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Episode 49
The Grand Poobah's Predictions

By Don Croft <>
December 24, 2002

Carol just looked askance at the title of this piece.  My instincts, and the most wonderful pendulum on the planet (as far as I know) confirmed that it's not inappropriate, so I'll leave it in the header and hope that you're not too humorously challenged to appreciate it.

(By the way, Bolivia is a very, VERY poor, landlocked country which has no Navy.  Analogies break down and I don't want you obfuscators and pedants out there making references to the Nazis who took all their wealth there after WWII ;-)  That's got nothing to do with me!)
[Sidebar note from the Bolivian Admiral-veteran readers will understand-Ed.]

The main trend I see now is that treasonous politicians are being held accountable, at long last, and their clandestine puppet masters and the media prostitutes and journalistic poseurs are about to be exposed/disabled in the process.

Rising Awareness
Aside from the political considerations, this, to me, is a strong sign of humanity's rising awareness.  To deny the importance of government in our daily lives is not healthy. To demand accountability from our elected officials is a spiritual exercise. There's a saying in the Middle East: an hour's reflection is better than seventy years of pious worship. This applies to social issues as well as to an individual's own spiritual status quo because the denial of our responsibility to expect accountability from elected officials stems from a false idea of spirituality that's always been promoted by clergy. Clergy are the folks who give religions a bad name, in my opinion. I hope to God that another trend will soon be that lust for leadership will, at long last, be seen in its true light instead of being winked at and even encouraged.

As my friend, James Hughes, said,  'Politics and religion are losing influence now; science and spirituality are taking their place.'  This is happening right before our eyes now.

I look forward to that process accelerating in the coming year and after the London-financed puppet masters are removed from behind the curtain we can and likely will have a Constitutional Convention and redesign the way
we govern ourselves.  I think we're ready to do away with political parties, too.

Decentralization is the key to proper government, as it is on the Internet and in the free market place. What do you think robotics and free energy will do to WalMart and its slave labor camps in China, for instance?  What
are we going to do with the thousands of empty WalMart buildings?  Temporary housing for Chinese refugees?  Roller rinks?  What a gratifying problem that will be. 

This process is as organic as has been the establishment of our informal, global cloudbuster network, also as organic as the way the Internet was set up without anyone suggesting, 'Let's all figure out a way for mankind to
communicate freely, without government/corporate agencies getting in the way.'  It will just happen naturally, husbanded by many responsible people who love personal freedom for themselves and for everyone else.  Maybe those heinous customs facilities at borders will gradually fall into disrepute in the process.

Free Energy
Free energy is about to revolutionize the fortunes of developing nations.  The developing countries' raw materials and other native resources will be wrested back from the International Monetary Fund, the Federal Reserve Corporation and the World Bank.  I actually believe these three parasitic institutions can be disbanded without anyone so much as missing a meal, much less their jobs.

Combine free energy and robotics (already perfected) and even nanotechnology and everyone has the potential to prosper if he or she wishes, even (especially?) the former slave laborers in China and Bangladesh.

Also, currency may be standardized at the same time that it's taken back from international bankers' control.   We already see plenty of discontent about the way gold, diamonds, petroleum and national currencies are manipulated by the whims of a few families in London. Universal currency, based on value rather than debt, is the next logical step. We deserve that. 

Changing Paradigms
All the predatory and parasitic thought forms are now disintegrating. It's not because I say so-just give this a little reflection and observation on your own and see if you agree.

All the superfluous human institutions are essentially disabled at this lovely stage of the Big Cosmic Cycle.  The word, 'essentially' has some qualifiers, of course. I think of that in terms of the energy foundations of these predatory/parasitic institutions having been eroded sufficiently now so that we can 'take it all back' from the planetary tyrants without risking harm to ourselves because the principals are too busy savaging each other now and planning ways to escape and survive with all their plunder intact.

I'm quite ordinary.  How is it possible that an ordinary person could have stumbled onto a combination of mundane technologies that can easily and cheaply destroy the chemtrails, disable the new dead orgone transmitters, wrest control of the weather away from an out-of-control world government, cure AIDS and cancer, end droughts, possibly change deserts into gardens,  destroy smog, and who knows what else?  The best one could say about me is that I've followed my instincts pretty well in a timely way and that I've done a serviceable job of overcoming all that mental programming that was stuffed into me from age four onward.

I was fifty-one when Carol and I made our first cloudbuster. Up until then my life was not remarkable, including the improvements I made on the basic Hulda Clark zappers.  It's been a wild ride ever since the first time we set that CB up in the driveway of the refugee camp in Florida (RV campground) in March, 2001.

