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The Adventures of Don & Carol Croft
Episode 46
NSA Versus the Cloud-Busters Gang
Part 2

By Don Croft <>
December 7, 2002

It was a dark and stormy night...

Just kidding-I always wanted to write that.

It's fitting that Stuart got the documentary online the day before the Pearl Harbor Attack anniversary.  I wonder just how much mayhem we've all just  prevented just by exposing the skidmarks on the regime's lacy panties
this way. If you consider how vigorously the NSA/CIA operatives have tried to prevent this from being available to you we can assume that it's pretty damaging to the regime's predatory agenda.

I'm told that the people who are considered the most courageous on the Internet flatly refused to make this available on their 'underground' sites and plainly stated that they considered it too much of a physical risk to
do so. We're pleased to death that Stuart got the opportunity to scoop this. Maybe now, the countless hours and immeasurable effort he's put into this project will now bring him some well-deserved material rewards and recognition.

Getting back to Cbswork's cracking whip, three days before The Event, we put the convertible top down so we could all get plenty of swing in our drive-by towerbuster throws.

Mr Brand of Glendale, California
First, though, we visited Mr. Brand's pyramid, secreted away at the base of the foothills in Glendale.  This is one of the two main anchor points of all of the satanic energy in the Los Angeles Basin. The other anchor point pyramid is near the HOLLYWOOD sign, probably where all those deathforce transmitters are.

We decided against stealth, though our host had reconned the area and found a back-entrance trail. We parked in the lot of the 'library' nearby and walked straight past a fortuitously open gate, up the road, over a 'Do Not
Cross-Police Line' yellow tape and right up to the enclosure wherein sat the 13' high granite pyramid, surrounded by the graves of some of Brand's misbegotten. Brand donated the land on which Glendale sits with the stipulation that this pyramid be perpetually protected by the City of Glendale. He croaked in the 1890s.

A little background:  most of the land around that part of LA was bought by top Masonic adepts and the purpose from the beginning was to create a metropolis, founded on satanic energy for the purpose of exploitation. Of course, as Mohammad said, 'Men plot and God plots, and God is the best plotter,' so what we're seeing now is that ALL of the efforts expended by the Satanists are now being turned into fonts of healing energy.

We were careful not to put any of the devices where they'd be easily found and removed, and we also followed Cbswork's habit of 'over-gifting,' and quickly removed ourselves after seeing the requisite hawks bring us visual
confirmation that we'd got it done right.

A fedmobile rounded the bend on the road up to the shrine just as we hopped over the yellow tape on our way out and the crew-cut guy gave us The Look, apparently having failed to see where we'd been.  Right after that, another fed in hiking regalia and with a gun in his fanny pack walked up the road, passed us, and gave us an even grimmer look.  He then took the wrong turn, just as his chum did ;-)

We immediately saw the smog clear away from the hills and as we drove toward Hollywood for Phase Two the clearing action preceded us until the entire town and valley was free of smog. The hillside closest to the shrine was as dead as Mt. St. Helens.  A quarter mile on either side the hills were verdant.

On the way to Glendale, our host pointed out the two layers of smog over the city itself, which was uncharacteristically visible from the Pasadena Freeway. We saw the top layer gradually get sucked down into the cloudbusters that were ranged around the city and he told us that this is now a daily occurrence.  By the time we were done with Hollywood, the smog was gone there, too. There's essentially no more smog from Monrovia all the way through the San Fernando Valley. People who are in their seventies have said they've never experienced this in Pasadena, which is in the middle.

Atmosphere Reclamation in Southern California
The reason I'd donated cloudbusters to Cbswork is that I had a hunch that he knew how to best deploy them in Southern California, which I've called the regime's death-energy Stalingrad.  His resounding success on Mt. Palomar was the best confirmation I'd gotten before our visit, but seeing and feeling LA in such a pleasant state was much more impressive proof that my hunch was on target.  I'd never been able to take more than 12 hours in Southern California before without wanting to tear my hair out but we spent four days there and I now believe I could actually live there if need be because the energy from LAARP's [Los Angeles Atmosphere Reclamation Project] efforts is so nice-it felt to me like the way you might think it should feel after watching all the movies that were filmed there.  Newport Beach would be my choice because of all the interesting boats.

We'd been to LA several times since we first dropped a CB there in June of 2001 (that one was gone by August).  This time, the smog was considerably diminished all the way from Victorville, which is in the desert on old US Route 66 that comes into Los Angeles from Chicago, through San Bernardino, where there's a cloudbuster on the ley line connecting Palomar with Shasta and the Oregon Vortex, across the western, previously smoggiest, part of LA, into Pasadena and the San Fernando Valley. Everywhere we went in Southern Calilfornia we could see the stars at night. I'm told that this almost never happened in LA for at least fifty years. There are actually LOTS of proofs that LAARP is living up to its namesake:  Los Angeles Atmosphere Reclamation Project.

