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Episode 50

Where Are We?

By Don Croft <>
January 4, 2003

I really need to put some thoughts on electronic paper about where I think we've been, where we are and where we're heading in the global cloudbuster network. Be sure to remember that what I say is just my opinion and I don't want you to believe anything I write unless it jives with your own discernment. Reserve judgement on the rest, if you can.  Feel free to take exception to any of this in your response to me or on the forum.

The best feature of the cloudbuster forum is its public records aspect, I think. If one were inclined one could review the course of this emerging global network's progress very accurately by studying the posts and identifying the patterns and trends there. Short of doing that, I'm going to write about what I've noticed happening from a personal standpoint.

My role as facilitator there has become conspicuously less and less important in recent months, I'm happy to report, and the moderators are doing a good job keeping the threat of dissimulation and character assassination at bay, though even their jobs will likely soon be as redundant as the Maytag Repairman's. This is probably keeping Stuart Jackson as busy as a one fingered speed typist, though. God grant him wealth and ease at some point, long before his expiry ;-)

Anyone can see that the growth process for this informal network has been organic and vital. If you consider that this has all happened in just over a year without advertising or media attention it's quite phenomenal. The best evidence of its viatality is that there are  now several vendors  making a respectable livlihood by making and selling the related devices and that happened very fast and in a sustained way.  If you have experience in business you can particularly appreciate this phenomenon. It took me five years in each of two successful careers in business to get to where the vendors have reached in a few months.

It's not within our means to offer proof of our claim that the chemtrails throughout North American and much of Western Europe were disabled by last May due to the number of cloudbusters in these regions, but there's an awful lot of anecdotal accounts by forum members of the chemtrails failing to block out the sky where they live.   I leave places like Los Angeles and Vancouver out of this example because of the extraordinary circumstances there, but other cities, such as Boston and Seattle, were perpetually cleared of chemtrails and even smog by single cloudbusters.

When we visited Los Angeles a month ago, there was no smog in Pasadena, Glendale, and the San Fernando Valley, though these places had traditionally had the worst smog conditions of all.  LAARP (Los Angeles Atmosphere Reclamation Project) is an informal group of cloudbusters, tower busters and energy grid healers who divided the work up among their small number and are systematically reversing many decades of electronic, occult and just-plain-human-misery-from-the-crowded-masses  induced atmospheric dead orgone radiation  assault in the Los Angeles Basin. 

Even Riverside and San Bernardino were relatively smog free from a wider distribution of cloudbusters and some intelligent vortex and ley line healing by LAARP members in the region.  The whole metropolitan area felt good to me for the first time since I first visited there in 1968.  Before we first took a cloudbuster to LA in June of 2001, I simply couldn't bear to spend more time than it took to drive through there on the freeway.  Carol felt the same way. We didn't feel like leaving last time, in spite of the NSA goons practically stepping on our heels and the electronic attacks from their parked vans and from the hotel room above ours.

That's another development worth mentioning. We disabled all the new transmitters for over a hundred miles around us, including all the HAARP arrays, so our skies in Idaho are pristine, even when there are half a dozen spewplanes flying back and forth overhead all day long, as happens every week or so, still.

I suspect that all of the predatory electronic tech is designed to work in conjunction with either the prion protein crystals that were induced to grow on our nerve tissue or some deep programming in our brains. Maybe it's a combination. I may seem to be far out on a limb with this observation, but Dr. Horowitz gives some pretty convincing documentation to back up his assertion that prions have been supplied through most of the domestic wheat crops for well over a decade (they grow on nerve tissue; brains, spinal cord, etc.) and that the prion crystal's  varying lengths resonate and vibrate to specific frequencies to generate certain symptoms when those radio frequencies are directed at individuals by scalar targeting and/or over a wide area.

I believe this accounts for some of the forum members reports of getting sick right after getting the impression that someone was targeting them this way.  The ones with zappers seem to get over the sickness very fast and when we were overtly beamed in Glendale none of we three (who are long-time zapper users) experienced more than some momentary discomfort, even though the van which had the equipment was only about ten feet away. We were eating in an outside café at the time.  The NSA and the rest of the Satanists are pretty mad at Cbswork for uncovering and disabling their extensive occult power network in the LA Basin ;-)

Carol and I believe that it's only possible to grow these prion crystals in the body when the pH goes below a certain level and that a primary purpose of the chemtrails was to reduce everyone's pH, partly to foster the growth of these protein crystals and partly to create the low immunity necessary to infect most of the population with anthrax and/or smallpox in phase two of the chemtrail program, which was to closely follow the declaration of martial law. Of course, phase two became impossible when we aced phase one and that's probably why they've gone to an equally workable 'Plan B' which is to inject an already suspicious populace with Smallpox. We're really not as stupid as the regime looks, I think.

