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The Adventures of Don & Carol Croft

Episode 51
Terrorizing the Terrorists

By Don Croft <>
January 21, 2003

New Toy
Carol and I have been testing a new energy device for two weeks and until last night I didn't know how to broach the subject here because it's clearly controversial and there was so much subersive doodoo floating in the cloudbuster forum's punchbowl until last week that rational discussion would have been impossible.  Also, we needed to be sure that this device, like all the others we've offered, can't be used  to harm innocents.

A local cop (Moscow, Idaho, USA) in a  ninja suit was sneaking around outside our house last night, right before I had a little epiphany about this overall discussion. We know it was a cop because Jenny heard the cretin's police scanner go off when he was right below her window ;-)  I guess he's not quite ready for the big league yet.  We would have assumed it was just another NSA predator if she hadn't heard the scanner on his shoulder.

We're at the end of a dead end street and there weren't any cop cars in sight, so he had to have sneaked onto the property, probably from across the meadow.  When Jeff Baggaley was visiting (while Carol and Jenny were in Europe) a similar 'visit' occured next door to the house we were living in at the time, and I watched it all from my window.  The stupid cops, dressed up like Ninjas, sneaked onto this guy's property from the back and harrassed the crack dealer (my charming next door neighbor), apparently in advance of coercing him to plant some of his product in our house (I had this from a reliable source, but you need to take my assertion as an opinion).  They'd been leaning on this chump for two weeks before that night and for a few days, the cops were cruising by our house and staring at us through the windows.  Maybe you know 'that look.'  We were on a dead end street then,  so the cops had no business being so uncharacteristically present there.

Since this was clearly a violation, Carol immediately 'looked' at where that cop's orders came from and saw the NSA boss agent for our case, telling the crooked police chief in our town to send somebody to search our property for something. She couldn't see what that was, but she knew he didn't find anything. For the record, the elected Sherriff here refuses to be led around by the nose by these federal predators. He's the only cop here permitted under the US Constitution.

Carol went to the police station to make a formal complaint.  The cop at the desk could find no record of that visit (of course), but she'll pursue it again tomorrow and she's let them know that the next time a cop shows up anywhere on our property except at the front door, she'll make a citizen's arrest. They know she's lawfully armed because one of the local cops ran into the gunshop with a clipboard before she even left the parking lot with her new Remington Ladysmith 9mm revolver ;-) 

There are only about 12,000 people in this town and there's sure as hell no excuse for the police to behave as the Gestapo, here or anywhere else on this planet.

New Lessons
After Carol got a clear picture of the boss agent's complicity in the harassment episode, I imagined my hand around this NSA Special Agent in Charge's beating heart and squeezed until Carol said he was terrified. Then I asked her how many psychics were assigned to help and protect this predator (I was told by an insider that this guy is in the habit of raping women and little girls and I was advised not to piss this guy off after I saw him glaring at us a few months ago from his, new, tan Lincoln Towncar) and she said, 'Five, and they live right in town!'   I said, 'Pick out the meanest one,' and she got the image of a man. With my left hand I squeezed his gonads until he, too, was terrified, then I told him, since he is telepathic, 'You need to tell your boss that if anyone ever shows up on our property again by his orders, we'll be back and he'll be much, much worse off than he is right now.'  Then I let them both go.  I expect a new SAIC to show up here soon ;-)

There you have it. Carol and I have been doing this to predators (in the act of harming or threatening people) here and there around the planet for two weeks, every night at bedtime. The reason I didn't comment earlier was because the few people who were perpetuating subterfuge in the CB forum would have had a field day with this.  Stuart's been systematically removing those from the forum. Maybe the ones still hanging around, waiting for a chance to sabotage this forum will come out of hiding now, but I'll consider that a result of my initiative if they do, and Stuart can get a clearer sense of their true intentions and invite them out, too, with a clear conscience.

Note that I didn't call them agents. This is because subterfuge is the issue, not affiliations, and I don't want to glamorize what these malcontents do to potentially educational and liberating processes.

That event is typical of what we've been doing every night. Some of you guys had much worse government interference than we've had, we discovered through our experiment. It's a testimony of the character of the active participants here that only the few who were truly under duress accepted our invitation to help. We found two agents this way, too.