The next logical question, based on a rational view of modern history, is how is it possible that I'm still breathing?  More than a few people who know the score are astonished by this in light of the damage we've caused to the most powerful and menacing regime in the history of the planet.  

I haven't heard any viable humanist explanations being offered for the phenomenon of our safety and prosperity in the face of an implacable, powerful enemy and I have no doubt that there are a number of more powerful agencies, all operating in concert and happily within the bounds of universal law, which are determined to guarantee that this new technology will be adopted by popular culture, which is the next logical step, probably in the coming year.  It's anybody's guess when these beneficial agents will reveal themselves to us all. Carol and I (and more than a few others) have only gotten broad hints and passing confirmations of their assistance, but their record speaks volumes for their integrity and service to humanity.

Standing Tall
Even so, nobody's rescuing us or taking responsibility for our future welfare. We have to take full responsibility for that and, again, we have to take political and economic power back from the people who stole it from us all.

Take it back we will and every bit of it. I doubt that the old guys will be handing over their sabers in a surrender ceremony on the deck of a battleship (I'd be willing to accept their sabers in my Bolivian admiral garb). Rather we'll all have to continue to disable each of their dead orgone and HAARP transmitters,  neutralize every single underground base, place healing devices along all the major ley lines and in the middle of all the Earth Star Grid nodes and in all the other vortices. Expect the bitter old guys to hold on until the last shred of control and influence has been taken from them and the last sycophant has abandoned them.

We've all got plenty of planetary healing work to do in the next few years. I'm happy about that.

It bears repeating that there is no political freedom without economic freedom, all the National Socialist flatulence about 'democracy' and 'free trade' notwithstanding.

'The Best Laid Plans'
I used to assume that when the changing of governments and the fruition of a global free market took place it would be sudden and traumatic. Now I rather believe that it will continue to be a natural, rational, well considered and discussed process involving everyone, commensurate with our continually rising consciousness as a species.  I never believed that politicians would initiate any progressive improvements in mankind's fortunes, even under duress. The UN has certainly been showing its true nature in recent years as a tool of the international financial cabal. Note their studious avoidance of the subject of free elections for their own alleged officials. How are they qualified to ensure free elections in Haiti, Albania and other countries?

The current crop of prostituted politicians are not prepared to help us, since their careers are all established by the hegemony of parasitism. The best they can hope for now is to survive treason's noose until they can leave office with whatever dignity and plunder they can salvage. It's always appropriate to hope that a soul, even a politician's, will undergo some epiphany and transform its orientation from selfish pursuits to service. It's probably the wrong time to believe that a criminal can escape accountability by claiming such an epiphany, though, and the Congress of the United States is entirely made up of manifest traitors now.

I don't think anyone foresaw the present course of events. See how each time the regime takes another leap forward to drag us all closer to the brink of genocide they end up falling on their faces? As I said, they have no essential foundation any more. Sure, the alleged US President is a dolt and puppet, but this is happening to the whole hierarchy now.

Psychic Stuff
A few months ago, when Carol was undergoing a particularly excruciating attack by a NSA psyops/Satanist  team, I calmly asked her, 'Don't you wish you were thick like me so that stuff wouldn't phase you?'  She said, 'NO!'  I didn't bring it up again ;-) Many in our informal network are now saying that these attacks are getting less frequent and also weaker.

I'm still a little puzzled by the notion that people want to be more psychic, especially since these abilities unfold naturally in direct proportion to our efforts to heal the planet and serve humanity. Getting these skills before we've acquired the maturity to handle them properly leads to trouble every time.  

The ones who can't help being psychic would be the first to tell you that it's no picnic. These are the ones who have to take extraordinary measures to protect themselves from psychic assault. Also, these have been the primary targets of the psyops assailants because the secret (they wish) regime apparently considers all psychics to be  potential 'unveilers' of their hegemony. That may explain the elaborate protocols for luring psychics into either serving or at least not identifying and opposing the occult-engendered political/religious machine. A common ploy is to encourage psychics to get a following. Love of leadership is, after all, the most corrupting of human qualities-far more destructive, spiritually, than the mere love of money.

What the regime fails to recognize is that anyone who exercises God-given discernment is at least as much a threat, perhaps even more so, because now the illusion of the regime's power is openly being examined by a rapidly accelerating number of 'ordinary' people. The regime is kind of stupid in terms of identifying threats.  They went after the producers of the CT/CB video after it was aired on TV, for instance, failing to realize that the real threat is coming from people who are freely and consciously accessing it on the internet. When people watch TV they're so deeply into the Bread and Circus mode that they promptly forget most of the viable info they may gratuitously get from the broadcasts but when a person downloads the video he is in a purposeful, responsible frame of mind.