I think that when the chemtrail program's biological aspect was disabled last spring it severely thwarted the regime's agenda and that in a few places, like Los Angeles,  they've resorted to occasional chemical weapon assaults in an attempt to re-establish the old status quo. Their problem is that the chemical assaults are more blatant, therefore they risk exposure more. The bioweapons in chemtrails showed up as respiratory distress, followed by a general malaise similar to 'severe candida' infestation and that degenerated for many people into hepatitis C, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, hypersensitivity to chemicals and certain foods, etc. These showed up since early 1999 in endemic proportions.

I've had my zapper business on the internet since 1997 and after I started noticing chemtrails in 1999, the reports from prospective customers of these diseases climbed steadily until they made up the majority of people's complaints. Carol and I developed the Terminator specifically to cure mycoplasma infestations because this bioweapon has been found to generate all of the above endemic illnesses and the other zappers on the market and our own early zappers were not getting consistent results in curing these brand new sicknesses.

I figured out later that these endemics were due to almost daily re-infestation of mycoplasma through the chemtrails.  I figured that out after May, when we first got the impression, based on looking at the skies in Western America in our travels, that the bioweapon aspect of the chemtrails had been defeated. Along with seeing far fewer chemtrails, even in regions that were far from a cloudbuster, I got fewer and fewer reports of 'severe candida,' and also began reading Dr. Horowitz' and others assessments of the biological weapon content of chemtrails and their related symptoms. After that, I got fewer and fewer reports of fibromyalgia, Hepatitis C, chronic fatigue, etc., and in fact began hearing about people spontaneously recovering from these illnesses over the course of the summer. Most of these sufferers had been able to trace the beginning of their sickness to early 1999.

Another trend I saw happening was that the people who bought  our Terminators were healing much faster after that.

One aspect of mycoplasma infestation is that when one who is dealing with that uses one of our zappers the tail penny, which is the negative electrode (toxic materials in the body are all acidic, therefore positively charged and drawn to the negative pole), almost immediately turns black and gets covered with a thick residue. Even metal cleaner won't remove all that black stain. After May I heard less and less from customers who wanted to know why the penny turned black. I never hear of that now. This may be the best evidence of the cloudbusters' success, actually.  Other areas, including most of Asia and all of Africa, are free of chemtrails so these complaints never came from there. Australia and New Zealand were pretty well savaged by chemtrails and my zapper orders from
those places reflected the same pattern on the same schedule.

The Terminators I sell to people in Japan still get black tail pennies and the customers still complain of 'severe candida.'  There are no cloudbusters in Japan, as far as I know, and the chemtrails are as bad there as they were in America.  There's now a cloudbuster being built near Nagoya, an industrial center, and Larry Pedersen, who's
making that one,  told me that the three holy handgrenades he made poked a big blue hole in the spewplane's  whiteout and are disappearing all the subsequent chemtrails overhead, so I'm confident that his Cloudbuster will
have a very wide ranging effect, perhaps like the first ones in Boston and Seattle have had from the beginning.

When Carol and I left Africa a year ago, we didn't foresee the explosive growth in the number of cloudbusters in Southern Africa. In fact, within a month or so two of the Cbers in Namibia were apparently scared by Dr. DeMeo into dismantling their cloudbusters and I haven't heard from them since then. The other Cbers there are more stalwart, thank Grid, and the three which we hid in major Namibian vortices will  no doubt connect very nicely with the new ones that Georg and Andy are putting throughout the Kalahari, eastward to Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Zambia.  Our interview with Dr. Kanya on Blake Radio in New York directly resulted in several Black Africans building cloudbusters farther north, so that was very confirming for us.

Georg Ritschl really should  be the poster child for orgonite because of his monumental success in establishing a budding national reputation with this work in South Africa.  I think we're all too close to the work right now to appreciate the significance of the inevitable defeat of HAARP drought/famine sanctions in that country. I only wish Carol and I could be there to participate in Georg and Farmer Eddy's coming victory. We certainly mustn't let the world regime have it's way any longer with artificially-induced famine in Africa.

