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Episode 44

Don Croft Does D.C. in Honor of Dr. Reich

By Don Croft <>
November 11, 2002

I went to work at correcting the satanic geometry on which our nation's Capital is laid out in order to attempt to circumvent any possible mayhem from government agent provocateurs and from the DC police force that may
occur during the demonstration planned for the following weekend by perhaps tens of thousands of patriotic Americans who are now, as I write this on 11/15, on their way to that city in convoys from across the continent to
demand a return to Constitutional government.  My heart is with them and I'd prefer to be there, but I wanted the orgonite devices I laid out to 'cook' and build up the healthy orgone shield there for a week before their arrival.

Here's a teaser: After 72 hours of eluding the feds in and around DC, they caught up with me when I had finished the job and was on the phone with Carol.  In the small parking lot of an A&W restaurant in rural Maryland, there were five fedmobiles: three of which were brand new shiny black Lincolns, one a new Lincoln 'taxi'-sans passenger,  and a jeep, parked next to my rental car. There were two actual Men in Black sauntering about, glaring at me and speaking into microphones.  If I weren't so tired, I would have chatted them up and taken some digital pics for you guys.  That only occurred to me much later, though. I never felt like I was in danger; even when I was tossing tower busters into the CIA hindquarters compound at Langley.

Before I get into the details, I want to acknowledge Jerry and Ben Morton for discovering similar satanic patterns in Boise, Idaho and correcting the energy imbalance on that artifact with intelligent placement of orgonite devices.  I followed their fine example in Washington, DC, and I hope many  others will do the same in the many other towns and cities where this patterning has been used.

George Washington Masonic Memorial
Oddly (does this term apply to everything I do?), the most informative part of the exercise was my visit on Sunday morning to the George Washington Masonic National Memorial in Alexandria, Virginia.  The monument lies just outside the old jurisdiction of Washington, DC, which was a diamond-shaped area taking in parts of Maryland and Virginia.  Apparently, the Virginia parts are no longer federal jurisdiction.

A brief tour of the monument, which also serves as the Alexandria Masonic Lodge and is used for higher ceremonies, was very revealing to me about George Washington's true relationship to freemasonry. Though the masons claim that Washington was an enthusiastic supporter of their efforts, some solid investigative journalism in recent years indicates that this was not the case and that he rather resigned himself to having to use the existing Masonic network  simply because it was his only  option.  Also, during the end of the 18th century, there were attempts, at least in America, to remove the Republic's lodges from British supervision. I think it could have gone either way, which is why Washington maintained his connection to that network.

In Wilhelm Reich's early years, communism and fascism were the only viable options for political action, so I figured that was a 200% improvement over Washington's day.  Now, of course, we can blow off all political agencies and artifacts and just use the Internet to create our own informal, effective grassroots efforts, such as the cloudbuster forum, and we can pattern real government on what's been done with the Internet's own organization success, which is free of political parties, corporate manipulation and ersatz ideologies.

Washington agreed to sit for a portrait in 1794, not long before his death, but he stipulated that the artist must accurately represent his countenance and not embellish his effort, as all the other artists had done before and
after.  I'd never seen that portrait before, but it was prominently displayed in the monument, as were copies.   What one sees in that picture is a bitter, broken old man, close to death.

The literature there says that there were three Masonic doctors in attendance during his year-long fatal 'illness.'  The group was led by Dr. Dick, whose portrait is nearly as prominent as Washington's. The fellow looked pretty menacing to me and nearby his dueling pistols were on display.  Dueling was a common means of eliminating political opponents, though I believe those docs were administering arsenic in measured quantities, aiming to get Washington to die on an astrologically favorable (to the organization) day. It's probably a lot like the cancer docs work now, extracting every penny from their patients before allowing them to experience the mercy of death.

Not very long after Washington's death,  burley, rapacious Aaron Burr, who later fled to England after being accused of helping the Brits set up a new colony in Texas, shot the relatively wimpy Alexander Hamilton that way, immediately after which a Swiss banker, Alexander Gallatin, was moved into Hamilton's Treasury Secretary position. Gallatin's wife belonged to the pre-eminent British banking and espionage family of the time and he wasn't yet a citizen of the new Republic.

