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Episode 55

Fat, Stupid Federal Ninjas Assault Our Little Idaho Town

By Don Croft <>
March 12, 2003

I'm sure many of us are aware that 221 higly paid, if not highly trained, FBI predators assaulted the home of a Saudi student in Moscow, Idaho a few days ago. I hope for their sakes that there weren't too many stairs to climb or numbers to read, since it's well documented that they often break down the doors on the wrong residences (and murder the wrong people) in their all-too-frequent, benighted, unlawful raids.

They charged him with credit card fraud, for God's sake, but I suspect he was even innocent of that. They busted his door down, terrifying him, his wife and their two small children, at 4:30AM and bullied all the neighbors in that on-campus student housing area to stay indoors until four hours later. They subjected eveyone he knows or ever greeted on the street to lengthy, degrading interrogations and generally behaved like deranged bullies for all to see.

The Gestapo and the KGB loved to do things like that. Carol had told me that the ever-changing federal crowd in the house at 812 Blaine Street, Moscow, were there for other things besides bothering us, so now I see what much of the fuss has been about for the past year there. They do a lot of spy work before busting these dangerous, swarthy-skinned terrorists, don't you know?

In this case, though, unlike in Nazi Germany and Russia, there was quite a backlash of concerned citizens, among whom is a law professor in that university, who immediately rallied top legal support for the accused, and the Saudi government immediately offered to pay all of the expenses for his defense.

Pete, the gigantic, mountain-man CBer nearby in Montana, asked me today if this was indirectly a bit of intimidation toward Carol and I and I told him that if it is, they missed the mark again, as it's just some more potential free publicity for this orgonite planetary healing project and that even if we get killed today our score is so high that we've probably already won the match.

Watch these bloated, felonious FBI farts get their own s--t smeared all over them in the short term, folks ;-)

The FBI skunks in Kanya's neighborhood here in Atlanta were the ones who intimidated our black associates into distancing themselves from the Atlanta healing project and it happened on the same day, so there may be a connection, since this is the first time the FBI s--twhackers intruded on us personally, as far as I know. I'll write about their in-our-faces shenanigans at the address on Martin Luther King Boulevard in Atlanta later on.

Up nntil now, it's mostly been NSA, CIA and even their mangy lapdog, Ordo Templi Orientalis, which is Aleister Crowley's tired and aimless crowd of black-robed psychic predators who have been attempting to disable Carol and I. "Get a life", you bloodless, baby-killing creeps, or else lose whatever passes for the one you've got now. Even in your fake government status you know for sure that we know that you've got no business bothering people on US soil.

Since the FBI, which is just another unconstitutional police agency, are considerably less resourceful and intelligent than their NSA/CIA cousins, I suspect that we'll have a little more fun with these cretins in the process, though. It's a lot easier to make the FBI peepers and undercover chumps chase their tails, we found out a couple of days ago. They're also more demonstrative with their jackboots, black battle gear and machine guns, so we'll try to be careful not to piss them off too much; the stupid, lawless jerks.

Please remember that they're the ones committing sedition and treason, not us.

Is there anyone yet besides Carol, CBswork, and myself who is willing to go directly against these collective Nazi satanist thugs yet? Don't be shy, folks! We have a chance to do what the Germans of conscience in the 1930s and 40s chose not to do and it can be done successfully at this stage without spilling blood, which pleases us no end.

Somebody who made a PowerWand suggested that sending quasi-gov't predators a ball of white light is perhaps more appropriate than invoking justice on them. He used Jesus' alleged attitude (He turned the cheek when anybody attacked him in order to demonstrate that revenge is counterproductive, but we're simply repelling tyanny, which is different) as an example in support of that approach. I noted that there's some instutitional misunderstanding about how He dealt with predators and I cited the example of Him beating up the money changers and physically throwing them out of the Temple as more relevant to what we're about with the PowerWand and Shiva, even though I personally believe that we lack the authority of a Manifestation of God.

It's kind of funny to me that the Luciferians have convinced entire masses of people that they're each God Almighty, having first castrated them spiritually and turned them into vehement apologists for the world order. Truth is usually much stranger than fiction.

Also, since the world order is Luciferic, they love balls of white light and they use that approach themselves, often, especially to deceive New Agers and pseudo-Christians, so throwing that at them is sort of like throwing money, drugs, food or sex and this approach might be counterproductive under the circumstances ;-)

I'm told that the all-time favorite form of white light among Luciferians (the Illuminati) is the flash that accompanies the detonation of a thermonuclear device. That's not quite the same as the image they present of a loving visitation that fills the room with white light.

The big challenge of western white people these days is to move down out of that carnie-barker style head trip and into the heart, where the rest of humanity is.

~Don Croft of Moscow, Idaho

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