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Episode 52
The PowerWand
Everyman's Weapon Against Tyranny 

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]Editor's Note: These original instructions on making the Powerwand by Don Croft include instructions to use a 3 inch diameter copper pipe as an outer casing for the PW which turned out to be much more problematic than it was worth, so just about eveyrbody stopped using the outer 3 inch copper pipe casing entirely, including Don Croft. I found that keeping the SP Pulser connected to the PW with a connecting cable was much easier and more convenient, whether you were using the battery alone, or powered the SP Pulser from the AC wall adapter. More details on the sacred geometry and ingredients which I use in my Powerwands can be found here ...Ken Adachi]

Ready-made Powerwands from are available in four sizes: Powerwand A, B, C, and Mega Powerwand D For more information, please send an email

By Don Croft
January 26, 2003

The PowerWand, Everyman's Weapon Against Tyranny by Don Croft 

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Having satisfied ourselves that absolutely no harm can be done with this device, we're ready to give out the instructions for it.  After that I'll discuss what led to making ours and other considerations. Special thanks in the beginning is due Ben Morton, Suze Hooten and Bruce Stenulson for helping us make the crucial connection.  I've described our experiences with Ben's and Suze's device, which inspired our PowerWand, in the Terrorizing The Terrorists article, written just previous to this one.  

A few days after writing that account I made our prototype PowerWand and Carol and I began experimenting with it.

I'm writing a detailed description of how mine was made. If any of this seems over your head, you probably should buy one from one of the vendors on  Carol and I will check their work and write our recommendations after they've produced a suitable model that meets our minimum standards.

Here are the ingredients:
(It's built in a 3" diameter copper pipe, 9" long. Basically it's just a Succor Punch embedded in slightly 'Hootenized' orgonite [resin/metal shavings mix with misc.added crystals-Ken] .)

1. The Copper Pipe

2. An Endcap (optional)

3. A Suitable Crystal-  it needs to be at least seven inches long, close to 1 ½" thick in the middle and with a single distinct point on one end.  A Vogel (expensive!) will do fine, of course, but mine is funky and cost only $45.

4. Mobius Coil
I used an entire roll of the blue magnet coil wire from RadioShack (sold singly in a plastic and cardboard packet) to make the mobius coil on the crystal. The instructions for wrapping this coil are on . Since the 'cable' for the coil was  very long in relation to the thickness of the crystal, I made a series of six 'knots' or underhand mobius turns. This saved me from having to make a huge, unwieldy 'knot.'  Each knot was made up of six turns of the cable around the crystal.  I stripped an inch of wire on the two ends and wrapped them around the threads on the ends of two, 2" long drywall screws, so soldering was not necessary.  I put some little shrink tubes around the lengths of the screws so that the current would not short into the orgonite around them.  I also liberally coated (with GOOP) all the bare wire that was still exposed and GOOP-glued the screws along the crystal so that just the heads would be exposed after it was all done. Until the glue dried, the screws were taped into position. I applied the two alligator clips from the frequency box to the two screws to power the coil when it was finished. Others use a different contact method.

5. Other Crystals
A little amethyst (mine was an inch long, broken from a cluster), a bit of pyrite (I used about a quarter teaspoon of broken bits), hematite (I used four 12mm beads), and garnets (I used four or five small rough bits, about 6mm).  Without at least these Hootenizers, the energy from your Power Wand won't be grounded or focused.  It will work about half as well as the one I made and the energy field will be spinning wildly around the room instead of taking proper form. If you want, you can beef it up a lot more with more minerals, intelligently combined.  RevTed at Myth&Links (a link is on has them all in stock, plus a lot of the more exotic items and some very nice crystals for your other orgonite devices, if you can't find them locally.  We were careful to make ours with materials you can find in any bead store and rock shop.

6. Succor Punch Frequency Generator 
If you don't want to use the hard wired boxes supplied by the Succor Punch makers, you can download the software for a frequency generator onto your desktop and hook the coil to you speaker plug-ins on your computer. You can download the NCH Frequency from Ken Adachi's web site: We use 15Hz for this because it drives all parasites and predators to distraction, but it feels good to balanced, healthy people and boosts our awareness. The healthy orgone fields get quite juiced by it, too. Our theory is that this is because it will be the earth's resonant frequency after 2012, when tyranny and parasitism will simply be unviable on this planet.

