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The Adventures of Don & Carol Croft

Episode 56

G-Men From Hell


By Don Croft <>
March 15, 2003

Now, two years after making our first chembuster, I find myself in a situation similar to the one we experienced after aiming that first one, with extensions, at the moon on several consecutive nights. We seem to be in danger of losing our lives while at the same time doing something that severely challenges most people's credulity.

Up to the time of that exercise neither of us had experienced any interference from the fake federal government's secret police agencies and it was rather a shock to realize then just how vehemently opposed they all are to any disturbance of their predatory agenda. We'd been living on the road for about eight months because the feds had shut down our American competitors in the zapper trade right before that and we knew that they prefer not to go after moving targets. Guerrilla Manufacturing and Marketing came very easy to me when I got into this business seven years ago. I'd known for years before this that the US Government is fake and predatory by nature and had arranged my life and fortunes around those conditions.

Apparently, our successful efforts in Atlanta has opened up a whole new range of opposition, including the nether realms of the FBI and even Delta Force. The latter are serious, trained warriors, unlike those fat, stupid, armored FBI thugs who assaulted that unfortunate young Saudi student and his family in our town last week. We really hammered the fake US Government's gouty toe this time, judged by its potentially murderous response. I'll get to the details of that shortly in this piece, but the readers' digest version is that we cleared all the muck out of the skies over the city itself simply by disabling all the HAARP transmitters in the city. The suburbs still have their sky-muck, including lingering chemtrails and HAARP whiteout, because we didn't disturb any HAARP arrays outside the encircling Interstate 275, which is an approximation of Washington, DC's Beltway. My personal aim is to make the city much more pleasant than the suburbs before the end of March. Tim and I (and whoever wants to join us) will mop up all the new death force transmitters and the remaining satanic and/or underground facilities there by then.

Another confirmation is that lenticular clouds were seen over and around the city, perhaps for the first time. Carol and I blasted all the dark ones in short order, of which there were only a few. I hope you're all doing that with your Succor Punches, at least, each time you see them. You'll find that it won't take too many punches to stop the dark ones from returning, as the ET predator learn a bit faster than these denser, fake-government predators do. We love to have the light lenticulars around because, to us, it means we're getting plenty of reinforcements in our spiritual war.

That realization of danger two years ago prompted me to start writing my reports and distributing them to several active internet boards and lists for our own protection. I quickly learned that the vast majority of people who read these simply disbelieved most or all of what I was writing, but were entertained by it all nonetheless. That pleased me but I was much more gratified to realize that there are quite a few others out and about who understood what I was writing from their own personal experiences and special insights. They were just happy that somebody finally wrote down and 'published' all the things they had been unable to talk to others about. For the most part, these are responsible, articulate, independent and mature individuals who had decided to use their own discernment instead of subscribing to the standard mind control protocols.

I had discovered a few years earlier that the internet is a wonderful meeting place for people who have special interests. Let's face it: for the ordinary person like you or me, the chance of having even one friend or acquaintance who is ready, willing and able to even discuss paradigm-challenging subjects is pretty slim or non-existent. I'm always impressed to meet somebody who has networked with others in this quest without having had the benefit of the internet to widen his/her range of contact. Most often, when I connect with a like-minded person, that one is dumbfounded to find another human being who is willing to speak candidly and publicly about these challenging, 'red pill' subjects.

The fruition of our 'publishing' efforts is, in addition to the growth of a global network of CBers, the very active support and collaboration of 'Cbswork' in Los Angeles. This fellow not only knew what I was writing about, but he saw in the chembusters and the other devices a potentially effective way to get some balance in the body politic after having discovered the deception he had been led to participate in as an Illuminati oracle. I'm using the term 'balance' since he's not by nature vindictive or vengeful, but he realizes, better than most, that this world regime simply must be stopped right now if we're to avoid genocide and enslavement as a specie.

Every step of our collaboration has produced benefits that we've been able to share with everyone. For instance, we were getting a burger in Van Nuys last May when we discovered that simply turning on a Succor Punch in the car not only caused the massive NSA box surveillance team to lose us, but even blocked all the electronic and satellite tracking and surveillance devices in his car. We then went on to put HHgs under the very noses of the heavily armed guards at a major underground facility in LA and the frustrated feds didn't find us again until we rolled into his driveway, hours later.