Jeff Baggaley told me that he saw no chemtrails at all in China or Tibet, but that the mind control transmitters are very thick in both places.  Gee, I guess the Tibetans, most of whom can barely afford to eat and have an electric lightbulb, have all got cellphones---not.

I wonder if this will be the year in which somebody besides me will speak up about the obvious:  'Why are we calling these cellphone towers?  There's no technical data available, anywhere, that gives any evidence that these are for communication.'  One more big challenge to our shizoid programming, I guess.

This conundrum may point to something very, very important to consider in ourselves. We've become accustomed to seeing the regime as the avowed enemy of mankind, but that resolve breaks down when certain triggers in our brains are activated. We should be embarrassed at how easily we've been induced to call these new towers 'cell towers.'

I'm wondering how fast this can be turned around if we all simply stop watching TV. There was a time when I considered TV to be one of life's pleasures and comforts and I got pretty irritated when my reception went bad.   I don't know exactly what it was that caused me to move from adoring television to feeling repulsed by it, but I feel like crap when I'm in a room for any length of time with a TV running. That effects seems to be pretty much absent when I'm playing a movie, in fact Carol knows that I'm not willing to do any of the zapper assembly work unless a movie tape or DVD is on. I never could hold a factory job in my unskilled labor days. Too bad for me they didn't have VCRs then, I guess.

Have you noticed that people who watch TV every day have a harder time grasping simple concepts and feeling energy?  I don't believe that's an accidental or collateral effect. I believe that's a primary effect designed to maintain the status of the PJ folk.

I'm sure you'll agree that after an afternoon or evening in front of the television you feel more tired than when you sat down on the couch. That's also designed into the programming. I bet you don't feel that way after you've spent the same amount of time in front of your computer, especially if you use a flat screen instead of a heinous cathode ray monitor.

It's the ambient, irrational mental programming that is now standing in the way of the exponential growth of this grassroots movement.  The external and internal psychological assaults on us all have proven marvelously ineffective and now the old bugaboo, brainwashing, is standing in full view in the absence of the war footing we'd been forced to adopt until now.

I was rather shocked to realize recently that so many Cbers are disheartened when a chemtrail jet flies overhead and leaves a trail that lingers more than a few seconds. I honestly don't know how to respond to that apparently unthinking, programmed response, other than to repeat that it no longer happens here thanks to our footwork in disabling a thousand or so towers.  I guarantee that we get more than the average number of spewplane visits.

In fact, the presence of chemtrails is not a sign of our defeat.  It's not a subtle point to say that they no longer spread out to cover the sky, nor do they suppress the formation of healthy, moisture-bearing  cumulus clouds except in very rare cases, like over parts of Los Angeles and Vancouver.  Next time you feel inclined to sing a swan song after the rude appearance of spewplanes, give it an hour or so and notice that what I just said is true, okay?  Carol says they're often just squirting out harmless skywriting chemicals just to keep the PJ folks from waking up so fast from the presence of all this orgonite and 'skies that look like they did when we were kids!'  If the appearance of token chemtrails disturbs you, assume that it's keeping the PJ folk unconsciously discouraged, too.

The programming in some people is so effective that the sight of these weak chemtrails in conjunction with getting a cold or some mildew poisoning from stale household air leads them to assume that they've just succumbed to an aerial biological attack. If you fit that bill, call the hospital and see if they've been flooded with cases of respiratory distress. I bet your symptoms aren't even respiratory in your case.

The global tower network was essentially completed by the first of September, which is why we put off disabling the ones in our region until then. We notice that very few new transmitters have been erected in the past few months, though the underground construction seems to procede as fast as ever.

I'm not going to dwell on what a few of us did last year to disable the nuke attacks on some of our cities by our own alleged government, or on the way those two carloads of CIA bombers were disoriented in the Hootens' orgone field on their way to blowing up a Miami nuke plant of  September's Friday the thirteenth (right after the global tower network was finished) because that's impossible to substantiate.  It is food for thought when you consider how the feds completely lost their momentum not long after their initial assault on the World Trade Center, though, and how they never even started to get it back since.

It could be that I'm overly concerned about the brainwashing I'm witnessing and that the present apparent ennui is just a cyclic pause in the network's unfoldment.  If so, I'm open to correction.