7. A Copper Coil
I used 99" of 18gauge bare copper wire [or enammeled copper wire used for coils and trnasformers], wrapped loosely counterclockwise along the length of the crystal.  The counterclockwise wrap gets the projected orgone field spinning in a direction suitable for dissembling predatory/parasitic thoughtforms. 15Hz speeds that process.

8. Mostly CopperMetal for Orgonite
Carol told me that at least half the metal should be copper, perhaps because of the nature of the work that's to be done with this device. We used aluminum for the rest.

9. Cheap Fiberglass Resin
We double the catalyst amount because it's cold in our garage.

Here's how I made mine:
Since I tend to be a little rough with my stuff, I recessed the point of the crystal into the pipe.  I pushed it through some cuts in the bottom of a 3oz Dixie cup, which I also use to make the Tower Busters that can be shot from my spudgun.

I put GOOP Glue around the bottom of the cup to ensure that resin wouldn't leak in and fill the cavity, then I glued the rim of the paper cup onto a flat plastic surface after the first bunch of glue hardened enough to hold up the crystal. 

I had gauged the business end of the two terminals (screw heads) to be an inch below the edge of the pipe and when I put the frequency box in there the copper end cap (lubricated with sprayed silicone) fit snugly and held it in place on top of the screw heads.  The silicone ensures that you'll get it off again.

After the glue dried around the edge of the paper cup, I set the copper pipe down around the whole thing and added some metal-enough to stand the amethyst up so it pointed in the same direction as the SP crystal.

I poured in enough catalyzed resin to saturate the metal.  At this point, it's better to pour just a little catalized resin; enough to go just over the bottom of the Dixie cup, in case there are leaks. If you add too much, the pressure will force a lot more resin through the leak and out from the the edge of the pipe.

When this hardened, I added the pyrite, more metal, the hematite, more metal, then near the 'top' I added the garnets and filled the whole thing with resin up to the screw heads.

I ended up grinding the business end, of course, and chiseling out the leaked resin there, and it was finished.

I decided to sell the components for the frequency boxes wholesale to anyone who wants to order the minimum of ten. I'm doing this for two reasons:  Since they're machined and suitable for fitting in the space more people will be building the Power Wands for sale (it's slightly bigger than a 9v battery). Also, it cost us dearly to get the circuit/switch/LED assemblies and the machined boxes made in the first place and we want to recover our investment. We use the circuits for our Terminator zappers and I had the small boxes made in some quantity for the Succor Punches and other applications. The Terminator box and the SP box were machined to accept the same circuit/switch/LED assembly. 

I bought all of Ben Morton's and Suze Hooten's offerings in recent months. These are partly based on Mark Hooten's unique skills of using specific minerals and crystals to enhance and specify the effects of orgonite and their own inspired applications of coils, crystal arrangements and shapes. I've often referred to the superior function of Suze's dowsing pendulum and to the combination of the Ben & Jerry Treat and Suze's small Super Sevens into the Ben&Suze device, which fits nicely in the hand and travels well in the pocket for vitalizing the ambience wherever one goes with it.  In a pinch, it can also disorient and rather terrify a psychic predator, so it's no softy.

They sent us another device, which is a double scale Ben&Suze with a Succor Punch crystal coil and circuit embedded in the middle. There are other proprietary items they didn't describe to me but we discovered early on that it could be used to do things that the Succor Punch alone was incapable of.  The Terrorizing The Terrorists article was written about what Carol and I did with this device, as I mentioned above.

Right after that article was written, we received a device from Mark Hooten which has no electronics and relatively little orgonite, but it out-performs our PowerWand and works on a slightly different principle. Since he expressed that he won't be making these for sale, I won't go into that in depth, but it was quite astonishing to us that so much could be done without a mobius coil. I think Mark has made something that humanity won't be ready for (generally) for another ten years. It's also incapable of doing harm, by the way. It certainly does send back predatory energy tenfold to the source, though, as does the Power Wand. I think we've sort of stumbled onto the nuts and bolts of just how tyranny will no longer be practicable after a few more years.