Maybe now that it can be seen that disabling the world regime's deadly apparati carries no physical risk any more, LAARP's ranks will swell and the countless thousands of deathforce transmitters will quickly be turned
into orgone generators.  The real glory, though, has been earned by Rick, Pickles, Cbsworks and Andy, in my opinion.

Orgonizing the Lawn
On the way to and from Hollywood we graced Forest Lawn Cemetery with a necklace of towerbusters, thrown with panache from the car.  We also did the Triads' condo complex next to one of the big movie studios.

I chose the towerbuster sample that Georg Ritschl had sent us from Africa, though, to free Marilyn Monroe's ghost from the hotel where she was stuck.  I did that on foot and lovingly ;-)

Then we went to work on the Hollywood Hills and got a weird version of a Hollywood Tour from our host, who drove. I'm not clear on how much of this to share, since it gets into some of the proprietary stuff LAARP is doing, but suffice it to say that all of the satanic energy that the Theosophists instilled into Hollywood prior to Krishnamurti's 'waking up' to Alice Bailey's intent in 1929 is no longer operating in favor of the regime that the founder of the Lucifer Trust (Bailey) so diligently served until her demise.  Lucifer Trust was renamed Lucis Trust, surreptitiously, after a journalist asked some sharp public questions about 'Lucifer's'close connection to the United Nations.  I think that happened in the mid eighties.

Krishnamurti moved from Hollywood to Ojai when he discovered the satanic nature of his affiliation with Bailey in that year and lived out his days as a relatively free man but the bad ritual magic stuff never missed a beat on that hill that has the HOLLYWOOD sign, up until about December 3, 2002.  Rudolph Steiner had jumped Theosophy's ship years before Krishnamurti did when Alice Bailey offered to promote Rudi as 'John the Baptist's Reincarnation.'   If you're still stuck in these constructs, what will it take to wake you up?  Just remember that the regime rides along on your good intention and innocence, so don't feel that all the Really Good stuff you know is negated when you discover the evil of the folks who created all that overlaid mental programming.

The fedmobiles created a veritable traffic jam, which showed us that we were doing it right, and a chopper fairly parked over the top of that hill for several hours, probably right over the  pyramid. What Cretins. The road was blocked that day, so we couldn't drive to the top. When the regime's back is turned, I expect one of LAARP will get up there and finish the job if they haven't already.  It's a very important target. You could rent a horse any day of the week at the stable at the end of the paved road leading to the top, so if you're as pitifully out of shape as I am you can still get there without pain and exhaustion. I have faith at this point that Marc Melton's excellent 'Skinny Elixir' will disappear my recently acquired midriff, as it did for my lovely wife.  (  is the way to reach him.) I've been using his Energy Elixir, which is why I can get so much done these days without taking my Old Man Naps.

We ranged out to the other Hollywood hills from there and used up most of the rest of the hundred or so towerbusters Carol and I had brought. Carol got a nice picture of me shooting a towerbuster into Lake Hollywood, which we couldn't get close enough to for tossing. The Sign is in the background of that photo.  Cbswork disdains my spudgun and even my little plastic flinger, but I had to have my fun nevertheless.  Jeez, Cbswork!-when you get past fifty-two you get a sore arm from throwing all day long. I'm going to rig up a sling, like David used against Goliath.  I think I can get a hundred-yard towerbuster throw that way.

We didn't stick around long after I fired off the spudgun, what with all the paranoia in upscale neighborhoods like that about swarthy-skinned bomb throwers. I think I actually saw a bumper sticker there with George W.
Bush's name on it, strange to say.  I'm told that only extremist Republicans actually support that moronic handpuppet. Why not pledge allegience to Charley McCarthy and Lambchops while you're at it?

Is the Joy of Artillery something that not everyone would appreciate? Maybe it goes into the same category as PeeWee Herman.  Shame on you if you enjoy shooting a small cannon, but won't admit it!

I have the sense that the regime will hang on until the last shred of power is taken from them, so even if they 'capitulate' we're going to need to go around and undo all the bad  stuff they will still have in operation.  This
will help to ensure that they won't subvert the good political and spiritual work that we're doing right now.

Even though the 101st Airborne Division, at least,  is on the verge of a military coup we need to make sure that a real, representative government gets established ASAP. It would be so natural and easy with the internet to
make that happen. The military is more susceptible to subversion than an elected body and it takes generations to subvert a legislature. I bet the Illuminati already have a large number of agents among the military patriots already. 

