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The Adventures of Don & Carol Croft
Episode 45
NSA Versus the Cloud-Busters Gang
Part 1
[Editor's Note: The amazing journal of Don & Carol Croft continues. For the tiny, minuscule fraction of  humanity fortunate enough to have stumbled upon these pages, consider yourself privileged and part of a very select circle.  Within the pages of these Adventures, we are witnessing one of the most exciting and dramatic real life sagas to have unfolded since the days of  the Old West, yet there's really nothing in history to adequately compare it to. It stands on its own as a shining example of the triumph of courage over fear, creativity over destruction, truth over deceit, and of course, good will over evil intent. Against unbelievable odds and facing a mind bending disparity of resources, finances, and personnel, a mere handful of ordinary people (with 'extraordinary' assistance to be sure) are thwarting one of the most diabolical plots to destroy and enslave humanity in the history of planet Earth. If the motion picture were ever made and the story accurately told, this saga would sweep ever major award in film and print and be retold with a mantle of awe and admiration for generations to come. Unlike the mega-million propaganda vehicles churned out by the Illuminati stooges in Hollywood, here we have real heroism, real adventure, and real danger.  I had the chance to meet the Intrepid Duo up close this time and got to witness the action first hand. Mama Mia, what an afternoon! It was a little like being dropped into the set of Men In Black III at Universal Studios- and we only went to lunch ;-)

Just so you know, in all of these episodes, the subtitles, underlines, bold words, and italics, are mine to emphasize the importance of what's being communicated, but the writing is all Don Croft. So sit back and buckle up. As that deep, baritone voiced announcer queries at the opening of the Art Bell show: "Wanna take a ride?" ...Ken Adachi]   
By Don Croft <>
December 7, 2002

Carol and I took circuitous route to deliver the chemtrails documentary to Stuart. We started out by eluding the NSA stalkers in Seattle, dropped a few healing devices around Mt. Rainier on the way to Taos, New Mexico, then picked up the CD in Los Angeles and took it to Stuart in San Francisco.

There are a lot of indicators that this rapacious world regime is losing control these days and our total success is only one of them, but it certainly bears reporting for the sake of historic record, if not for the sake of journalism.  I mentioned the latter because, of course, none of what we're doing is reported with the intention of proving anything. Our hope and design is that these few people who are able, ready and willing will repeat what we've done and expand on it, as many have done already. We're happy to leave the proof to someone else.

I'm told that up to half the people who are posting on our forum are NSA, CIA, CSSA  and Interpol moles and unwitting, stoned-out agent provocateurs, waiting for an opportunity to divide and destroy the cloudbuster network and erase our efforts (let's see who on the forum has the chutzpah to call me paranoid for offering this assessment ;-).  Even that is encouraging and a confirmation because it only takes two or three of these agents to neutralize most other forums on the internet.  Of course they'll fail, probably sooner than later, since all of the good stuff here is done by example, not by personality  factors, and everyone's discouraged from imitation and blind acceptance. Those of us who operate in the field do so without  human assistance when necessary and our networking is informal and 'un-organized.' 

Much, if not most, of the cloudbuster, HHg, and towerbusting work is now done by people who don't even contact the forum. This is the most encouraging development to me, though they apparently closely follow the posts on the forum, so the forum will remain viable and essential to this global healing task.

It can't be argued that there are any kingpins or charismatic leaders here and that's also problematic for the world regime's espionage apparati. The agents are finding it counterproductive to attack the Old Fart Himself, for instance.

Carol and I had brought a hundred tower busters and ten holy handgrenades along to create a nice buffer around my kids in Seattle and Mt. Vernon, WA (we thought) but after dropping the kids off at their mom's place in Mt. Vernon we 'decided' that we needed to get to Taos  because the word, 'Taos' had shown up in a lucid dream Carol had two days before. We hadn't discussed that dream with anyone or outside a Succor Punch field until then.

At this point, unless one has taken steps to shield one's thoughts from the NSA psychics, those thoughts are as accessible as the PJ chumps in THE MATRIX were to 'the Agents.'  It takes more than a Succor Punch to do that, unfortunately.

We'd had some success eluding the NSA stalkers by using Mr. Skull, my crystal-skull Succor Punch.  The entity who was helping us through Mr. Skull has the ability to make whatever vehicle we're driving appear to be any vehicle we like.  Carol has confirmed it by 'looking through the eyes' of the fed stalkers and police (ALL police forces are funded primarily by the feds these days) as they scan for us on the highways.