A bonus for us all is that he's developed new techniques for healing the atmosphere, water and ground using these very basic devices and is also willing to use his extraordinary talents and training to fairly evaluate the effects of others' orgonite-based inventions and offerings and to accurately identify for Stuart Jackson, owner of the forum, the operatives of the world's various secret police agencies and keep the cloudbuster forum from being polluted, divided and derailed with their incessant, seditious posts, a strategy to which every other controversial forum on the net has fallen victim.

By the way, note the difference between the posts of an unbalanced individual and those of agents, which appear identical on the surface: the unbalanced person can be ignored by the rest, but the agents' posts are so full of mind control protocols and triggers that it resonates effectively with many of the other members' residual programming, causing a lot of distractions and debilitating responses, which as a rule caused the forums to be unpleasant places to visit. The market rules, so unpleasant forums simply don't remain viable.

I've adopted Cbs' highway gifting procedure and some aspects of his Overgifting, power line and water gifting methods and have gotten some astonishing visual confirmations. I'm going to extend this over thousands of miles of Interstate Highways throughout the remainder of my trip. Good thing I found a source of cheap resin in Atlanta. Don't bother ordering, though, as the shipping cost will make it cost you twice as much.

Cbs told me that he's concerned that I'm creating an image of him that is not entirely accurate, since I don't discuss any of his shortcomings. I'll sort that out with him next time I see him, but for now I'll just say that of course he's just as human as the rest of us and I see no reason reason to modify my claim that we're all the 'walking wounded' in this realm right now. I doubt you'll catch me discussing anyone's shortcomings in public, since I think that's usually counterproductive to what we're all about in this project and I'm reminded of a couple of Persian saying, 'Magnify not the faults of others, that your own faults may not appear great,' and 'If a person demonstrates ten faults and one virtue, magnify the virtue and ignore the faults.' These are dynamic recommendations, full of potential for society's growth and progress, not just platitudes.

While I'm in the pseudo-preaching mode, I'll pitch our new Atlanta-based cult, the P---ing Dervishes. Since people are constrained to restrict dogmatic and speculative discussions not related to orgonite work to the 'Other Issues' forum, and since even there it's a little faux pas to parrot mind control protocols and the related trigger phrases, Tim (Djembemon), Carol and I, after a sort of epiphany at the Georgia Guidestones, which are apparently the best satanic effort at radionics, decided to open an avenue for anyone to fully vent this way, as long as he/she first undergoes a self-initiation by p---ing on a satanic edifice. I know Tim has broached this subject on the forum and we have continued our discussions privately in Atlanta.

Since it was his concept, I'll probably be his lietenant. We do need photographic evidence, though, and our team of psychics will review all the applications ;-) Once you've achieved the inner circle, feel free to add any dogma you like and please mystify the process to your heart's content. Virtual armchairs are on hand for pontificating.

I don't foresee the likelihood of the P---ing and Whirling Dervishes wedding their assets.

Georg Ritschl in Johannesburg emailed me recently to note that I'd become more strident lately and he wondered if this was from the influence of Cbs. That's certainly a fair observation, but anyone who knows me personally (including Cbswork ;-) ) is probably shocked that I turn into a banshee whenever I discover a secret police stalker in my vicinity. I'm told that I'm a very gentle and considerate person (though I laugh loudly at my own jokes) and some folks have a hard time reconciling that with my behavior toward official predators. It's said that God protects fools and drunks, but maybe it's time to add another category to that phrase on account of what we're doing to these menaces now. The rage of the predators in this fake US government toward me is palpable at times ;-) I don't know why I enjoy this work so much or why it makes me feel so content and happy. Maybe it's just the realization that I've already savaged their genocide agenda so badly that even if they kill me I'll know I've won the fight by inspiring others to do the same.

I wrote a stident post last week when I disovered that some were publicly balking at my notion that one might exact some justifiable retribution on mass murderers with the two new devices. I might have seemed out of control, but that was a calculated goosing, directed at you. We in America are a hair's breadth away from overt enslavement and genocide right now and I feel perfectly justified in going after the whole predatory hierarchy with vigor and focused rage. If I was looking for popularity I wouldn't write like this. I'm a hundred percent determined to stop genocide from happening and I'll do whatever it takes, within the real law, to accomplish that. I'm simply inviting you, too, to experience the thrill of victory rather than having to endure the agony of defeat ;-) I suspect that one of the aspects of this now fully emerging new paradigm is that ordinary people have this power over predators for the first time in human history.

