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The Adventures of Don & Carol Croft
Episode 48
NSA Versus the Cloud-Busters Gang
Part 4

By Don Croft <>
December 7, 2002

Carol and I hadn't seen a 'healthy' chemtrail in any of the eight states we visited last week, though the skies over Arizona directly south of Navajo land came closest to being in a state to sustain them.  I think the ones there took a whole half hour to disappear, even with a lot of help from HAARP. Also, there was only one tower array and a single 'bowling pin' weather interrupter on the Reservation, both of which were still disabled from our visit in May. South of there it looked like someone had sown dragon teeth because the towers there had sprung up like mushrooms since our May adventure. If I had any doubt that the Lemurians have taken on the task of disabling HAARP those suspicions were then put to rest. The skies over Indian land were pristine blue and nearly full of rain-bearing clouds of the healthy orgone kind with none of the striations that were apparent beyond the Lemurians' magenta and green bordered barrier upwind to the south.

Several other people have told me they've seen this border phenomenon on the light lenticular clouds. I expect a lot more people will stop studying their shoes now when they're out and about and will actually notice some of the phenomena happening overhead. I think it's happening just about everwhere now. One report of the green and magenta borders came to me from Japan, unsolicited, and I think that's the last place on earth where chemtrails remain unmolested by cloudbusters, so apparently the Lemurians aren't waiting for somebody on the ground to initiate the campaign there.

Assured that Stuart wasn't going to get his brains splattered on his apartment walls by the murderous feds, we left for home Friday evening, aiming to get to Sacramento so we could hide in some obscure hotel well enough to get a good night's sleep. The pressure was off, though, now that they'd failed to prevent the exposure of the chemtrail program on the Internet and we encountered very few fed stalkers on the highway.

The next morning I saw what appeared to be a couple hundred California Militia members training not far from Interstate 5. I noticed that they were near a deathforce transmitter and it struck me, again, that if the militias would only be informed of the nature of these towers and how easily they can be disabled they'd remain a viable first line of defense against the present predatory federal government after disabling every transmitter in every state. The alternative is that they'll be thrown to the ground and disarmed, just like everyone else, if this unlawful regime gets its wish and fully deploys their new Gestapo/SS agency, the Homeland Security Service.  I know for sure that this will never happen in Idaho and the adjacent areas in Montana and Washington, but why not free everyone else by disabling all the rest of the states' deathforce transmitter networks?

Evil Thoughtform
Further along, I saw what appeared to be a huge, distant flock of birds gyrating in the air. I pointed that out to Carol and she said it was an 'approximately pure evil' thoughtform, absorbing dead orgone in a perverted vortex. We checked the map and found that the vortex is near or on the Yuba County Airport and that the underground activity there is connected with Beale Air Force Base.  I've seen a few small town airports recently which have big black conning towers which could probably handle a metropolitan area's air traffic. Something smells funny with that.

The similarity of that dark thoughtform with the shrouded entity in THE FRIGHTENERS struck me as significant.  I don't personally believe that a 'pure-evil' entity is possible in the universe, but the thoughtforms created by ritual magic is a close approximation.  The two times that Carol witnessed similar thoughtforms being absorbed and transmuted by Holy Handgrenades was on top of our own Moscow Mountain and in the vicinity of Mica Peak (lots of transmitters there and a very big weather ball) and the Mormon Temple near Spokane. 

Carol said the thoughtform near Spokane was connected and sustained by both the electronic gadgetry on the mountain and by the ritual dark magic performed regularly in that temple, which is comically overshadowed by a huge antenna array centered around a water tower.  They painted all that mess above the temple green, possibly so it wouldn't detract so much from the fancy, expensive temple, but to me that's kind of like putting a big figleaf on Michelangelo's 'David.'

Water Gifting
We made a detour to put a HHg in Lake Shasta, then another side trip to put one in the Sacramento River.  The lake was a hundred feet or so below its high mark, but the river below the dam was near flood stage, which is not surprising to us, since we know the feds are draining all the reservoirs to keep the illusion alive that there's a nationwide drought.  We're becoming more and more aware of how important it is to get orgonite devices in all the bodies of water because water absorbs and transmits healthy orgone much faster and in greater intensity than the atmosphere does.  That fact accounts for all the reports from researchers on the cloudbuster forum of quickly improved water conditions after orgonite devices were deployed.

Ashland, Oregon
We didn't stop again until we reached Ashland, Oregon, where I wanted to confer with my teacher, James Hughes. A year and a half ago, after we changed websites, the old one was still showing up on all the search engines and it had James' phone number on it for folks who were interested in asking about his grid and crystal healing work and kundalini activation. Since we were no longer using the phone for business at that point, James was getting a lot of calls from people wanting to buy zappers and it was getting annoying, so I had their phone number taken off our website at James' request.

Last May, a year later, right after I put out the report on the mind-control towers and instructions for disabling them, Yahoo cut off my access to the (first) cloudbuster forum and also to my own website.  They also put James' phone number back on our website then, perhaps in an effort to cause problems between us and also, perhaps, to harrass James, who is a powerful psychic. The NSA's new, young army of psychic predators were
still going after all the viable psychics at that time. We don't know of any psychics who weren't systematically attacked by these astral thugs in the past year. I think this overconfident  NSA army of darkness have pretty much thrown in the towel by now, thanks largely to what we've all done to them with our Succor Punches, etc.  That's what they get for blatantly going against universal law.

