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Episode 43
Watch The Sky

By Don Croft <>
October 26, 2002

Watch The Sky for Evidence of Your Success!

It’s extremely gratifying to me to see that many are now posting about their tower busting victories. The only component that isn’t getting enough attention in most of these accounts is observations of the sky before, during and after significant numbers of tower sites and/or key vortices, and/or underground bases have been healed.

On our previous two-day patrol, in which we busted the underground base at Moses Lake, Washington, the Coast Guard LORAN (HAARP) facility at George (no kidding), Washington, the weather ball northwest of Spokane, WA, and a plethora of lesser arrays and towers  there wasn’t an extremely remarkable atmospheric display, other than disappearing smog,  a big, amorphous white cloud over the busted underground base, surrounded by lower altitude light, small lenticular clouds and an atomic-bomb-cloud-styled, dynamic DOR/fog field over the busted weather ball for a bit which immediately followed the quick, widespread cessation of some less-than-pleasant rainfall a few minutes after we tossed a single  tower buster out the car window across the road from the weather ball (classic TB drive-by--in fine style, I might add).

Even if you don’t see these more mundane confirmations, I think you’ll find that when you watch calmly and carefully before, during and after your excursions you’ll catch a glimpse, at least, of some atmosphere anomalies that are worthy of posting here.

Years from now, when serious researchers (REAL scientists, free of institutional gags and shackles) are looking through our posts, your casual sky observations will be solid gold.  Try to think of that when you get the feeling that something’s not worth mentioning, okay?

Johnny Tower Buster
Here’s what one can reasonably expect from 8 hours of mostly rural tower busting:

We only had the day for busting on Friday, so we decided to do some mopping up, mainly Fairchild Air Force Base and little  Cheney, Washington, which are only a hundred miles away.

Since we busted the Coast Guard LORAN (major, major, major HAARP array for this part of the country) and the weather ball NW of Spokane the chemtrails had not stuck at all here for more than a minute or so, even on days when we were seeing spewplanes every five minutes, all day long, trying to make straight lines, let alone X’s.

We busted those travesties three weeks ago.

On Friday morning, we saw spew here for the first time since we did that.  It was sticking for about ten minutes and the planes were flying by every five minutes, so they’d created a bit of a field to the north, out of immediate range of our cloudbusters.

This is a pattern—has anyone else noticed it?  We get a major victory over them; they take some time to figure out a new game plan, then just as they find a way to get spew to stick again, we blow them out of the sky, yet again.

By the way, I don’t know if many realize this, but the spew is getting less and less toxic. Carol and I are absolutely convinced that what they’re doing now is simply trying to maintain the perception that blue skies are not our birthright. What they seem to know is that after years of toxic whiteouts people are starting to notice, thanks to your and our cloudbusters,  that the sky is beautiful again. That means that PJ folks are waking up en masse now, I believe.

This being the regime’s primary personal terror (awakened masses) they’re investing a load of time, manpower, planes and non-toxic spew to maintain the illusion that they control the skies, not the good guys.

What tickles Carol and me to death is that the fellows at the top of the regime’s Spew Administration dung heap probably are certain that we know what we’re doing every time we blow them out of the sky after their otherwise-brilliant new strategies, as we did on Friday, again.   Actually, what we do, which is simply to follow our instincts, is completely indecipherable to those satanic control freaks who are unable to ‘know’ anything except that they can hurt people and that they are vulnerable to expressions of their own bosses’ displeasure.

Driving north west to Cheney, we discovered that most of the spew planes had been concentrating near where we live, but as the tower busting progressed, more and more of them showed up overhead where we were working; sort of like flies gather around something that’s not to be mentioned in public gracefully and will follow it if it gets moved around.

We took care of the stretch of interstate that still needed attention (all of I-90 is now tower free from Montana to halfway across Washington State) then went to Denny’s, near Medical Lake,  for lunch.  The woman in Bakersfield who made the first CB there works at Denny’s.

When we went into the restaurant the spew lines were all over the sky and they were making them slightly  faster than they could disappear, so they were getting a pretty good score. When we came out, there were just as many spewplanes, maybe more, but the spew was disappearing in a few seconds, all over the sky and not a trace of older spew remained.

I think this is significant because we didn’t bust any major arrays up to that point—only a scattering of roadside deathforce transmitters and  whatever was on the campus of Eastern Washington University and in the town of Cheney, where the shool’s located.

If  we can do that and see such dramatic results, so can you.

A Gift
One of the fellows who works in the restaurant saw Carol using her pendulum, asked her about it and was curious and aware enough to accept a Tower Buster from us.  I asked him to keep it hidden in a pocket, then watch what happens to the behavior of his co-workers,  one of whom he had mentioned treats him rather badly.   He said, ‘Okay, why don’t you come back here in a couple of days and I’ll let you know.’  I said, ‘We already know—we want you to experience it yourself!”  He kind of reminds me of Ben Morton.  I bet we’ll be hearing from the fellow.  I wrote down the forum address for him.

'Don't Worry, Boss, I Got 'Em Covered'
After lunch, we did Medical Lake (we had put a HHg at the mental hospital when we visited there in May) and the butte-top big array overlooking the airbase. Carol said a fed was hiding there to spot us, so of course I dropped her off out of sight to bury the single, ordinary HHg and then drove around the top of the butte fishing for the fed among the razortape-topped little compounds, but he remained hidden.  I think he had the keys and was inside an enclosure—a tactician!