As with all of our other inventions, we don't have the capability to decide what's going to happen; we simply facilitate balance. No sane person will claim that this fake regime has anything balanced in it, so it's in dire need of help. I suggest that what's left when we're done cleaning house will not be a chaotic mess, but a more ordered, responsive government free of outside manipulation and of widespread, conpired internal corruption. It would be nice if others decide to follow our example, but even if nobody else does, we'll continue to follow our instincts and our hearts' desire until the problem's solved or we're dead.

We got some visual confirmation that the Powerwand does indeed disable NSA predators (two of them in that case, one of which was apparently a reptilian), but it's not prudent to announce the details of that quite yet, since it involves somebody else I know who needs to make that decision, so all you have is my word, for what it's worth. I don't expect anyone to believe the following, but I hope it sparks at least a few people to get into the act and perhaps save billions of human lives in the process.

Here's what Carol and I did last afternoon and evening (though I hasten to add that you, too, can do this even if you're not psychic, once you get the feel for it):

Just as the fake gov't apparently considers anyone in the population, even a small child, who has any psychic ability or potential a direct threat to their hegemony and their own psychics, vaccination programs and even chemtrails, pre-emptively disable them whenever possible. We always take steps to disable any fed psychic peekers first, then we deal with the rest of the threat systematically in each case.

Apparently most of the grunt level psychics in the NSA and CIA (the FBI doesn't have much of that for some reason-maybe that's because they're mostly ham-fisted, pinhead brutes) don't want to play with us any more because, aside from the occasional, very ambitious neophyte, we're mainly getting psychic peek attempts from the old hands, nearly all of whom are middle-aged women.

If you have a PowerWand or Shiva, or even just a Succor Punch and you get the sneaking feeling someone's watching you, you're probably right, so you ought to impale the uninvited watcher's astral body right away if you don't want to get hurt later on by electronic assaults, etc. These are the ones who do the setups. They rarely die when we juice them, but they always get terrorized by that and generally won't try it again. Once in a great while we get visits from remote viewers. These are the Model T's of predatory psychics, folks, contrary to what you hear on the Art Bell Program. They feel to me like blind people using canes and are very easy to disable. The Old Hands are slicker and less likely to blunder, so you need to pay close attention to your instincts if you want to find them, individually, and get them to leave you alone.

There are a limited number of mature, competent psychics working for the NSA and CIA. The chump satanic sorcerers of the CIA's asset-the black-robed Golden Dawn or OTO--fall like bowling pins whenever you focus a little attention on them. They present the scariest aspect, but are the easiest to disable. Carol says their heads pop off whenever she uses the Shiva on them, but they as numerous as stalks in a wheatfield for some reason, which is why it's important to go after their NSA/CIA bosses and the bosses' bosses, as Carol eventually did, in order to make them stop rather than just picking them off, night after night. They usually attack during our sleep time and they only go after psychics. These folks are often the source of mental images and dreams of our demise.

I get a little bemused when I hear from psychics who are still unwilling to consider taking the initiative against their demonstrated enemy, which is mainly the unlawful National Security Agency [NSA]. They mostly tell me that they continue to use the same tired techniques that have so far failed to prevent them from getting cancer, suicidal thoughts, and a plethora of other disabling conditions since the NSA initiated its campaign against them a few short years ago.

Technically, I think one could consider this kind of incessantly repeated-but unviable-approach to serious problems a definition of insanity, which is not surprising since it's apparently a product of mind control and the Big Lie that has convinced people that they're not only powerless to stop tyrants, but that they're are also, somehow- God Almighty ;-) We westerners are particularly prone to schizoid views of reality, I think (if you doubt that, take an objective look at both churchianity and Theosophy, which are the two root sources of all brainwash protocols here), so we need to conscientiously undo all that contrived rubbish if we're to make any real spiritual progress, I believe, and stop acting and thinking like a blissed-out herd of cattle.

