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Episode 41
Let's Stop 'Muhamed Harvey Oswald' This Time

[Editor's Note: Don mentioned something to me at the beginning of this journal entry that I think everyone should read:  Did you know that the feds are now bulldozing the areas around their favorite busted towers in LA and Chicago, at least?  Metal detectors won't find orgonite devices.  We put them just far enough away that bulldozing is not one of their workable options ;-). I suggest to folks that they put off worrying about Planet X and start busting towers.  If the feds get their way this Fall, we'll all welcome some quick death from an errant planet next spring...Ken Adachi]

By Don Croft <>
October 1r, 2002

I may be doing more than pushing the envelope with some of my readers with this exercise.  Until now, you may have been amused, at best, by my more arcane suggestions and claims, but I think our time for effective action against this unlawful world regime is running out unless we can disable the current ploy that's perhaps designed to destroy the last of our freedom and put us on the fast track toward martial law and 'Homeland Security.'

East Coast 'Sniper' Murders
Cbs work's assessment that the string of murders last week, patterned to lead to Washington,  DC, are being carried out by a team of ten CIA operatives-three shooters, one handler and a 'cleanup crew' to take care of logistics and cover the snipers' tracks. This led my psychic wife, Carol,  to realize that this is directly connected to the planned US political assassination that she and several other psychics had seen scheduled for October.

On The Waterfront
Six of us foiled an attempt by government agents on July 4 to blow up part of the crowd on the Chicago waterfront during the annual fireworks display. In that case, one of the Cbers who is a professional psycic, was already on the job, trying to disable the bomb, and he emailed me earlier in the day, lamenting having to do it alone.  I told him I'll see about rounding up some folks with Succor Punches and in a couple of hours there were six of us, from two countries, giving it our full attention, as were some Lemurians and nice off-worlders, apparently.

During that time, two people were shot by a 'lone gunman' at the El Al ticket counter in LAX, the air terminal in Los Angeles that's surrounded by Holy Handgrenades.  To some of us, the fact that NPR played this down as having nothing to do with terrorism speaks volumes to the effectiveness of the orgonite devices that the LAARP distributed in the vicinity.

The Rockefellers' NPR [National Public Radio] is rattling their saber louder than any other alleged news network right now, so I assume they would have jumped at a chance to do their succubus work with that shooter in LA if only he'd been able to kill a lot more people.  Classic maneuver:  bomb a bunch of innocents in Chicago, right after  a 'cold-blooded agent of evil Saddam' (just another MK Ultra stooge) shoots a bunch of people in a crowded air terminal halfway across the country.

Welcome to a new, safer 'secure' America! ( Run for the hills! ;-)  Our state, Idaho,  wouldn't be a pushover, now that the tower network here is disabled. Nor would the adjacent areas in Washington State. I guess the Canadian Homeland Security equivalent in Toronto, Vancouver and Halifax, at least, would need to worry about Molotov cocktails there, and whatever guns the locals found prudent not to turn in  a few years back. Johannesburg might get another chance at an 'Orange Free State,' and goodly parts of Holland, Belgium, Namibia and Australia would now be problematic for Big Brother.  I hope that other people in the world are disabling the towers as fast as we are now in our area.

CB Forum
Please let the new cloudbuster forum know if you've done it and approximately how big your liberated territory is!  Telling about it is a very, very valuable incentive to get others to do the same-don't you realize that! Rest assured the regime knows about each tower you bust within minutes and somebody's usually waiting down the road to get a glimpse of where you'll be tossing your next tower buster, so your secrecy isn't protecting you from those jerks.

ELF Towers
Everyone else on the planet would be thrown painfully to the ground, flopping like fish out of water, every time their version of Homeland Security presses the 'disable the local populace' button in order to restore order or round up the latest list of patriots.  There's a verse in the Bible's Old Testament that says, 'My people perish for lack of knowledge.'  ( )

I just read that those ragtag Chechens are winning another war being waged on them by the Red Army (are our Special Forces helping the Russians this time, too?)  If the Chechens can do it, I suppose we can if we have to.
I'd rather replace the regime with real governments before things get to that point here, wouldn't you?

A Few Good Men (& Women)
I'm writing this for the sake of the very few people who will read this, take it to heart and do something constructive with us. I don't expect anyone else to take it seriously and I don't mind looking like a chump to
the latter or being laughed at by fools.  It would be wonderful if some of the media whores find it useful to tell about  what we're doing and laugh about it as they're shuffling their yellow papers. There's no such thing as
bad publicity.

If you're keyed into the tower busting process, you probably know that the best evidence that time's running out is that the feds are now bulldozing the ground around some of their more important disabled transmitters in an effort to remove the tower busters.  Metal detectors are disabled by orgonite, so they've apparently given up trying to find them and remove them.

Needed: Psychic Intervention
Here's my proposal:  while most other psychics and well-wishers have been duped into joining the current love and light peace campaign in unwitting conjunction with the loveless, benighted nazis at the UN, I'm asking everyone, who feels so inclined, to join our current effort to cause the CIA murder team to lose its focus and, in particular, move in on the boss of the operation with every lawful means at our disposal and disabling him long before any political assassination can be carried out by the shooters. I'm talking about the CIA official who's pulling the strings and calling the shots, not necessarily the murderers' field boss, though he's fair game, too.

I think time's too short to be squeamish. When the federal government, itself, is manifestly murderous, there is no real federal government, so what else can we do?  If we don't do this, who will? You can bet they didn't bother to set up a protective psychic net around these skunks. That would have slowed us down, at best, but time's short.

I know there are enough psychics on this forum to do the job, but this is a game anyone can play, and more is better in this case.  For those who have Succor Punches and/or Big Secrets, all that's necessary is to get an image
in our minds of that fellow and send him whatever energy  we feel is appropriate.  If you're not in touch with your own doppelganger, now might be a good time to get over your shyness and ask him/her/it to go to work for you.  Some people don't need any tools at all to do this work.

Try to move beyond what is conventionally considered 'appropriate' in this case. If the local cops there were to get wind of this, most of them would find it appropriate to fill the  bastards full of lead. We don't need to do that.

Night Visitor
Here's what I did last night with our latest astral visitors. This guy is a Russian, working for one of the dark masters.  He's the most persistent psychic attacker we've met so far.

He went after Jenny, who's been feeling terrific, by the way. He had failed to get the best of Carol for the past week. Around midnight, when Carol and Jenny hadn't been making much headway with this jerk, I simply asked my doppelganger, through my Big Secret, to go after him in the form of a large, black panther and take a few bloody chunks out of him-namely his throat and abdominal viscera. Carol said that did the trick  I'll be surprised (but ready) if he comes back again. I'm apparently not done with his master yet.

He was still being chased around by that panther when I fell asleep. This is great fun-it works even better on the less-cabable NSA/CIA, CSIS and/or Interpol psyops people you're probably getting harassed by right now if
you're actively busting their transmitters.  I hope you've found, as we have, that nobody who works for the regime can have any power over us now.

I'll keep a running account here and I hope you'll do the same. It may be surprising to find how consistent our experiences will be and this can be a terrific educational exercise for everyone. Feel free to start  your own
thread in the forum, of course.

If you'd rather use the love and light approach, that's fine, too-I mean that.

Don Croft

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