed it, rolled it up and tucked it in a chain link.
 It was a short note, saying that we had just busted the array with a holy handgrenade and that we didn't need to go to the array in order to do it.

 Here's what I'm going to run off a few hundred copies of at Kinko's shortly and start leaving on the gates at all the towers and arrays hereafter:

   If you're reading this note, you're being informed that I, Don Croft,  have placed an orgonite device, which I call a 'Tower Buster' in the vicinity of this tower.  I did that to neutralize the considerable volume of deadly energy that it was transmitting. This effort is a small part of an ongoing international project designed to disable the harmful effects of these new transmitters.
 As you're reading this, there are people on every continent of the globe who are busting the towers where they live, all acting on own own. Most of  us make our own Tower Busters. If you're a technician who earns a livlihood working on these towers,  be assured that we don't hold you responsible for the damage they're doing to the atmosphere and to the people who live within range of them.
 What I did doesn't interfere with legitimate communication frequencies, but it has disabled specific extremely low frequencies and also the specific radio and microwave frequencies that are designed specifically to do harm. By the way, after busting these towers for nearly a year and reading all that's available on their technical aspects (which is next to nothing) I'm still unconvinced that they have anything at all to do with cell phones or legitimate communication technology. Disabling predatory energy is simply a feature of how orgonite works.
 For information on this subject, study and its resources, though of course you'd need to experiment on your own with this simple material in order to actually understand it. I sincerely hope you will do so. Please feel free to contact me personally, any time.
 It's highly unlikely that you have any real information about what you've installed and/or are servicing.  Perhaps, if you did you'd find other, less harmful, though less lucrative in the short term, employment. If you do know something about the harm this is doing, but are working here, anyway, shame on you!
 If you're an intelligence operative and are reading this, you need to get another job now because you're closer to the core of this disgusting regime and that regime is about to go down. If you're farther up the ladder in the NSA/CIA, you probably already know that your unconstitutional job is about to be terminated by popular mandate.
 It's inconceivable that you don't know something about it's predatory agenda. That makes you, if not culpable, at least an accessory to the most reprehensible of criminal activity: treason.  I suggest that you make other arrangement for your livlihood before this dinosaur of a world order comes crashing down on you, personally, in it's imminent death throes. I  bet you already know that you've got no job security, even if you're just one of the box surveillance grunts who follow us around.
 (signature here)
 Don Croft
1915 W. View Dr.
Moscow,  Idaho 83843 USA
I was thinking of composing this love letter for the past few days, but Georg in Johannesburg, who has , is the first person to announce a similar plan on the forum.  I'm particularly gratified to see that I'm not the only one who has conceived this strategy. By the way, I hope many people will deputize his efforts to bring rain to drought-stricken Zimbabwe and stop the process that's leading to  famine there. He has the capability of revolutionizing the fortunes of the entire southern part of the continent and it would only take a modest (by US standards) amount of money to carry that to completion.

We found an array that may include some prototype dead orgone transmitting equipment. It overlooks the town of Quincy, Washington, which is fairly notorious for its high crime rate. The per capita concentration of towers in that town is twice as high as the average.

We spotted the huge  LORAN (HAARP) array from Quincy and thought it was five miles away, based on the size of the usual 4-transmitter HAARP arrays that we routinely bust bust. Actually, it's at least twice as big as the latter. We finally arrived after reaching George, Washington. That's the little town on the edge of the Columbia Gorge which hosts big concerts in the summer. There's a natural formation that's used as an amphitheater there, known in Seattle as 'The Gorge at George.'

We drove right up to the transmitter array, which was surrounded by a fence and had a gated entrance. The Coast Guard has buildings within the compound. We buried the single ordinary HHg not far from the road going in. Of course it's a HAARP facility. Perhaps it still has LORAN functions, perhaps not-who cares? There isn't much dead orgone produced by legitimate communication and navigation frequencies.

LORAN Stations
I'm sure these LORAN stations are major players in the electronic disruption of natural weather patterns in each region of the globe. GPS has made them entirely redundant for navigation. They're absolutely filthy with dead orgone production. Ordinary radio transmissions don't look like that,  Carol tells me.

Jesse Zaloudek busted a major LORAN facility north of San Francisco and during that day he reported the heaviest ground surveillance of his array-busting career to date.  Arrays are Jesse's specialty. I hope you'll try his new line of Hootenized Tower Busters and  Holy Handgrenades. This will help you get a jump start if this is still unfamiliar to you and it will help Jesse get to more predatory arrays and take them out.

One of Jesse's confirmations is that he's one of the few road warriors in this project who's gotten overt interference from the fed spooks in the field.  So far, Jesse, Jeff Baggaley, Carol,  Melody and I are the only ones who have experienced that, as far as we know.

 I consider it an endorsement, and telling about it not only provides protection for us,  it lowers the overall chutzpah score for the felonious feds and reduces the fear factor in would-be road warriors, hopefully.