Nowhere to Hide
An agent can't hide his/her true intentions from a skilled psychic like my wife. Neither of these agents were under any kind of threat, by the way.  I'm sure we've all met liars before. These agents are not bad people, by the way.  At that low level in the NSA or associated secret police agency they're not in a position to harm anyone and I get the sense that most of them in the various internet forums wouldn't dream of hurting anyone. They're just collecting a paycheck and following their bliss.  I don't blame them; I just want to prevent them from working among us, that's all. They all smoke a lot of dope, apparently.  I've been encouraging everyone to give this up if they wish to have psychic integrity. I don't think it's possible to protect oneself very well if one has been smoking the stuff because psyops people can only get in through a hole in the etheric nets around us, and pot makes and extends these holes for them. The agents are essentially paranoid from smoking the stuff, which is how they, in turn, are controlled and kept in fear. 

After a person has reached a certain level of psychic integrity, it becomes unthinkable to even breathe the second hand pot smoke. At times, it can feel intolerable to even stand next to someone who's been smoking it. This is Metaphysics 101, folks, not just some Calvinist rant.

We can't fake integrity, though many can fake sincerity fairly well to those who are 'discernmentally challenged.'

The reason I'm reporting all of this now is that I found a precedent among traditional shamanic healers for terrorizing predators. According to the brainwashing that all of the western psychics we know are subject to, it's 'unlawful' to take these measures against predators. You know, a lot of western psychics call themselves shamans, but none of them will do what needs doing to demonstrate their claims, so far.  It's an empty title until real courage is demonstrated in the face of a bloodthirsty foe.

Carol felt sure it wasn't right to attack an attacker, which is why she would do the looking and telepathy for me when necessary, but she wasn't willing to 'do the job' or even touch the device I was using, which is basically just a  Succor Punch surrounded by orgonite. She wouldn't touch the device-until last night, when her own daughter was under duress from this lawbreaking cop.

There were eight full time NSA psychics looking for ways to break us, but three of them, who were on assignment from Spokane,  will never have anything to do with us again. Last week, they were trying to get at Jenny (Carol's daughter), but Carol found out about it and ID'd them. We then spent a little quality time 'talking' to them and demonstrating our clear intent and ability. We'd actually seen the most aggressive one of the three on the street in Spokane one day last summer, spying on us (she's the one who drove Jenny to near suicide a few months later, before Carol discovered how she was doing that). I guarantee that she'll never terrorize anyone again. We always look for the biggest, baddest predator and use him/her as an object example for the rest.

The African Connection
The relevant shamanic exemplar who occurred to me is Ouma Lahia, the Xhosa witch/healer we met in Namibia, though the witches whom Carol met in Kenya are in the same category. I suspect vo Joanna in Brazil has the same level of demonstrated ability. I feel her watching over us even as I write. My little epiphany last night was that the only way one can be effective this way is to strike terror into the hearts of predators. It's implicit that this can only be done in real terms within the bounds of univeral law. That means that the predator has to be in the act or preparation stage of committing a crime, literally.  The response from us has to be in balance with the threat level presented by the predator. This is something that's felt instinctively, not something arrived at by rational debate, though it all makes sense in rational terms.

In a real sense, the African shamanic healers we met are entirely unafraid of the government, the voodoo societies, and everything else-except going against universal law.  I suspect their initiation process has a lot to do with just finding predators who are in the act of attacking innocents and scaring the living  s**t out of them or even killing them with energy, whichever is more appropriate ;-)

I confess that when I'm around the 'shamans of color', it's a wonderful relief not to be subjected to pseudo-Hindu metaphysical terminology. There, I've said it.  That mental programming crap is as hard for me to tolerate  as a multilevel marketing pitch or televangelism.

Return of the Jedi
I bought a little Ben&Suze [crystal device] last month and  I can use even this to terrify predators to a lesser extent.  I even did that a couple of times (once to a B-Sirian who was trying to harm me; once to a NSA psycic--a member of  a psyops team in a car) and once with the SP/orgonite device when it wasn't even attached to the SP frequency box, so essentially this isn't about tools in the long run.  It's about the  will and desire to stop tyranny, in my opinion.  I think we get these little glimpses of our true potential in order to spark us onward.

Others are using their Succor Punches to do this now ( they're not talking about it in the CB forums, probably because of past subterfuge and sabotage in the ranks), but my SP simply won't do that. That's another discussion, of course, and the SP is apparently still more suitable for some applications, especially involving reptilians and ET who are apparently immune from the newer device..