We made a NSA psychic in the restaurant in Seattle Thursday morning (Thanksgiving-I'd forgotten to bring my new super-telephoto camera into the restaurant) and that guy was the last one to see us until we arrived at Secret Buddy's house in Los Angeles five days later. The first two nights we experienced some frantic searching by the fed stalkers and I had to exercise some uncharacteristic self-discipline to keep them from accessing our location while I was in my alpha and beta states. I've since gotten better at that. On the second night, in Colorado, Carol woke me up around midnight and said, 'They're getting close; think about some other place!'  After another couple of minutes, she said, 'It's okay, they're gone.'  The first night we stayed in a little town in Idaho. We parked behind the building, so the fed pavement artists wouldn't be able to see our car. The psychics came out in  force on night two.

Of course the NSA's been using psychics since their inception. I believe the CIA is primarily involved with electronic gadgetry and old-style pavement-artist surveillance, but the NSA uses a blend of satanic, ritual magic and technology to do its work-not surprising since the top NSA people are the 'National Security Council' who operate whoever has been appointed President of the United States. The movie, Hearts Over Atlantis, has some news that we tower busters can use these days about the true nature of fed psychics.  'Major Ed Dames' is a bad joke.  'Remote viewing Satan,'  indeed ;-)

Have you noticed that the media whores are feasting on Dick Cheney's entrails now? We believe that's due to our informal network's  having prevented Bush's assassination last month and our collectively 'interfering' with Chainsaw Cheney and the other US rats in the sinking ship of the world regime. If this sociopath fully intended to have his war on Saddam, we seriously doubt he'll be able to pull if off now, since he's essentially been shown to be out of balance. Like with too many rats in a small space, the one who shows weakness is eaten by the others (Better use a lot of spices in that meat, you remaining boys and girls sitting at the dungheap's summit!).

When my Doppelgangster is done with the NSA boss of the underground base at Yellowstone (they use Elizabeth Clair Prophet's nearby chumps as techie slave labor and blood sacrifices), I think I'll put him to work on Condoleza Rice, since I learned that all of the satanic rituals of 32d and 33d degree Freemasons and eighth and ninth degreeTheosophists are carried out be women like her. Apparently Hillary Clinton is wanting to move up from being the baby slayer in those rituals ('It Takes a Lodge') to the boss position. It's always better to deal with the boss than with flunkies. All the ritual performers are flunkies, of course, but they're the ones who are actually operating the regime's occult engine of destruction.

I remind you that this is just my opinion, of course.Apparently enough people have similar opinions because the ten top jerks in America are not having a lot of fun these days. Just before we got busy with them in October with Succor Punches, Big Secrets, radionics, etc., they were in pretty high spirits-remember?  Just track their progress by looking at their photos from week to week.

Speaking of photos, have you noticed the look on Prince William's face lately?  He looks like a bloody demon waiting to tear somebody's throat out. Also, his pop looks like he's aged ten years in the last year, otherwise Dad looks as oblivious as ever.  Many are now saying that Prince William 'Arthur' is the AntiChrist, the false prophet to be trotted out after we get martial law in America-and then the planet. I'm glad my grown kids didn't go through that phase in their teens. Yikes-I'd probably be dead as Diana now. Look at that guy's face and consider how many saps would buy into the 'World Savior' scam.  Can you say, 'psycopath?'  Here's where new age programming is likely to be put to its most severe test. It will be fun to watch if one has a strong stomach.

We rubbed energy fields with a lot of NSA agents since we let them find us on Monday morning (they still couldn't see us, but I'll get to that in Part Two) They were getting wound up tighter and tighter each day. The advantage we had was that they were unable to see us, so we got pretty close to them in their unguarded moments. I have to wonder how these folks survive a normal workday, surrounded as they are by people just like them (I probably don't want to understand that).

After Stuart got the documentary online and fixed (with his Succor Punch), the Man in Black who was in charge of interruping's internet access, the downloads started from all over the world and we knew that Stuart Jackson wasn't going to be 'Ninja'd' out of this life for slapping the face of the NSA/CIA, so we all went to a restaurant to celebrate.The feds who were in there, waiting, gave us the most forlorn looks, like we'd shot their dogs. It was quite a spectacle. That's when I knew for sure that we'd all beaten the Mighty Fed Spook Agencies, playing by our own rules. They  didn't even poison our food that evening, though even our waitress was an agent (psychic, too ;-).