Carol notes that anyone can increase his/her psychic abilities with the help of a proper teacher. We all have differing capacities for that, of course. She would advise finding a teacher who has no lust for leadership and is not affiliated with any institution, especially the usual occult ones.

The Aussie Crew & Dowsing
Gerard and the Melbourne crew have arranged for an airplane to be used to reclaim some remote locations from the regime. Wanderingwizzer in Canada dowsed the Australia map for them to find the locations. Map dowsing is one of the basic examples of 'target' location and identification that most of us can do without training or talent.  We all have varying skills with this, of course, but in a pinch any one of us could use this method if we're in doubt about where to put our healing devices, especially if we're out in the field at the time. There's a lot of power latent in 'movement' and we can and should all access that whenever possible and not be afraid to follow our instincts, even when they contradict a well conceived plan. 

I used that 'power' to find the south reptilian portal in Namibia and our cohorts there confirmed it with their own dowsing without my mentioning my data.  I also found the alternate nearby secondary portal that the reptilians had been preparing before our arrival, but that happened fortuitously, it seems. Confirmation and second opinion psychic work should be a habit for everything we do, we believe. If it's valid, it will show up again and again in others' inquiries.

Marc Melton's Earthstar Grid Project is probably the next higher level for our healing work and all the other efforts fit nicely into that agenda.  I look forward to seeing more and more of this being done from the air and from ocean vessels.  Carol and I look forward to using both methods by Spring or Summer.  Whoever's in the business of selling resin will do very well in the coming year, we believe, as this network's achievements get the attention of popular culture. We don't need to 'do' anything  to make this happen except stay in the moment and take on the challenges as they come to us.     

I think the essence of what we're witnessing in the world is the shift of a great cosmic cycle. To restate something I've said many times, our role in this shift is one of convenience and amelioration, only. To say that we're making it happen seems like an infantile assertion and a sort of pedants' Romper Room. 

Aborted 'Terrorism'
I'm somewhere between amused and annoyed when I hear people claim to have a grasp of the true nature of this cyclic process. I suspect that the Taoist notion that less explanation is more may operate in our ability to understand what's going on. Our best efforts seem to be in the form of exploitation, though of course I mean that in terms of the word's highest definition. I surely do believe that our little informal network of SP'ers, astral travelers and sensitives disabled all the nuclear 'triggers' that the regime fully intended to use to get us into martial law, including the scheduled nuke attacks on Chicago, July 4; Miami, (Friday) September 13; LA and Denver, November 27 and late December.

The Friday the 13th bombing of a nuke plant in Miami would have made it possible for the regime to move us into martial law and genocide before they found it necessary to explain what all those new towers are doing in
our faces.  The tower network was essentially completed by early September, worldwide.  Giant redwood trees in Orange County? ;-)

The fact that there's not even a significant disinformation site on the net about these towers shows us that the world regime didn't even consider 'explanations' for the towers necessary. Watch now how fast they'll be scrambling to set some of that up now that their martial law agenda has failed altogether (we believe this is the case)..

Too little, too late for them, I think. Too many people are waking up and asking hard questions. When these questions get past the stage of repeating the unsubstantiated claim that these are for cell phones Carol and I will celebrate.

The treasonous passage of the Homeland Security Act by both houses of Congress was apparently a rather desperate act, based on the assumption that the thought form related to 'the threat of Muslim terrorists' was stronger than it indeed was at the time. You can bet that everyone would have been glaring at all the swarthy Mideast-derived Americans by now if  the feds had been able to pull off those phony terrorist bombings.  I haven't seen any of our American brethren of that ancestry being treated badly, have you?

Psychic Author?
I've got a friend who wrote a novel about a wealthy and powerful cabal taking over the world.  The tactic which the plotting characters used was to get their agents to fly two hijacked passenger jets into the World Trade Center, then blow up the two buildings with explosives that had been previously placed on all the support columns. A  string of well timed and well placed bombings of American cities in the following months was to have capped the plan to move America, then the world, into martial law. A year after beginning this manuscript, that event occurred and he threw the finished manuscript in the dumpster instead of taking it to the publisher.  That rather disturbed the fellow and brought a lot of questions up for him.

This incisive author has no doubt that we few are the ones who prevented the successively planned bombings in the real scenario. He'll get a CB together soon and start participating in the CB forums after that. Yes, that's right: another person of integrity, ability and commitment, about to come aboard.

After Stuart made the CT/CB documentary available on on December 6, many interesting things started happening.  I see them also as a trend.

One trend is indicated by this substantive fellow's interest and participation. I've posted some particularly well writtten, anonymous letters in that vein from other prospective forum members.