One reason I waited two weeks to even mention the newer SP/orgonite device is that I wanted to see if any fool, predator, or unbalanced person, could inflict harm on innocents with one. Since we're quite sure that the NSA and other fake-gov't gangsters (they all fit at least two of those depictions) have made many of these and are trying to use them against Carol and I, having  gotten my very clear instructions from my personal correspondence to several people, and since we've felt better in the past two weeks than we have in the previous two years,  I'm certain now that this device can't be used to harm innocents.

Well, okay, I'm not really an innocent, per se, but by 'innocent,' I mean anyone who's not a predator.  Carol's an innocent by anyone's standards, I guess, and Jenny certainly is.  Jenny's been feeling better than ever lately, too.

Carol and I got some clear, simple parameters for a prototype which I believe will be more powerful and effective than the one we're using now. I shared those parameters with several vendors, who have told me they'll also make prototypes, and after we test these, I'll do a fuller description and writeup for you here.  Since our prototype only has the items that Carol and I came up with independently, I'm not violating anyone's proprietary rights.

I'll make sure that the makers of the device I'm using now will get their due credit shortly.

Every orgonite, electronic, geometric and crystal device we're all using right now is a temporary crutch.  I've got no problem admitting that. Why do people denigrate crutches, though?  Is that some white-man, schizoid attitude related to hatred of handicapped people?  Think about the weird implication of despising crutches for a second. 

I don't think that we Pink Toes are inherently schizoid, but duplicity damn sure is an integral part of the Judeo-Christian culture for the past two millennia.  Let's see how fast we can dismantle the overlaid thoughtforms that makes us assume that crooked-is-straight and straight-is-crooked, okay?  Here's some more thoughtforms for the sake of illustration:  'Security is more important than freedom,' 'The devil made me do it,' 'If you're suffering, it's your own fault,' 'We can't change the world; we can only change ourselves,' 'It's not spiritual to be concerned about government,' 'Denial is a wonderful thing,' 'I have this problem because in a past life...,' 'I'm really a mighty admiral of a fleet of starships from the Pleiades';  'I only appear to be fearful, duplicitous and incompetent because I wanted to give myself a lesson in this incarnation.,' 'This isn't really happening to me.'  Yikes

Carol was thinking about some of these expressions yesterday while she was doing her email and told me she heard a voice, then, that said, 'These people need to do some rebirthing.'  That's the supervised technique of rapid breathing that can be used to burn away delusion (thoughtform) overlays rapidly.  It has to be conducted by someone you trust implicitly or you won't open up enough to get the job done. James and Rose Mary Hughes helped me with that five years ago, but they're not doing that any more, professionally (twenty years is enough, they recently told me). There are a lot  of good folks providing this service, but if your instincts tell you that the one you're considering is not trustworthy, you'll waste your time and money if you do it with that person.

I'm not saying the facilitator needs to be a saint, only that you need to be able to trust him/her. 

Until I met Ouma Lahia in Africa, I wasn't aware of another human who was able and willing to exercise such profound personal power.  As I mentioned last year, she checked me out thoroughly, weeks before she allowed me to visit her. During this process, I came the closest to a feeling of terror than I had in recent years.  In those moments, she was putting my intention to the test;  looking right into my heart. The reason I didn't let fear rule is that I knew, when her granddaughter mentioned her to me (the morning after I arrived in Windhoek), that she was the traditional healer whom I'd come to give my crowd zapper to.  I  knew that she had the power to kill me if I ever demonstrated ill intent.  Simple truth, clear knowing. The reason she has that ability, though, is because her own intent has been purified by the fire of tests, temptations, traumas, loss, and opposition. This power is never given to some jerk off the street; it's earned and given within the Law. The badly named Great White Brotherhood doesn't have this power to give, though they dearly want you to believe they do. They've always had to resort to bullets, poison and corrupted courtrooms for getting their fearless opponents out of the way.  Their fake ascended masters, like Count St. Germain, are really just in a hyperdimensional, timeless  limbo, similar to a bornagain chump's idea of heaven.  As La Rouche said once:  They've traded eternity for a bad infinity.  I guess the old Count simply outsmarted himself, eh?  I bet there's no sex where he is.