Washington is said to have refused ever to let Aaron Burr into his presence during the War of Independence.  Burr openly confessed to having associated with the top British spy in America then and he married the man's widow soon after his death.

I have a hard time taking 'non-conspiracy' theories seriously.

The monument is a small, granite sky scraper, topped by a stepped pyramid and a sort of transmitter device, apparently.  It reminds me of the steeples of the Mormon Temples in a way.  It's built on a small hill and is
the most prominent structure in the city.

I went in there to ask somebody about the location of that Masonic temple in Washington that David Icke describes. I hadn't located it before. It was only after I mentioned that my Grandad was in Harry Truman's lodge in Kansas City during WWII that they gave me the address, which turned out to be part of the satanic pattern I'll get to describing shortly.

I hope nobody thinks I'm out to savage masons. The vast majority are completely and studiously clueless regarding the grander agenda of their organization. They seem to be content to be part of something Big and
Secret, that's all. The few higher up in the lodges, like my Grandad, knew a bit about it and were informed about magic, but only a tiny few at the international level, are really keyed in to the organization's predatory/parasitic overall purpose.

Masonic Assassinations
I do believe that Washington was murdered by the international masons, as was Lincoln. In the days before the CIA, this is how it got done. As many people know, the CIA patterns its own wetwork on old Masonic/satanic magic rituals in order to get a little personal power for its operatives and for the organization at mankind's general expense; predatory/parasitic activity.

Typically, when a man of character and substance gained prominence in human society, the satanic network eventually murdered him, then canonized him. Martin Luther King is another example. Reich was killed without later being honored because his life work represented the end of all of this horror. That's probably why they burned all his publications and notes before they threw him into prison.

I was once told that it's against federal law to have even an orgone accumulator. Let's see them try to enforce those alleged laws now ;-).  I wish they'd try-we could all use the free publicity and it would be fun to see the prosecutors laughed to scorn by an awakening public.

Wilhelm Reich
I'm dedicating my Washington, DC, effort to Dr. Reich, who was defamed, imprisoned and murdered by the same ancient world regime who drew that big satanic star on the ground and built a city around it in the first place.

In the harsh light of Reich's scientific achievements, relative dim lights such as Einstein are the sore losers.   A word of support from Einstein would, I'm sure, have prevented the debacle surrounding Reich's crucifixion.  Einstein, early on, acknowledged Reich's discoveries' astounding implications, but soon after apparently realized that his own  life's work was shown to be relatively insignificant, after which he shunned Dr. Reich, even during the latter's life-ending period of travail.  When Einstein realized that Reich had discovered the 'ether' that the former was trying to deny in his work, he told him, 'This is a bomb for physics!'  Like the rest of us, Einstein was sometimes slow on the uptake, not realizing that the bomb was particularly destructive to his own phsysics ;-)

My heart fairly breaks when I consider what Dr. Reich must have experienced in such a hostile world. I'm quite sure that if he was alive now he'd have no end of support, both moral and financial, from a grassroots network of
researchers on every level, much like we witness in our global cloudbuster network right now. Nor would this horrid federal thing that calls itself government dare to interfere in his life and work these days.

The same is true of Tesla, Rife, Schauberger,  Mesmer, Leibnitz, Galileo and all the rest who endured the burden of being ahead of their time. By the way, the fact that most of these folks have German names encourages me to believe that the German people may yet be the ones who first propel our project into popular culture and awareness.

Hans Solo
Carol and I wanted to go to Washington together, but family constraints made it impossible, and I later realized that it's better, in a way, that I do it alone, since it will provide an example to others who are similarly lacking in psychic gifts as myself.  I'm not saying this facetiously-I really mean it.

Carol's over in Montana busting towers this weekend. We're creating a Gestapo-free buffer zone around Idaho in case the satanic feds get their martial law wish next month. It's her first lone tower busting patrol. I was  gratified when she expressed her lack of confidence at not having me along, since I had to overcome the same feelings the first few times I went out without her. We both agree that it's a hell of a lot more fun when we do it together.