We believe the top rats in the world regime have been looking for safety for about six months because they see the trends faster than their flunkies (like the ten bloodthirsty North American chumps on our list) do and you can bet they don't share information like that with anyone.

If anyone thinks that 'White Knights' are going to charge in and rescue us, please think again. It's not the nature of the military to govern. I don't wish to trade a bloated, sluggish,  unarmed enemy (the regime's Illuminati, whose only weapon is mind control) for an armed, organized one in any event, do you?

Fun at Hotel Fed
We got a hotel room in Glendale for two nights and were treated with every imaginable beam weapon, room-rummaging by the feds, phone shenanigans, etc. I may as well have rented a room at Langley. I slept through it all, of course, but Carol got smacked all night long the second night (after we did Hollywood) from the room above and didn't sleep at all until I put Mr. Skull to work on the CIA delinquents overhead.  Carol's still in the process of learning that it's a good idea to wake me up when that stuff  starts instead of waiting several hours.

Mobile Beamer Meets Orgone Field
Speaking of psyops, we were having a late lunch in an outdoor café in Glendale after we did Hollywood, practically handfeeding french-fries to the sparrows, when Cbswork turned white and fell back in his chair.  Carol, seeing that, immediately put up a shield and only experienced some discomfort. 

Later we figured out that the weapon was in a fedmobile van that had just arrived at a parking spot about twenty feet from where we were sitting and that if we hadn't been so infused with all that orgone it probably would
have caused a heart attack in one or two of us. That led to some interesting speculation on the viability of the CIA's most favored energy weaponry in a strong orgone field.  We had no orgonite devices with us at the moment, so we WERE the field. Thank Grid Colonel Beardon is full of crap when he writes (in his inimitable, unintelligible style) about the invincible scalar weaponry of the secret government!

There were two uniformed policemen in the restaurant, assigned to watch us there. One cop car was parked by our car and I was planning an expeditious exit in the opposite direction if I'd seen cops standing around there, since the spudgun was in the backseat and the top was still down. Carol had wisely covered it with her jacket but I didn't know that and besides the cop just parked there to intimidate us. I think they had donuts in that restaurant, so we were safe at any rate.  We've all heard horror stories about LAPD. I envisioned a ten-second Rodney King videotape loop with me on the ground, surrounded by demonstrative Blue Knights with billy clubs.  I only envisioned that briefly, of course ;-)

For our readers who lament that they never see anything like this when they're out busting towers, let me remind you that 1) it's probably there, but you're not aware of it; 2) you may need to try harder-maybe it only gets really overt after you've cost the regime a billion dollars in disabled equipment. If you're psychic and are busting towers, my guess is that you're seeing it all and that if you lack faith you won't continue after they slap you one time.

They didn't even try box surveillance this time, so I guess our reputation preceded us. We did make several NSA and CIA pavement artists, who tailed us as soon as they saw us, and Cbswork was a bit scandalized when I yelled, waved and/or pointed at them because he's got a family to think about and I was really making a couple of the agents angry. I pointed out to him, though, that they quickly left us alone after that. None of them followed us when we went into the Hollywood neighborhoods, for instance, and we had a good twenty private minutes to fire off the TB into Lake Hollywood and pre-bust a nearby tower array which was under construction.

Speaking of towers, that was the only time we put orgonite near towers intentionally that day. The plan LAARP is carrying out doesn't involve busting towers at all, which is what makes it twice as astonishing to me in light of what they're accomplishing.  They bust towers, too, of course. I wish I could say more. It's not arcane or exclusive.  Absolutely anyone could do this and no special crystals, water, rituals, programming, etc., are essential to the plan, though all of the above are being added to make it that much better. I'm particularly glad to have this opportunity to demonstrate that healing the atmosphere is not a Croft exclusive by any means. After this all plays out in the coming years, our part will be seen as a significant contribution to a much wider grassroots effort.  The Messiah complex is one of the features built into the Lucis Trust mental programming and lots of folks have unwittingly fallen into that trap and are no longer viable. That's why I mentioned Krishnamurti and Steiner in this context.  They went on to lead productive lives after discovering, at a relatively early age, that their affiliation with the regime's humanist doctrine/dogma and hierarchy was counterproductive, spiritually. Like the young folks who look for enlightenment in hallucinogens, they came to see that they thought they were heading for Mecca, but ended up in Istanbul.

The way I see it, most of the occult information held by Masonic and Theosophical (Atlantean?) secret societies is valid, but it's lifeless. The unwitting adherents who still possess the life force and follow the doctrines associated with this information are the ones who make it appear alive, not the men and women at the top, whose hearts are as lifeless as a discarded shoe. Carol and I and many others now use sacred geometry and other occult information, formerly considered the domain of these secret orders, but we're using it to create and promote life, not to suppress it and parasitically exploit it. The simple discovery that orgonite and crystals can exponentially increase the power latent in form may someday rank as a major scientific/spiritual achievement.