The reason Ouma Lahia can go through life completely unafraid of predators (no shortage of those in Africa though the ones here, usually connected with the NSA, are far more savage and bloodthirsty on the whole) is that she knows she can destroy them if she needs to.

The US Constitution clearly states that anyone can lawfully stop a person who is in the act of committing a crime.  It's been a long, long time since the Constitution was the basis of our court system (natural law was replaced in all the courts by corporate rules in 1935). There are no more crimes against people under the rule of the Corporation (Uniform Commercial Code, UCC). There are only crimes against the State (the London-owned Federal Reserve Corporation) and its property (the people of the United States).  

Some of us are now conspiring to destroy the corporate (what an apt term!) thoughtform which keeps people believing that it's obligatory to go along with the Federal Reserve Corporation, which owns all our courts, our currency, all personal and public property and everyone in the US who has a social security number. We estimate that this thoughtform will be destroyed, radionically  by June. Then a few months later, the Corporation itself will be peacefully dismantled by formerly incredulous Americans, the assets redistributed by a real government which is Contitutionally established.  I think the fake gov't saw this coming, hence the NESARA delusion as a half-hearted stopgap to keep the corporate thoughtform's foot in the door. Mixing metaphors, NESARA is apparently intended to be the dog's nose in the coming real national government's  tent ;-)

I've only shared the details of our experiment with a few people whom I trust the way I'm asking you to trust your chosen rebirth facilitator.  By the way, bornagain chumps think that rebirthing is a one time deal. Actually, we all do it in stages as long as we're alive. The trick is to get it done ourselves in a progressively easier way.  The first few times may rather feel like dying than birthing.  The orgonite devices will smooth the way considerably, so don't forget to have at least a Holy Handgrenade present.

Ouma Lahia
I'm wondering if any shamans outside Africa and Latin  America practice this level of personal power. What I experienced in Africa felt familiar and right, and it's right in line with my instinctive belief that Africa will soon assume its proper place in human, spiritual civilization.  The suppression of Africa has been essentially the same as the suppression of a huge part of our own personal potential, though here it's done with brainwashing here. There it's done with violence and overt threats. I think the fake world regime has determined to wipe out these few exemplars in the only way that's been open to them- genocide; their tried and true companion until now.

Ouma Lahia had been poisoned two years before Carol and I met her. She was in her eighties and I suspect that dose would have quickly killed even a healthy youth, but her time here simply wasn't up yet, and I think she knew it.  The solar powered crowd zapper got such rapid and astonishing healing results when she 'test drove' it that I wish I'd taken pictures of the faces of her family when she jumped up after twenty minutes of zapping and started  flexing her previously painful joints.  I'd seen the healing many times, but those looks were priceless.

'Ouma' is Afrikaans for 'grandmother,' and that's exactly how she felt to me, as does vo Joanna in Brazil.

When Carol went to Kenya a few months earlier, she was struck by the fearlessness of the witches/healers she met on the first day in the village. They, alone, were not intimidated by the 'night runners'-- the voodoo men who run naked in total darkness through the forest of thorn trees and attack people who are outside their homes after dark. Others won't go out at night for fear of encountering these murderous men (they remind me of Shriners-sorry about that).  The Haitian villagers are ruled in a similar way by the voodoo societies there.   Meeting those witches and Ouma Lahia was an eye opener for Carol.  It took both of us this long to make the connection between their fearlessness and ours right now. It's based on the knowledge that we can stop predators in the act of harming innocents. There are quite a few people in this forum who are ready to do this now if they want to.

Nine voodoo men followed Carol home from Kenya, astrally, and we stopped them with the Succor Punch in one session. That's also when we found the reptilian hive openings in Africa, through a chain of astral inquiries.  The desire to close the south portal of the African reptilian hive is what motivated me to go to Namibia three months after Carol got back. That was found and closed by our African compadres then with the HHg one of them made, but it was done after I showed up. I think they needed some moral support then. I believe that was on December 17, 2001.  A week before that, on the day I arrived in Africa, a very lengthy sighting of several UFOs was reported in the nation's premier newspaper. There were no pictures, but the detailed account was on the front  page.  From the descriptions, it was obvious to me that those were Lemurians, coming to reclaim the skies over Southern Africa as the reptilians were retreating in advance of the portal closing.  Carol and Kerstin were 'invited' aboard a Lemurian craft on account of the orgonite devices there the day before she left, a month  later..

