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The Adventures of Don & Carol Croft

Episode 42
The Tonasket Barter Fair
By Don Croft <>
October 24, 2002

Carol and Melody’s latest opportunity for a well-deserved break from their husbands, the Croft brothers, came last week. In this part of the country, the Barter Fairs are a time-honored instituion, perhaps a continuation of the old Indian Potlatch. Melody and Jim started one in Santa, Idaho, about twenty years ago, that is a long-awaited event for many folks in the region, but the premium annual Barter Fair happens in Tonasket, Washington, on a small plateau on the Colville Indian Reservation about fifty miles from the Oroville border crossing into Canada.

I had written earlier that the Oroville border crossing is where the Washington Constitutional Militia confronted a huge convoy of Russian troops in 1994 when they attempted to cross over the border and into the ‘North Cascades International Peace Park.’  The fact that those resolute militia men in their pickups were successful in turning them back is precisely why the plans for that ‘peace (the regime’s version of peace, not ours) park’ was no longer mentioned and quickly reverted to a ‘National Park’ again. I suspect the Russians found another route onto (into) US soil after that, because Carol picks up their thoughts when we’re in the vicinity of underground bases, which is one reason we’re busting all the towers in our region, of course.  If the Chechans can whip the Russians’ butts twice, you know that we can if we have to, as long as the deathforce transmitters are disabled- which they certainly are now in our region. I’d rather embrace them as friends and welcome them to my fine country.  The choice is theirs, of course.  We don’t blame them for what the regime does, just as we don’t blame our fathers and grandfathers for being the regime’s mercenaries in all the conflicts since 1865.

I made up 60 Tower Busters and six holy handgrenades for them and Melody took along a plethora of her Harmonizers. Here’s where I take out my new digital message recorder. I got it because I didn’t want to miss any of the things Carol was to tell me about their eventful trip. Being naturally shy, she clammed up when I put the thing in her face  It was a bit like coaxing a toddler to open up.  Fortunately, after she got going, it came out in a flood and I got every little bit!

I forgot to mention that Jenny, Carols’ 16 yr old daughter, went along.   Her job on the road was to toss out the Tower Busters as they found ELF towers on the highway leading north out of Spokane.  After they got on Indian land, the towers were essentially absent.

Portal Activity
Just over the mountain pass beyond Kettle Falls, Melody and Carol sensed reptilians and sure enough, the underground dwellers had reactivated another portal which must have been unused for millennia. Melody buried one of her Harmonizers there and that was the end of the activity.  Carol said that the presence was pretty feeble, they were simply resigned to losing the portal this time and that nothing much would have come of it anyway.   Since we closed the portals on Rainier and St. Helens, they’ve been pretty busy making a new one someplace else, to the exclusion  of any parasitic/predatory activity in our region as the regime’s cohorts.

Melody felt bad about doing that. She hates to do anything that’s hurtful, but Carol assured her that none of the reptilians would be harmed.  They don’t need to be in the surface world right now.

NSA Reporters
Several of the cops they passed on the highway called them into the NSA, but when they got to the fair, all the cops and pavement artists were more involved with keeping track of the dopers. In some years, 10,000 people show up for this event.

The only time the women encountered the requisite anti-orgonite NSA/CIA  psyops team was on the first day.  In this case, they were  a couple of middle aged folks in matching green vests and caps who were obviously out of place among the hippies and mountain people. The woman was marginally competent and had sort of skewered Melody, psychically. Melody felt it and then tried staring the woman down.  She asked Carol, ‘What do I do, what do I do?’ and Carol told her to think of something else. So she started running Scarecrow’s song from The Wizard of Oz: ‘If I Only Had a Brain,’ mentally and the psychics broke contact and  they both went away, not to return. I bet they were happy to leave.

They had set up the cloudbuster right away so there wouldn’t be any unpleasant weather for the weekend.  Of course, the rain that was forecast didn’t arrive, nor was there any customary strong autumn wind on that high plateau. The women slept comfortably in the Zapporium, which has a nice yacht heater in it. Carol took along the little VCR with a LCD screen and Carol kept asking her to turn it down because she didn’t feel it was in keeping with the spirit of the low-tech-oriented gathering.  I think Carol forgot to mention that neither are the combustion engines in the parked vehicles or the PA system being used there.