We reserved a rental car for me at the BWI airport outside Baltimore. I wanted to at least greet Michelle Ridgley in Baltimore and thank her personally for all her selfless effort in this work over the past year.

At The Airport
I'd made up 40 tower busters and eight HHgs on Carol's recommendation, but the feds contrived to prevent them from getting on the plane with me in Spokane. When I passed through security before going to the  flight's waiting area, I got the devices through with very little discussion with the security people. The problem came when it was time to board the plane and suddenly there was a small crowd of uniformed and suited people standing around me.

I can breeze through any metal detector without setting it off these days.Carol was able to do that for over a year, but I just achieved that happy state. I hope you can all experience that little joy after you've built up your personal orgone charge sufficiently.

As I was exiting the terminal to get onto the plane, which had been held up a half hour in the process, I told all the assembled airport cops and administrators, 'It's okay, I can make more when I get there!'  They came very close to letting me take those on the plane before the feds intervened (according to Carol).  I think they liked me, personally.

Red Cars & TB's
As it turned out, it was better that I didn't get into DC during daylight and when I was in the Home Depot parking lot, west of Baltimore, making up my 40 tower busters and 8 holy handgrenades, I saw a typical Cessna 170 spy plane tooling along over all the major roads in my vicinity for about an hour. There were plenty of other bright red cars in that lot with mine and none of the people who drove by had 'the look' that I've come to identify as NSA/CIA pavement artists..

They'd given me a bright red car without offering a choice.  I later saw that it was the only red car in that huge rental car lot when I returned it to the airport on Monday night. A couple of pavement artists were on my tail as I left the airport parking garage after I picked the car up. I pulled over into a median and they stupidly pulled over right behind me, looking a bit sheepish. I think the towers were stupefying them a bit. When I turned, they went the other way.  A little later, I turned on the Succor Punch.  I wanted them to know I was driving away from Washington and into Baltimore.

Michelle's phone number wasn't in the book and I've got a rep for not being telephone user-friendly, so I'd forgotten to secure the number before I'd left and it felt too risky to call Carol at that point of the venture to
help me find it in my old records, considering how hard the feds must have been trying to find me..

As it turned out, it was important that I spoke to few if any people during the exercise, so I promised Michelle that Carol and I would go on patrol with her soon to make up for my faux pas.

A Little Night Work
I took a roundabout route into Washington, DC, because I'd seen a lot of videocams on all the Beltway and I-95  ramps on previous visits.  Also, I realized that it would be prudent to enter the city after dark so that the red car wouldn't stand out so much.

As I mentioned, the city is diamond shaped.  More specifically, it's a square, rotated 45 degrees.

The geographical center is within a hundred yards or so of the Washington Monument, that tall obelisk on a low hill.  Carol said that this erection stands  in the center of the only major vortex in the city.   The east/west axis on which the monument rests is marked by the Lincoln Memorial at the west end of the mile or so long park-like National Mall,  and the east end is the Capitol Building, the formal home of Congress. Much farther east on that axis is the circular Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium, which has a double helix stairway configuration around the outer wall.

As a few researchers have pointed out, there is an inverted, distorted pentagram centered on the north/south axis of Sixteenth Street, which is about fifty yards west of the Monument. The downward point of that star is in the Oval Office; the President's workshop, if you will, in the White House. All but one of those lines are clearly delineated by streets. If you consider the star anatomically, both feet are in traffic rotaries, as is the left hand.  The right hand was in the old Washington, DC, administrative building.  If you extend out from that arm's point, you'll see NPR headquarters occupying the opposite corner.  It wasn't hard for me to see where National Public Radio gets the energy to spin all that news and information out beyond  Mother Earth's reality orbit.

Some of the chakras of the star's 'body'  are clearly marked by monuments and they all got a good dose of healing orgonite, as did each point except the Bush family's operational headquarters. The 'hips' even got a Tower Buster each.  I think the star was quite happy by the time I was done.