(Back to the Super Ben&Suze-if I may be so bold as to suggest a name)
This requires very concentrated effort and apparently even focused rage to disable a predator in the act of committing a crime. It also seems to require some visualization. I doubt that this was their intended purpose in creating it.  Carol was unwilling to even pick it up until we'd had it for a month. The little Ben&Suze was adorable from the first.  I'm the one who made the connection between the larger device and effective self defense. Carol's reluctant to think in those terms, though she's happy to assist me with her supernormal sight.

I sent out a request for volunteers who were under attack by NSA and other secret police psychic predators to give Carol and I permission to visit them and disable their attackers. About twenty people responded from around the world, only two of whom were insincere  (Carol saw them as agents). One was since booted off the forum, but the other is still there, though not making trouble for now.

We mainly wanted to get our own 'before and after' assessments and to see whether our images corresponded with real results based on subsequent observations by the askers. We found out in the process that all human predators are very vulnerable to this device, while the human/reptilian hybrids and ETs are harder targets. We couldn't touch the Draconian we found pulling the strings in one NSA psyops assault, but we did disengage that one with my Succor Punch in the customary way. The flunkies, in this case an army field grade psychic officer and several NSA psychics, were fodder for this weapon and you can bet they won't be doing this to anyone else in the near future.  Our hope has been for all psychic and even physical fake-gov't predators to be too scared, due to circulating reports,  to go after anyone. When we encounter a team, we always go after the strongest, meanest one and have the others watch. I pretty well described the processes in the previous episode, so there's no need to cover that ground again.

Bruce Stenulsen was the first to combine a coiled crystal and orgonite for effect. That's the DORAS unit you may have heard about. Suze Hooten wanted me to be sure to give Bruce credit for acting on the original concept.  Thanks, Bruce!

Since Carol and I gave away our inventions so that we couldn't be tagged with profiteering, my conscience is clear in promoting the Power Wand, a device which is derived from experimenting with Ben and Suze's creation.  I need to stress that Hootenizing orgonite, as done over and above our offerings, points the way to a time when there will be no need for electrical circuitry any more in an orgone-based technology for humanity. I feel sure that in the present evolution of technology, orgone will be to electricity what electricity was to steam.  I hope we can keep using the term, 'orgone' on behalf of Dr. Reich, who literally sacrificed his life in 1957 at the hands of fake-government assassins to make it possible for us to even have this discussion. He knew for almost twenty years that it was going to happen, which makes his offering that much more precious.

Ben pointed out that much of what they added to this device is proprietarial and secret, so I was eager to see if this private domain technology related to the great results we were getting with their device. At this point I can confidently say that our significantly easier and more effective results in the vein of stopping predators were from the combination of the Succor Punch and orgonite in a simple configuration.

I'll be looking forward to seeing how other researchers analyze the effects and abilities of the Super Ben&Suze in perhaps other ways that we're not yet aware of.  I've sent ours to an extremely gifted and talented energy worker/healer for his assessment and I'll share his comments as soon as I get them.

I put a new battery in the freq box and turned it on before mailing it off just in case some Gestapo bastard is stupid/arrogant enough to try to sabotage the package.

I'll also take it to other reputable psychics whom we've worked with in our travels for their assessments. I want to make sure that Ben and Suze get full credit for their work and this is best done by getting the unbiased evaluations of more than just Carol and her psychic-hack husband.

I carried the PowerWand from the basement to our bedroom/workshop, when it was finished, and it felt like an army was marching in front of me ;-) . That was pretty special.

Carol said that before it was even turned on, a big, spherical cobalt blue orgone field was writhing, centered four feet beyond the end, sort of like a Medusa's head. This is the thing that visits the target when we turn on the power, but it's huge then and has no range limit. Also, no psychic shields or ritual magic protection works against it. I thought this article would be a long one, but the effect and technique is so simple that there's not a lot to elaborate on.