Kat in Page, Arizona, told me on Wednesday  that a spike showed up over Spokane in the Doppler radar readings lately, so the next day, on our trip to Spokane, Carol and I dropped a tower buster in what looked like another cooling pond for an underground nuke plant near a major HAARP array and Kat said the spike disappeared after that. We had looked for that pond before, but couldn't locate it.  Carol said the array, which is a massive one that we disabled before, was finally dead by the time we left the city that afternoon. Before then, the transmitters were all giving off  very dense DOR, but it was restricted to right around the towers themselves. As happened on Steptoe Butte's array after we killed the nearby underground nuke this way, the HAARP array on Tower Mountain by Spokane was giving off no energy at all except for the flashing red lights on top, which are probably powered by the commercial electricity grid.   

Even the single mind control towers probably use up so much electricity that their presence on the power grid would wake up the PJ folk among the utility workers. Cell phone transmitters, indeed ;-)  You could smelt aluminum ore with the power it takes to run a single array.

It might be a good idea to look for the underground nukes that power most or all of the major arrays where you live. You might have to dowse the map but I think you'll be astonished at how 'gifted' you are at this. Carol and I believe you can actually disable a nuke plant by putting an orgonite device into the coolant.  This is easy to do for the secret nukes that don't get their cooling water from large bodies of water; the trick is finding their cooling ponds. Watch for isolated, gravel lined, steep-sided small ponds surrounded by a high fence. If you're in a cold region the water may have a lot of antifreeze in it and will produce a green-yellow splash.  Remember that disabling these underground nuke generators can do only good for the world.

We put HHgs on the ground as close as possible to the surface nukes. This won't stop the reactions, but it will limit the oranur field to a sphere the size of the one whose radius reaches from the HHg to the reactor, so all the workers in there will probably still die young of cancer, but at least the surrounding population won't have to on account of the nuke plant. My second wife spent fifteen years working at the nuke in Seabrook, NH, so I know first hand about the high cancer rate among nuke workers, even the ones, like her, who don't work near the reactors. She survived because she quit and underwent some radical alternative treatments.

I'm toying with the notion that television programming may be responsible for the reticence I'm seeing in many of us regarding spotting all those NSA surveillance people. I was introduced to this awareness rather rudely last Spring because the fellow I was visiting was already under box heavy surveillance and they were rather overtly opposed to our meeting. I see that a few others among us are waking up to the presence of the NSA stalkers more gently than I did.

As Hina Ohale says, there can be a more gradual shift from studiously avoiding noticing your surroundings as you move from place to place (we're heavily programmed to do this) to noticing everything possible in the process.  Remember that once you start seeing these unblinking, studiously nondescript starers you can make them give you more space by walking up to them and simply engaging them in conversation-say anything at all and they won't want to get that close to you any more. Be sure to post your experiences on the forum so others will be encouraged to break out of their programming, too.

It takes more courage to do this than to shoot an enemy on the battlefield. That's because we're programmed not to acknowledge the presence of secret police. It's deep programming.  If you've been busting towers, they're on
you like flies on sh--, rest assured.

You'll experience a rather gut-wrenching shift in the process because breaking out of programming is not pleasant at first. It does get easier, though, and even fun after awhile and after you scramble up to the next level of awareness nobody can make you go back to the way you were before. It's quite exhilarating, I can tell you.

When somebody emails me and says, 'Thanks for everything you're doing for the planet,' I have the impulse to bitch slap the writer every time. This isn't at all about me and anyone who wants somebody else to assume his/her
own God-given responsibility deserves the worst of political fates. That's the base impulse that allowed National Socialism to be established in America in the first place.

Speaking of 'next level' I noticed that another groundbreaking feature of our little network is the conspicuous lack of formal hierarchy. There definitely is a hierarchy, but it's founded on demonstrated reputation, not on credentials or intellectual or occult foppery, and it has an organic nature. 

I keep using the word, 'organic,' I know, and at the risk of being tedious I say in my defense that the growth process is so essential to working with orgonite that I honestly don't know a better adjective at this point.

Growth has a cyclic component and there are lots of analogies I could use to illustrate it, but we've seen that there were stages in our development as a network/global community when the outlook was bleak, and stages when each of us felt ready to take on the dark masters themselves and make them empty bedpans in a charity maternity hospital in the Central African Republic. YEAH!!

Somebody smarter than me once told me, years ago, that after I started working with crystals I'd gradually stop experiencing extreme emotional highs and lows and would discover rather a more moderate emotional experience characterized by a steadily rising base energy level and awareness. This has been especially true of my work with orgonite. I wonder if one can be extremely moderate. I think that moderate expression and approach is important when we're sharing any of this cutting fringe stuff with newcomers. I think it's also important to cultivate this so that when further attempts are made to undermine our effort we can continue to deal with them on a more or less even keel.

