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Episode 53
Crisis = Opportunity

By Don Croft <<>
February 2, 2003

Over the past week, I think our fledgling global network made the grade. Stuart's still tunneling out of the mountain of NSA hacker detritus that was thrown at him and most of us who were hit hard with the scalar weapons, psyops assaults, etc., in the past week are probably recovering a lot faster than we expected.  The folks who got hit in the pocketbook by sleazy NSA manipulators may not see the light at the end of the tunnel yet, but I believe they'll come out of this with a net profit before long.

There's no finer endorsement these days than to have the government attack us. Since the government is essentially owned by the NSA right now, these attacks don't come through the courts or police agencies. That would look ludicrous and would wake up too many pajama people. Rather the attacks are launched by the NSA itself, using everything short of bullets to the head.

We eventually discovered, through Stuart's computers, that there were over 300 NSA hackers and psychic predators in a task force, led by four Men in Black, mandated to stop us all. They focused on a dozen or so of the more active networkers here and abroad. There are no national boundaries as far as these saboteurs are concerned.

Most of us here are not accustomed to watching overall patterns and trends, so I'm going to lay out the patterns as I see them. Taken individually, each case of sabotage can be confused with any number of other causes. The
one case which can clearly be seen as a concerted attack is Stuart Jackson's. I bet he missed several nights of sleep in his efforts to maintain the forum's web integrity.  If anyone needed proof of Stuart's dedication, here it is.  I hope he gives us an outline of his experiences, at least.

After he booted the main agents off the forum things went along pretty smoothly until Cbswork announced his history and purpose in the forum and I posted a couple of articles on some new,  interesting, effective ways to
disable the NSA predators. Taken as a whole, this was our outright personal declaration of war on the NSA.

Last Tuesday (five days ago) I got a note from Cbswork asking if we were okay because he was unable to 'see' us. I said, 'No problems here,' not giving it another thought until that night when I started coughing like a sanitorium patient (my lungs have always been my weak area).

I asked Carol what was happening and she said that the local NSA rats had been parked across the field and were beaming me with a new weapon based on a modified Succor Punch. I juiced them up with Shiva and didn't get any sicker after that, but the next morning I was too weak to get out of bed. That hadn't happened in nine years, since before I got my first zapper. I had a sense that they didn't want us to meet with Don and Ingri Cassel, of  The Idaho Observer, an introduction that was kindly arranged by Donna and Robert Carrillo at their home the following Friday  in Sandpoint.  Donna is messiahmews on the forum

I spent most of Wednesday and Thursday in bed simply because I felt too weak to get up. Carol and I periodically checked in on some of our co-workers, a few of whom, including Stuart, were similarly hit by mystery illnesses at the same time.

Carol said Stuart was in constant motion trying to fix all the things that were going wrong, but hadn't yet connected that with outside interference. Several times we sent Shiva blasts out from his computer into the hacker realms, but it wasn't until Thursday morning that Carol followed the trail and discovered three huge rooms with over 300 NSA hackers and psychics, in the middle of which was an office with two-way mirrors, occupied by four Men in Black.   

She said these people had been hastily assembled somewhere under Washington, DC for the express purpose of stopping us, because all the previous attempts, including those lame agent exploits, had only caused our effort to become more cohesive and focused.  True to obsolescent government thinking, they assumed that more force would work where disjointed assaults had only strengthened our resolve. Maybe that's the Harvard Business
School approach to spiritual warfare.

What I hope to show is that this has only caused them to reveal more of their ineffectual,  leprous hand under that iron fist facade.

I'm going to start a thread to which I hope everyone will contribute the significant events, feelings, and happenings that have happened to them in the past week, which to many has seemed like a month. It all counts, folks.  That thread will be the body of evidence.  I'm only trying to spark your expression now. I want to get a better idea of how many of us were targeted by this task force. 

It may be time for Alvin Whaley of Massachussetts to pipe in, I think. He's a very articulate, balanced man who jumped into the project with both feet and full commitment, even before getting a Succor Punch, and has gotten hit hard in the pocketbook and physical well-being for his efforts.

Vinnie was cajoled into meeting with an NSA scumbag agent on Thursday and by Friday night she was in a steep tailspin.  I told her she'd come out of it fast and that all of these challenges are actually generous gifts to us for our more speedy spiritual development.  These body blows cause us to
develop streetsmarts at lightning speed.

When Carol found the NSA rat nest, I used the Shiva to spin some reconstructing orgone into their midst.  She saw the board operators freeze up in terror in rapid succession as the energy went from one to another. The same was happening to all the psychics, then eventually to the MIB. One MIB fell with a heart attack, then the boss came in to fill the gap. These guys are pretty rangy and tough to stop. They don't normally experience fear. Instead they go into a rage. Stress is a killer.

After several hours we went back there and a few of the hackers and psychics had regained their equilibrium and were back at Stuart and a couple of other people, so we juiced them again. That went on sporadically until last night (Saturday) but today, Sunday, it's still silent in that place.