On the way here (Tampa, Florida), we saw a guy being put in the back of a State Police squad car-a single apparently compliant guy being arrested by cops from two squad cars. Something smelled funny about that, so I asked Carol to get in the cops' heads and tell me what was going on. She said the feds had told the cops to find and capture the guy, but didn't even tell them why. I spun some energy at them in my special way and Carol said that made them question and even doubt their actions, which is happening a LOT among policemen these days. Then I spun the same energy at the FBI agent who ordered the arrest and she said he had a mental breakdown. We went up the chain of command and his boss fell over and that one's boss died of a heart attack. I don't know if he could have prevented that by using a zapper ;-)

After supper, Carol told me that the innocent guy was going to be released by morning without having been charged for any crime. I felt like a Boy Scout for initiating that on his behalf.

The pattern, as we see it, is that the effect of the energy from both the PowerWand and the Shiva tailors itself to the threat level that the recipient presents. We can't dictate the results, but I'm learning that we can get a pretty good feel for what's going to happen.

Putting two and two together, remembering (1) the FedEx truck full of Ninjas that pulled away after I came out of our hotel room the morning after Carol arrived in Atlanta and the three remaining feds standing there, grinning at me from across the parking lot, (2) the massive intrusion of FBI agents in the neighborhood around Kanya McGhee's residence in Atlanta last week, where we were teaching some of his students and friends how to do this work, and (3) the blowout we had the two days ago on I-75 in South Georgia, apparently caused by some tampering with the tire at the hands of a Delta Force assassination specialist, we thought it would be prudent if Carol searched the ethers for any other plans to harm us. I never would have guessed that Atlanta was such a cherished possession of the world alleged order.

She found five Delta Force guys gearing up for another attempt to murder us in our sleep in our Tampa motel room (we sell out and sleep in motels now and then, even though we are driving a perfectly good, roomy and comfortable Zapporium). We both juiced them, then she discovered five more backup guys and we juiced them, too. Only two out of the ten survived that-I guess these two had never murdered innocent people before. Then we went after their commander, his commander, and on up the line. Carol said, 'What did you do to those guys?' and I said, 'This time, I spun the energy from the ground up,' and she said, 'Well, I'd never seen that-their guts came right out of their mouths!'

At the top of that daisy chain was a guy in a light gray military uniform. Since she said he was an American, we assumed he was one of the brand new, dreaded Homeland Security, so we went after the director of that Gestapo agency (same result) and his ten deputies (also the same result-boy, these fellows were nasty!). I assume these respresented the ten regions that the US was divided into before the National Guard was taken from the states and arranged in ten districts. That happened soon after the BATF thugs blew up the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City and blamed the new militias.

I wanted to then do the fifty or so commanders of the waiting concentration camps, but Carol said she was too tired, and besides we were now done eating at Red Lobster and it was time to pay the bill ;-) I told her to pay with a credit card so the fed peekers would be able to quickly locate us, then I juiced the NSA peekers in the two cars that were still waiting for us to show up at Denny's, a block down the street. The psychic in one car had a nervous breakdown and her driver had the strong feeling that he didn't want anything to do with us. The driver in the other car had the same impulse, but he bounced back and started looking for us again, so I juiced him a second time and he learned his lesson.

The nice thing about writing this is that the fake federal government would vehemently deny that their surveilling innocent people like Carol and I, much less planning our demise, so none of them will pursue us for this in their heinously unlawful court systems or any of the less-unlawful police agencies.

Kanya showed me an item on the net that's getting a lot of play now. It's a federal law that prohibits weather modification without prior federal consent. I suspect this was tossed out on the tail end of Constable and Rense's assaults on our work in order to intimidate people into not making orgonite chembusters.

The beauty of this alleged law is that if any of us were to actually be prosecuted, it would strongly imply official acceptance that we have the ability to modify weather. Weather work was never mentioned in Reich's trial, just as zappers were never mentioned in Dr.Clark's trials, though of course the War on Healing in her case was about zappers.

In fact, we're not doing anything but helping the atmosphere restore its own balance. After we get a CB up and perhaps disable a dozen or so HAARP facilities in our prospective areas it will rain when the ground needs it and stop when the ground has had enough, so we're not technically modifying the weather. We certainly are modifying the fake government's ability to suppress rain, though.

There's a new internet campaign underway to discredit Dr. Reich. I suspect that this wouldn't have been initiated if we all hadn't drawn attention to that great man's life work with our own fledgling global effort. That site, the name of which eludes me, simply parrots everything that was said against him in the press in the 1950s that led to his demise. This approach no longer works for the felonious feds, but I refer you to the previous example of insanity to illustrate the dynamics of why they keep trying it. The predators who are posing as our government and press are so deeply stuck in that rut that they don't have the time or resources to create new strategies, I think.