You can bet that just because we took away their chances for martial law they won't stop trying to disable our efforts. In fact I think they just turned cranked up the power in that process.

I don't know if you noticed, but there has been an increase in the number and 'force' of messianic figures in the past couple of weeks offering bold promises of creating world peace, etc.  I won't name any, but these are based on thoughtform work among white people and they ultimately foster a sense of powerlessness and submergence into nonentity among individuals and accession of personal energy to any of a number of the regime's pied pipers. When I ask people who send me these mass invitations to suggest some evidence that supporting this will be worthwhile I'm always met by either anger or a weird apology for sending the thing in the first place. I always ask this honestly because I'm always willing to provide evidence that our particular project is well worth supporting.

This thoughtform problem is why Carol and I are examining the uses of radionics now. The Alaska double pyramid report is what got our attention regarding the viability of Radionics with orgonite work and it's come full circle for me, at least, because it was for radionics that Karl Welz introduced orgonite in the first place on  I pooh-poohed personally using orgonite for this right up until the guy in Alaska sent me that terrified account ;-) though I remained open to hearing about others' success.

It's still a bit early to make a cogent report on our efforts but we're using Dale Schultz' (Skipperman's) fine radionics stand and pyramid HHg in conjunction with another pyramid from the Hootens on Jay Rockefeller right now and we're using two of Kristina's K/X pyramids, bottom to bottom, on Condoleza Rice, who's been harassing Carol every night for weeks (her attacks are getting progressively weaker and a few days ago I put a sort of yantra over her name between the pyramids and Carol said it immediately and strongly affected Condoleza's third chakra).

I really need to get some radionics construct going on that messianic/groupie thoughtform that's been irritating me lately.  I think I can easily track the effects of that by the nature of  my incoming email.

The human psychic predators have a lot more moxie and stamina than even the Draconians attackers.  It could be because the human ones are chronically stupid, but I'm not sure about that.

Speaking of stupid, take a look at Alex Jones' filming of the human sacrifice ritual at Bohemian Grove on July 15, 2000. I'd never actually seen or read about one of those rituals before and it was quite educational for me.  Carol explained some of the stuff to me because she favors ritual magic and I have a good book on Masonic rituals that probably gets into the nitty gritty (except for the murder part).  I'll read that book now-I didn't know what to relate it to before.Of course they had everything turned around so that the watchers had the impression that it was a lovely gesture to kill somebody in the name of spiritual happiness and progress.  They clearly demonized the victim-no joke! They had apparently drugged him and covered him with a blanket so nobody would be shocked into awareness by seeing the victim clearly. Schizophrenia was designed into white culture early on.

If you think the higher level satanic stuff is done by a bunch of spikey haired, body-pierced, unwashed Huns, think again.  The more grisly stuff is reserved for lowlifes, reptilian predators and MK Ultra chumps, like the mumble-chanting crowd that surrounded Cbswork and 'the Girl' on their recent successful mission to Palomar, but the high rollers are into classical music (from the Romance Period ;-) ) pretty robes and histrionics.

This video may be helpful if you want to get past some of that programming that's so endemic in white people these days.  I think you can order it from Alex on . Thank Grid more people of color are now
joining the forum. We really need the balance and diversity here.

Speaking of www, I now look for daily news I can use on the American Free Press (  There's a headline section. For instance, if you hear that America is being threatened by a nuke attack from N. Korea, look on this site for the real story, which is that N. Korea and S. Korea are trying to unite and America is simply standing in the way. I think America is the only terrorist nation on the planet right now and this phony government has a long history of terrorizing its own citizenry, even killing us in large numbers in one fell swoop and also slowly, with cancer, as with the countless children who are unwittingly subjected to 'testing' these days.

 I think our prison population is up around seven million now, so I think we're way ahead of Hitler, Stalin, Castro and  Mao at this point, per capita. Of course most of them are people of color and I'd be surprised if you really believe they're any more inclined to criminality than whites are. In fact the criminal class that runs this country now are entirely white except for a few token sycophants of color, none of whom will get close to the top of that satanic dungheap.

The fact that the white population is blissfully unaware of this calamity denotes the severity of not only the calamity but also the brainwashing of the white population, whose history of racism and cultural schizophrenia made the programming possible in the first place.