After I picked her up, she said he was looking at us through binoculars and telling his boss that he’d prevented us from doing the deed.  She told me that his boss said, ‘Are you sure?’   Boy, I bet that guy's in trouble by now!  I gave him a friendly wave as we were going down the road, which she said he saw through his binoculars.

Four HHg's
Oops—forgot to mention that Carol suggested that we put the four HHgs we brought  in four places around the base. Those were the same four she put around the plateau at Tonasket to help keep the ambient parastic/predatory entities from using the potheads’ bodies and minds during the Barter Fair (she couldn’t sleep on account of that happening en masse around her last time. She indicated to me that everyone there was, who they thought they were this time ;-)

We had left one along the southern boundary before we got to Medical Lake, and the butte top array got number two. We put the third one near the spot where the Air Force Intelligence Officer was waiting for us by a tower on our last patrol, then the other one went to the last spot after Carol dropped me off at McCrap to freshen up.

She was followed by eight feds and Air Force intel guys (I wish I had a picture of that), but told me that when she got out of the car to bury the thing, the Wingmakers put in a rare appearance just to assure her that none of those guys would have a clue where she buried it.  She also said that she sensed the effect of a large iron door slamming shut the instant she put that ordinary HHg in the ground. It probably goes without saying that we only use ordinary HHgs and Tower Busters for our patrols,  just to show anyone who’s interested that the other fancy stuff is not essential for this. Of course the fancy stuff is nice, too, if you’re inclined to spend the time, money and effort to do that- we’re not. We like to use fancy stuff in our more personal efforts.

We scooted off to bust a tower that we hadn’t had time to get to on our previous patrol through the area and it was hard to find this time because it had been turned off when the feds figured out we were heading there. I knew that because it was nearly sunset and the white strobe lights usually come on before that. Carol didn’t sense any DOR coming off it until we got close. She said they can’t stop the residual DOR from emanating from it by turning off the power.

We had to look at the topo map for a butte to figure out where the tower was because it was a skinny HAARP-sort of transmitter that would have been hard to see that far away even in daylight. The last time we saw it, also close to sunset,  the light was blinking like a champ. Carol said they turned it off so they could at least have one remaining transmitter in the region. If I was a nicer person, I’d probably let them have it, but we eventually found it and busted it, anyway. There were two fedmobiles on that road, but of course they got there after the fact.

Drum Array Microwave Towers
We found and busted one of those drum arrays on the way home. It was about twenty miles from the nearest major highway and the feds hadn’t a clue we were going that way on the way home, so the light was flashing on it.  There were seven big drums on it, pointed every which way.

Carol felt another tower not far from there but the light was not flashing, so we’ll get that next time we go on patrol.  It’s on the way to the area in Central Washington that will be our next campaign, this time with Sherry Elizabeth.

I knew there was another tower a few miles farther on, but it wasn’t lit up, either.

Rounding a bend, I saw a red flashing light, dimmer than usual, in a place where there weren’t any towers before, so I was pretty jazzed to bust a new tower.

We stopped the car and the light started moving to the north.  I looked at it through the binoculars and saw that the red light was sort of rotating around a very dim white/yellow light—obviously not an airplane or ‘one of ours.’

Carol told me they’re very friendly insectoid ETs who are currently based on Mars, but are from a star system nobody’s heard of, but their home planet is blue and green.  She said they were invited by the Lemurians to come here to help make sure this satanic regime doesn’t get its wish to destroy most of humanity in the coming short days.

She told me that these guys, along with the little dwarven Andromedans whose ship we all saw fly overhead last Monday night, were techies, easily able to stop nuclear bombs from going off.

All told, in the past week we’ve been in contact with five or six other-than-surface-earth-human races, including the native elementals and Lemurians, who are humans, albeit hyperdimensional. We’ve encountered a few others now and then, too. I’m encouraging everyone who has contact with one or two of these races or others to consider that everyone’s contacts are equally valid and not to get stuck in the exclusivity groove. I think you’ll find that your contacts would encourage you to do the same thing.

Pretty soon, I expect that our supermarkets, swimming pools and theaters will look like the bar scene from STAR WARS, so why not rearrange our paradigms now and avoid the rush?

Am I the first to offer a hearty WELCOME! to these co-workers from out of town?

By the way, for those of us who have encountered the Lemurians and dolphins, the notions of ascended masters, mysterious alleged hidden, all-powerful, ‘ secret,’ beneficial societies, etc., that are what the regime uses to hook incredulous new agers,  is pretty mundane in comparison.  For what it’s worth, I have it on pretty good authority that you wouldn’t want to get to know the entities that the regime’s Lucifer Trust at the UN promotes as ‘angelic.’  I’m curious to see what transpires after they lift the lid on their Jeffrey Dalhmer style ‘world savior’ in December.  I hope some local Sherriff deputy will be waiting in the wings for that miscreant with handcuffs and an arrest warrant.

Back to the subject of tower busting, we didn’t see any remarkable atmospheric effects other than the formation of the usual amorphous white cloud over the base (unless one counts the UFO) after doing the most dramatic thing on Friday, which was busting whatever was writhing under Fairchild Air Force Base.  The big effects that day came after busting a few mundane towers—not more than twenty.  You might not see anything noteworthy at all, sometimes, but don’t let that discourage you!

Don Croft

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