Lately, because of James' unfortunate difficulty, I got a new website going, which doesn't have his phone number on it, and I've been looking for ways to disable the previous site,   After some concerted effort, we may have found the solution, but I can't discuss that in detail yet. Yahoo, which is owned and operated by the CIA, essentially hacked my password and access to my own website out of existence, so suffice it to say that we'll fight fire with fire in this case and this has brought James and I closer together rather than force us apart.  

We may even get a visit in Idaho from the Hughes out of the bargain soon. Meanwhile, Chris, our new webmaster in Wisconsin, is boosting the new site's ratings in the search engines so the old site will stop showing up for everyone but the most determined web surfer before long.  I'll look into ways that I can share James and Rose Mary's unique insights and healing gifts with everyone here when they come. A brief description wouldn't do them justice, of course, but I want to at least mention that they gave me most of the ideas I've used to improve the healing and envigorating performance aspects of our zappers over the years that  I've known them and of course they've given me a great deal more than that in the form of selfless love, spiritual healing, and vital information.

The Oregon Vortex
The only other mentionable event on the trip home was our visit to the Oregon Vortex an hour or so after we left the Hughes. Carol and I essentially started this project there a day before the Fall Equinox in 2000. At that point, the vortex was a spherical field about 600 feet in diameter, centered on (Carol saw this) an Atlantean crystal artifact about fifty feet below the ground. A fellow had bought the land, I think, in the 1920s and he had an interest in archaeology and pre-Columbian history. There are gravity and other anomalies inside the vortex and the Indians in the area had avoided that spot for some reason. A tourist attraction was built there, called 'The House of Mystery,' and even the hokiness of the attraction doesn't take away from the impact of the anomalies, which involve gravity and light distortion.  It's rather disorienting otherwise to be within that field, but we enjoyed the effects.

It was closed for the winter when we arrived and nobody was there or nearby.  We considered going over the gate to put some orgonite devices within the field, but as we approached the gate a bright light came on and Carol said, 'We need to get away from here.'  So we tossed some devices over the fence and through the edge of the field and quickly left. Four vehicles came up the remote road as we were driving back down to the highway.  It's a dead end road, I think, so they couldn't have been going anywhere but to the vortex.  Carol said they were responding to a silent alarm and that if we'd stayed around we may have gotten shot, even though we weren't trespassing, because the interest of these folks extended beyond the commercial aspect of the facility.

Also, when we had arrived in the vicinity of the vortex she had difficulty breathing.  After we got some orgonite within the field, she was taking deep breaths and yawning almost constantly. She said, 'Didn't you feel that?!' and I said, 'No.'  I did feel the urgency to get out of there, though, and  I never question feelings like that.

The temperature was very low when we arrived and it was foggy. Before we got back into the car, the temperature had risen and all the fog was gone. In fact, there was no more fog for sixty miles on the way to Roseburg, where we spent the night.  I experienced a dramatic expansion of the lungs about thirty miles beyond the vortex and Carol thought that was pretty funny. It's exactly the same feeling you get when you stick your nose over a Holy Handgrenade.

Since we figured that the Atlanteans had put this artifact in a natural vortex to boost the power of the earthstar grid, we wondered how long it had been suppressed and by whom. Carol's impression is that some Ets had done that 2,000 years ago somehow.  If you consider that the earth's magnetic field goes through four thousand year cycles and that 2,000 years ago the magnetic field was at its strongest point, we may have been fulfilling some cosmic cycle by releasing that vortex from an artificial constraint. Maybe we'll know someday.  Maybe I'm mistaken-who can say right now?

When we were in the 'Gift Shop' there, we saw some pretty arcane literature and artifacts. One of the artifacts was an old globe, perhaps belonging to the deceased original owner of the facility, that indicated all the points
on the earthstar grid and showed all the lines connecting these points. The points in the Oregon Vortex and the southern point of the Bermuda Triangle, east of Bimini, had a line that passed across the Texas coast northeast of Corpus Christi.  When Carol and I went there we found a similar vortex centered on a 3,000 year old oak tree.   

That was in early November, 2,000 and Ann, a bright,  friendly woman who lived near where we were staying, told us about it and took us there. We made an early prototype of a Holy Handgrenade to put in the ground there a couple of days later and Ann did the deed shortly after that. She had a strong connection to that spot and was thrilled that we also thought it was significant. 

Actually, we didn't know what we were looking for until she told us about it. We'd been parked by a marina in Port Aransas, Texas, and I was getting the boat ready for an ocean trip to Yucatan. The place where I'd
ended up in my previous boat after a hurricane in October, 1995, was just a few miles from a place where another important grid line crossed the Yucatan Peninsula and Carol got that there was something important for us there, as there was in the Bahamas. A couple of months later I'd made it over to the vortex east of Bimini, but that's covered elsewhere in our narrative.  I just wanted to write a bit here about the significance, to us, of the Oregon Vortex.

Drained Reservoirs & Mt. Shasta Flyby
Compared to the previous ten days, the rest of the trip home was relatively boring and uneventful except for a brief visit with my boys in Seattle.  I did stop and spudgun our last towerbuster into the artificially depleted reservoir on the east side of Snoqualmie Summit in the Cascade Mountains along Interstate 80, though.  I did it at dusk and waited for a big truck to pass so nobody else would see or hear what I was doing, then quickly put the 'piece' back in the trunk.  

Oops...forgot to mention that as we passed Mt. Shasta, we were visited by two small Lemurian craft, about two or three miles distant, which slowly 'streaked' for us across part of the sky to our left and in front, so we could both see them clearly.

I think we're getting closer to the time when they'll perhaps sell or give us a used (at least) flyer.  I bet they know I'd use it to bust towers and heal vortices and ley lines.

Don Croft

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