The programming shows most clearly in the response to reports of tragedies. A million dead in BoPhal, India from chemical poisoning gets only a tiny outcry and showing of support compared to the sinking of a ferryboat in the English Channel.  I'm not whining, just showing the depth of the problem.

The image of a couch potato watching Monday Night Football  reminds me of the crowd of cheering, glassy-eyed, mouth-breathing elitists at Bohemian Grove who watched that romantic spectacle of human sacrifice  ;-)

Right now we can turn all of this around because the threat of martial law doesn't need to get our first attention and efforts any more. It takes the boldest of all approaches to move into this campaign of the spiritual war, though, and this approach procedes from first disabling our mental programming and conditioning. Tough call but I think we're all up to the task.

Based on the astounding success of this little network over the past year I won't even try to predict what we'll all be doing a year from now, though I have no reason to doubt that we'll be unspeakably successful. My hope is that now that the feds have so grossly overstepped their bounds with that horrid Gestapo/SS legislation we may soon see the complete exposure and disenfranchisement (hopefully the eventual punishment) of the puppetmasters in London and at the UN who 'guided' our elected leaders into a position where they openly committed high treason by passing that legislation and my main concern now is that we'll get enough PJ folks to wake up now that we can avoid a military coup to set things right. 

After the lobbyists are disabled we can prevail on our state legislatures to convene  a Constitutional Convention this year and provide an example to every nation on earth--a way to break free of London's bandits and take back some national sovereignty in advance of the formation of a true world commonwealth.  Naturally, in the process we can make sure hegemony is returned to state and local governments, which will leave Washington rather desolate.

You may not realize that London has 'expropriated' all of the natural resources in the world in lieu of alleged debt defaulting. We can erase those London-based phony debts in a day by deposing that horrid,  parasitic monarchy in Windsor. The banker/trolls are all literally hiding from us under her ample skirts, terrified of exposure.

Watch the world prosper after that.  It will happen organically ;-) and fast.

It's the logical fruition of the idea that we can and must  determine our own destiny and are not slaves to fate, after all. The question we should be asking isn't 'How can we establish world peace and prosperity?'  Actually, the question is 'How can we not right now?'

That was a good finish, but I wanted to save the following for the end:

Carol and I jumped through hoops and even endured another murder attempt by the NSA to get that chemtrails/cloudbusters video documentary to Stuart.  I notice that it's getting very little discussion in the forum, nor do the Cbers who still participate in the chemtrail boards and forums ever apparently mention it there, even though it clearly shows what the CT program is about and what the demonstrated solution is.  If you're a Cber and are still participating on Chemtrail Central USA and the other alleged information sites you might take a look at what has caused you to decide not to share this documentary with those groups.  I don't want to see any confessions here, okay?  If you think it's important, please just share it with others when the opportunity arises. You can bet I send all my zapper customers to Stuart's site and mention the free video in the process.

Rense, Carnicom, Bell and all the other alleged underground information sites were given the CD version months before Stuart made it available but none of them mentioned it on their programs or websites. You can bet they all watched it and clearly understood the implications. The premier underground info site, which name escapes me at the moment, at least had the courtesy to say that they won't show it because they don't want to be murdered. They told one of the producers that this is the first time that consideration had come up in their career, so that may show you how close to the regime's bone this video cuts. I can find out the name of that site if anyone's interested. I'm sure many of you are familiar with it.

I'm sure you know that you won't risk your life by sharing this because the cat's out of the bag. You can see that Stuart is still breathing and chipper. He blasted the Man in Black in charge of messing up his internet connection shortly after he announced the presence of the video to the forum and it looks like he's been able to maintain his internet access since then. I'm sure you know of other sites which weren't so lucky after posting particularly dicey info. They should get Succor Punches and learn how to use them.

Stuart understood the risk he was taking, too, but he, of all the people in the world who were given the opportunity to make this publicly available, had the demonstrated courage and commitment to do so. You may not see it now, but I'm sure future historians will take careful, reverent note of that singular act.

Once again, I suggest that it's our mental programming coming to the fore in our hesitation to share this with others. Andy's offering a free copy to anyone whose computer lacks the capacity for downloading this rather big program.  It's 30 minutes on a CD. is his site.

 I don't presume to second guess Rense's, Carnicom's, Bell's and all the others' motives for not sharing this with others, but it's going to become more and more apparent that this is one of those rare items, like orgonite, which separates the sheep in this world from the goats.

Have you watched it yet?

Don Croft

© Copyright 2003  All Rights Reserved

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