The first thing we did was test it on me, full blast. I felt a pleasant rush all over, like when you stand under a tropical waterfall or dive into a pool. Carol saw the cobalt energy flowing over me, but none of it went inside. I guess nothing in me needed to be recycled.

I learned to stop visualizing predators coming apart because I want to steer clear of any notion that I'm a murderer. Instead, I just direct the energy at them with the understanding that it will do whatever is lawfully appropriate to their situation. Secret Buddy says it's always appropiate to kill ritual murderers, but he knows stuff I don't know.

It's sufficient to say now that all of the vengeful military psychics, Montauk Wonks, Men in Black, dark masters, Satanists, etc., who took exception to our efforts by trying to disable us in the past few days got it all back in appropriate measure without us having to transgress the Law.  

Today, we even disengaged the first hacker in three weeks who's had the temerity to interfere with my computer.  He was just a nerdy NSA geek, so the Power Wand didn't damage him.  It did disable all his computer gear, though, which put him in a paranoid state (he's probably a pothead). Carol had him 'see' blood dripping down his monitor screen just for fun (we watch a lot of movies while we make zappers). I think he was set up by his bosses to do that because he's not psychic enough to see what we've been up to. She said I'm just another name on his list of would-be victims and only after his stuff stopped working right did he suspect that he'd stepped on the wrong toes and that made him scared.

Anybody else want us to see if we can stop their computer interference?  If so, email me. In the past few days, I've heard from a half dozen major players in our network who say their websites are down, all their email disappeared, etc., so maybe the secret police are doing a little rearguard action.  Those cretins only advertise themselves to us this way.  Don't you feel embarrassed that you were ever afraid of these incompetent jerks?  I do.

If you're an agent reading this, I bet you already know we'll find you out in the process if you cry  'Wolf!' ;-)  Don't worry-  we won't hurt you,  Agent.  Anyone who emails me for that will get prompt attention and if you send another note within a day or two, I'll be sure to tell you what we've seen and possibly  done for you. Feedback from you will be deeply appreciated-we don't ever  run from science.. 

We'll be on the road (pursuing the enemy, not fleeing from them ;-)) after Feb 2, so please don't ask after that, okay?  This is for our education, mainly.  The rat bastards won't get close to us any more so we need help finding predators to disable. Pretty soon anyone can do this job.

Somebody else made a Power Wand prototype the day before I did (I'm not sure he wants to announce himself, otherwise I'd mention his name). He used it radionically to direct energy at an up and coming guru wannabee whom he found particularly annoying. In this case it was done radionically with the Power Wand pointed at a witness well with the guy's name in it. 

He asked Carol to look at the results and Carol saw that the would-be guru simply got a huge rush of real inspiration from that exercise, even though the fellow with the Power Wand wanted him to suffer. Mr Wannabee is simply not a predator. We asked our friend to monitor the target's website from now on and see if he has replaced his apparent craving for a following with  a strong, demonstrated desire to empower others. Sure, all the leadership addicts say they're empowering people, but if you're reading this you've probably figured out that it's only the actions that count, not the claims or even the intentions, from us all.

Here's my theory on how the PowerWand works:
The world is ruled through a predatory/parasitic thoughtform. Whoever identifies with these things is susceptible to being dissolved by the Power Wand's directed, focused energy. The degree of dissolution is in direct proportion to that person's demonstrated commitment to predatory action. They higher up the dungheap that a person is, the more mayhem and murder he/she must have committed, therefore the more vulnerable to this device. Just like the in Hitler's SS, advancement in the New World Order is measured by the height of the pile of corpses in one's personal resume.  The Love and Light gurus are window dressing, only. They don't participate in the grisly stuff, but their programmers do.

Bodily parasites are predators, of course, but on a smaller scale, biologically. The parasitic aspects of the world regime are seen in its global exploitation of  human energy and natural resources. I think the religious and educational institutions fit well in the parasite category. 