Extending to the south, across the Mall, the line goes under the dome of the Jefferson Memorial, which is another satanic temple.  The beauty of these edifices reminds me of the  world regime's penchant for bastardizing legitimate classical proportions and architectural standards to give itself the aura of legitimacy, much the way a pedophile and/or serial killer may put on a police uniform, clerical garb or judge's robes and even get paid to do so by this filthy, poisonous world regime.

I came into the city from the north along 13th Street.  The right foot traffic rotary park got a Tower Buster without any scrutiny from the feds, but by the time I arrived at the left foot rotary there were a white, unmarked cherry picker and white, unmarked van parked in the park and the fellows from the vehicles were apparently scanning for me.  I had parked a block away and had no trouble getting a device in the right spot without them noticing me.  I'm pretty sure they were just told to look for a red car, of which I saw there were very few in the city, by the way.

Grounding Footwork
Here is where I can pitch the tower buster work as a way to ground and center the still- pseudomystical would-be planetary healers. This is a good way to get some street smarts and these skills apply just as well to high psychism as to my slogging footwork. I offer the analogy of a person arriving at a big city, innocent as a babe with hundred dollar bills hanging from every pocket to describe the state of 99% of people who boast of their psychic gifts.

As you can guess, the rube won't get two blocks  before  being mugged or taken 'under the mentor's wing' in a confidence scam. When innocent, untrained psychics enter the wide world of high psychism, there are invariably a host of savvy predators, manipulators and false friends waiting to steal every bit of energy/information they can from the novice and many of these predator/parasites have been at this game for a long, long time. Some of them are able to withstand some contact with our orgonite devices, too, so there's no easy way to mark them other than to scrupulously  follow our finest instincts..

The responsibility each one of us have to keep our own intuitive counsel these days is nothing short of awesome and in fact nearly overwhelming, but the payoff comes in the form of empowerment, conviction, fuller psycho/spiritual development and stronger faith. And our efforts get pretty fast results and confirmations, thanks to all the nice, unseen helpers that want us all to succeed these days.

As some knowledgable people in our forum have mentioned, the psychic con artists use copious amounts of real information to get the confidence of the uninformed.  The manipulation is in the form of information spin, which
is always designed to move our attention away from our 'function' as Reich called it.  I'm sure you've noticed that the mentally programmed pseudomystics  are the most adamant in denial of their own manipulation and in denouncing pseudomysticism itself.  That's a sign of successful mental  programming, sort of like how pajama people wave flags and talk boldly about freedom, but are enthusiastic corporate slaves  and/or property of the
state the rest of the time.

I was glad to learn that Dr. Reich was in the habit of holding pseudomystics' and pseudoscientists' feet to the fire whenever they made their unfounded proclamations, and that's encouraged me to keep following that course. The alternative seems, to me, to let this network degenerate into an ineffective, manipulated charade.  What we're all doing is basically scientific, but on a strong spiritual foundation, just as Dr. Reich's efforts were.

When I arrived in the city, it felt just terrible, except for right around the Washington Monument, where two holy handgrenades had been buried six months before.

Satanic Designs
It occurred to me that the purpose of the inverted pentagram and the two axes was to parasitically gather and direct the human energy of the city dwellers into the White House and Capitol Building, both of which are more
correctly called Luciferian/Babylonian temples, than government offices. The Federal Triangle, which sits between the White House and the Capitol Building, is home to the FBI, Justice Department, IRS, FTC and a rabbit warren of banking offices.

General Albert Pike's statue, which had been temporarily removed due to public outcry, sits on the east point of the triangle. That's the fellow who wrote, MORALS AND DOGMA, which is the masons'  thinly disguised  satanic guidebook. He was a Confederate General during the Civil War who extorted the Oklahoma Indian tribes into not supporting the North. In typical cowardly fashion, he exempted himself from every form of real battle thoughout that war. Also, throughout the conflict, he was officiating as the acknowledged head of all Masonic lodges in North America, on behalf of the British masters of Freemasonry.  He was an avowed Satanist, much like Anton LaVey.  He got a Tower Buster, of course. One of our associates had put one of Dragon Al's Holy Handgrenades on Pike's Peak in the Colorado Rockies last summer. I'm sure that place relates to Washington DC's satanic energy net.