The chembuster work we did, together with our African counterparts, in the Namib and Kalahari and handing the crowd zappers to native healers were our second and third reasons for the visit.  All zappers cure AIIDS very, very quickly.  I think Georg Ritschl's the guy who will get this good news and affordable zappers into the hands of the African healers now, through  the auspices of and the generosity of others.  He's already made impressive inroads reversing the HAARP savagery in Southern Africa with his many well-placed cloudbusters and other orgonite devices.

The daily interference with my email stopped abruptly after the second night of our experimentation with this device and aside from the 30 or so daily mass-addressed emails from the chump NSA agents which contain their latest computer viruses in attachments  (I routinely delete all those before I start on correspondence) there seems to be no more hacker assaults going on. It was getting  worse and worse until the day it stopped entirely, two weeks ago. Some hacking at this point would be just another opportunity for us to see what the new device can do. I was surpised to learn that most of the bosses in these predatory secret police operations are Men in Black ( Morticians With Attitude?).

NSA: Traitors in Trouble?
Our aim is to wage a campaign of terror among all the predators of the NSA and the associated enforcing agencies of this fake world regime. This is where all the terrorism in the world comes from, after all.  They're the ones who blow up public buildings, blow up passenger jets, commit mass murder, conduct all the satanic serial killings, maintain and extend MK Ultra and all the other predatory mind control programs,  tell all the politicians how to vote (usually by extortion if bribery fails).  They run the FBI, the local police agencies and even most of the Sherriff Departments and they do their best to run the State Police agencies. They set up and run all of the spiritual chumps' gurus who get wide acclaim (gee, how do they get so popular ;-).   They own and operate all of the Zionist and Islamic bomb throwers and assassins.  They set up and maintain all the Stalins, Hitlers and Pol Pots operating right now as heads of state in sundry little countries and they murder ALL of the opposition in these countries when they're able to.

In short: disable these behind-the-scenes criminal networks and the world regime will be completely defenseless, therefore no longer viable. The disappearance of the world regime will be no more traumatic to the body politic than the death of a tapeworm is to a human body.  Watch how fast we fix political corruption once the politicians' enablers are gone. It's going to be a peaceful transition in most cases, I think, to government based on personal freedom and responsibility. We humans are all quick studies, I believe, and all of us instinctively know right from wrong. Sometimes it just takes a little coaching, which may be the ultimate function of the Internet.

Universal Law, The Fly in the Ointment
Carol and I figured out that every member of  'the regime,' certainly including their predators, is essentially expendable, even the five old dark masters at the top end of the Great White Brotherhood's formerly secret hierarchy.  They all know it because, for all the movers and shakers in this hierarchy, systematic programming began in their earliest moments in this life with ritual infant abuse [see Thanks for The Memories by Brice Taylor-Ken]. Later on, the memories of their early abuse was suppressed and their minds were overlaid with predator programming, giving them the delusion of personal power, but reinforcing their distrust of their coworkers and a distinct fear of failure. This is also the root programming used in MK Ultra and all the other programs designed to keep their troops in line. It's this programming which makes the psychic predators try to ignore universal law, and ultimately that makes them vulnerable to you and me. One of the NSA shrinks moonlighted once to give McDonalds Corporation this for programming their employees to never unionize.  It works ;-)

Remember that a predator chooses to attack innocents and other predators. There are no unwitting victims at that level of savagery.  On the other hand, the lower level chumps of the NSA who disable internet forums, write TV scripts and political speeches and argue the fake 'law' in the fake courts are relatively harmless, so of course we wouldn't even think of harming them.

Criminals in Charge
Just like the Federal Reserve Corporation, it's time to dismantle all the secret police agencies and this can't happen unless they've become essentially  afraid of the consequences for hurting innocents. The world is in a state of anarchy because criminals run all of the governments from behind the scenes and terrorize the populace in the process.  That means there is no effective government in real terms right now.  We're responsible for creating proper government, not politicians or fake saviors.

I don't think we have time to get approval from 'the masses' for this work because as long as they're afraid of these fake governments, they'll remain asleep and even dangerous. We need to do whatever it takes, within the real law, to neutralize the external source of this fear programming. To Carol and I, right now, that means destroying the thoughtforms with turbocharged radionics and systematically terrorizing the demonstrated secret police terrorists. I think that until we get at least a dozen more interested and able folks involved with this we are risking a bullet or two in the head, hence the submission of this post for the record right now instead of two weeks from now.