The predatory aspects are seen in agencies like the NSA, the Federal Reserve Corporation, the International Monetary fund, Communism, National Socialism (like the fake US and European governments), military dictatorships, etc.

These are all thoughtform-based and exquisitely worthy of dissolution right now. Because the thoughtforms are immense it's going to take some time to dissolve them with even the most powerful radionics configurations, but that may take as little as six months if the right number of us apply what we've all learned to the task.

All predators are heavily vested in the thoughtforms, to the extent that they fully identify with them. This may explain why human predators are so easy to neutralize this way.

The penchant to identify with thoughtforms is part of human nature and not intrinsically in error. The brainwashing of humanity has been so effective that most people, after being institutionalized by public education, grope blindly for viable thoughtforms to identify with. The subversion of formerly viable ones is so complete that when one falls in the trap of identifying with them he/she is simply allowing external parasites to draw on their innate, essentially sovereign power. This is exactly what happens when one accepts a Social Security Number, adds his name to a church roster, joins a political organization, etc.

All of us are compromised this way to some extent, so I think it's pointless to rant about it.  It rather seems more appropriate to destroy the thoughtforms and effectively protect ourselves from the agents who seek to punish and/or prevent us from carrying that out that process.

I think most of us in this action-oriented network have experienced the wrath of the secret government by now, firsthand, just for busting some of their deathforce transmitters and an underground base and maybe just for having a chembuster.

The PowerWand may be the easy way for anyone to take back personal power in a profound, effective way.  You'll know when you've succeeded because you'll then stop experiencing gumshoe surveillance and computer hacking.  Your life will get sweeter in other ways, too, and you'll know that this world ordor isn't so mighty, after all.

Several times, without Carol being present, I sensed a psychic assault and twice got the clear intention of some Men in Black who dearly wanted to shoot me in the head.  I finally saw some of these gangsters outside Baltimore a couple of months ago. They're pretty brazen, unlike the formerly omnipresent NSA gumshoes.  I don't think they're quite brazen enough to wear those suits in Idaho, though ;-)

In each case, I simply stopped what I was doing, turned on the PowerWand and imagined the power going to the source of the intimidations. Carol looked at each one afterward and said that the aggressors were completely neutralized in a fully appropriate way and will never do that again, at least to us. I didn't entertain the thought of killing them in that process, though one assault came apparently via direct orders from two of the remaining dark masters in the Gobi.

Carol and I were both astonished to find that the NSA and similar government agencies around the world operate so extensively through ritual dark magic, rather than through simple psychism and electronics. Part of me was happy to see that the Satanists connected with the fake South African government who were trying to stop Georg were a mixed group of whites and blacks, holding hands in a circle. That was when we saw that the PowerWand works well on groups of predators.  In that case, Carol saw a sort of lightning bolt strike in their midst and spread out to encompass each of them. I won't get too graphic with that. 

They were also trying to hurt Free State Farmer Eddie. That was after Carol and I went after the two Montauk types who were doing bad things that had made Georg very sick.  I think Georg Ritschl gets the worst kinds of opposition, probably because the stakes are much higher in Africa, at least for creating famine and genocide.  He'll probably defeat all of that this year. From his influence and example there are an awful lot of CBs throughout Africa, we're finding, not just in the southern countries.

I was told by a reputable high psychic who has  checked our work that one NSA officer who attacked us was disabled by a 'scrorum' which is nothing but the energy reflected back to the source.In this case it was a non-fatal heart attack.

Carol said that after a week there still has been no new NSA Special Agent In Charge assigned to interfere with us locally.  She says they can't find anyone who will take the job, even though they're offering some hefty benefits.   No such thing as bad publicity, I always say.

She says the felon/rapist who had that job before quit the Agency after we gave him a taste of his own medicine.  Now I won't have a chance to put the little 'Shhh! I'm a SPY!" sticker on the back of his work car. The dork parked it at City Hall after hours ;-) and drove away in his new Lincoln Town Car.  I don't know where he parked that one. Maybe he cloaked it or something.