I've come to believe that the alleged harm being done to the planet by radio and microwave transmissions in general (aside from these overtly predatory tower networks), is mostly just Luddite hype and mental programming, designed to 'encourage' us to embrace a simpler (read: toilsome) life style. That may be another of the regime's Maginot Lines, though, because (I truly believe) we're on the verge of adopting non-invasive, non-exploitive communication technology.  As with the issue of  'pollution from evil automobiles' this 'Forward, into the past!' agenda is likely moot.  I'm assuming you know that free energy technology is about to replace the petroleum industry, just as alternative healing is about to replace the medical/drug cartel. If you don't know that, why not give it some serious thought and investigation, not to mention experimentation?
Holy Moses!
Moses Lake has a big base underground,  To camoflage the fact that half the town works there or is connected with it through the dozen or so huge corporations which have facilities around its fenced, patrolled perimeter, a Boeing 747 with 'Japan Airlines' markings on it does touch and go landings all day long, year in, year out, as does a C5-A from time to time. That's the biggest plane in the world and belongs to the US Air Force.  There is no other air activity to speak of there, and we saw nothing happening on the ground at all. This enclosed, patrolled facility was proclaimed the 'Cargo Airport' auxiliary to SEATAC, which is  the big air terminal between Seattle and Tacoma, 150 miles west of Moses Lake.

I remember seeing that JAL plane doing the same thing years ago, each time I drove from the Seattle area, where I had a sign business then, to visit my brother here in Idaho and I assumed I was seeing evidence of a  very busy air terminal.  The jet flies about ten miles away before turning around to land each time. So whoever is driving through the area would naturally make the same assumption.  Are the people in Moses Lake all brain-dead or drugged?

It wasn't a workday when we were snooping around the perimeter of the base, looking for places to put our doomsday (for their nasty activities) devices, and there was little traffic. We were followed around by a gold Cadillac which had four senior citizens inside, including the driver. Carol said the guy is a bigwig in town who 'knows something' about the activity underground and that he vaguely knew what we were up to. I assumed they'd just been to a steak house or a revival or something.

I pulled over, and he eventually drove slowly past. I smiled and waved and he did the same. I wouldn't have dangled handcuffs in his face, since he obviously wasn't a pro. Do I give the impression that I'm not discreet sometimes?

There are a large number of towers per capita in the town of Moses Lake, as there are in Quincy, which is in the same valley, about 20 miles to the northwest.   It took us quite a while to bust them all because the town's divided by several parts of the lake and we didn't buy a city map. By the time we were done in the late afternoon, a huge, amorphous white cloud was developing over the base in the now-HAARP-free sky. It was typical of the
 new kind of clouds we've been seeing when we bust towers in a large area in a single day.  There were a row of small, white lenticular clouds around the part of the perimeter of that new cloud that was closer to us.

The nearest HAARP transmitters were sixty miles away, we estimated; too far for the regime to get definitive results in their effort to destroy that potential thunderstorm, and Carol said the Lemurians had decided to anchor what we'd done on the ground and nurture the atmosphere over that base.

We had busted the smog fields all day by simply disabling the towers in them. Of course there's no logical explanation for smog in farming country (if you're using that old, broken-down logic they taught you at MIT,  that is).

Lenticular 'Clouds'
The sun set as we we continued our patrol, northeast along I-90 toward tower-free Spokane. I was astonished, then, to see that the lenticular clouds are apparently a  lot denser than the higher, surrounding clouds.  They look white from below during the day, but in the light of dusk they're dark.

Larry in Japan is the first person to tell me that he (and his wife) saw the pink and green rim around a light,  low-altitude lenticular cloud.  We didn't see that today, but it was nice to get that observation from somebody  else, and from so far away.  They're also seeing the very dark lenticular clouds, which Carol and I believe hide predatory reptilian craft. We don't see those in North America any more, now that the CB networkers have closed off their access to the surface world with some 'surgical' interventions.

I know it's hard for most of my readers to even contemplate the existence of reptilians,  Lemurians and other groups we discuss here, but you really shouldn't take what I write to heart unless you have some corroborative evidence to back up what I'm telling you.   If I can convince you to bust the towers where you live, my goal is accomplished.   Why not adopt a 'wait and see' attitude toward the other things I mention now and then?  We may soon see if I'm reporting viable information regarding unconventional races and species or I'm simply delusional about them.  There's no denying the results we're getting with the orgonite devices at any rate, and anyone can replicate those results.

The first time we saw one of those pink and green rimmed lenticular clouds was in Eastern Oregon, west of Boise, Idaho,  when we were going after some key HAARP facilities last summer in support of the Morton's tower busting campaign in Southern Idaho. That time, we drove under the cloud so that we would have been in its shadow.  It cast no shadow on the ground at all, though the surrounding clouds, which looked to be the same consistency, did cast shadows.

It really pays to look up. I'm encouraging everyone to look carefully at the sky and smog conditions before and after a day of tower busting and to work systematically and report all of the observations on the forum for the sake of science, education and public record. Some successful tower busting folks seem to be afraid of looking like a kook, even though several people have reported the same results I've described so often.

The pattern and strategy will reveal itself to you early on in the day, don't worry.  Just relax and consider it an outing.  That's what we do. This is the only time that we spend entirely with each other these days, so we look forward to our patrols with something like yearning. If you do the above, you'll get the visual confirmations you deserve, don't worry.

Tower Busters
If you're in an average sized town,  from 20 to 50,000 people and you don't feel like making your own Tower Busters, you can get them ready made.   One batch will disable all of the towers you're living under the poisonous influence of right now and your life and those of everyone in your town will be sweeter within minutes of finishing that simple task,  I guarantee. You can safely figure one Tower Buster for each 1,500 people in your town,  and get three holy handgrenades to disable the arrays that will likely be easily seen on the town's outskirts.There are usually two:  one on either side of town.  If there are hills where you live, the arrays will be on top of them.

Don Croft

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