The NSA tried to murder several of us to prevent the chemtrails/cloudbuster video from getting onto the Internet.  That stopped abruptly soon after Stuart did the deed on  I expect a similar scenario will play out until there are a few prototypes out and about in the right hands.  Mainly, it's the information that is important.  This new device is just an appropriate Succor Punch surrounded by adequate orgonite.  As with
all the other devices Carol and I introduced, the parameters are very liberal, so there's little chance of screwing it up if you're relatively intelligent and are wiling to pay attention to your instincts in making your own prototype.

I'm asking for a dozen psychic practitioners or teams like Carol and I, but I wouldn't be surprised if there are a few hundred by June, which feels to us like the time we'll clearly have the upper hand.  By 'we' I mean humanity, of course, not this informal network.

Scheduled Nuke on Washington DC in late January
I think that if the scheduled  nuke attack on Washington, DC by NSA agents later this month fails, there won't be any  more blatant attempts to move us into martial law and genocide, then we can focus on disabling and  dismantling the NSA from the inside out.

I definitely believe that a few of these instruments in the right hands will do the trick of disabling the criminal NSA and the other predatory enforcers of global tyranny in a short time.  In the wrong hands, they'll just be props (or bludgeons).

Dog Training
Pavlov discovered that only a small, hidden effort is needed to train someone to behave and believe a certain way or not to. Actually, this is a divine principle that Pavlov applied in a less than divine format.  We found out that the 'disciplined' predators do tell the others about what we've done. Maybe a dozen more of these devices in the right hands will be enough to make sure that these tales of terror spread thoroughly through the predatory ranks of those disgusting agencies.  The clear but implicit message:  'If I ever hear of you harming another innocent, you're going to pay dearly; and nobody can protect you and it's impossible to hide from me. If I get killed, there will be somebody else to find you and do the deed, probably immediately.'

Help Wanted
I'm asking for a dozen practitioners, but I wouldn't be surprised if there are a few hundred throughout the world by June, which feels like the time when we'll clearly have the upper hand.  By 'we' I mean humanity, of course, not this informal network. It's not even necessary to tell us you're doing this.  In fact, when the victory comes, the casual nature of our association will be just another confirmation of the power of the human spirit over the power of degradation and exploitation, which requires severe structuring, complex formal hierarchies and infighting to maintain itself.  I think we can see how the fake infighting disappeared from the forum after the subterfuge artists were summarily ejected.  Infighting is not inherent to human organization-it's a programmed activity.  The fact that it characterizes corporate employment simply supports my claim that corporations are un-natural organizations, about to be abandoned in favor of more organic forms of organization. The well-reputed ambience and true comraderie in the CB forum  will continue to get better, you'll see, and the structuring will become less and less apparent, as it is on the internet itelf.

I'm reporting this here, but in fact we don't need the forum for this particular project. I just want a public record account of what we're doing and the forums at are our chosen chronicle because Stuart Jackson is made of the same stuff we are, so I trust that he'll never sell out and trash this wonderful site. Sure, it's all been archived in several places by now, but I want Stuart's site to get so well known that Jeff  Rense will soon come begging on his knees for Stuart to sell him a banner ad ;-)

Besides, Stuart knows that if he drops the ball sometime, somebody else will pick it up and run with it on the Internet.  He's proven his commitment with every obstacle (opportunity) that's been thrust in front  of him, though, so I'm sure he'll stay in the game for the duration and beyond.

The dissemination of workable solutions to seemingly insurmountable calamities and threats is being done now,  almost entirely,  through the good graces of the Internet. The parameters here are entirely different from anything else except the global psychic network among the true, unaffiliated shamans, which is ancient and highly evolved and even linked to higher agencies.  If you detect the stink of the Great White Brotherhood from someone claiming to be a healer/shaman, check to see if your wallet's still in your pants.

The Internet is the crutch that humanity is using to help us get to the next level of awareness, on which tyranny has always been simply impossible to create and maintain.  Humanity is only a few hobbling steps away from that wonderful realm right now.  Maybe we can finally get around without crutches after we get  there.  Is that going to happen after 2012?  Imagine a world without parasites. 'Rebirthing' has a lot of meanings.

Don Croft

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