We sort of stumbled onto the distinction between beliefs that derive from mind control and those that derive from personal experience and discernment. The former are parroted, usually verbatim, with few if any modifications and the speakers invariably insist that this came to them spontaneously or that it's just common sense and they're often presented in an arrogant, intolerant way. The others get their opinions and views of reality usually after years of meticulous and even painful inquiry and observation and these hard-won beliefs are strangely consistent across the whole range of human cultures. These expressions are characterized by humility and are expressed in as many ways as there are individuals who hold them. The cloudbuster forum has become characterized more by the latter sort in recent months and I want to be clear that I believe this has been made possible, mainly, by the diligent efforts of two people: Cbswork and Stuart Jackson. Not many people realize yet that these two have broken new ground with their efforts. The bad guys have relied on psychics to accomplish their goals for thousands of years, so why not benefit from their successes and apply all of that raw data to constructive ends?

Nothing really worthwhile happens purely spontaneously, contrary to unthinking popular opinion. Just as the Big Lie distorts the view of our relationship to the Godhead, the Woodstock delusion distorts our view of the relationship between applied discipline, mental clarity and the intuitive, truly spontaneous creative process that we are all engaged in here. Thank Hank we set up a new religion for those of us who feel the need to escape from the pressure of all this discipline and responsibility! Sooner or later some member will come up with a salvation dogma and some world domination claims and then we'll be able to compete with all the other contrived theologies. I have to say that if everyone wants to vote for a leader, though, I'm going to make yet another cult ;-)

Did you notice that the Rainbow Gathering recently and instantly bent over for the feds when they were just mildly threatened in order to stop them from gathering? This is how mind controlled folks respond to tyranny. I think the feds knew this group has no guns, otherwise they wouldn't have been so bold. Now imagine the response if the feds order people to stop making cloudbusters or shoot Carol and I ;-) They're more likely to be more successful at getting everyone to give up their guns away from the populace, and the people of Switzerland, the US, South Africa and the Phillipines will give up our guns as soon as hell freezes over.

The joke on the feds is that even Rainbow people will still be making chembusters if they can be assured that they can do it secretly. That's why I advise everyone who wants to make one to first make a few 3oz. tower busters and disable the transmitters around their home first to create an amorphous field. This way the helicoptered Gestapo can't find the center because the hole in their dead orgone matrix won't be circular. Also, they'll feel closer to nature and humanity without all that electronic and sonic mayhem going on.

Homeland Security, my a**! Shiva and PW these murderous bastards and let Hank sort them out. You can bet this has become part of our daily regimen and will be for the duration. You may be happy to discover that you don't even need to be near the devices in order to use their energies effectively, but that's another discussion. Nor do they need to know who's doing it to them. Right now, they're focusing on us because they probably don't want any more ordinary people putting them out of business. More than I want to save my butt, I want more people out there savaging the genocide agenda and personnel.

If I start seeing light gray uniforms in public I'll figure that it's time to bend over and kiss my a** goodbye, but in the meantime we've got a brief window of opportunity to stop these blatant Homeland Security Nazis from ever showing their hand.

I guess this piece got too long to include most of the details of our Atlanta Crusade (appropriate term for the Bible Belt ;-)) but I do want to mention that after we put the three HHgs around the airbase at Marietta, which is mainly a heinous Lockheed facility in the Atlanta suburb, Carol said that the Wingmakers were holding down the energy of the devices until we left the vicinity in order to protect us. A fedboy in a big, white pickup drove right by the Zapporium and didn't see us right after we put the second HHg down, even though he was looking hard for us and he seemed a little manic.

Carol said the main effect of busting underground facilities this way is that the majority of people in them start to wake up and openly question why they're there. There aren't enough thugs on the planet to do all the work, so the world order relies totally on mind controlled people to carry out most of its agenda-all of it, in fact, except for the openly predatory activities. They have plenty of blood-stained thugs for that and for occupying the top positions in all of the key corporations and all of the national governments in the world's 'developed' nations. That's some development, eh? Is that an Orwellian paradigm for progress?

It was right before we went to Lockheed that we saw all the light lenticular clouds, which of course are created by the good guys to hide their craft.

~Don Croft

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