It takes some effort and attention to stop the fed psychics from anticipating our moves.The fact that they've found very, very few of our orgonite devices can only be attributed to higher intervention, in my opinion.  I'll continue to give detailed reports of how Carol and I elude these psychic weasels (not to give weasels a bad name, of course) and I hope everyone will try their hand at it.  It's wonderfully fun and rewarding and it's getting less risky, day to day. 

Some folks are mystified that we haven't been suicided. I'm told by folks who 'know something' that there have been many attempts. We're only aware of three from the regime and one from Bad ET. Some folks give me too much credit for courage.  In fact, most of what looks like courage is simple oblivion. Carol's the one with real guts because she sees the threat on the astral plane and does this stuff anyway. She also sees the protection there, of course, but only because she has faith.Without faith, even the most potent psychics won't see the protection because they simply choose to live in fear instead. Caveat emptor.

We drove from Durango (where we spent the second night) to Taos, only stopping to heal a vortex at a mountain pass and two more in the high valley on whose eastern edge lies Taos. When we do those healings, the dark masters'  agents are aware first, then the NSA, and then the CIA.

There's a place called Las Piezas (The Stones) on the western edge of Taos' valley, where the highway comes out of the mountains. Carol saw a large, weakened vortex at one of the small-hill sized stones which is on US Forest Service's area headquarters and horse farm, which were not occupied that day.  

As we were walking back from placing the HHg, a late model sedan with darkened windows all around drove around the parking area, obviously looking for somebody (us). Carol said they didn't even see us, though we were in the open, close to the parking lot. She also said they're aliens, which is why the glass was blackened, that it was not likely even a car (we were apparently caused to perceive it that way) and that it came up from an
underground facility very close by.

The valley's about forty miles wide at an elevation of 7,000 feet.  Toward the eastern edge a very deep, narrow canyon runs through it at the bottom of which flows the Rio Grande River over a series of cataracts.

Our next task was to drop a HHg into the river, so we walked out onto the middle of the bridge and had the good fortune to hit a pool instead of a rock, which would probably have shattered the HHg dropped a thousand feet or so.

We had the notion that this project has something to do with the Wingmakers and we were directed to a hill southwest of Taos, right after we checked into a hotel. For some reason it's easy to see where all the vortices are in that valley (and in many other places, thanks to all the cloudbusters) because the clouds spin [vortex] around them.  These aren't ordinary clouds; they're the amorphous, wispy, white ones that I saw forming each afternoon on my initial Tower Busting research exercize in Southern Idaho in September. In that case, it formed over each town after all the deathforce and HAARP transmitters and arrays were neutralized.

It seems that a lot of Cbers mistake these clouds for chemtrail remnants (and get bummed out), but in fact, Carol and I believe we're witnessing a brand new cloud form.  I saw these in Africa, where there are no chemtrails, so I think I'm correct about this.

It took some time to reach the hill vortex location southwest of town and that vortex is on land that the King of Spain had given to somebody in the 1500s. Carol went through the fence to put the HHg in the right spot, then we went back to the hotel. 

As we entered our room we realized that the electricity wasn't working. In fact the whole down had lost power a moment before and it wasn't restored for another hour. I asked a local store owner if this was common and he said it only happened during violent storms. The day was very pleasant, with a blue sky, warm temperatures and a light breeze.

One of the characteristics of a 'vortex cloud' is that it tends to develop into a cumulonimbus where there are drought conditions.Many people in drought areas have told me that their cloudbusters created rainstorms this way and I've witnessed it more than a few times.

These are obviously created locally, not blown in on a frontal system. Usually blue sky and smaller, cumulus clouds are seen all around  and the rainstorm doesn't move away downwind. I enjoy watching people's
faces more than the storm itself in those cases. I feel like the good witch, Glinda, in THE WIZARD OF OZ, saying, 'Wake up!' at times like that.

Also, these vortex clouds in North American drought regions are routinely suppressed by a type of chemtrail that dissipates clouds. I think that's a variation of silver iodide, but I'm not sure. These clouds are normally formed around the higher mountains in some areas. When a cloudbuster is within a hundred miles or so, these mountain tops are constantly wreathed with raining or snowing clouds.