Not longer after the CB was erected, a huge triangle ship showed up.  Carol and Melody were aware of it, especially Melody, who was getting beamed from it. The thing was so big that it was casting a shadow in the sky and was close to the sun’s position. The ground shadow wasn’t apparent, though it may have been on the other side of the mountain. Melody pointed the CB at it and Carol pointed her Succor Punch at it and it was gone in a very few minutes.

Right after it fled, a bunch of light lenticular clouds showed up around where it was located. These were the Lemurians.  The ship was one of the regime’s B Sirian consorts’ ships, probably slated to participate in the phony alien invasion later this Fall.  Carol said it wasn’t one of the big 20 orbitting B Sirian space stations.

Some of the folks there recognized the cloudbuster because there are a bunch of them around Oroville now.   Typical of most CB builders, they never told us about their devices. I’m just glad they made them, though.  They got the information off the Internet and decided it was worth a try, then others made more. That’s how good really good news spreads, after all.

'Building Inspectors'
Here’s what some of the locals said about what’s happening  in the areas close to the national border near Oroville now:  Mysterious white trucks show up at the houses and cabins near the border in the woods and the fellows in them tell the people that they’re building inspectors. They poke around, then tell the residents that their houses aren’t up to code and that they’ll need to do thus and so in order to get them up to code by a deadline, or else they’ll have to leave. When they get to the stores, they’re all told that the supplies are not available.

Earlier this year, a lot of forest fires were started by ‘ball lightning,’ and there were several HAARP wind events—typically, 75mph winds that felled trees and damaged property. The woman who told Carol about it said that she called the weather service and they denied that anything like that happened in those mountains because ‘it was impossible.’  Carol says this is just some HAARP scalar stuff designed to drive people out of the area. The balls of ‘lightning’ were seen plummeting to the ground from high in the atmosphere and the winds were very localized, not part of a frontal system..

The border crossing facilities on both sides of the line have been beefed up far beyond what one would expect for such remote locations.

The women didn’t drive to Oroville, so they don’t know if the towers have been disabled in that area yet.  One can only hope. I may connect with some militia folks near where we live soon to see if any of them know about what we’re doing. They’re a pretty informed, very low profile bunch and not at all like the racist, xenophobic paradigm the media has suggested.  I’ve learned that all the ethnic groups in America are proportionately represented in the Constitutional State Militias.  Around here, they operate the Search and Rescue operations for some of the county Sherriffs. There’s a lot of wilderness close to where we live.

Mt. Rainer Heating Up
One of the men at the fair had found out that Mt. Rainier is throwing ash now and the lakes up on the mountain are heating up. He showed Carol and Melody a baggie full of the new gray ash and said the feds followed him around when he was there collecting it.  His impression was that they didn’t approve.

Them Their Eyes
Another man with a large iguana draped over his shoulder came to visit the women a few times.  He was a friendly fellow, but they had the distinct impression that he has a lot of reptilian DNA and in fact, is one of their walking ‘videocams.’  Melody said, ‘Are you a reptilian?’ and the fellow said he didn’t know, but that he’s fascinated with the ‘underground dwellers.’ Carol says that his girlfriend was an awful lot like him, also reptilian. They admitted that most other people consider them really weird.  I’d like to get to know them, though.

Carol had asked me to make at least four HHgs, one for each corner of the plateau, because the last time she went there was some awfully intense predatory energy there, especially during the all-night drumming circles.  I guess the hippies need to get more in touch with how the Indians do that at powwows and maybe ease up on the ol’ hallucinogens a bit to keep the unwanted astral visitors out of the circle. I didn’t hear what happened this year, but no news is good news, I guess.

On the trip back, though they were making a beeline for Denny’s Restaurant in Spokane, they did stop to disable a brand new HAARP array north of Spokane that wasn’t there four days earlier. There was a fedmobile waiting to see what the women would do about it, but of course, Jenny was too sharp for them to see her do the deed ;-).

Don Croft

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