Another trend is that I'm now getting letters from Black Africans who are in the process of building and buying CBs after listening to our interview with Dr. Kanya in November on . The reason I value their participation, aside from the unifying aspect, is that blacks are particularly invulnerable to the sort of mental programming that saturated whites practically from infancy, making us all puppets to the regime's programmers by age 6 or 7. Their participation on the forum will be very balancing and enriching for everyone.

One of the African cloudbusters is being built in Uganda, not far from the village in Kenya where Carol did her AIDS cure demonstration last year.

Georg Ritschl and Andy Walker, meanwhile, have initiated a plan to set up ten cloudbusters in a configuration that may guarantee abundant rainfall across Mozambique, Zambia, Botswana and Namibia. This would provide a glorious confirmation for us, since we went to Namibia specifically to participate in changing/healing the climates of the Namib and Kalahari Deserts. 

Our own short trip pales in comparison to their concerted, long-haul efforts but it was a nice step along the way.  Imagine distributing CBs throughout a very arid country the size of Texas with very few paved roads and gas stations and you get an idea of what it's like to get this done in Botswana.

Oh, yes-an Eskimo is getting a CB together on the North Slope of Alaska now, too.

I personally know of two farmers who have CBs, though they told me long after the fact.  One of them, in Iowa,had made nine of them and busted all the towers within forty miles. Apparently in reprisal, his cattle all came down with respiratory illness right after that.  He's using zappers now to cure the cows and is having immediate success with that effort.  

Carol told me that an NSA agent sprayed a biological weapon on the hay in his barn. They got a Succor Punch and were then able to sleep well again despite constant and determined efforts to disable them with psyops weaponry and psychic attacks. I suggested that he locate the nearby parked van which the feds use for that and to confront the occupants so that they'll leave.

Psyops stuff is very short range weaponry, despite Bearden's claims to the contrary. We know this from personal experience, not that my saying that holds any water in terms of evidence.

The most encouraging trend for me, though, is the apparent shift in the forum away from personality issues and fruitless pedantic and semantic gymnastics and solidly toward the healing work itself and valid research & development.   I see this as an organic process, therefore unassailable. Also encouraging to me is that there were no 'sacrificial victims' in the process, since there's been less and less name calling and character assaults.  Everyone on the forum is finding his/her own appropriate level in terms of work based repute, not in terms of self aggrandizement or stepping on the heads of others for more recognition. In other words, the CB network is as unlike the  corporate, academic  and government milieu as possible ;-)

Coming Disinfo
On the horizon, a new disinformation juggernaut just appeared. The ammunition they're packing concerns the (1) moon's new orbit having caused all the bad weather in recent years, (2) 'proof' that cell phones are what the new towers are all about, and (3) some new doomsday scenarios. Watch what happens when this stuff starts showing up in our forums. We'll need to stay on our toes and stick to the issues. The submitters will sport a lot of alleged academic credentials and will refer to obscure sources,  which we can't check out, to back up their claims.   Remember that something has to be validated before it can be considered more than an interesting tale.

One comparison that may be useful when/if this disinfo campaign starts is that El Nino is about to go the way of the Blue Monkeys as disinformation excuses for cataclysmic assaults on humanity by the regime.

Growing Interest
A Pennsylvania Militia guy emailed me to say he's made a cloudbuster and has been busting towers and sharing this information with his cohorts. I've been hoping for this to happen since May. Those guys know something about networking.  Messiahmews tells us that the folks who own the Idaho Observer (foremost publication among the 'balanced' patriots in the US) are looking favorably at our work and are quite impressed with the CT/CB documentary, as is Dr. Horowitz, who is the pre-eminent uncoverer (through documented research journalism) of the regime's biological weaponry and the genocide agenda.

I'm looking forward to a continued, steadily accelerating growth in our informal global network.  The reason I favor this 'word of mouth' dissemination is that the folks who come to us will be ready to commit, mostly, and they will have already decided that the old mental programming is not something worth keeping.  We can expect even more diversity, too.  That's our strength right now.

Carol and I have been invited to Mexico City to reverse the smog and we're thinking that if this can be done expeditiously then the city can be a showcase; an undeniable example of how even the most degraded metropolitan atmospheres can be transformed by ordinary people like ourselves with simple devices and a little perseverance.  It would be a great opportunity for me to get fluent in Spanish, too. Carol would stick around for the setup and planning, then I'll hang in like a pit bull until it's all done. ( I hope our intrepid Mexican cohorts will chain me to the galley there the way Cbswork did in Hollywood earlier this month ;-)  The smog there is actually worse than LA, though the ambiance is nicer.  I remember not being able to see two blocks through the smog in Mexico City on a sunny day.

Maybe Tokyo after that?  The chemtrails are still making everyone sick in Japan, I'm told.  One man there is preparing to make a cloudbuster now.

Don Croft

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