By the way, even the National Park Service employs gangsters and felons. I'm told by a former Park Service ranger that these guys are in charge of logistics for the satanic murder rituals that take place in many national parks. There are probably Satanists on your town council and in your police force.  It goes without saying that most of the judges are practicing baby killers. Considering the high level of corruption in our courts, every single judge is culpable of being an accessory after the fact, at least.  It's impossible to conceive that they all aren't intimately aware of these things. We're essentially living under anarchy right now. Can you see it? We simply need real, representative government now. The alternative is probably genocide at this point.

Mark's device, which I named 'Shiva', works on a slightly different principle and it alone can get inside a Draconian and dark master without interference. It, as well as the Power Wand, dissembles predatory targets, but it seems to draw in ambient orgone to do that. When you engage the device it looks like you're standing in the upper opening of a tornado and watching the beautiful energy around you swirl off in the direction of the target. It feels really nice in the process and even I saw it happening. Good luck talking Mark into making one for you ;-)  I think you'd have to give him a few thousand dollars, to be fair, considering the expense of the materials, his unique skill and knowledge and the large amount of time it apparently takes to make one.We very deeply appreciate his willingness to sell us ours at such a low price. If  I'd known what it is, I would have sent him a lot more, but maybe I can pay him with publicity ;-)

I bet a dozen Shivas would make it possible for us to have real governments again in a few short months. A hundred of our power wands in the right hands would do it, I think. I don't know how to factor in all the other energy work being done in the world, though I'm sure we're all working synergistically.  The inventors who exhibit strong proprietary and self-seeking motivations are just shooting themselves in the foot. Elitism is SO inappropriate in the emerging age.

We cloudbuster types (and only a few of us at that) may be the only ones right now who are overtly claiming the desire to disable the criminal world regime and bring them all to justice under proper governments as soon as possible. Most of the rest of the world's energy healers are still stuck in the Love and Light kindergarten protocols, in my humble opinion, so won't get much in the way of real results on a planetary scale.

If you are reading this and believe that showering predators who are in the act of committing genocide (that perfectly describes the NSA and the rest of the secret government) with love and compassion will stop them, I can tell you right now that a Power Wand will be no more useful to you than a doorstop.

The good news is that very few people have the chutzpah to deny that this is happening. The less I hear about spaceships and Jesus rescuing us all, the happier I'll become. The only time I get claustrophobic feelings is when I contemplate being stuck on a spaceship with a bunch of people wearing stupid, vacuous grins. Yikes! Shoot me instead!

In that vein, I'm ending this article with a joke I got yesterday from a woman in Los Angeles, an adept of high magic, whom I dearly wish would come forward and claim credit for sending it to me. As an aside: it helped me understand why Carol and I could never find any vegetarian meals in Texas restaurants:

 More truth than fiction.

Question: You're walking down a deserted street with your wife and two small children. Suddenly, a dangerous looking man with a huge knife comes around the corner and is running at you while screaming obscenities and his
intent to cause you and yours harm. In your hand is a Colt .45 Government Model and you are an expert shot. You have mere seconds before he reaches you and your family.

What would you do?

Liberal Answer: Well, that's not enough information to answer the question! Does the man look poor or oppressed? Have I ever done anything to him that is inspiring him to attack? Could we run away? What does my wife think? What about the kids?  Could a violent action on my part traumatize them? Could I possibly swing the gun like a club and knock the knife out of  his hand? What does the law say about this situation? Is it possible he'd be happy with just killing me? Does he definitely want to kill me or would he just be content to wound me? If I were to grab his knees and hold on, could my family get away while he was stabbing me? This is all so confusing!   I need to debate this with some friends for a few days to try to come  to a conclusion.

Conservative Answer: BANG! BANG!...............BANG!
Texan's Answer: BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! click...
(sounds of magazine being ejected and fresh one installed)
Wife: "Sweetheart, he looks like he's still moving, what do you kids think?"
Son: "Mom's right Dad, I saw it too..."
Daughter: "Nice grouping Daddy!
(sound of second magazine being ejected, and another being inserted)

~Don Croft


Additonal information on the Powerwand found in Episode 62 and Episode 54

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