After we did the vortex southwest of Taos, we saw cumulus beginning to form in the outer tendris of that cloud and the other vortex clouds extended toward each other and thickened  into cumulus, as well.  By the next morning, it was raining. Carol said that what we did allowed the vortices to re-connect after having been isolated from each other by ritual dark magic and HAARP. The vitality of the atmosphere in that region is so strong that chemtrails don't  last more than a few seconds. There were several spewplanes crisscrossing the skies over the valley and mountains when we were there. I think the nearest cloudbusters to Taos are in Santa Fe and Durango.

We think that anyone who visits Chaco Canyon, farther west, and puts a HHg in the right area will break the NSA's control of the Wingmaker archaeological site and allow the information to finally go public instead of being distorted on the internet. How about it, Santa Fe CBers? Let me know if you want map-dowsing data.

The trip to Los Angeles from New Mexico was unremarkable except that we noticed that the Lemurians are blocking all the HAARP effects from reaching Navajo/Hopi land, where it was raining nicely. There was a lot of HAARP stuff going on south of there along Interstate 40, but the green and magenta bordered Lemurian lenticulars [clouds] created a sort of wall-in-the-sky, beyond which none of the striations, which are characteristic of HAARP transmissions [a highly striated, banded-cloud look], could be seen north of the highway, which runs along the southern border of the huge Navajo Reservation.  The Hopi Reservation is squarely in the middle of Navajo land. And there are three cloudbusters around the Hopis' perimeter.

By the fourth night, we experienced no more probing by NSA psychics, but we'd been dogged by a sort of Draconian ET group for a couple of weeks and they always seemed to know where to find us. We'd successfully discouraged them from exerting pressure on Carol's head, but were having some problem getting one of them to leave me alone. Carol eventually chopped off his left arm, but he kept at me, sort of like the Black Knight in MONTY PYTHON'S HOLY GRAIL.

Carol says they have gray skin and are sort of like mules, used by the Draconians specifically for harassment/murder. She says they've been bred to have low intelligence and suicidal determination. I asked Carol to stop harming the guy who was hurting my back and neck and to let him know that we love him and that stopped it for both of us. 

There's a certain dynamic involved in applying Christ's teachings that seems to have escaped most Christians and has certainly eluded the head-oriented Theosophists (and, by extension, all the mentally-programmed New Agers) who insist that Jesus is 'one of them' and a clever ritual magic adept rather than a Divine Manifestation, Who is beyond their jacked-up mental comprehension, but easily found through anyone's healthy heart chakra.

Just as 'everyone who talks about heaven isn't going there', I hope that you aren't tricked into believing that anyone who talks about selfless love can demonstrate it.  In the realm of action, money talks and BS walks. If fine rhetoric was sufficient, all the good talkers who have run from this fight at the first sign of actual opposition would still be out there busting towers instead of sniping at the ones who are still at it or disappearing off the radar screen altogether.

Lao Tse's dissertation on the power of humility can round the average Christian's understanding of Jesus' sacrifice so that he/she can get past the phony elitism and Gnostic mishmash that the clergy foisted on him/her for two millenia. You can bet Jesus didn't go out with a whimper as we're led to believe, nor did human limitations ever factor in to his earthly work.

We paid a visit to Secret Buddy, somewhere in Los Angeles, but that's the only part I can't talk about until he decides its okay. He's the one with the most serious dropped-jaw syndrome regarding our survival under the circumstances. I wish I could share some of his stories. Maybe he'll agree to co-author a book with us someday.

The really fun stuff started when we connected-the next day-- with Cbswork [Los Angeles member of], who made good on his promise and metaphorically chained us to the galley bench (our convertible) and made us use our bucket o' towerbusters in his grand scheme, which he'll describe when it's done. The whip he wielded on Carol and I was the enticement of letting us see, firsthand, the fruits of LAARP's ['Los Angeles Atmoshpere Reclaimation Project'] labor to date and also of letting us participate in some of the juiciest bits of their regional campaign. 

He promised to post a  full account of his insights and accomplishments in the project.  I suspect that the other LAARP members--Rick, Pickles and Andy--will then share what they've done in this campaign, too. When you see how simple and obvious it is, you'll slap your forehead, as I did.

More to follow...

Don Croft

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