Let's leave the Nobel Prize to the Kissingers and fake scientists, though, okay?  I'd sooner accept an honorary membership in NAMBLA-at least they're upfront about their perverse orientation and purpose.

Our work stands on its own, so we don't need flowery rhetoric or abstruse claims to fool you into accepting it.  Also, there's so much pollution in the above-mentioned orders that real proof of the potential of this information is hidden from the adherents until they reach the stage where they're not likely to exit the program except by death, either natural or contrived.  It could be that the most  secrecy-damaging aspect of our work is that ordinary people like you and I can now do Big Magic without committing to a satanic order.  I stopped counting the number of psychics who go crosseyed at witnessing what you and I can now do without their abilities and training. The sweet part is that you may not even see this yourself yet, but that doesn't stop you from exerting a great deal of power in anchoring the emerging, enabling paradigm and extricating humanity from the retreating, exploitive one.

Reich wrote, in his private notes, that Einstein represented the last concerted effort of materialistic (dead) science to maintain control over the way we perceive reality.  Reich credited his  resounding successes in the physical sciences with having come from the study of how the mind works, which is essentially an organic, life-oriented approach to science.  It's a good thing for us all that Freud, his former, very jealous mentor, contrived to have Reich blackballed forever from practicing psychiatry on this planet, though of course, if he'd pursued that course, he would have infused psychiatry with true spirituality and maybe we wouldn't have the Dr. Jolyon Wests destroying innocent people with mind control these days. 

Unseen Protection
How many of us are seeing by now that if it weren't for some profound protection and guidance we'd all be chasing our tails, leisurely picked off (suicided), in the customary way, by CIA operatives under the direction of somebody like Ted, the Creepy-Crowley?  When in the history of the planet have amateurs such as ourselves been allowed to systematically disable, with complete impunity, a costly predatory apparatus such as the chemtrail program, HAARP and the deathforce transmitter network?  What we're all doing is sort of like somebody in 1930s Russia walking up to Stalin, stomping on his gouty toe and poking him in the eye, then walking away and going about his life as before. Think about it.  This means we're being protected, so have faith and keep following your excellent instincts!

Victory Requires Engagement
I know I can be rough on the Love and Light Brigade, but I'm trying to get them past their programmed reluctance to face and oppose evil.  Nobody I know is more loving than I am, even toward the baby killers like Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush, but it's not contradictory to love somebody and restrain them from harming others at the same time.  I personally believe it's an act of love on behalf of everyone to stop their mayhem by any means within universal law.

A certain amount of aggression is required to energetically restrain a predator, which means that spiritual warfare is not unlike streetfighting.  If you're calling yourself 'fearless' and 'spiritual warrior', don't be duped into believing that the only enemy is you, okay?  I bet you dollars to donuts that you'll never hurt anyone. The regime's payrolled predators, on the other hand,  will cook and eat your young children if given half a chance and we all need to disable their unseen handlers. 

The Tower Busters Brigade Needs You
Let's get real! Time's short now that they're blatantly waving the SS flag in our faces.  Note that the Homeland Security Service is literally using the old Nazi SS eagle as it's logo.  How blatant does it have to be before
you finally realize that  they're leering at you and sharpening their knives now?

The European Jews relied on piety and uprightness to save them from the Gestapo, right up until the middle of  1945.  If that didn't work for them, why do you think it's going to help you this time?  We don't need bullets
to win this war.  As I mentioned, it's a spiritual battlefield.  Orgonite is the magic bullet, but it needs to be used widely, not kept under our beds or in our gardens.  Be as saintly as you want, but please keep getting out there and destroying the regime's energy foundation.

The heavily programmed,  head-oriented people can parrot one hell of a fine yarn about selfless love, service to others, 'ascension,' 'karma,' etc., but the real test is putting all this fine rhetoric to work in the disdained 3D world, which, let's face it, we live in right now. Don't be like the pedant in the sewer (an old Sufi analogy) who won't accept a helping hand from passersby because their verbal offers to help don't fit his high grammatical standards.

Go ahead and call Holy Handgenades 'Hugs' and 'Harmonizers' and Towerbusters 'Treats' but just keep on getting them to spots which will take the earth's fine energy away from the predatory, parasitic regime, okay?

This is taking more pages than I had thought, so I'll continue this in Part Three.  I need to write about our meeting with Marc Melton and Ken Adachi, then about the events leading to our successful meeting with Stuart in San Francisco.

Don Croft

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