The Capitol Building, though closely guarded by DC cops, got a couple of Tower Busters. I felt like the invisible man at times. It's cool how you can start to sense when you're being watched and when you aren't.  Here's another case where street instincts blend with budding psychic skills. I must say I was rather dependent on Ben Morton's pendulum. After I started using that one, I realized that this represents the next level in dowsing expertise. Novices can get good, consistent results with Ben's model.  I wonder if he  knows how significant this is?  I was getting the same results by putting my left hand over the point of the Succor Punch while dowsing with my right.  You should try this in a controlled experiment. You may be surprised, as I was, at how well the SP can short circuit our prejudices, which often queer the dowsing process. Carol told me it's because we're getting info from the guardian of the crystal in this case, not from our own souls.  What's your take on that?

The 'Look'
When I was between targets at the Capitol Buillding, actually walking on the street behind it, a new, black stretch limousine with darkly tinted windows all around, including the front, cruised very slowly past me so the occupant in the back could get a close up look at me.  I had the sense that this guy was relying on a higher agency than the NSA to find me.  I saw him two or three more times up close before I was done in the city, and in those cases I spotted him first and evaded him. I had specifically asked for a tiny car so I could get in and out of traffic quick.  Carol said he's somebody from the White House. Maybe he's eating sour grapes after what we all did to that CIA creepy-crowley who was directing the sniper shooters in Maryland and DC last month (if you're inclined to accept CNN's assessment of that situation, then consider this statement simply an expressed opinion,okay?)

Shortly after that, I was putting a Tower Buster in the reflecting pond in front of the Capitol and a motorcycle cop went behind my parked car and got the plate number. By the time I got out of the Mall there was a fedmobile behind me, which I easily lost in traffic and visited the other targets that night without incident.  This was around 2AM, so the fedmobile was pretty obviously tailing me.

After that, the DC police began giving me 'the look' every time they saw me, and I knew there were all told to watch for me and report my position. When they get that look, they no longer return your greetings. Try it yourself!  All the cops in Moscow, our town, are doing that these days for the feds, whose conspicuous presence is now being discussed openly here, even by people who aren't pot dealers.

I drove southeast of town about ten miles to spend the night in the car. I didn't want to check into a motel because a cop would have picked up on that and the feds would be boxing me in the next day, or at least trying hard to.
Day Two
With my jetlag I slept til almost noon, then decided to put tower busters on the four points of the city's perimeter, which I hoped would take up most of the remaining daylight hours, then go to the CIA hindquarters at Langley just before dark.  My timing was exquisite, though I was made by one of the surveillance cameras along the Beltway and followed briefly a couple of times.

The route to Langley was so circuitous, and out of the purview of DC cops, that I got there undetected, no doubt surprising whoever was watching the monitor connected to the video cam at a service gate on the west side.  I turned around right in front of the cam just to tweak the bastards, then tossed a TB into the compound after I drove away. I put another one farther west because I knew I wouldn't be able to access the north fence. This vectoring really, really works. I had tossed the first one near the sign that indicated that the facility is now named after George Bush, Sr., and then drove to the east fence and tossed one in from there.  It was nearly dark at that point and the TB, which was quite heavy because I had to use steel ball bearings (BBs) to make it, nearly struck a big surveillance cam that was sitting on a fence post.  It was pointed along the fence, not at me, but I knew they had spotted me. I drove away without headlights for a half mile, then got on the highway that lead into Georgetown.

The city felt a lot better by the second night.

I spent the rest of the night doing the rest of the targets, including one tossed onto the White House grounds literally a split second before  a boss federal cop with gold braid around his hat  rounded the corner and gave me a hard look. Two fed cops on bicycles had scrutinized me  in turn as I approached the compound fence right before that and after I encountered their boss. I was out of sight for about two seconds, altogether. I almost hit a camera that time, too, or perhaps a microphone. It sort of 'chinked' on a thing that jutted up from the garden bed.