This morning, Carol was a bit unsteady, so I got her to do a short session with me and she discovered thirteen Satanist hiding behind a curtain, draining her life force out through her feet with the intention of eventually stopping her heart. They assumed that she was too weak to spot them. It took awhile for her to see the person they were hiding in their midst, who was the Man in Black in charge of them. They had to die before he was revealed. He then died, then a man in a business suit, his boss, exploded into little pieces. I assume he was one of those allegedly elite guys who show up in Fortune Magazine and Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. If he's a front man, they probably already cloned another version and implanted the personality and memory. I think these guys are as expendable as carnival shooting targets.

It's interesting that the system trashes women and even subverted the gender equality movement into a sordid debate about abortion, but at the very highest levels of the secret regime they know that only women can direct the most powerful rituals. That's probably why they focus more of their predatory intention on Carol than on me.

We never direct the outcome when we engage the Shiva. We only assume that the action will be appropriate to the danger presented by the attackers. We just keep spinning the energy along the previously attached channels until the whole line of successive targets have been neutralized. Grunt level hackers and psychics usually just get petrified with fear, for instance, but the committed Satanists and Men in Black are all killers and seem to rate the extreme measures.

We spin exactly the same energy, in the same form, to our friends to help them recover their strength after an attack.  I credit my astonishingly fast recovery to getting Succor Punch energy from a few of our friends who had heard that I was sick. THANKS, folks, for your timely and much needed help!

Carol made the comment that the Satanists who are assigned to us all come to doubt the existence of their devil, which is sort of like us doubting the existence of God ;-)  Of course, there never was a devil, which is why it's so easy for us to kick their narrow  butts.

I just asked Mark Hooten how fast he'll be able to crank these Shivas out for sale because I know he'll be swamped with orders, as Andy is already with the Power Wands. Cbswork is getting his Shiva at about the same time I'll be arriving there. I hope to God each of these get into the hands of  people who will use them. Stuart needs one on duty 24/7 by his computers. I have no doubt at all that we're going to turn the entire dungheap of the secret regime into compost with these and the Power Wands this year.  At last, the Great White Brotherhood will be doing something useful (helping our flowers and vegetables grow). People PAY for good compost you know.

I need to say something about our Friday meeting with the Carrillos and Cassels. We drove three hours to get there at 3:30PM, spent about 8 hours with them, then drove back home.  Neither of us were in a state to drive
that far when we started out and I was still struggling to climb the stairs at that point. It was such a pleasure to be in their company, though, that by the end I was fully alert and energized and drove all the way home along treacherous US95 without even needing coffee.

We hear from Donna quite a bit but the big surprise was her husband, Robert, who is a man of faith who keeps an open mind and an expansive heart. Twenty years working for IBM didn't dull his sensitivities or conscience. He's one of those rare people who go through life unstained and uncorrupted. At one point, when he was talking about one of his supernormal experiences, I saw a little ball of purple light in his mouth ;-)  That guys throat chakra needs no help at all. Carol saw it, too.

Donna and Robert work closely together, as Carol and I do, and they love each other like teenagers even after several years of some pretty hard circumstances. Picture a southern belle married to a Black Puerto Rican, if you can.  Just being around these two would charge anyone's batteries, I can tell you.

Donna and Ingri are totally committed to activism. Their connection with the Carrillos is the Vaccination Liberation Movement, which they've committed to exposing the threatened federal smallpox vaccination scam. They're all working with  Dr. Len Horowitz.   If you've been getting information on the net about what's really happening behind the scenes with this travesty, it's very likely from the efforts of this consortium.  The Idaho Observer is a reputable alternative newspaper with subscribers all over the planet. They want to do a spread about us, but the problem is that we don't quite fit their parameters.  

 I personally think our approach is too weird for many of their readers. I'm going to ask them to interview Jerry Morton, instead, since he's also and Idahoan, but has a more compatible approach and would likely resonate
better with their subscribers.

There's a saying which relates to this:  Not every utterance can be considered timely, nor can every timely utterance be considered suitable to the capacity of the hearer. My expressions are probably more suitable for
other publications.  I still think it was important for Don and Ingri to get acquainted with us, though.

Lots of people talk about kundalini and DNA activation these days, also about chemicals in food, fertilizers, chemtrails, etc., causing DNA and soil to degrade.

I think the orgonite network is reversing the damage at an expanding rate throughout the planet.  This will probably get more momentum as we keep focusing on the earthstar grid lines and nodes.

Brent Mosley is probably the first among us to drop tower busters from a plane along a grid line and into a major junction point in Northern Alberta, east of the Rocky Mountains. This is in an area where there are no roads. Georg Ritschl may be the next one to do that. Gerard in Australia used a plane to get to a remote location there to heal a major vortex a few months ago.

I think most of us have experienced some unique kundalini activations with the Succor Punches. The difference between that and the Power Wand and Shiva is that with the latter two it seems to happen all over the body at
once, rather than radiating up and out from the spine.  It's very envigorating. When that happens, you know that the target is getting some good resolution.  If the recipient is a friend, it means his batteries are charged up; if it's a predator, he's probably on his way to his life review ;-)

Now that we've shifted into overdrive as a network, let's keep reporting our observations and insights, okay?  Don't be shy-if you don't tell what you know, everyone will be poorer for it. Just write it down, post it, and let it go. I think we now know that there's no stopping us.

Don Croft

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