Hoo, Hoo
As David Icke notes, the Capitol building is in the 'head' of an owl shape, delineated by Pennsylvania Avenue on the north and Maryland Avenue on the south. The Washington Monument represents, anatomically, the owl's  hing that its shape and function suggests  according to its location on the owl's 'body,'  The ears of the owl are marked by two peculiar roadways behind the Capital Building, as is the outline of the head.

I agree with Icke that the owl represents Moloch, the old Babylonian god to whom groups of children were sacrificed, which explains to me why that 40 foot high granite owl presides over the  murderous satanic rituals that used to take place at Bohemian Grove before we apparently shut that facility down last June. Ted Gunderson and others have gotten testimony from people who had been taken as small children to the Capitol Building and to Bohemian Grove for ritual sexual abuse from day care centers, then returned before their parents picked them up at the end of the day. Some field trip, eh?  Senator Joseph Biden was one of the pedophiles named most often by these witnesses. The current President apparently has a long history of sexually abusing small children as well as ritually murdering pseudomystical chumps.I still think Cheney would do more damage as President, though.

Say Cheese
That's not to say owls are bad, of course, just as five pointed stars are not bad. All the past presidents have been photographed participating in those rituals, by the way, including Reagan and Carter, the 'nice' ones. An eyewitness reported that Kissinger, during the leisure periods of those little R&R times, likes to dress like a woman and get chased by bare-chested  manly men through the woods. Is that how he really earned his Nobel Prize? I think he let the guys catch him, so that prize  wasn't won in a footrace.

Icke delineated a large,  six pointed star in the city, too, and I saw plenty of streets on the map that were configured at the proper angles, but the image itself escaped me. There's somebody in the city now who has
volunteered to continue this project, so Carol and I will watch the Icke video again and send her the marked map.  I'd hate to think that I was the only person doing that fun, rewarding work there.

Across the River and Into The Towers
I saw very few deathforce transmitters in the city, but across the Potomac, in Arlington, there's a line of about forty transmitters facing DC. At least they'll be easy to bust, all in the same day. Of course the Beltway, which is the freeway that goes around the periphery of DC, is filthy with these transmitters. According to the argument that these towers are for cell phones, then nobody uses the phones while they're actually  in DC, but only when they're driving laps on the Beltway.  Am I right?   Sheesh.

Las Vegas is the only other city that I've been in where the towers are conspicuously absent until you get out to the city edge and into the suburbs. I guess people in Las Vegas can't use mobile phones because both hands are occupied with boozing it up and jerking the slot machine handles? I guess that's remotely feasible.

DC felt wonderful by the end of Day Two. It was actually hard for me to leave. That was quite a change from  being disgusted by even driving through the city on previous visits.

Most of the people who read this will alternate between bleating that I'm deluded and pruriently enjoying my writing style and chutzpah. I'm aiming this effort at the tiny number of committed people, in key areas throughout the world, who resonate with what I'm expressing and wish to  participate in our little, effective, growing, informal network of empowered, committed, genuine environmental healers.

To the many  psuedomystics who are reading this, I suggest that here's a good method you can use to quickly move up a notch from being bold, flowery talkers, to being actual performers in the healing trade. No doubt you've got at least two deathforce transmitters beaming you into a stupor as you're  reading this, so why not get to work right outside your own front door?

If you don't want to make the simple devices, there are several fine, fair-minded vendors available on , the inviolable private internet site that Stuart Jackson kindly maintains for our
planetary grassroots network.

The more I learn about Wilhelm Reich's life and work, the more I appreciate what he's done for us all by setting such a stainless example with his high spiritual and intellectual standards and with his demonstrated personal integrity. I'm humbled by the realization that these wonderful attributes are no longer capitally punished by a benighted, fearful and  vindictive American society, so our task is much, much easier and more rewarding  than
his was- though a great deal less challenging.

Don Croft

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